A major UFO psychological operation is occurring

For the first time, NASA held a public event examining UFO sightings. Government officials have spotted mysterious metallic orbs flying all around the world, in addition to many other types of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), according to the first public meeting of NASA’s UAP independent study team.

Physicist Doctor Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), said: ‘We see these [‘metallic orbs’] all over the world, and we see these making very interesting apparent maneuvers.’

Speakers at the meeting emphasized the need to collect more high-quality UAP data and lamented the stigma surrounding this topic, which they said makes it less likely for people to report unidentified phenomena.

Multiple speakers noted that members of NASA’s UAP study team have been subjected to harassment as a result of their work in this field. This is a basic rule for a psychological operation to be believed by the mass public, to always play a victim. This makes their work sounds more believable.

NASA’s study group, an assemblage of 16 experts ranging from physicists to astronauts, was formed last June to examine unclassified UFO sightings and other data collected from civilian government and commercial sectors.

The study group represents the first such inquiry ever conducted by the US space agency into a subject the government had previously consigned to the purview of military and national security officials, when accorded respect or attention at all.

They are putting putting these lies in your head because they want to trick the public with Project Blue Beam. The technology is being rolled out in plain sight. They want you plugged in to the matrix. Check out the video below which according to NASA was a spherical orb that required “more data”.

The verb נזה (naza) occurs twenty four times in the Old Testament. It means to sprinkle and is mostly utilized in ritualistic scenes. The emerging one world government has planned on faking an alien invasion for over a century now.

Journalist Serge Monast wrote in his 1994 book “Project Blue Beam” that there is an experiment by NASA in cooperation with other government agencies to lead us into a global government by fooling us into a staged holographic alien invasion, to bring in a false messiah to unite all religions into a one world religion.

Remember how many people fell for the Covid psychological operation. These same people, and many more will fall for Project Blue Beam as well. Holographic technology will be felt through touch, and through certain frequencies. You could even hear voices talking to you. Sounds very much like mind control.

We now have Neuralink which was approved by the FDA, and they will be putting chips into the brains of humans. We also had Artificial Intelligence as the main talking point at the Bilderberg Meeting this year. Things are not what they seem, as always their is an evil agenda which I will do my best to decipher for you.


From generalmcnews.substack

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  1. crying shame they can't show american graffiti on that/those holographic projector(s). Be quite a show for the whole country(s) to simply go outside and watch a movie in the clouds. Let alone fake out a reality that doesn't exist. Alien is a definition humans created. They are the alien all to themselves.

    A far better possibility would be to remove these sick minds/governments for fools and help them all these rocko freaks and provide mental health treatment for them, while to allow the rest of the world Unite and become level field friends neighbors associates and fun to be with all human peoples.

    For my thought as to any off world Ancestor looking down upon their creation as to. No these are not my offspring they keep dressing up in clown suites and play act someone they really are not.

    They never grow up or evolve as a one race human all the times we check upon them. They've done nothing to reach any spiritual level of life within let alone life together. Our decision is closing in on salvage or nuk it like we did back when we had to flood kill and nuk all the other bad defects. Even Cobra has shared. "no there is not one on the planet worthy".
    Says a lot does it not. The collusion and contradictory posts compared to other resource materials. All share difference to actions its getting really frustrating and confusing no one shares a plan to change all this.
    Still think nuk the planet might be the best solution. Humans on this planet cannot get it together and create a something the rest of the Universe can reference as a Place to enjoy to visit and associate with.
    Seems every time the important ancestors come by. Man has only destroyed more of the land they walk on poison their own air they live to breath by. pollute and destroy all water systems to nourish by. And still continue to this day to do so.

    Never will a real planet be given to feature of such ever again. They'll never get it right. Is there Hope or has Hope been out used itself over the all last 25 yrs as to a something fabricated. "Liberation" is but only a dream for a lie we as humans believe in. (bets dimes to dollars there are many to whom may feel to share all the similar).

    I'm praying for a real miracle this nightmare stops and the curtain finally closes chapter on these ones to whom set this to this end point as we are.


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