The potential for inner transformation of man from excerpts from the books of Patrick Kelly

( An intelligent synthesis of Daoist/Buddhist, Gnostic/Sufi & Yogic internal work

Immersed 50yrs in these 3 great esoteric streams, Patrick’s true contact enlivens this teaching, which leads deeply inside towards the one formless Source – which has no name.

He has authored 4 books on Taiji & meditation (in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese). He guides a world network of 100 teachers and 1000s of students.                        )



Celestial Dimension: Deep Spirit (Deep Spirit Intelligence + Deep Essence) – Personal Energy Field – Centers

During an incarnation, the Personal Energy Field is recreated by the Profound Spirit, it is based on a combination of accumulated Profound Essence from past lives, parental genetics, energetic contributions and living conditions. .

The Deep Spirit stands at the junction of the higher and lower energies. It has two aspects the Intelligence of the Deep Spirit (spiritual component: holy spirit or active force of the spiritual spirit) and the Deep Essence (energy component: condensed experience of past lives (mental, astral, etheric and physical) .

The energy component grows from birth, in the lower energies, to develop the Personal Energy Field. The latter operates under the double influence of the Intelligence of the Deep Spirit and the external life.

The Personal Energy Field is centered in the Emotional Center (mostly subconscious) within the Astral energies, and it includes the Mental Center and the Etheric Center. These centers were created by the Profound Spirit.

Earth Dimension: The Physical Body – the etheric energy field – the brains

The Body stands at the junction of the lower Energies and the physical world, it has two aspects the Shadow Body (etheric component) and the physical body.

Inside the physical body, the organization of cells is divided into 3 functions: the brain of movement in the spinal column which extends to the back of the head, the emotional brain in the solar plexus and the mental brain in the head (spirit superficial).

The Shadow Body or etheric energy field contains the life force and connects the three physical brains to the 3 centers of the personal energy field. This field is composed of a part of low density (infrared, magnetic, electromagnetic waves and finer energy emanating from the body). And another part of higher density which integrates zones of more concentrated energies to connect the different centers to the energy field of the body.

The sphere of the Profound Spirit

All the possibilities for inner transformation lie in the development of the connection between the Deep Spirit and the body via the lower energies and later by the development of the connection between the Deep Spirit and the Spiritual Spirit via the higher energies.

The Deep Spirit is essential to this process, first expanding down into the lower energies, then gradually connecting them to itself, bringing them back up into the body. Until the body, the lower energies and the Deep Spirit become the sphere of the Deep Spirit. Then the Deep Mind is free to direct its attention to the Spiritual Mind, it rises through the higher energies and then it gradually merges into the sphere of the Spiritual Mind, until again everything becomes one again.

The brains of the physical body and the centers of the Personal Energy Field

The basic energy provided by the body is refined and becomes stronger if a correct effort is accomplished, first in the 3 brains then later in the 3 centers, to which will be added a flow of descending energy coming from above, coming either from the Master, or from the Inner Guide, or from the Intelligence of the Deep Spirit.

It is the intelligence of the Deep Spirit which produces growth in the 3 centers using the growth of the 3 brains but also being limited by it. For what ?

We are born with a functioning body, providing some degree of consciousness, but with limited control of motor skills, emotions and thought. Survival in life ensures a certain development of these fields, but the potential of each person lies well beyond the degree usually attained. Children develop their basic movement skills in the first 7 years of life, basic emotional skills are developed in the next 7 years, and basic intellectual skills in the last seven years of a 21-year cycle . It may be that, without further development, a person lives the rest of his inner life at the level of 7 years (or less) in each of these three parts.

Taiji is designed to further the internal development of the active and passive components of the Mind-Body connection, with a balanced approach to the three aspects of movement, feeling and thought.

How do centers grow?
First of all, it is the activity of the 3 brains which stimulates the initial growth of the three centers (child stage 0-7); then the effort to reduce the excessive activity of the 3 brains makes it possible to increase awareness.

Relaxation, calm and tranquility diminish the reaction of the 3 brains to external life and allow the 3 centers to express themselves actively through the passive brains (adolescent stage 7-14).

Then at the end of this stage it is the Deep Spirit which will gradually take control of the 3 centers and complete their development towards the adult stage (14-21).


The Ego and the need for in-depth work
During the slow process of transformation, the person will gradually become aware of the major obstacle represented by his ego. The ego is a shell that forms in early childhood to protect our delicate inner life against the harshness of the outside world. On a superficial level it prevents those around us from seeing who we really are. This self-protection is acceptable, relatively harmless and even advisable in relationships with strangers but interferes in close relationships where it is better to open up in a more vulnerable and authentic way. From a deeper and more harmful point of view, the ego blocks the contact between our outer self and our Inner Self or Deep Spirit.

Usually actions, feelings and thoughts are created in response to outer life. It is only when a person makes the effort to stand above and then brings his senses under the control of the 3 brains and the 3 brains under the control of the 3 centers that the Spiritual Mind and the Profound Mind , begin to influence life through the liberated active centers.

The World of Emotions
The energy body of a person who makes the effort to develop is mainly made up of Real Emotions or Astral Body. As a person’s 3 centers begin to develop and the influence of the Deep Spirit through the Soul increases, the work of the Personal Energy Field becomes more direct, less emotional; it functions as an energy generator between the Deep Spirit and the body.

The main job of managing energy is to fine-tune our emotional reactions in life. Most often the emotions are under the control of the body, it is possible to make them sensitive to the Intelligence of the Deep Spirit via the Emotional Center. Most physical and mental ailments are energy disturbances related to negative emotional states or emotional overreactions.

The Personal Energy Field covers a wide range of energies with their strengths or weaknesses at varying levels creating the individual’s particular signature. The underlying conditions of the Personal Energy Field contain the repercussions of past events and indicate future potential.

Attitudes are forms of intelligent energies that exist in the 3 centers and which intervene in the responses to influences from above, from below and from within the Personal Energy Field. Ultimately they influence the emotional response on the physical plane. There are positive and negative attitudes which make it possible to respond more effectively to the intelligence of the Deep Spirit or conversely oblige to cut oneself off from it, which restricts the capacity of development of the centers. Attitudes can also encourage the imagination in the three centers or increase their submission to the appetites and desires of the body.

Insecurity is the root cause of all negative energy responses. It triggers a self-preservation mechanism on the part of the Ego which generates:

• Fight, flight, physical isolation

• Greed, fear, emotional selfishness

• Vanity, self-pity, mental imagination

Five Steps to the Inner Self

Distinguishing the Deep Mind from the Superficial Mind

The superficial mind is the aspect of your consciousness dominated by brain activity. The superficial mind looks outward through the 5 external senses and is not useful for deep internal training.

The best method of overcoming the superficial mind is to “close the mind as if going to sleep” (although most traditions use mantras or concentration instead to induce a trance state of the outer mind).

The Deep Mind looks inward. At its lowest level, it listens and intelligently manages the instinctive and movement functions of the body via the 5 internal sensors.

Distinguishing the 5 inner sensors from the 5 outer senses
The Deep Spirit is awakened and strengthened at its lowest or etheric level by focusing on the 5 inner sensors. The 5 outer senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – perceive the outside world and focusing on them will only strengthen the superficial mind. It may seem useful for the outer life but it goes against the awakening of the Deep Spirit.

The five internal sensors – joint position, muscle condition, pain, pressure and temperature – are the most natural and safe entry into the Deep Mind. Among these 5 sensors, the pain and articulation sensors, as well as the muscular states of contraction and relaxation, are the least important because they are also partially accessible by the superficial mind.

Pressure and temperature sensors as well as stretch and release muscle states activate the deeper levels of the brain and the etheric levels of the Deep Spirit.

Distinguishing the 5 phases of the muscle cycle
Among the 5 internal senses, only the muscle state has important corresponding motor nerves (pressure, joints and temperature are regulated indirectly by the change in muscle state).

The muscle cycle has 5 phases – hold, contract, relax, stretch and unstretch.

Training in conscious control of muscle cycles begins with the development of “Yi” (intention or will) in the Deep Mind. Aim to lengthen the stretching phase while increasing the pressure that comes from stretching. Use intention to direct the wave of elastic stretching.

Professor Cheng emphasized Dingjin (feeling) – relaxing and listening to pressure. Master Huang emphasized Yi (intention) – listening and regulating muscle cycles. The most balanced is to do both, as well as the awareness of the etheric field of the body).

Clearly understand the 5 aspects of the Sphere of Deep Mind
Energy Sphere of Deep Mind

= Grand Dantien

= upper + middle + lower Dantiens (Heaven, Man, Earth)

= Deep Spirit Intelligence + Deep Essence (celestial, astral, etheric) + Body

In the sphere of Deep Spirit, you exist as Deep Spirit or soul. The intelligence of the Deep Spirit is the point of contact with the Spiritual Spirit. The Profound Essence exists in the lower energies – celestial, astral and etheric (Shen, Qi and Jing). The body, including the brain, existing neither before conception nor after death, may or may not be considered part of the Deep Mind.

Training the Deep Mind beyond the physical-etheric level
After long years (10-14 years) of listening to internal sensations, the mind becomes stable on the etheric level. Remember what an old master said: “14 years to learn the basics; after that, it’s easy”.

Then, while resting quietly, with muscle cycles inactive and pressure hardly changing, focus on tingling (pain sensors), fullness (pressure sensors), and warmth (temperature sensors). This will quickly reintegrate the etheric energy level of the Profound Mind, based in the lower Dantian.

Go further and, focusing on light, heat and pure awareness, center the mind on the sphere of energy that surrounds the body. It is a mixture of lower energies (etheric, astral and celestial). Do not imagine that it is more than a simple contact with the most superficial part of the Deep Spirit, otherwise you will not be able to progress any more.

Awareness, Intention, Intelligence
Train awareness at this level by gently flowing into this state while intensifying the feeling of warmth, light and pure awareness.

Train intention at this level by sending light to those you wish to help and then making a clear resolve to replace the major negative aspects of yourself with positive ones. Anything that contributes to your inner development can be considered ‘good’ and anything that opposes it as ‘bad’.

Train your intelligence at this level by seeking to understand the deep workings of yourself, the people you come in contact with, and the inner and outer worlds. True understanding will bring forth deep gratitude in response to all that is good and acceptance in response to all that is bad.

Deep Meditation
Only the connection with the Deep Spirit gives true inner security and only the development of the 3 centers in the Personal Energy Field gives the connection with the Deep Spirit.

For the 3 centers to intelligently direct the 3 brains in life according to the will or the intention of the Deep Spirit, a deeper presence in oneself is necessary, this return to oneself can be exercised gradually:

The sense of selfis a state of real and simultaneous awareness of the sensations of the whole body. It begins with the perception of the body’s position and movement in space, pressure and heat, and other sensations for which there are nerve sensors throughout the body, and then expands to include the perception of the vital energy of the body itself. Usually, in untrained people, the superficial parts of the mind only receive indirect information from the body via the mind from the body, which actually receives the sensations. This relayed information can be mixed with imagination, feelings and thoughts from other sources. Only by deepening the mind, as in the early stages of sleep, that one can find a direct contact with the sensations and the life of the body. Then awareness and control can be practiced at this level, leading to Deep Mind receptivity.

The sense of self occurs when awareness is focused on the part of the mind connected to the astral energy body, the real emotions (or in the dream state). In a dream, life inside the astral energy body seems completely real, and the actual body seems to have no reality. When one is in the deep state of self-sense, one experiences exactly the same feeling, while potentially remaining fully aware of one’s body. Self-sense and self-sense can then exist and be practiced at the same time.

Self-remembering occurs when awareness is centered on the part of the mind connected to mental levels, the real intellect (or in the state of deep sleep). Usually the consciousness is directed downwards, through the mind, to the superficial mind and the body. When, on the contrary, this consciousness is partially redirected towards itself, a light state of self-remembering arises, which can gradually deepen over time with efforts to generate true self-remembering.

As Ramana Maharshi says “Realization takes time, you cannot be different all of a sudden”. There needs to be pressure that will help you work on one aspect, then gradually the structure will change. Spasmodic realization is not enough to avoid rebirth. Realization must become permanent, internal tendencies must change and purify. And to do so, effort is necessary, moments of clarity and depth will appear. The profound changes are related to your efforts to refine your internal tendencies. For this, living one’s life normally is the best exercise (Master Ni Hua Ching).

It is preferable to avoid exercises which accelerate the evolution of certain parts (etheric, emotional), for example, work on the Kundalini which will interfere with internal growth. It is also easier to work on the physical/etheric field but it is a very dangerous sector, to be avoided (genies, shamans, jinns…). It is better to work on your own body, then energize and become aware of the Deep Emotional, by diffusing and sharing the light. It is only when we create enough positive, Soul-connected energy to balance the negative energy that true insight with deep awareness begins.

Soul Development 

When the effort to develop is intentionally directed towards the Profound Mind or the Spiritual Mind, it results in the growth of the Soul in one or more centers. The Soul is a part of the personal energy field that responds to deep body intelligence.

The Soul exists before the body and can exist after our planetary death. The Spiritual Spirit and the Soul are distinct concepts. The Spiritual Spirit is the original source which transcends the process of life and death. The Soul is that part of the Personal Energy Field that builds up over a lifetime. It is based on the essence of the centers and its 3 aspects which are under the direct influence of the Profound Spirit.

There are 7 levels of energies which interact like a triad of triads. As the energies are regulated, purified and strengthened, a steady increase in the energy field can manifest. Quantum leaps occur at certain intervals, just as a suddenly heated solid melts and a suddenly boiling fluid evaporates, while a solution steadily increasing in concentration can suddenly precipitate into crystals. In the past, these jumps of crystallization of the internal energy were called “initiations”.

The 1st initiation establishes a good connection between the Intelligence of the Deep Spirit and the etheric energies (seed of the Soul or magnetic center); the 2nd initiation stabilizes the seed of the Soul in the emotional energies (center of the Personal Energy Field created by the Soul). The 3rd initiation stabilizes the connection with the mental energies (designing the Crystal Body). Then the 4th initiation begins the process of connecting with the highest aspects of the Deep Spirit (creation of the Crystal Body or Kessdjan Body).

Other initiations will follow in the superior energies for the constitution of the superior bodies.


The potential for inner transformation of man from excerpts from the books of Patrick Kelly


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