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With all the appreciation I can FEEL right now, for humanity’s efforts, YOUR efforts as well, to overcome troubling living conditions, some thoughts came up about the quality of FEELING much, or FEELING intensely. If it’s about inner turmoil or the drama unfolding on stage, and backstage, in our global theatre. We’re growing muscles, so to speak, and courage, to navigate the intensity and amount of all that pops up, inside and outside of us. There may even be some confusion about what empathy, compassion, and love IS. And to discern between those qualities.

I’m writing this for those of you who receive my thoughts as a welcome gift. Not all of you will feel this speaking to you. These thoughts came to me also because I’ve experienced what follows, lately.

What’s my point? Everything we focus on, is usually drawn in more and given attention, bringing more of the same within our field of attention, agreed? Or not? I’ll take myself as an example, and it involves also the present conditions, the change that is in the air, or so it seems to be, with an ever-more shorter distance between thought and manifestation. Related to emotions, reactions with feelings as well. Does that ring a bell?

I think it’s helpful to give a word of warning about a risk that also “hangs in the air” for those of us deciding to “do the right thing” and actively “strive to achieve a most wholesome condition for all” In a race against the everyday reality that holds challenges and triggers in its folds. With uncertainty about the future, at home and in the world at large.

Light-workers, doing heavy-lifting at times, those resembling New Ageing folks longing for liberation without seeing that possibility in their present moment, hoping for THE DAY that “ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL” who think that that FINISH is about “DOING ONE’S BEST, NOW”, in a force of will with simmering discontent under cover, may begin to FEEL rewarded by FEELING much as if looking through a magnifying glass. Isn’t that intense? Too much of a good thing that makes one feel uncomfortable? Overwhelmed? Did you experience that also FEELING MUCH can grow into a habit?

FEELING that there’s no time for a break? For practical work that leaves the mind at rest, that makes one FEEL GOOD, or allowing for some hours of leisure, spending time in nature, absorbing the love and nurturing support from lady Gaia?

In short, I believe that keeping an eye on the balance between me-time and all-of-humanity-time, even lost in the All-IS-ONE-time, while duality consciousness, raging in full force,

shows its face in the light of ONE SUN  for all of us, is HEAL-thy. It’s also my experience that feeling one’s heart for one’s self is the foundation, and grounding, under well-being for and within one’s self.

I wish you, reader of this post, a well-deserved break, when it’s called for by sensations of overwhelm, and a tendency to grow grumpy quick. Time for a return to HOME where the heart is.

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  1. Love the image of the Gelfling which reminds us to go back to child like innocence and nature in order to heal. You could say that the "great reset" of the soul starts with shifting our attention to that which we wish to create in the world. That means turning away from the fear based news we see in mainstream media and to stop posting and sharing all the scary news being passed around in social media like a self perpetuating prophesy. Just like with stray animals, if we continue to feed them, they will continue to return. So, turn off the news, take more time away from social media, and get yourself back to the garden so you can create a new Eden.

    • That's a wise advice, Rev Kat. it's quite rare that people recognise Jen, this Gelfling in the picture above this post, from the movie "The Dark Crystal". Not many people know of it. Jim Henson was quite a visionary person, directing this movie, with puppets made by a masterful group of artist-designers. To me, it's a great example of how the dark forces fight for their existence, turning into abominations of themselves, and how the light forces transform all that has gone wrong and awry, by the healing of the dark crystal, an amethyst. The most impressive scene in this movie, to me, is in the end, where creatures of the Light join the creatures of the Dark, merging into a whole new species looking other dimensional etherical, which, to me, resembles a level of transformation that shows the power of transmutation, compassion and forgiveness, a Holy Trinity, if you will 😉🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️🌞

      The Dark Crystal is in my top ten list of favourite movies, right below "The King's Jester" with Danny Kaye. Hilarious humour and serious business both, to keep each other in a proper place, ha!

  2. Thoughts are Things, and feelings stimulate action. So focusing on Anything brings more of the same into our reality. Let go of fear..
    Thank you for the inspiring article, Devon!


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