Article by Guest Author Devon:

To me, Thich Nhat Hanh, or simply “Thay”, is one of Earth’s beloved children who has understood the meaning of “inter-are”.

The nature of a cloud, a raindrop falling in the well, where the tea kettle is filled, and tea is poured into cups, held by hands that bring this cup to the mouth that drinks… this cloud. I believe that our interconnectedness is a comfort to behold, once we dare to surrender to that state of being, that is equal to a compassionate state of being I believe, and feels like the opposite of a survival mode,
And a survival mode has raged, or is still raging, over our planet, lately, don’t you think? It’s for Thay’s 95th birthday, and the publication of his latest book “Zen and the Art of saving the Planet” which might be his last book, that I’d love to share this with the visitors and members of Prepare for Change.
Here’s a small part of what’s in the link above:
‘Since the early 1970’s, Thay has been a pioneer of ecological justice,organizing Buddhists, scientists, and local communities to care for and protect Mother Earth. Thay teaches us that the first step to taking care of ourselves and our planet is to practice deep listening – a revolutionary act, in our often noisy world. In the latest book of Thay’s powerful Earth teachings, Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet (published this October), Thay calls on us all to practice deep listening to help heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet”.
Thank you again, and best wishes from Devon.

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  1. I'm confused. The post adds links to solicit donations that goes to the charity and not TNH's organization. He is publishing a new book. The post implies will receive a copy but it is vaguely worded? The article is also posted by a 'guest author' and not the magazine. Links to an Orphanage in Africa but indicates has US Charitable Tax Status……. The poster also does not use their last name, only mentioning it in the body of their post. They are otherwise formally listed as 'guest author' in the header of the page on the website. There is mention of the orphage but no link to their website; the donation is solicited independent of the orphanage website.

    • Jonathan, it's me, the guest-author presenting this news related to Thich Nhat Hanh's birthday. That's the main focus, plus, naturally, my appreciation for this monk's work during his 95 years. I've asked Derek Knauss to post this before October 11th, Thich Nhat Hanh's 95th birthday. This monk's physical life is at present coming to an end slowly, and it's why I felt called to send it to a PFC moderator. At times, I'm described as contributor, sometimes as guest-author, and sometimes as PFC-member. The last title isn't accurate.

      The entire organisation of communities all over the world happens on a voluntary basis, I've not visited or been in touch with any of them, nor have I met Thich Nhat Hanh in person. It's for his many achievements, and wisdom in very practical ways, that I'm fond of this man, and the entire style of organizing the communities. The one closest to my country, is in France, Plum Village. It's where Thich Nhat Hanh lived until he suffered a stroke in 2014. He has returned to Vietnam, to the temple where he started his life as a monk, to enjoy his last days.
      Ask any question you've got, and I'll see if I can answer it. Preferably about practical issues, or a request for information when needed. No discussion about views and opinions etc. okay?

  2. Celebrating Thay’s Continuation Day Around the World October 11th 2021. Thay calls a birthday "continuation day" for he always shares his view on the way of being that he describes as "inter-are"
    A state of being where the cells in our physical body are experienced as the cells of our father and mother, and ultimately, the elements of earth-fire-water-air.

    Here's an impression of today's celebration, with offerings, greetings, messages of love, from people all around the world. Thay's health is weakening at present, he's in Vietnam, the sangha where it all began when he was a young boy:

    One of the monasteries in California is Deer Park. In the past 20 years Deer Park has become a refuge for many individuals, sanghas and families. All of the rebuilding and restoration is done by the members. It's a beautiful journey through a slide show accompanied by a choir of female members. 20 YEARS OF DEER PARK MONASTERY – SLIDESHOW Aug 25, 2020

    The last song in the slide show video is by Joe Reilly "Be still and know"

    Know that you are loved, white, brown, black, red or yellow.


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