This Light body support article is to assist with an understanding, a vibrational/energetic one. The human aspect loves to play in the “high vibration/low vibration” as a “better than/not good enough” ego game. This is so completely different than that.



Each’s Light body is their “Vehicle” for Physical Body Ascension to occur. It energetically builds each’s Merkaba with every Photonic/Cosmic/Solar Light upgrade process…..

While I have other sharings for years relative to this, I also have more that I’ll be accomplishing to further support/assist.

NEW Earth is EXPERIENCED THROUGH Y/OUR LIGHTBODY’s CONSCIOUSNESS…. A level of Consciousness that allows us to energetically “exist” beyond the old everything of before. The “reason” that we could not before, is because our physical body’s vibration was “too low” (I’ll continue to explain in more detail as we go). ↓↓↓

Our ability to achieve/maintain/sustain our Highest States of Consciousness are relative to this. Because this is a continual process, we expand/contract and with every expansion/contraction, an entire DNA/Cellular Transformation/Evolutionary process occurs. This happens/occurs in increments, as the whole transformation takes years … as it’s way too much LIGHT for the body to handle the immensity, so the body is “pushed” beyond it’s limits with each upgrade process in order to “handle” Embodying more Light/Consciousness with every mega-light blast that occurs….. ☼♫

Light exists at various different FREQUENCIES. An entire LIGHT SPECTRUM relative to different frequency bandwidths, as well as Light Quotient determine all.

When we observe the different densities of each Dimensional Frequency Bandwidth, the difference is Light Quotient/Density… which then correlates to “ego” and “higher self aspects” and so very much more.

This is a transition process… every bit of it. The transition from “dark/dense” to Light. The transition from ego to pure heart. The transition from unconscious to conscious. The transition from Old Earth Consciousness to NEW Earth Consciousness and so very much more.

LightBody Quantum Geometrics Change/Build with every “new” Higher State of Consciousness and “new” Multi-Dimensional Body Template Completion Process:
The physical body must “build” it’s Light Quotient over years…. Every Light Blast/Light Upgrade process triggers/activates ego distortions (deep rooted programs) and separation programming/conditioning to clear. This works on a cellular level and for all of 3D and parts of 4D without any awareness as to “what all is”, as these mentalities/mindsets “go to” other perceptions/explanations/understandings instead. This is due to the conditioning/programming/belief systems held still….

For the body to HOLD PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS/PHOTONIC LIGHT, the body’s density must completely constantly shift and Linearity must be dissolved…

The whole body and field must be completely re-written by way of “Light Codes” and Energetics on a Quantum Level… Infinite “new” geometrics are “introduced”, new equations calculate all. Every “reality” just a perception… a belief… The Energies present in every experience is what determines all.

NEW Earth realities become visible through each’s Quantum States of Consciousness directly correlating to each’s deep inner/Divine/Sacred Connection and a Remembrance that Transcends all….

NEW Earth Realities are born/birthed through each’s own deep inner re-connection with all as ONE, through REMEMBERING that all is Pure Love and through a UNIFIED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS….

Each’s Light Quotient dictates all of this. Physical body density dictates how long one can hold these “higher states of heart-consciousness-expansion”. The less density (not weight, as that’s different), the more expansive one can become. The ability to maintain/sustain full expansion “across” multiple dimensions/frequency bandwidths for longer periods assist each with establishing a whole new way of living/existing/functioning….. which replaces all of the old ways with “new”.

Each’s body and field must accomplish this “building” and restructuring process through the integration of Pure Light Consciousness…. This is a part of each’s natural/organic Quantum Light Technology that comes online from within the body as each embodies more Photonic/Plasma/Solar/Crystalline Light. ☼♫

Light Frequencies can be heard when one tunes in fully and uses these frequencies to TUNE. At first it’s annoying and triggers/gets under the skin (literally) and “causes” various expansions spontaneously, yet where body density still holds deep programming, this makes one dizzy, lightheaded (passing out can occur too). Powerful Photonics can “create” a “heaviness”, a “coma” style sleep-state and so much more. The body can “flush” strongly and fast or continually as Ultra-Sonic Light Frequencies work to clear density and raise one’s overall vibrational frequency strongly/powerfully/fast. Gravity shifts are a part of Photonic Light Activations. “Memory Loss”, loss of balance and visual/hearing can be/are affected during different stages of LightBody upgrades as well.

All of this to raise the vibrational frequency of the physical body so that it can hold more Photonic Light. ☼ Photonic Light Frequencies oscillate constantly, as do the vibrational frequencies of our bodies.

Overall Vibrational Frequency = Oscillatory Rate/Atomic Spin Rate Cycle on a Cellular Level:

Through our deepest and most inner-connected States of Consciousness all ORGANICALLY AND NATURALLY occurs….

Light Frequencies increase the/our oscillatory spin rate naturally, organically and beyond what the physical body can handle at first. This is to override linearity, as the linear human aspect keeps trying to maintain “control” by keeping the mind engaged. All control mechanisms must go for each’s vibration to increase beyond the limits of the human ego aspect, which unknowingly creates limitations and constraints that get in the way of this Light Technology process.

This is a full surrender process. The mind/body/energy… all. When our bodies completely relax on every level and in every way, our heart can finally fully open, which is when the thinking mind relaxes/gives way and our body is FREE to naturally raise it’s vibration on it’s own. Learning to utilize different things to support this process is important and key for us all. There are many ways to do this… which change/evolve as we all continue/expand/grow/go…. (nature, sun, crystals, water, ultra-high frequencies/tones and more).

The faster our atomic/sub-atomic cellular body-field spins, the slower all “is” inside. The more density we hold, the more linear we are, the slower the atomic spin rate which means the lower our vibration is. Density slows. Light increases spin/flow. The slower/denser the spin, the “faster” and less present we are, as our mind is operating too fast (ego aspect). The key is to slow the mind so completely that it can “switch” frequencies…. literally. This is supported/supports a full/whole body vibrational/energetic shift.

While the photo above shows the Merkaba “outside”, the whole body builds this and the whole body is inside the merkaba as it continues to build with each Light upgrade/integration process… yet this picutre opens up a visual that’s important in seeing all in LIGHT, which is a first step for us all…. ♥ Each’s LightBody & Merkaba merge into ONE powerful energetic and work cohesively as one.
Gamma LightBody = 6th Dimensional LightBody/Merkaba = Physical Body Ascension:

Each’s Merkaba builds as each creates/builds all new realities aligned with NEW Earth/Soul Consciousness. A Conscious reversal of polarizing energies (heart over ego/head) activates the Merkaba’s field-spin.

The NEW Earth Lightbody operates at a minimum of Gamma Frequency Particles and Waves:

This means our whole body has to achieve a Gamma Brainwave State. Super charging is an understatement at first. This ENERGETICALLY super charges our whole body’s electrical system and each time serves a different purpose at first:

  • Distortion clearing emanating from the root.
  • Service to humanity emanating from the root.
  • Power as Light emanates from the root.
  • Purity Consciousness and Soul Integrity move all to a whole new level of understanding of everything….
  • Obliterating the old from within ourselves is an understatement as well…
  • Focused Output and productivity increases with each Multi-Dimensional Level of Consciousness achieved/held. No thinking, just see and do.
  • Processing speeds throughout the Crystalline Lightbody increase substantially as well.
  • TOTAL Responsibility for our own Energy and all that we allow to occur within our own reality/world/field. Re-alignment is much easier, because compromising on a Soul Level is no longer an option (old ego program).
  • Present/This/NOW Moment is all that exists… Consciousness/Creation all co-exist from here.
  • This entire process is held in place by y/our energy. We do not disconnect from our LightBody, Merkaba or the Frequency Bandwidths of 5D+. We hold this and honor what our bodies need and make the changes in our own reality to support this.

Each’s Merkaba is a Light Construct, a Living Energetic Field that operates at a 6th Dimensional Level of Consciousness… which means each’s behavior/acts are from an Ascended State of Consciousness and every ACT from this place/space is what BUILDS. It’s the implementation of ACTion from a 5D Level of Consciousness and above. These ACTions reverse polarity of all old ways and bring all into a vibrational/energetic alignment with an organic 6th Dimensional REALity that each LIVES from deep within. Every fully Conscious ACT builds an entire “reality” based upon this.

Coming to BE the higher self/selves aspect(s), holding this fully and aligning one’s whole world/reality/life with this…. is how the 6th Dimension is achieved and how the Merkaba completes itself.

Quantum Equation: Level of Consciousness sustained/maintained on a Cellular level and with each’s whole body-field = entire reality/experience…. ♦

6D Level of Consciousness = Entire Reality is aligned on a Soul Level with Service Role Fulfillment for HUmanity moving to the forefront in a completely different/new way where all emanates from the Purest Form of LOVE that exists and each is treated this way. The 6th Dimensional LightBody is the one where the Merkaba is organically able to complete itself. Full ego surrender is required for this.

24-Strand LightBody DNA = 12 Dimensional Bodies/Frequency Bandwidths available to live…
Unlocking all is the opposite of what all would “think”…. It’s the opposite of trying… and occurs when our hearts are completely open, all of the way… our bodies are completely relaxed and full ego surrender occurs/is achieved.

All of the information, innate abilities, everything any one of us wants to know… is locked away within our DNA just waiting for each one of us to tune completely into/with our own Consciousness…..

Expansion on an energetic level occurs when our body is able to reach a certain vibrational frequency. Through this expansion we can see, experience and gain access to that which is otherwise “invisible”…

One KEY to all of this is the physical body’s vibration/vibrational frequency. For it to HOLD the IMMENSITY OF THE LIGHT THAT WE ARE, it must continually be “upgraded” and supported in ways that assist with achieving/holding a Higher State of Consciousness/vibrational frequency on an atomic level.

The Carbon-Based body functions very differently than a Gamma/Crystalline/Plasma LightBody does. Look at it like a hybrid body-system in a way. With every “higher frequency” introduced/activated, the body must undergo an immense density clearing, molecular-restructuring process and re-organization on a cellular level so that the body can achieve functioning at a much higher vibrational frequency than ever before. This continual process of Upgrading is a part of everyone’s Ascension and Multi-Dimensional Existence too. The entire planet is now going through this rapid acceleration process, yet in a multitude of different phases, so opening up to all new understandings/realizations/possibilities and completely different “answers” are beyond important/key.

Physical Body Ascension/Expansion of Consciousness/Light Embodiment is not a disease…

The human ego aspect uses the word “symptoms”, which lends to a mentality that keeps one a victim to all of this. Shifting the wording, shifts the mindset, which in turn shifts how the body responds. This response is beyond important, as the body can lock down and resist (creating suffering/pain/struggle) or it can surrender/let go and honor/allow LIGHT TO FLOOD THE SYSTEM so that a whole alchemical process can occur.

REMEMBER, THE PHYSICAL BODY’S VIBRATION IS/WAS TOO LOW to hold, maintain, sustain and integrate the immensity of LIGHT activating daily 24/7 now. The body requires 100% support to be able to do this immense process of moving from a carbon-based body to a Multi-Dimensional Light-Based one.

The body will struggle to integrate and always be pushed just beyond it’s limits in order to break down immense programming and density held within. Physical pain and emotional pain clear the body as “blockages” where energy can’t move freely about. This is an important part of the releasing process, as energy must be “processed out” of the body. Doing this consciously yields a different result than resistance does.

The Light Body will become more prevalent as we continue/go, as the vibrational frequencies of the planet continue to rise and how the human body responds to this is completely non-linear, which requires that we all shift/switch over to a different understanding as to “what’s going on in the body” when anything occurs.

The human ego mindset will think something is “wrong” and tries to “fix back” to a belief of something relative to an old earth consciousness… This goes way beyond all of that. This is the opposite of every thing anyone was “taught”/believed.

Go deeper within. Listen to your physical body as it speaks/communicates with you. Learn it’s language. It’s more intelligent than any human aspect is. Divine Intelligence is completely different and the Light that’s working through each’s body is this. ♥

Tune to your body’s Consciousness with your Consciousness… ♫ Merge with your body… Love and support your body fully.

Shifting Mindsets & Perceptions are necessary…

This whole process is mis-perceived and relative to perception. If one perceives something a certain way, then that belief dictates. This challenges each’s entire belief system in every way.

Yet, the “how” is completely different than human aspects perceive. A total shift in perception is necessary…

The old ways won’t work and no longer  support or “apply”. The LightBody awakens within the body. Energy starts to move. Electrical impulses increase. An immense body detox begins and will continue until a Gamma Frequency throughout the whole body is achieved. The human body will also oscillate between Plasma Light body and Crystalline Light Body phases along the way. The LightBody is constantly building, tuning, recoding, recalibrating, clearing and shifting between different vibrational frequencies/oscillatory rates.

The human body has immense density (separation programming) to clear. This is what bound the body to 3D and 4D Versions of Old Earth still…

As a baseline 5th Dimensional Level of Consciousness is established, the body goes through a massive energetic transformation and alchemical process to achieve this overall vibration as well. This continues with each dimension/frequency bandwidth introduced. The body has to integrate these Ultra-Sonic Frequencies fully by clearing everything on a cellular level not of this new frequency (Level of Consciousness). As it does, the entire body template is constantly re-written as well.

SunCharging is a way to activate your SOUL (SOUL/Solar) Body naturally and raise it’s vibration high enough for the Energy Body to start to re-code on a cellular level. Be sure to take plenty of time to integrate and then start making the changes within your own life between each charging phase. ♥ Nature is also a necessity in achieving a much higher vibrational frequency too. ♦


Human ego aspects want a “quick fix” and instant answers/results. It “thinks” that just because a certain thing does/does not occur, that “that’s” what’s real… when in essence, it’s almost always something completely different and often even the opposite of that perception/belief. This is a long arduous process, one that takes many months and years for different phases to accomplish/complete. (We are in it for the long haul peeps!) Where the human mind is involved, everything is mis-perceived. The human mind/belief/perception IS THE BLOCK …. literally the actual density/barrier.

Body suppression: Everything suppressed must be triggered, activated and the programming/program be completely cleared/released. This part occurs in different phases, as core programs keep re-presenting themselves until the core program is realized and consciously cleared from the whole body’s template and field. Suppression anchors the body vibrationally in a lower density. Honoring emotions allows for suppressed energy to rise and clear so that the physical body can re-tune and raise it’s vibrational frequency higher than the frequency of that unresolved emotion before. With enough program clearing, the body’s template and entire genetic make-up can then readjust/realign/recalibrate/recode. Every part of the body undergoes this immense process….

The Lightbody triggers suppression so the body can experience a very important energetic release. This release is a part of a much bigger re-calibration and vibrational realignment process and is relative to electromagnetics of the body.

The Lightbody is Multi-Dimensional, so the body has to become Multi-Dimensional too. The human body was not originally built for Multi-Dimensionality, so a whole restructuring process must continually occur. This will correlate to each’s “external” actual experience/reality/world as well. Because all is vibrational, then the correlating dimension/frequency bandwidth will be a vibrational match to the Body’s Consciousness.

Neural Networking Systems, Bones, Organs, Glands, Blood, Oxygen, Flesh, Skin, Eyes, Brain, Muscles, Spine, Teeth, Hair… Every particle of the body undergoes a massive “overhaul” process as the body works to Lighten and clear density held. The blood/oxygen, lungs, joints, heart… every part of the body is included. Heavy metals, oxygen levels, blood/plasma density, the pineal gland (and all other glands) are also massively “worked”.

Density is not weight, it’s how “tight” and restrictive everything is. How tight the muscles are, how tightly packed the flesh is (I don’t have other words for this right now to describe), how CLEAN the body is….

The 3D carbon-based body functioned on distortions fueled by emotions, specific foods, chemical imbalances (unseen) and degraded DNA/genetics that Cosmic Frequencies work to repair. A whole shift in consciousness is necessary to support the body through the immensity rather than working against it.

Instead of looking at all from a 3D fractured/fractal view, we look at all from a 12D+ view and then explain 3D/4D/5D/6D+… It’s easier this way, as we are looking at/from the whole and each is a fractal of that whole. So instead of 3D or 4D being ‘reality’, it’s just one version (the most limited/constricted version), with the other dimensions (Levels of Consciousness) offering so much more for everyone embracing this.

It’s simple when we Consciously Observe the Energies of Old Earth and NEW Earth side by side. By doing this we can then choose the Energetic Experiences that support all of humanity through compassion, love and Living ONEness in order to Transcend Old Earth programming instead of continuing to live by it.

Body-Consciousness Exercise:
Pay attention to when your body contracts or feels tight or restrictive. Pay attention to what causes your body to feel this way. Being able to breathe, tune and relax the body and then recognize the programs/systems that “cause” your body to “restrict/contract” will assist you with understanding how your body still holds old earth 3D programming within. This programming is what binds you. The belief, the mentality and the compromising your SOUL/Light to “live by that” old way/belief still…..

5D+: Your body will feel relaxed. Your heart will open, your mind will calm, your body’s vibration will RAISE and Peace, Presence, softness, kindness and Pure Divine Harmony will be FELT throughout.

Recognizing your own “programming” is key. Otherwise you are unable to access CONSCIOUS CHOICE (Divine Will), and unknowingly continue to compromise and accept less than PURE LOVE as a reality again/still.

NEW Earth Consciousness: Everything emanates from the Purest Form of Love that exists. Immense Inner POWER is a part of this, as is consciously creating ALL NEW to replace the old outdated vibrational/energetic mis-aligned ways of Old Earth Consciousness…. ♥


THIS IS NOT SOMETHING WE “TRY TO DO”. THIS IS SOMETHING WE SURRENDER COMPLETELY TO. ♥ It’s through full ego body consciousness surrender that our body’s auto-response/safety mechanisms/resistance falls away/dissolves, which is what allows our Lightbody to activate, reverse polarity and upgrade our bodies/fields without our own inner-fear-ance with this organic, natural and DNA Consciousness Evolution process of accelerating Light Embodiment. ♥
Keep honoring your own physical Lighbody and supporting it fully so that it can “do” everything for you. By doing so, your entire perception of “reality” will shift. New awareness, new feelings, new abilities and new options will present for vibrationally/energetically supporting your NEW Earth/Highest, Purest and most beautiful version of you. ♥

With love and respect,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. The photos used are to create a visual activation and reference point. While some photos only show the primary chakra system as it activates the Rainbow LightBody and then the White Column as these purify, there is a much more advanced Chakra/Energy Vortex System beyond this one…. This is a starting point. The same applies to the Merkaba as it evolves into other things as well. We go way beyond into much more advanced geometrics, body systems and more…. ♥

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