After a year of reeling under a fake COVID 19 pandemic attack, the good guys are on the offensive around the world against the Khazarian Mafia (KM). This is happening in Europe, the United States, Japan, China and elsewhere. The results are reflected in such things as the rebirth of the Soviet Union, the collapse of Hollywood, the liberation of Japan etc. If all goes according to plan, humanity will be liberated in 2022.

Let us start with the rebirth of the Soviet Union. This was seen when the KM suffered a stunning defeat last week as they lost their ancestral homeland of Kazakhstan, multiple sources agree. The country was attacked by “20,000 very well trained, organized and centrally commanded gangsters and terrorists,” many of whom were “speaking non-Kazakh languages,” according to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

This caused the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), consisting of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan to send troops to help Kazakhstan. As this map shows, the result was the de facto restoration of a large chunk of the Soviet Union.

More importantly, the failure of this attack means that the fake Biden regime in the United States is now doomed. One close Biden buddy, the ex-intelligence chief of Kazakhstan, Karim Massimov, was arrested, while another, the ex-president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, had his assets frozen. 


This freezing of assets will cut off a lifeline of drug, arms and human trafficking money essential to the survival of the fake Biden government.

The KM, realizing they were about to lose their money-laundering base in the Ukraine, tried, and failed to take over their ancestral homeland in Khazakhstan, Russian FSB and MI6 sources explain.

This means the last country the KM now control is Israel. “Israel is going to have to beat the living daylights out of the KM. It will come down to the Jewish people to say ‘I am sorry we can’t host you.’ The KM are not Jewish, these are fake Jews, they are hiding behind a pretense. They kill right, left and center they steal, they defraud,” said a (Jewish) MI6 source.

Here is an example of the sort of human sacrifices to Molech these non-Jewish Khazarian gangsters are into:

January 9th (1/9) January 9, 2022 12:12pm

A fire broke out just before 11 a.m. at 333 E 181st St, a 19-story building. At least 19 people are dead, including nine children,

The numerology of 19 dead in a 19 story building, on 1/9 etc. is a dead giveaway. However, unlike the events of 911, their most recent fire sacrifice will not save them because too many of us are now aware of their evil ways.

These changes are possible thanks to the defeat of the Nazi fourth reich -under the rule of Fuhrer George Bush Sr- that arose after 911, MI6 and CIA sources say. The execution of the entire Bush clan and the resignation of Angela Hitler are visible signs of this defeat.  

For those of you new to this true -but hidden- history, Hitler was one of the founding fathers of Israel. His job was to terrorize the Jews into leaving their European homeland and going to Israel to be KM slaves.

In any case, while Russia and NATO pretended to be enemies, they were actually allies against the fourth reich. Now, in victory, they have reached a secret deal that will restore de facto Russian control over much of Eastern Europe, MI6 sources say. The deal reflects the results of World War I in that Norway and Finland (countries Russia never conquered) will be allowed to join NATO, while other Eastern European countries will have to seek Russian protection, the sources say.

As for the KM, Russian Parliamentary speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said “Those who abuse children would be sent to work in Siberian mines,” adding that rapists “cannot be called human” and that “these b******s should undergo the hardest of labor.”

Maybe the West should set up similar prison colonies in Northern Canada because, as MI6 notes, “Every prime minister we select we later find out he had sex with a two-year-old.”

For example, the recently knighted Tony Blair was a well-known pedophile.” According to MI6 sources:

He will be arrested very soon and taken to Gitmo. He is currently hiding out. The White Hats in MI6 are working with the Alliance. They despise the satanic pedophile, saying “we can’t wait to see him tried and found guilty for crimes against humanity as well as child trafficking, torture and worse. He will be sentenced accordingly”. It was rumored that Blair and George W were lovers. (You remember this was all over the internet during the Iraq war and after, with photos of their closeness. They have all been scrubbed)


In the most recent example, MI6 was looking to see if opposition Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer might be a suitable candidate for Prime Minister. Unfortunately, it turns out this former Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) leader was instrumental in covering up for the high-profile pedophile Jimmy Savile case.

Starmer “is actually under arrest and being seriously interrogated. Probably being bitch slapped (maybe he enjoys it, a reason for the second round of interrogation?) He will have a choice to either change sides, using the truth and reconciliation act and possibly become the next PM working with the Alliance, or be executed. (For the sheeple, he will have died from Covid)”

This was just one of a series of high-profile arrests of Western KM leaders that were seen last week. These arrests were presented to the media as people “self-isolating due to COVID 19,” CIA sources say.

Among those “self-isolating” were fake US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

the Swedish Royal Family,

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

and so on.

There is also a big clean-up finally taking place in Australia. In the past week Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley, Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, and South Australian Premier Steven Marshall were all “self-isolating.”

Australian intelligence agency sources say they are all being interrogated.

The arrest of the treasonous Canadian Prime Minister Justin Castro and a whole slew of Canadian politicians will also take place soon, Canadian Secret Intelligence Service sources promise.

The arrests in Canada will take place after the US and Canadian military finish their own housecleaning, Pentagon sources promise. The “self-isolation” of the fake defense secretary was a sign this process was well underway.

We noticed it was followed by a press release by the US Ministry of Defense saying only 25% of the staff at the “Pentagon reservation,” will be allowed to go to work. The press release also says “The Pentagon Reservation will remain closed to the public for tours.” We are assuming the “reservation” is being closed for housecleaning.

As a Pentagon source explains:

The Department of Homeland Security works with a series of “civilian” support organizations that are directly tied to organized crime on a planetary scale…Badges and high-level security clearances have been handed out to criminal elites from around the world…when military commanders refused to run drugs from Afghanistan or traffic children for sex, private military contracting companies took over these vital aspects of warfare.

The Dark Heart of Treason Infecting America’s Military | New Eastern Outlook (

The US military probably calls the Pentagon a “reservation,” because it is now just a historical building occupied by token staff.

Certainly, the US military in Japan no longer takes their orders from Washington DC, according to sources at US military bases in Japan. The US military here now supports the newly independent country of Japan along with its allies like Taiwan and Korea, the sources say.

Japan’s independence has been demonstrated by the fact this county no longer vaccinates people for “Covid,” and no longer goes along with the whole fake pandemic.

Speaking about the pandemic, we are not writing about it much this week because we are sick and tired of the subject. Suffice it to say that with everybody catching “Omicron,” and now “Deltacron,” the whole thing is degenerating into a farce.

On the subject of farce, we notice the KM tried to make it appear that Hollywood elites like Stephen Spielberg, Lady Gaga and Will Smith were still with us by releasing movies in their names. We assume it was all CG. Regardless, these movies all flopped, and now the Golden Globes awards and possibly even the academy awards show will be canceled too. The KM no longer controls the movie business.

Overall, this big house cleaning has been made possible by a high-level cut off of funding for the KM that took place when their illegal financial system server in Antarctica was taken over by white hats, CIA sources explain.

As a result of this, the Federal Reserve Board last week disclosed that JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup were among a group of banks that received $4.5 trillion in cumulative loans in the last quarter of 2019 for reasons “yet to be credibly explained.” MI6 sources say this money was part of a Rockefeller/Chinese move to prop up the fake Biden administration.

Now that this money has been cut off, the Chinese Communist Party is also in trouble. This is because China’s real estate sector, which accounts for close to 80% of Chinese finance, is imploding.

This is being seen in stories like “Crisis-hit Evergrande ordered to demolish 39 buildings in 10 days amid shares suspension.”

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Now “Shimao Group, once considered one of the healthiest real estate developers, has gone default, a worrying sign for this highly indebted industry.” As the story linked below notes:

The case of Shimao is more concerning, however, because the company met all the requirements of the guidelines issued by the government, which placed limits on debt about the company’s cash flows, resources, and capital levels.

The fact the Chinese government was unable to do anything about it makes it clear the entire Chinese financial system, and with it, the government will have no choice but to reboot.

Speaking about a reboot, we are getting more and more signs that the fake operation blue beam alien invasion is about to start. We personally think that if the secret government has spent all those years and countless gazillions of dollars preparing for it that maybe we should go ahead. For those of us who are awake and aware, it will be a great fireworks show. For the die-hard cool-aid drinkers, maybe it will finally scare them into waking up.

This video from New Year in China shows how far hologram technology has evolved.

This video from New Year in China shows how far hologram technology has evolved.

Why not have such shows around the world for a while. As a secret space program source notes “It is time for us to expand our energy for new creations of Light, God & the most beautiful manifestations for all of New Earth.”

So we conclude with week with otherworldly photographs sent to us by secret space program sources. We do not claim they are real but we can say our ssp sources say they are


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  1. The Big Dipper is the Constellation in which the Pole Star is found, star of Magi. When documented throughout the year in all the seasons the Big Dipper forms a Swastika. Throughout history and different cultures the Swastika is found throughout our world. We see it in mosaics, woodwork, pottery, rock formations, Boeing aircraft & Swedish Electric Power Companies and Hydroelectric Stations. Its association with Electromagnetism and Mercury is The Old World's Power Grid. The Swastika represents the Vortex here on Earth, the same Vortex Mercator & other documented maps the whirlpool surrounding Rupes Nigra located at the North Pole, the Black Sun. The Old World knew the earth they walked upon. They knew the Alchemical metals-Gold Cooper, Iron & Mercury could be fused in ways that allowed them to access the Ether Electromagnetic Clean Energy. This is why the New World order demonizes the Swastika & the Black Sun.

  2. Were supposed to believe that Kazakhstan was attacked by 20,000 "well trained command gangsters" I still don't believe the khazar mafia crap. I would believe the Pole shifting towards that area thou

  3. Carl, Tropic of Cancer & Capricorn represent 'Age of Aries' time before BC. Aries represented the horizontal line of the equator while the Tropics represent the Vertical Line of the Sun during June & December Solstice. The equator and the tropic circles are bound in unison by this cross of the Celestial Clock above the firmament.
    We know we are in the age of 'Pieces' and have No maps Ever Representing the Northern Tropic of Gemini and Sothern Tropic of Sagittarius. This means we have Not had a Reliable map for over 2,000 years & we are on the cusp of entering the 'Age of Aquarius' as of September 2020 the transition has already begun.
    The Stars above the firmament are an integral function of our Realm. "Follow The North Star" (Polaris)
    There is a digital Gleason map to get a close up of what I am presenting.

  4. Don't be fooled by Fulfraud. Those photos he claims he received from the SSP have been in the public domain for at least a decade. See how he covers himself with 'We do not claim they are real but we can say our ssp sources say they are.' He knows they're fake! I also recall Simon Parkes trying to pass off the self same pictures as recovered debris from a crashed UFO. Fulfraud is faction based. He mixes a little genuine disclosure with gossip and rumour, sprinkled with hopium. Once we win this war – and we shall – frauds like Parkes, Fulfraud, Lifefarce etc. – will be called to account. And for those of you still under the cryptocurrency spell – it's time to wake up. That's just another energy harvesting scam. Don't believe me? Dig deep and see who is REALLY behind it all. You'll find some very familiar names.

    • Do you have a link to a Simon Parkes video or post "the same pictures" as you accuse?
      Also, prove the deliberate "fake-ness" of those so-called information you're trying to criticize.

  5. Breaking News 12th January, 2022

    Perhaps the Most important Announcement to ever take place in the history of the Planet if not the multiverse. Official end to 2 major covenants :

    1. End of Covenant of Nefertiti/Deepstate/The Order/End of the line of Solomon/ Illuminati and much , much , much more !
    2. End of the Covenant of Source

    Isis returned to source :

  6. Can we have an updated map? We haven't had an updated map in over 2,000 years. These old maps are still showing the Tropic of Cancer & Capricorn.







  8. We cannot Progress based on Lies. This misuse of Energy cannot continue. This narrative of terrorize jews under Hitler and the Third Reich has No historical record, however there is record of 'Haavara' also known as the 'Transfer Agreement.' Negotiated by Elizer Hoofien, director of Anglo-Palestine Bank and was agreed to by the Reich's Economics Ministry in 1933. The transfer of German Jews with their assets intact continued till 1939. Judaica Encyclopedia even list a rare collection of Gold Coins auctioned off at the Bid Spirit action house. These Gold Coins that displayed a Star of David on one side & a Swastika on the other, this made National news during the auction.
    Nothing can have Victory over the inevitable Victory, of Reality over illusion.

  9. This statement is not true …

    Benjamin Fullford 12/27/21 ….

    Japan’s independence has been demonstrated by the fact this county no longer vaccinates people for “Covid,” and no longer goes along with the whole fake pandemic.


    • Ben was reporting about "vaccinating people" and not increased number of cases as of late. You can refer that to his weekly Q&A, if you have a subscription.


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