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In nature, a snake can hypnotize its prey.  Animals also use hypnotism to attract mates.  This ability operates on a level that mainstream science ignores.  Occultists, however, understand that this ability is mental magick.

Humans use this ability as well.  Ever wonder why certain people can become the center of attention in a room of people?  Ever wonder how politicians gain huge followings of people?  Ever wonder how religions and cults are created?  This is not just charisma.  This is mental magick. 

Online followings are the same.  Ever wonder how leaders of large groups online can even abuse their members, and still, their members remain loyal?  These leaders are using mental magick.

People need to understand that this ability is a double-edged sword that can be used to either help or harm humanity.  In the world, it’s obvious that in far too many cases, this ability is used for nefarious purposes.

This is a long audiobook, but it will give people a much deeper understanding, and thus overstanding, of how creation is, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, mind.  The above description of mental magick is also described in great detail and scope:

For those who want to become more self-empowered, I suggest to start with an adept from the past to study.  Read the adept’s writings (audiobooks are fine as well, which can be found on youtube for free) and research the life of the adept.  The power and wisdom of historical adepts is extremely vast and underestimated.

I suggest not to start off with occultists who would be considered to be ‘cabal.’  That kind can wait until one has a very firm grasp of the positive aspects of the occult.  Even then, study those from a safe distance, if at all.  Also, with positive occultists, it’s impossible for anyone to be 100% right.  As always, use discernment.

Here are some examples of those who sought to help humanity’s evolution, in no particular order:

Rudolf Steiner

Israel Regardie

William Atkinson

Manly Hall

Neville Goddard

Charles Haanel

Napolean Hill

James Allen

The above list is by no means complete, but is an excellent start.  There are also many from the East.  Osho was quite an interesting character!

Then there’s the LBRP and Middle Pillar.  I trust these two exercises.  As always though, people need to do what they feel guided to do.

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