From Sarah Westall, Part One:

Mike Harris, Financial Editor of Veterans Today, rejoins the program to discuss his research and article titled “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia”. His research and article, which he co-authored with Dr. Preston James, catapulted the Khazarian Mafia into the consciousness of the world. The article has had over 100 million views and the Khazarian Mafia is now a concept and term used by many independent journalists worldwide. It is past time that we understand who this group is and what they have done to humanity. You can learn more about Mike Harris and his work at

Watch Here:—3-23-22:c5838fb7b8ea9e8519ba82f2ab3e3506c6c177be?src=embed

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  1. it happened while we were sleeping

    inspired by ‘Gray State’ by David Crowley. murdered along with his family for its production

    Gray State – Official Concept Trailer – YouTube

    more than ever darkness scheming towers o’er fields of revealing promise. heretofore and hence
    heretofore harms evinced all those scars now hardened. hence the maims yet needing to be done

    and while past folly seemed to lack wherewithal, it does seem choice and purpose were diminished
    or admonished. or something. so, we march towards perverse fealty and how small we’ve become

    fealty to fire-bombing nationals and nuclear and gain-of-function bets. abject vassals us, the threat
    all tones a gray edge. run from the ethereal, from that that we’ve done. run to prospects, not a one

    now you’re a forlorn wanderer staring into the abyss; behold the pale horse appearing in your midst
    a death-worshipping forever force manifesting the long; oath-takers taking cruel all that they’ve won

    behold that truth has no angle, and politics but rates of gain; blood sacrifice is thus answer and result
    perpetual servitude the main. as you wish. all and every weapon now upon you. enemy of the state

    No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power,
    When the oppressed can find no justice,
    When the burden grows unbearable, he reaches
    With hopeful courage up unto the Heavens
    And seizes hither his eternal rights,
    Which there abide, inalienable,
    As indestructible as the stars themselves.

    – From “The Rütli Oath” by Friedrich Schiller, 1759 – 1805

  2. Mike Harris, If you want to do a convincing interview give up the "Israel has Nukes" Psyop! The gig is up on the Fear Mongering Tactic. We know Nukes do Not exist. That is why they rebuilt Hiroshima & Nagasaki soon after.

    • What a bunch of nonsense. 9/11 used three subterranean nukes to bring those buildings down and turn them into dust.

  3. I'm afraid this Khazar thing is a Psyop
    In 1492 Christopher Columbus "Sailed the Ocean Blue" One day before the expulsion deadline of Sephardic jews from Spain & Portugal.
    Sephardic jews: Many historical documents recount a large population of jews in Spain during the early years of the 'Common Era.' Their culture distinctiveness is characterized in Roman writings as a "corrupting influence." These jews reached the highest echelons of secular government and military.
    They are known as 'Conversos' Also known as Donmeh/Crypto jew. Their language is Ladino.
    Ladino: The Judeo Spanish language, a blend of medieval Spanish, with significant loan words from Hebrew, Arabic & Portuguese.
    We also need to question Why the Hasidic jews always make their way to the White House every time there is a change of Presidents. At the Kremlin as well.


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