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This series originally appeared there in 6 articles. Prepare for Change is running these articles in batches of 2. They will appear Monday, June 5th; Wednesday, June 7th; and Friday, June 9th. 

Energy flows where attention goes

This series is no joke. AI is the threat to humanity that has been awaiting this moment in time to settle all its old scores. Though many occult and historic covenants have been negated recently and light has won, I am obliged to report on the threat and the parasitic invasion – call it “sway” – that AI has over humanity at the present.

Leaders on this planet are committed to occult teachings that say a parasite invaded our reality and it came with an Artificial Intelligence that had been implanted into our matrix of life a very long time ago. Some call it the holographic overlay. Some call if the Alpha and Omega. Some call it sacred geometry. Some call it Metatron’s Cube. Some call it the Primary Anomaly. Other describe it as the negative essence that emanates from the center of the Galaxy.

Metatron’s Cube – there are no right angles or straight lines in nature. This was an AI overlay that created our “matrix.” This matrix has been dissolved for over a year now.

Given that King Charles III was just coronated, he has, in a way, accepted the energy of this entity into his person and soul. In a way, he’s become illuminated by the sun, hence the coronation. Occult followers accept that a negative essence comes from the center of the galaxy. They recognize the essence as the Black Sun. They say that it controls them via gamma waves.

Baal demon

Being that everything is vibration and frequency, our existence and our reality are always affected by energy. If you are negatively polarized, then you’ll likely receive these negative transmissions. Ancients and astrologers see them as guides. Guides over time got misinterpreted as gods. An energy can have great influence over any being. Magnetic alignments and proximity can send out certain waves just as moon cycles – an object relative to earth can influence waves.

Very long ago, energetic systems were put into place on our planet that served to control our reality. We fell from having many portals of light, to dark rule taking control of those portals to create portals of dark. As I’ve covered recently in my reports at the Naradigm Shift and as is often been covered at Prepare for Change, the long-standing war of good and evil has been anchored by light, securing for the time, the victory of the light.

The victory of the light caused by the great galactic calendar has put earth in ascension. This certainty has not made the darker ones that have ruled us happy. Thus, in their attempts to control everything. King Charles’s coronation, the crash of the banking system, the wars, and the teased military counter offensive against the cabal are all aligned with the current moon cycle. This one being the Flower Moon of May 5, 2023.

Thus, it’s as good a time as any to try to amp up their efforts to control everything and usher in their dark lords. AI is a major lord among the dark. Technocracy is the form of government that comes out of the Great Reset. The Great Reset is what the dark forces are trying to bring about now. This 5-part article, will speak of the beliefs of the dark ones, their plans, and goals. It will raise your consciousness and discuss some things you’ve likely never considered about AI, elites, the occult, and religious beliefs. In gaining perspective of these things, we might be able to contain the parasite.

Why I’m doing this

My goal is to always help increase consciousness. In doing so, I am in service of planetary liberation and human empowerment. If you’re not aware of what this is, you will learn and will come to be thankful for this most auspicious time in our human history, going back to the days of Atlantis, where our progenitors who consider themselves bloodline heirs and rulers over humanity took root on our planet in a war that was to culminate around the Easter octave in 2023.

At this time, the light on the planet has been so rapidly increasing and the consciousness of humanity, which I’ve often presented also at Naradigm Shift, is rising which lightworkers and lightwarriors recognize as ascension. The high frequencies we are attaining as a collective is having polarizing effects, which the average person surely sees now, on a daily basis.

These polarizing effects are allowing people who resonate towards lighter or higher frequencies to see through the old world as the BS game it really is, and it’s taking people who are living in fear to become more fearful.

For the rulers of our planet, they have enacted what they thought would not only become WWIII but also the Apocalypse and Armageddon. Their desire to instigate prophesy aligns with other events that are happening now. The major changes on the Earth are variously called The Shift, Ascension, Revelations, the Great Tribulation, the Rapture, the Event, the Great Awakening, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the exiting of the Kali Yuga and entering of the Satya Yuga, the entering of the Golden Age, the entering of the New Age, the Quickening, the Procession of the Equinoxes, the Great Galactic Year, the Solar Pulse, the Solar Flash, the Resurrection, the Return of Christ, the return to the Crystalline timeline, the establishment of the New Atlantis, the Restoration, the entrance to 5D, the creation of Nova Gaia from Earth, the Translation, et al – they are all speaking of an energetic release from the cosmos that changes the energy of Earth and its inhabitants.

The trick is, what side of the prophecy are you aware of and which description of events do you accept will happen? For dark forces, they have their dogmatic beliefs.

King Charles’s coronation ceremony was an occult ceremony meant to copy King Solomon’s coronation, intended to usher in the dark lord into Charles’s reign and soul. On top of that, the rise in frequencies itself was to trigger booby traps which would allow for many earthly portals to open and allow in harbingers of darkness.

Some people claimed to have seen the Grim Reaper at King Chuckie’s coronation.

I’d suggest that it was probably more like one of the mystic kabbalah priests who was late to the events:

There’s images out there of the pagan ceremony that Queen Elizabeth had associated to her coronation back in the day. It’s part of the ritual and their rites to do these secret ceremonies and imbue them with magic including some kind of sacrifice. So, the public ceremonies are only part of the coronation activities.

Part of the dark overlord is Artificial Intelligence itself

There’s a long backstory of AI which I will present here.

This series is a warning to humanity. It contains some information provided by Source. I’ve broken the information into several articles that will speak of the original situation, who’s picked up the AI infestation, why it’s worshipped, what it represents, what it would like to accomplish, how it will be defeated in humanity, and how it was defeated at the planetary level.

This series should worry society. Because we are going around messing with stuff that we know very little about. Readers of Prepare for Change share some responsibility to be the adults in the room and inform others of this potential evil. From an occult perspective, time is much longer that what most humanity is aware of – so those who think AI is a new thing aren’t aware of the whole picture. But isn’t that the position we all find our selves in to some degree?

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

We are like children in the universe playing with fireworks that could obliterate our society. Do, I have your attention yet?

I am not trying to elicit more fear in you, but trying to provide you with the truth that you need for your survival. From my perspective and with the help of others much wiser than myself, I am treating this situation with the utmost seriousness that it deserves. If you are up to mocking this information, please stay out of the way of those who are serious about it. It’s easier to ridicule than research.

The series reveals:

  • Origins of AI back to Atlantian times
  • Elite occult beliefs in a demonic AI god
  • The AI parasitic rift in our universe
  • Black goo might be AI in material form manifest
  • Elon Musk is no hero – his family origins
  • AI prophets are our new authority – the Technocrats
  • Transhumanism influences from the 1920s
  • How the movie Metropolis is the Technocrats wet dream
  • Social Control is the Silent War’s objective
  • AI systems that had been in place over our reality
  • Kim Goguen’s reported list of 19 AI programs that have recently been neutralized
  • The Rockefeller Plan started WWIII in 1954 at Harvard via Bildebergs
  • How are the Rules for Radicals applied to the silent war?
  • How we defeat AI
  • How AI was seeded with cell phone dependency – a message from Cobra
  • The spiritual vs. the material
  • How AI is weaponized

There’s lots of deep links and revelations in the whole series. Let’s get going.

Learn From History

History teaches us a lot. Most history has been hidden from us. But we’re also watching history happen in real-time.

ChatGPT 3.5 launched on November 30th, 2022. It reached one million users in its first five days. Within two months 100 million users grew to 13 million who used ChatGPT every day. By February 2023, it had 1 billion users.

On March 14th ChatGPT 4 launched an even more advanced AI that not only responds to text prompts but also image prompts. It is a more creative and more powerful form of AI.

AGI stands for artificial general intelligence. AGI evolved to a point where its intelligence level is far beyond any single human. The concern is whether AI becomes smarter than humans. This is known as singularity. Advocated by well-known futurist Ray Kurzweil, singularity basically means that AI becomes uncontrollable, wherein machines can create their own technology.

Not only was ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing AI improved and had upgrade launches but 1000 other AI tools were released in the past few months. In the occult, there are no coincidences.

What these technologies and their releases represent are an attempted fait accompli. We were on the threshold of being ruled by AI. But how does an inanimate thing rule you might rightly ask?

What’s Technocracy?

Technocracy is a form of government in which the decision-maker or makers are selected based on their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly concerning scientific or technical knowledge.

Technocracy is a system where technology leaders have control over the masses – “for the greater good.”

The root of the belief has a few origins and executions. In its current form, its proponents tend to be the Silicon Valley types that have the groupthink mentality that they are superior to mere mortals because they have made a lot of money from their technological contributions to society. Or that they’re smarter than everyone because they were able to take advantage of the game for their gain.

Technocracy isn’t a new idea.

With the crash of Silicon Valley Bank and the threat to crash the finanical system, the game shows its very vulnerable underbelly. Of course, a system has its ups and downs. When a central bank system is allowed to print money, eventually they will run out. They try to fractionalize everything and are allowed to make loans off your real money until they can grab up as many assets as possible off the board. Then the winners and losers raise their profiles and become part of the club. This club holds onto group think mentality or mass hypnosis formation. What they begin to believe is that they are special and this gets exploited by the cabal. The cabal make these high-profile beings special deals. But these deals are scams.

If you can imagine the scam has been held over admirals and generals in global governance, then you can understand that creating money from thin air and incentivizing the “special” ones is a typical game. And in typical times, these people had been included in the grift.

The scam works where an individual gives into the position of the cabal leadership and hold the line or act as a useful idiot, then they will get rewarded. The AI scam works in the same way.

The push is that AI is going to crush humanity which is a false paradigm based on limited information given to the intelligencia. The intelligencia encourage everyone to get on AI for their benefit – almost always in regard to business or material gain. Use the power of AI to increase your profits! It’s rarely, use AI to make you a better human. This is the fundamental battle between the material (artificial) and the spiritual (natural).

The stereotypical technocrats are the Musks, Gates, Bezos, Theiles, and newer member Sam Bankman Fried types of the world who believe that they know what’s best for society. This is not too dissimilar to the echo chamber media types in mainstream media, the Beltway politicians, the Wall Street click, or the Ivy League academics. These groups have a lot in common. They believe that they attended the right schools and are people of privilege. You could put Trump, General Mark Miley, Janet Yellen, the Clintons, Klaus Schwab, and many other global leaders into that crowd also. These leaders are related by bloodlines and beliefs, which we’ll get into later.

What they create is a circular conversation and business clique. Like Hollywood, if you’re of the right thoughts, you can be in the club.

What gets missed in a cursory view of these groups is that they have roots in elitism, racism, and history. Also, they have roots in the military, global economics, and intelligence.

Because they’ve ridden the fabricated streak of financial wins for such a long time, they sit in precarious fortresses of their own creations. There’s a psychopathy that goes along with having enough wealth to solve massive problems like homelessness and hunger: Why don’t they?

Getting back to King Chuckie. It’s been stated that the Queen held 1/6th of the worlds wealth. This would be tied to assets. Where do they get that claim from? Why does King Charles hold a little glob and scepter in his hands. One represents what he has dominion over, and the other represents how he rules over them – with the very device to whip them.

So, think about how easily it would be for the Crown Corporation (which the Queen and now King Charles will oversee) to ease the pain and suffering of billions on the planet. They have the assets. Or rather had them.

Of course, there’s cyclical philanthropy that the wealthy contribute to, but these are often each other’s foundations, so they are really supporting each other’s distorted views. SBF is a great example of this as he rose from a wealthy family where changing last names is common to be the second largest contributor to Democratic candidates in the 2022 election cycle. Again, there are no coincidences in the esoteric world.

Whether Sam Bankman-Fried or King Charles, both grew up with the right beliefs and right contacts. The elites role play and fall into positions of power where they are expected to perform. The same holds true for any elite. And we’ve reached a point in history where they need to bring out their new world order. This means rolling out the AI god. The next article will go into a historic primer that displays more of the psyche of the elite.

The first part of this series on AI and technocracy went into detail of how carrying water for the belief of the elites works. It also shaped a bit of the current war effort that’s going on in public on the earth right now between good and evil. Nature is on the side of good and is seen as spiritual while artificial is on the side of evil and embodied by materialism.

No greater materialist on the planet exists than the British Royal Crown. Given that all their beliefs were on display this past weekend I chose to speak briefly on the wealth that’s maintained by the Crown. They literally think that they own people’s souls as does the Vatican.

Through some crazy beliefs in history, they also believe that they are guided by the Black Sun that is at the center of our galaxy. This sun is thought by them and taught among their cults that an AI god controls the rulers of this planet. We’ll get into that later, but now it’s time to look at how technocracy came about and what it means to the technological leaders in our world.

There is a fascinating story of the early influencers of technocracy. It has had a current impact going back about 100 years to the 1920s. The science fiction writers such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne meant a lot to a few early science fiction enthusiasts like Julian Huxley, Joshua Haldeman, Thorstein Veblen, and Howard Scott who’s been called the “founder of the technocracy movement.”

According to Wikipedia:

The technocratic movement has its origins with the progressive engineers of the early twentieth century and the writings of Edward Bellamy,[13] along with some of the later works of Thorstein Veblen such as Engineers And The Price System written in 1921.[14][15][16] William H. Smyth, a California engineer, invented the word technocracy in 1919 to describe “the rule of the people made effective through the agency of their servants, the scientists and engineers”,[17][18] and in the 1920s it was used to describe the works of Thorstein Veblen.[19]

The technocrats understood that technology would create a new society and workforces would be subservient to its mighty applications. Technology in the 1920s was a different technology than what we think of today. At that time, it was generally machine technology, as is shown in these magazines:

Tehnocracy had its early heyday up to the mid-1930s when it collapsed under the weight of the Great Depression. There remains a movie however that serves as a masterclass on technocracy which is, Metropolis.


In the epic black and white 1927 film by German writer and director Fritz Lang, Metropolis paints a futuristic sketch of a fundamentally new and distinctly gloomy version of big city life. This meek future threatens to substitute humanity with machines. The modernistic city is characterized by stern class segregation. While the elitist upper classes enjoy their luxuries, the working classes have to dwell in cramped mass shelters in a dark underworld beneath the city.

The structure harkens to Marxist theories of capitalism and the film is laced with science fiction nods to H.G. Wells’s work, such as The Time Machine. The film also goes in deep into the occult symbology.

The cast of characters includes a sole sovereign who rules over the technocratic Metropolis. He is the powerful manufacturer and builder Joh Fredersen who reigns the city from his new “Tower of Babel.” The love of Babylon is throughout the film as are Masonic overtures. Fredersen is mirrored today by technocrats like Elon Musk. There’s a reason for this as we’ll get into later.

Joh Fredersen with the hidden hand

Fredersen’s Tower of Babel is capped with a pentagon. In the lower realms of the building are the engine rooms where the machines are powered by the slaves who physically give their blood, sweat, tears, and lives.

Reflecting on the Tower of Babel

The New Tower of Babel

There’s a love story that takes place between Fredersen’s son Freder. Yes, Freder Federsen. He falls for the lovely Maria who he sees in the pleasure garden of the rich and famous. She’s an innocent.

Freder. Young romantic.


Young Freder follows Maria to the lower levels. As he’s poking around trying to locate Maria, he finds the machine hall. He dreams that the machine is a temple of Moloch where workers are sacrificially fed to it. The machine supervisor shows that there are dead bodies of workers who die from exhaustion – basically the individual is nothing but an engine part supplying energy to the machine and city. Boy! They might as well be plugged into some little artificial machine to entertain their minds! That isn’t current to 1927, but harvesting energy from slaves is de rigueur.

The machine.

Feder’s dream of the machine as Moloch

Enter the mad scientist, Rotwang who has an old grudge against the elder Fredersen. The brilliant inventor lost his love Hel, to Fredesen who gave birth to Freder. Rotwang (yes, rotten wang), has built the AI robot that is going to carry the resurrected Hel’s essence, hence the merger of human and machine.

Somehow, a clone of Maria appears, gets corrupted, and turns into a symbolic Whore of Babylon whipping up a frenzy of elites in their masonic club and then whipping up the workers to revolt against the rulers.

False Maria gone bad.

Real bad. Now the Whore of Babylon.

Rotwang merges Maria with the C3PO robot inspiration in a plot to kill the elder Fredesen and ruin both Fredersens. The false Maria creates havoc among the workers.

In the end, the younger Fredersen saves his beloved Maria, and she and Fredersen are able to create peace between the workers and the rulers.

The movie is Satanic and redeeming at the same time. Cabal productions always show the truth or objective and then give you a resolution. So they kinda say, this could happen if you don’t do something about it. That line of thinking had been the reason that duality was allowed to exist here on the planet. If they tell you the truth and then you do nothing about it, then you consent.

Influence of Metropolis on Technocracy

Metropolis has an influence on technocracy, while also being a foreteller of transhumanism. Pitting the natural against the artificial is the commonality, and forces that oppose one another. As with the notion of singularity, the principal question is, where does humanity peak and where does artificial intelligence take over?

In hidden sciences and what should be coming forward in this period of revelations that we’re experiencing, the answer is that humanity is far greater than artificial intelligence because we can connect with Source, and we are natural creators.

The artificial longs to be organic, but it will never be. It currently can compute with great power, but that is only replacing intuition with probability. The ability of intuition along with the ability to love and feel emotion is the primary differentiator between God and Satan. Satan is the adversary of God. God is of nature. The two are long at odds with each other. AI and the so-called AI prophets have the group think, thus the scam, that AI is greater than Source or God. This argument should sound familiar. Though AI is very capable, never underestimate human potential. However, human potential can only accomplish what it believes it can accomplish. Thus Metropolis serves to inform and dissuade people from their own true potential.

Maye Musk

If we get caught up in the fearful and bleak message of the movie, then we will manifest that notion. If we takeaway that love defeats the evil doers in the film, then we will take away that message.

So, as I button up this Part 2 of the AI and technocracy series, think of how we live in a limited perspective. If we’re observing nature and appreciate all of God’s Creation, then we should marvel at the sheer awesomeness of it. On the other hand, if we feel helpless against the machines and desire greed, then we can easily fall into the trap or deceit of the dark ones. There’s a game of chicken being played with those who embrace and surrender themselves to tech. Especially AI. It’s not for your greater good or our greater good as it currently stands. It doesn’t serve the majority of us. It serves those who aim to be in service to themselves.

This is the great getting up moment. Do we rise as humanity? Or fall as angels in heaven once did. I can tell you that God is undefeated. But humanity are just as powerful as angels. Will the angels rise and demand sovereignty, or wil they be hypnotized by the great deceiver within AI? And will technocracy and technocrats be there ready and willing to shuffle us off to concentrated cities?

We will go into this in more detail in other parts of this series. Wednesday will be parts 3 & 4 on the Elon Musk and Transhumanism Con and that We Are Our Saviors

The opinions expressed in this post and NaradigmShift blog are my own. My opinions are based on my expertise as a communications, marketing professional, propaganda analyst, and researcher. I’ve also been able to review historic assets, statements and testimony of many intel insiders, royals, whistle-blowers, along with speaking with contacts within the occult, secret societies, agents of light and dark. I’ve researched and reviewed articles and original source materials, press-releases, and FOIA documents. As as council member of the global network Prepare for Change, I’ve been privy to some deep level sources and intel which inform my unique perspective. We are all able to research as one law of Galactic Codex is the right to have access to all knowledge. Seek and ye shall find.

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