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“Personally, I believe that in these trying times, many people who choose either authenticity or attachment, experience, even unconsciously, a great rift between the two, in that the vaccinated people choose to be part of the consensus reality, free to join groups for a festival, theatre, or private parties, although with proof of vaccination, while the unvaccinated people choose, and therefore have no choice, remaining on social distance from that other group, excluded from events in public spaces, such as a museum, sport school, restaurant, and club-membership of all sorts. At times, also shunned by family members, and friends who suddenly turn hostile. Vaxxed against non vaxxed.
Those that choose authenticity are outside of many aspects of our society, and those who choose attachment are on the inside while following a program that is based on lies, and deception, even with their lives at risk of losing it.
That challenge, to live with that rift, will force many of us to reflect on how truth and authenticity are out of fashion, for those choosing it, while most of those choosing attachment and a need to “belong” have no clue that those values have flown out of the window.
Those who choose vaccination, have trust in the pharmaceutical industry, mixed with the wish to be free, joining all sorts of social events, and relief, regaining their freedom, a slogan that is used all over the planet it seems “Get your booster shots, your freedom is valuable” To me, one of the most cunning deceptions in the present pandemic strategy, and something that is at the core of an attack on humanity, wrapped in psychological warfare. Keep on trucking 😉 Devon”.
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  1. I wish people would mention the gorilla in the room – nothing will change until we change our belief in money and belief in authority. That my friends is the problems of the world, not the feeling they illicit. One must find the cause of everything, there we are – you have it now. Just another thing for you to ignore.


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