Well maybe not The greatest speech but certainly inspiring!

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  1. I wish to reiterate something I have said many times – the idea of moderating speech is absolutely reprehensible. I have never said it as strongly as that but nonetheless felt it. Why does PFC degrade itself by making that differentiation between itself and what someone else speaks? What is this motivation? What makes one want to decide what others can speak? The excuse could be to avoid spammers and the like – and you see that's just the same kind of thinking we get from the adversaries. You're acting like them. You're putting yourself above others. A way out of that program is to deal with such situations when they arise. Not deal with them before. Because that means you're focusing on the negative, and what we think we create, we give power to. Where are you doing the opposite? Where are you saying something FOR freespeech? Nowhere. You make everyone guilty to satisfy your fear that spammers may post on the site (or do something of that nature).You're preparing for war all the time then because that is the only visualization you come up with. Thus you don't counter that with more thinking of what you want. See how tricky they lay the terrain for us? Everyone needs to come at this with an open mind, a mind that is ready for feedback. And we practice how to respond as well as how to give it. And we must do it honestly. that still leaves room to be tamed so it is not to painful for the hearer. I hope PFC will remove that stupid sign "awaiting moderation". There is no time to wait. We must act the right way now, this very minute. And there is no place for "moderation" of another human's expression of words. This must be what we stand to die for.

  2. Oh boy this so full of cliches. And the same thinking that got us into this mess. Notice the flags, the patriotism, the religiosity, the reference to Freemason men. The same things yet again. The same cycle repeated. The idea of fighting, the idea of enemies, the repetitive use of the word "war". You see we create what we speak. And that's pretty much all we need to know. This man does not speak for me. He gave no recommendation of action. It's all fluff and the usual fluff at that. Yes it moves us, yes he does say some good things too like we are not meant to sit here as slaves. It was stirring but no more than any warlike speech. Yes, we are like dandelions that rise when the remedy is needed – even at the chagrin of the farmer. But we need something to do about it not just know it. We are lemmingtons if we don't act on our knowledge. He still spoke in terms of his adversary the ones he says are at war with us. What we speak – we create. Your masters know this and they get us to speak their definitions and repeat their meanings. The adversary is the programming. The conditioning. He should have said that now it is time for every single one of us to change that programming. We start in ourselves in a learning intention. Nobody can speak to others as though they know, because we are all learning. And those who think they can speak to others while failing to mention that they too are learning these new things, stands only to repeat the program. All of us are in this, and some will choose to stay with the program. A program is a cycle. Learning to identify the cycle, to be conscious of the cycle and to design new cycles is how we get out of this one. And that is actually work and effort for everyone. The program is fear. There is no need for fear when you know what this realm is about.


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