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Focus 1 and 2 for Lightworkers

Currently, the most disempowering mental trap for lightworkers who follow and participate with the 2012portal blog is to get angry with the Light Forces for “not doing enough.” I’ve been there myself, but this line of thinking is a dead end. The focus needs to instead be on further awakening the surface population through saturating the surface population with the violet flame through meditations. Already, the surface population is standing up to tyranny in great numbers, and the more people who do this, the more power the negative elites and their minions lose.

The Light Forces should not be focused on in terms of “What are they doing for us lately?” The Light Forces have averted the La Palma mega-tsunami, along with many other major catastrophes. It is, however, unacceptable for the surface population to suffer under further Covid-19 tyranny in all its many forms. Therefore, the surface population needs to take matters into their own hands by disempowering the negative elites and their minions. The question of “Why won’t the Light Forces do this for us right now?” is not a constructive focus. Instead, the question needs to be, “How can we awaken the surface population to remove the negative elites and their minions from power?” I asked myself this question, and found that the answer was to saturate the surface population with the violet flame.

The 2012portal blog’s upcoming December 21st mass meditation is another subject of focus. Therefore, the focus of lightworkers can be a dual focus:

Focus 1: Awaken the surface population to remove the negative elites and their minions from power.

Focus 2: Spread awareness of the December 21st mass meditation and the associated petition.

The Light Forces can take care of removing all remaining exotic and high-tech weapons, along with completing many code black tasks behind the scenes, while lightworkers can work on the above 2 operations.

My plan, at least, is the following:

When the Light Forces are able to intervene to physically remove the negative elites and their minions from power, the negative elites and their minions will already be severely weakened by the surface population. The Light Forces would probably want the surface population to stand up for themselves in their own Divine Right, and doing so creates a win-win scenario!

Victory of the Light!

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  1. To help with focus 1 :

    Jesuits :

    Because :
    " It is a grid that keeps controlling and manipulating human personal relationships for millenia. This grid is the reason for most human conflicts. It is the main reason for delays in final victory of the Light on this planet. It consists of Archons and their minions on the etheric and astral planes in a thin layer close to Earth’s surface.

    The physical counterpart of this grid consists of people deep within the Jesuit network. I would suggest everyone stop focusing so much on Committee of 300 because the real control lies elsewhere. The physical Jesuit Archons are still quite dangerous and the green light for the Event will not be given until those people are cut away from their resources. The Resistance is dealing with the situation and I will post more intel about this when/if it will be declassified."

    – Also people need to know more about the Resistance Movement :

    or they wont see why they should take cobra seriously

    Here is that Chimera article updated w/ new graphs :

    Maybe people should see proof of Cobra Mass meditation record and this can help :

    They should also be aware of that which blocks the event :

    Keeping The Goddess in the discussion w/n the community is important too :

    Thank You Victory of The Light !

    • Hello Ascend Liberation, after reading your comment, I wondered, should our own contribution to, and responsibility for our present conditions of living be kept out of the picture?

      To me, this comment of yours is moving into a larger picture where I don't like to go. Not anymore. Why?

      To me, the present time, my time, calls forth a release of old patterns, old programs, that are ready to fall like ripe fruit on the Earth.

      I feel them in an urge to rise to the surface of my awareness, welcomed by the quality of frequency entering planet Earth's atmosphere.

      Transformation in the realm of being. No doing is effective in that shift of energy. For it's an allowing of what's ready to flower. The seed of that flower once grew out of the past, and so, to me, in my now, its fruition that counts most.

      No need to go back in time, not anymore, not now. New ideas, new ways of being with oneself, training spiritual muscles that have grown weak, that is what seems relevant. Amidst of the collapse of an old world. As within, so without. Well, it's obvious that I'm on a different path 😉

      I'm never following other people's sketch of past, present or future, see? And use it as a program to live by. So many lightworkers are ignorant of embodying their true nature. No Victory of someone else's concept of Light is my cup of tea. I'm rather a Light onto myself, and on my creation of reality, as a work in progress.


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