The Venusians Answer More of My Questions

By Rob Potter

Last year I had submitted some questions to the Venusians.  My questions were directed to Al-An, the head of the Venusian’s security chief in charge of the safety of the Venusian Angel Force on earth.  They live amongst us approximately 5,000 at any one time.

My other questions were answered by the head of the Galactic Confederation of Light, The Queen of Venus herself, Lady Orda.

Lady Orda has already ascended to the fourth-dimensional paradisical realm on the physical Venus in a form of Ascension called “Translation”.  Lady Orda was born on earth in 1685.  At the age of 15 years, she escaped from the life of drudgery she was subjected to when her parents gave her to a nunnery in Spain at 5 years old.  Her long-lived life has been chronicled in The Venus rising series of books by Raymond Keller on my website. 

She became a dual citizen of earth & Venus in 1830 at the age of 145 years old which means she is now 337 years old.

Lady Orda was eventually taken through a Portal on Mt Shasta by the Ascended Master, El Morya, in 1830 to become a resident of both the Earth and Venus.  She remains a dual citizen to this day in that she comes and goes on various operations of expanding the mission of love and hope for humanity on earth.  The humble efforts and the Venusian goal is intended and hidden in a subtle way to influence individuals to realize their own divine potential.

Lady Orda states in this Q&A session, that the same divine spark resides within all of us on earth and in every part of all creation.  Obviously, one’s personal spiritual growth is a solitary affair and we all must, of our own free will, fan the flame of this divinity or Christ spark within.  Since 2012 at her installment as the queen on Venus I will speculate that her roles have expanded to more off-earth influence as she represents Venus, our solar system, and our local confederation in the various galactic councils in this quadrant of the milky way. Full Q&A session is available here:

Al-An, who I had the honor of meeting, is also a “translated” earth person as of around the year 2400 BC.  He was an advanced adept serving in Persia as a Zoroastrian beekeeper under one of the first Persian leaders, “Darius The Great”.  I do not know the details of his ascension, but I feel certain that he walked with Joshua in the first century.  Though I am not sure I will ask him soon.  I am revealing this to encourage the faithful to step into your knowing and to affirm that we all hold our destiny in our own hands.  If we choose love and light over accepting fear and control, if we aspire to more harmony in our lives, then we are on the right track.

I hope by sharing with you these truths you will know that real contact with the higher realms and dimensions is now more possible than ever before.  Try not to obsess over who they are or where they are from and focus instead on the spiritual message.  Let this awareness be your guide to ever-increasing attunement to good thoughts, words, actions, and deeds.  Remember, Raymond and I are just postmen delivering a message from our loving guardian sister of planet Venus.

I also wish to affirm that incredible assistance is being provided to the people of the earth working as a hidden hand to maintain human sovereignty.  The interlopers who have also been influencing the dregs of society or materialistic humans who have inserted themselves as our leaders and through conniving deceit have been secretly influencing humanity on the earth to a denial of God.  The effort of the dark is to keep humans in low frequency.  Let not their promotion of lies, false flags, bellicose militaristic drum beating drivel distract our attention from maintaining peace in our hearts.

The planned destruction of our society has failed to manifest for the fading demons’ as certain cosmic relations have changed.  This is all I will say at this time.  Major hidden battles between the dark and the light have nearly quashed the unobtainable goals of the negative force.

As you look at the world, try to grasp how utterly out of sync human society has become with Gods holy and divine law!  Pray continually and listen carefully and intently to the small still voice within.  If your intentions are pure and humble, the universe will respond.

In The Light of Venus, I Serve

Rob Potter


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  1. Denise, I am saddened by your opinion. However, you are not alone in your view & from my view, this is the problem. In general, we are programmed to deny things we do not get the truth and we consign all information that counters the controlled narrative. I am not a charlatan I am not a liar. Did you read the questions and answers by going to the link? They will not help us as we are responsible for the earth and its condition. Surely criminals not of the earth have influenced us tremendously toward an unnatural societal infrastructure, that we create based on purely materialistic viewpoints. The people of Venus and many other representatives of various worlds work tirelessly behind the scenes influencing us as individuals in all aspects of our society by a hidden hand. Much like the wizard of OZ behind the curtain. This is how the negative forces also manipulate us for selfish and unholy reasons. This horrible agenda is now being exposed I will encourage you to have faith and keep and open mind and listen to the messages and have faith.

  2. It's almost funny that people believe this nonsense. It sounds like the same hierarchical thinking that we have here on earth, and they're just rubbing our noses in how wonderful they are yet doing nothing to change things here on earth like perhaps taking over a television station and giving it to the public or maybe preventing planes from spraying chemtrails or a myriad of other things they could help with. All these forces do is rave on about what we earthlings should do. Me thinks it's out of the imagination of ordinary humans because people don't listen unless there's fantasy brought to the story, earthlings think earth life is droll and boring when it is quite the opposite but they don't see the wonder of the earth unless there's some fantasy associated to it.


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