The removal of the top ranks of the Knights of Malta by the Vatican means the entire leadership of NATO has been fired, P3 Freemason sources say. There is also a purge going on inside Vatican city as “Zionist cabal” members are being removed, the sources say. This is causing a leadership vacuum in the G7 group of countries as their entire economic/social system collapses.

We are also getting multiple reports from intelligence agency sources around the world of a new 911 or Fukushima-type event being planned for this month. High-level sources are mentioning dates like September 8th, 11th and 23rd. This is all part of a Khazarian Mafia attempt to extort money from the rest of the world as the September 30th payments deadline for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation and its KM owners approaches.

In this context, there is a very real probability the EU and most governments in the EU will collapse, possibly before the end of the month. That is because the Russians have cut off gas flows to Europe while the rest of the world has also stopped sending oil to the region. This is not just about heating European homes either: the cut-off is certain to lead to a shutdown of most industries in Western Europe. For example, a business lobby says high energy prices are already threatening to shut 60% of UK factories.

To deal with this situation it appears the UK government has begun to start using previously forbidden Tesla energy technology as this photograph of Tesla coils taken in England recently shows. Other countries may have to follow suit.

The shutting down of the Nordstream 1 gas pipeline to Germany for “technical reasons” has been widely reported but, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Unreported so far is that a Russian submarine entered the Mediterranean last week and cut a gas pipeline that was sending fuel to France from Algeria, the P3 sources say.

In yet another blow, Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, was “severed from the national grid for the first time in its history after transmission lines were cut, prompting power cuts across Ukraine.”

“The majority of thinking people the world over realize that it is Russia who is on the side of truth and is doing its best to thwart a global Nazi comeback,” Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergey Naryshkin explained on September 3rd. “I am confident that the inevitable destruction of the hegemony of the West’s liberal-totalitarian regimes will also make the world a more open, honest, and just place,” he added.

With this background, mass demonstrations are continuing across Europe, most notably in the Czech Republic and France. The situation has reached the point that Germany has created a new military unit to patrol the streets and enforce martial law starting on October 1st (the day after the Sept. 30 payments deadline) in anticipation of mass rioting and civil unrest.

As this is happening a series of assassinations and intrigue are being seen at the very tiptop of world power. For example, last week Christine Chadwick – the private secretary to the head of MI6- was killed in what was “probably remote covert scalar type assassination covered with probable suicide – suicided is the formal forensic term,” MI6 sources say. Her body was cremated before MI6 could carry out a forensic examination to determine the cause of death, they add.

The assassination was carried out because Chadwick was getting close to the people who assassinated former M1 (the guy who controls the FED money tap) Adnan Sakli and took over control of the Federal Reserve Board money printing apparatus, the sources say. George Bush Sr. was executed in retaliation for this murder but, control over money printing inside the US remains in the hands of the Nazi faction of the KM, they say.

Russian FSB sources say a lot of this intrigue and chaos comes because the person who set off this chain of Satanic events,



former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, died last week.

“If you read comments from the Russian people, most of them curse him and send him to hell. Even the Christian patriarch is not expressing condolences or even mentioning his name,” an FSB source says.

“His presidency was like the mission of Judah. The Pentagon always wanted the Soviet Union to break and that is why the West is praising him. We as citizens of the USSR have lost our country, imperial glory and the unity of many Russian-speaking nations. We want it back and we will get it back but in a new manner,” the source adds.

The source also noted his linguistic code words like Perestroika and Glastnost were given to him by American consultants.

MI6 sources confirm Gorbachev maintained huge offices in the Kremlin and wielded great power long after he supposedly lost power.

US Christian fundamentalist groups even went so far as the label him the antichrist.

Even if Gorbachev is being given too much credit (or discredit), it is clear the Satanists are now leaderless.

To understand this leadership vacuum, let us take a closer look at why the intrigue at the Knights of Malta is so important. We can start by remembering the entire fake pandemic and attempt to turn the planet into a giant animal farm began with the Wuhan Biotech Company whose Knights of Malta logo is the same as the Umbrella Biotech Company logo from the Resident Evil series (see our February 3, 2020 report for details).

We also note that years ago we were sent a membership list of Knights of Malta by MI6. It read like a who’s who of the Western military/power elite. Unfortunately, the list we were sent was deleted from our computer by a third party before we got a chance to publish it. Nonetheless, the partial list here on Wikipedia includes a large group of European royals and aristocrats.

Despite its vast power, the order has been split into two opposing factions for the past several years, with one group supporting the fake Joe Biden administration and another Donald Trump.

The infighting between these factions, using tools like the FBI and puppet politicians, has left the US government running around like a headless chicken for the past couple of years.

The P3 sources say there is also “an ugly story going on” involving a lot of mutual blackmail about things like pedophilia. Mossad has a big dossier of such blackmail material on most Western power brokers, they said. See this video link for a small taste of the sort of thing going on.

In these circumstances, it is clear that when all the top Cardinals of the Vatican met last week, they chose to fire the leaders of both factions instead of going along with their plan to try to fool the world by installing a black-faced slave pope.

However, the P3 note there is also a powerful group trying to remove the rubber masked actor pretending to be Pope Francis.

Don’t forget though that Pope Francis, fake President Joe Biden and the actor on TV pretending to be President Donald Trump are all pushing vaccines even as the death toll from them mounts.

This means they all appear to subcontract for the Rockefeller Foundation, since these are the people who have been planning some sort of pandemic event since at least 1975. Even now, with all the adverse reactions to vaccines being reported the Rockefeller Foundation is hiring a “cohort of social and behavioral scientists from around the world” to try to figure out how to brainwash more people into getting vaccinated.

This is criminal given the vast evidence of the damage these vaccines have already caused. In the UK, for example, the government notes over 460,000 people have been damaged as of August 24th 2022 by the vaccines these criminals are pushing.
Clearly, these desperate criminals are literally fighting for their lives and are still hoping to murder enough people to stay in power.

The overall prognosis is that chaos and infighting in the Western leadership will only intensify in the coming weeks and months as the system’s collapse continues.

There is also high-level turmoil and intrigue taking place in China, the Middle East, Japan and elsewhere as the power vacuum continues.

In China, a secret war is taking place with the mass purges (people dropping from buildings etc.) that already took in Shanghai now moving to major metropolises like Chengdu and Shenzhen.

In this context, it is interesting to note the Vatican appears to be trying to reach some sort of high-level east/west financial deal by inviting the Chen (陳)

imperial family from Taiwan to the Vatican last week for a nine-day visit. The Vatican is Taiwan’s sole European diplomatic ally.

The power struggle is expected to culminate at a Communist party gathering in Beijing in October. Asian secret society sources say President Xi Jinping is fighting to dissolve the communist party, restore native rule and reunite Taiwan with China.

In Japan meanwhile, a purge of the Nazi allied Unification Church, which controls over 150 politicians, is continuing. It is part of a push that is being made to declare martial law and restore Japanese independence, Japanese right-wing sources say. Unless they do so, the Japanese population is expected to keep plunging to extinction levels.

The same sort of struggle is happening in Korea, Asian secret society sources say. To understand how destructive to human life Satanic KM rule is, note that in 2021 the number of babies per woman in South Korea reached a record low of 0.81, meaning the population will fall by over 50%.

By contrast in “poor and repressive North Korea” the average woman has 1.92 babies,

In fact, all countries under KM rule share a birth rate so low that population numbers are plummeting. The only exception is Israel where the average woman has more than three children.

It is interesting in this context that the KM-controlled United Nations has dropped all pretenses of neutrality and is issuing reports condemning human rights in countries like Russia and China while ignoring the crimes of the KM-controlled G7.

The UN Human rights treaty of 1948 includes in its definition of genocide “measures to prevent births, forcibly transferring children or deliberately creating living conditions aimed to physically destroy a group.” By that definition, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and the G7 are victims.

No wonder citizens in these countries are now close to open revolt as their leadership continues to try to destroy them with hormone-disrupting and cancer-causing chemicals, unnatural living conditions etc.

The rebellion against KM rule is also accelerating in the Middle East. Mass attacks against the KM are being reported in Libya, Iraq and elsewhere.

We also note there is still intensive weather warfare going on worldwide as the power struggle continues. The flooding that has covered one-third of Pakistan is a clear example. P3 sources note the Russians tried to stop these attacks last week by destroying “US star wars radars” in Sicily.

On that star wars note, we conclude once again with the latest evidence the secret space program people are deliberately displaying their futuristic UFOs to large sections of the world. Hopefully, soon they will land one of their anti-gravity craft on the White House lawn.


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  1. the infiltration of the Vatican by nefarious characters has been detailed by traditional Roman Catholic Dr Taylor Marshall. Cf. his youtube channel. However, he is yet a bit of a normie and doesn't seem to realizer just how pervasive are the rabbit holes. Or perhaps he knows and is somewhat holding back in order to communicate with the many who are ignorant of how compromised is the Church and world. … Proof that Dr Mashall is legit is that Trump idolizing USAWatchdog won't host him.

    ps. techno futurist Clif High has been forecasting a big revelation about the old testament being a story about how space aliens colonized the earth & etc. He claims public knowledge/awareness of this shall cause a revolution or end of many religions that claim trace back to Abraham. …. However, one should instead consider that the old testament is several narratives over laying one another. And this is why the story of Cain in exile joining others is in Genesis. Gene Decode has suggested the theory that there are two types of beings on earth that are persons. There are mankind and there humans, the latter being God created endowed with souls in the fullest sense (Aristotle/Aquinas). The former were the progeny of the space aliens. ……… Lots of shake ups ahead . . . obviously.

    • Marlow, If you look at the Church/Vatican as returning to its originate ownership, Mithra's, then technically it is Not compromised.
      Much to be said about "Ever Ancient, Ever New"
      The Church will survive this, it always has

    Regarding today's timeline, important for All Germans to watch & listen

  3. There is only 1 way to defeat the cabal. WE the people have to form our own political parties, funded by the people and for the people. NO millionaires or richer allowed to be a minister. Anyone found taking any lobbying money is out with no remuneration and a possible 20 year jail term for treason.
    WE are the one's we've been waiting for.
    Why do the party in power have the party who came 2nd sitting opposite them in parliament?
    They are not answerable to them, they are answerable to us, the one's who voted them in, and to make that happen we need to form our own party.

    • Graham, To answer your question, because you used the term "and a possible 20 year jail term for treason"
      Treason=Death, not jail, and sure as hell, not possible jail term. Grow some testicles, please, then you can take back your Nation/Country.

  4. I do not think Trump is dead but I do think he is compromised somehow and is allowing avatars to be used. The fact that he allowed Operation Warpspeed to proceed and never denounced it, when data was abundantly clear it was a bio weapon, indicates he is not prescient. Who is praying Trump and why? Who is playing his family and why? It is all very disturbing.

    • Trump and Obama/Biden are in total concordance on key items of the satanic agenda:

      1. global genocidal vax
      2. 5G kill towers installed in USA
      3. open borders (despite his rhetoric Trump, who had decades of construction experience in the most challenging/redtape environment in the world, NYC, couldn't finish a measly border fence in 4yrs but got the hi-tech vax distributed in a couple months).
      4. promotion of LGBTQP agenda (under the lash of his boy0friends PeterThiel and TimCook of Apple, Trump did more to decriminalize LGBTQP predation/grooming internationally than Obama and Clintion combined)
      5. anti-2nd Ammendment red flag laws.

      The greatest evil of all, perhaps, are the many Evangelical false prophets who appear regularly on USAWatchdog and proclaim Trump anointed by the entity that they worship, which cannot be Jesus Christ because of 1-5 listed above. The Evangelicals are also HUGE supports of the zionist khazarian state; they believe if you send blood & treasure there that they will be rewarded, cf. Pastor Hagee's sermon on youtube regarding Israel the Gateway to God's Blessings. USAWatchdog heavily censors, even more than CNN and MSNBC, comments that are critical of Trump's role in these abominations.

      Note: criticizing Trump is NOT tantamount to agreeing with Obama/Biden and ilk. Rather, it is to show that they are all part of the club. Judge them by their fruits.

    • Debra Birx who worked side by side with Fauci recently admitted that she lied about the information she was providing Trump. Perhaps he's guilty of wanting to believe those who worked with him and the truth was not revealed until it was too late. Think about society as a whole and how easy it was to manipulate them into taking the jab due to the massive amount of propaganda. Even the CDC and WHO had to walk back much of what they originally told the world, but without a single apology. He may not be completely to blame in this and he was pushing it before the truth began leaking. Ask yourself, when did you start realizing that something might be wrong? For myself, I saw the signs immediately as they mirrored what was happening in 2007-2010 when the economy and banking system started having issues at the same time as the push for H1N1 vaccinations. Same plot used 10 years later.

  5. This guy is wrong more times than the weather man. Maybe that's the idea? Maybe he just wants to create controversy? Just be as silly, say the most ludicrous things. Pure vaculty….

  6. How many times did we read about dead line for U.S.A. payment and show still goes on.How could someone go broke if he have money printing machine?Whatever is the question killer shot is the answer,continues.As i have said long ago Mr Fulford is a safety valve for angry Goyim.If not he would be playing golf in haven with J.F.K. long ago.

  7. Benjamin, Tell your sources to stop promoting the idea of "global Nazi comeback"
    It was a Propaganda term made up in the 1920's by a journalist Conrad Heidman & remains a tool used by journalist till this day.

  8. Well at least we have got you to admit "that actor that is playing Trump" Yes that is because Trump is dead and the whole system is just a platform to bring in their Old Word Order of hell on earth. Glad you got that now Benjamin.

    • I'm sure President Trump retired in the Antarctic, it's where many privilege go. I don't have a problem with that, look at us…We are accomplices to "Hell on earth." Always looking to blame the privilege, when we decide what is right.

      • According to seer Penny Kelly couple mos. ago (cf. her Look-See monthly on Bitchute), Trump self exiles to the island her purchased recently. This occurs as the staggering death and damage from the vax continues to accelerate.


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