The weird revelations of intel operatives involvement in the UFO hearings

By Gerry Gomez

As the congressional UFO hearings had time to sink in and percolate over the week, I was able to look into the intel agents that were part of the Grusch team. On Saturday, PFC held a weekend awakenings call and I kicked off the conversation by reviewing the things that were now on public record through Congress via the hearings. This, I feel, is very important. It serves a purpose, but what?

In the call, and as reactions came up in the community, I noticed that UFO people aren’t understanding the deep state agenda involved in disclosure. Perhaps, their enthusiasm, colors their lens? It’s come to light that a very select, very high up intelligence community personnel are in David Grush’s legal team. Intelligence Inspector General Charles McCullough III, ex-DNI Former Director, James Clapper, and intelligence community friendlies, journalists Ross Coulthart of News Nation (who are aggressively pushing the UAP agenda), and George Knapp Chief Investigative Reporter for KLAS TV in Las Vegas. Along with Jeremy Corbell who’s cozied up to the intelligence community as a producer.

It’s important to note that all false flags always have the hidden hand, the usual suspect, the patsy, and the media beating the drum.

Add to this display that Senator Chuck Schumer had recently introduced a bill that will speciously provide a new review committee to direct the National Archives and Records Administration to create a collection of records on UAPs and UFOs to be disclosed to the public immediately unless a review board provides reasons to keep them classified.

But therein lies a new way to slow roll the intel, similar to the JFK files. Sounds good in theory, but the devil is in the details.

Whenever your government suggests they give you information on stuff that’s previously been insanely classified, you have to ask, “What’s going on here?” And that they do it with such a rush and through intel controlled assets, you gotta wonder.

Daniel Liszt, aka Dark Journalist gives his assessment

I listened to Dark Journalist, and he had made the most cogent summaries that I had seen out there – connecting the dots between the testimonies, the players, the intel community, the role players in Congress, and the whole controlled narrative of the hearings. There is certainly a lot of boxes checked for the intel community in having the information of the hearings come out.

Nothing new was presented, but enough old information was presented to give the intel community deep state options in the future.

Dark Journalist summarized with my observations throw in:

These are CIA UFO disclosure hearings. You’ve got to see this through the deep state lens. A bunch of UFO people are being thrown in with the deep state people.

They’re running out several ET and aliens options for live data gathering while determining what operation will garner the appropriate reaction. ie – Oumuamua was an alien craft. Luis Elizando who is a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent and worked for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Pentagon was purporting the alien threat. Grusch is the latest, giving “intel” that’s been in the public forum from the 90’s (and earlier). And only touched on vague intel that provided no proof. Proof was to be done in SCIFs or private hearings.

David Grusch then
David Grusch now. Dark Journalist says that “He looks like a guy who’s spent his entire career saying, ‘Yes, Sir.'”

All the intel people are around this: Clapper is a spook and Former Director of National Intelligence of the U.S. resigned under perjury accusations regarding the NSA collecting data or spying on millions of Americans. Along with the others previously mentioned.

CIA like to deflect blame. But they also like to take credit for being the “only credible source.” The points that were developed by others who got taken out, then get redistributed years later, under their controlled narrative programs. They control both sides.

How do you get to the truth with these people? You have to understand how the ops operate. When you have knowledge on how the dots connect and what the intel modis operandi is, if that comes out, it debunks and exposes their operation. They don’t react well, and recently have been embarrassed by the lack of belief that people show early in their tactics. In essence, the emperor has no clothes. Or, if you’ve been paying attention to the theater, the performers seem to be dressing alike in their khakis, earpieces, and navy or black polo shirts.

We saw quick debunking or failures with the Chinese balloon that got shot down and UAPs over Alaska – the one that Justin Trudeau used to say he was shooting something down to never show the proof.

Who is News Nation? They are the company that got behind revealing the Grusch story. They’re an upstart news channel that’s come into being recently perhaps trying to garner a slice of the Mighty Wurlitzer that’s been eroded by the waning viewership at msm stalwarts CNN, and Fox. It seems that News Nation adds to the operation and may be controlled narrative, being given the story by intel operatives to run with.

Dark Journalist mentioned that Grusch should be asked, “Has anyone in the CIA asked you to come forward to present this UFO threat program?”

Tim Burchette (R-Tenn.) and Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) were the ones spearheading the subcommittee. Burchette was pulled from being the subcommittee hearing chair the night before – at the proverbial last minute – to be replaced by another subcommittee chairman, Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.)  That was very unusual. One would have to ask why as the reason Burchette was given was that he was not the House Oversight and Accountability subcommittee chair?

Representatives Tim Burchette (R-Tenn.) and Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) taking questions post UFO congressional hearing.

“Yeah, I’m upset. I mean, you know, I’ve spent a lot of time helping put this thing together. It’s just politics,” he said.

One wonders if it’s not more than just politics as the situation encircles the intelligence community so clearly. With their interests being so visible sitting behind Grusch, it was signaling that they are in control of the narrative. And that this is a controlled operation.

Everything that the intelligence community will tell you are lies. They have an 80-year legacy to protect. They have committed too many crimes to begin revealing them now. They are going to try to pretend that they can police themselves and clean up their own mess.

They want to set up a fake enemy which works several ways:

1. There’s waste between congress and black budget programs

2. There’s malfeasance being done in relation to the information between congress and intel agencies. This became apparent in the spat between Sean Kirkpatrick of AARO – All domain Anomaly Resolution Office and Grusch’s released information

3. There’s a broach of transparency between MIC and Commercial Pilots

4. There’s lack of transparency with FAA, military and the public need to know.

The hearings and intel community releases don’t take into account any civilian sightings, but only the military ones, which they say are the most credible. Forget Phoenix lights, Florida sightings, Las Vegas UFO, or other mass sightings elsewhere in the world. They are trying so hard to control the narrative.

They don’t want to appear not in control. They will release the authoritarian position – not veer off course into accounts from the public, which is exactly where I went last week with my Top 20 List of Extraterrestrial Claims. And also followed up with my :45 min video of UFOs, UAPs, and other arial phenomenon, that they won’t ever talk about.

AARO says, through spokeswoman Sue Gough, “To date, AARO has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.” She also said the department is “committed to timely and thorough reporting to Congress.”

I’ll add that the statement is the perfect Hegalian Dialectic response, in which the problem got defined by Grusch and Congress in the hearings, the public reaction to hearing that extraterrestrial artifacts exist and are in possession of the government, can be managed or reigned in by AARO. So, they set themselves up to be heroes to the problem. Problem, reaction, solution. In other words, nothing to see here, and we can go about forgetting this for another decade, or use it for raising awareness and fear, to execute a future fear event – justifying the use of military force.

Think of the scenario, yes, they were correct and we’ve got the technology to defend ourselves, but we need to develop more, so open up your check books. This is the war that Werner Von Braun described would be their last card. Has the bluff worked? Or does the public see through it?

Dr. Werner Von Braun with Walt Disney. It’s all a show.
The deep state cabal want to play all sides of this story. They eluded somewhere to the possibility of underwater threats. Just think of the defense industry boondoggle if they get new budgets to start expanded defense programs for the waters. That might create a new branch of military?

Back to Dark Journalist:

He continued to observe that the hearings were a live focus group or beta test. If all the possibilities are thrown up in the air, what hits the general public, what’s their reaction? Based on this intel, they can formulate their next actions or operations or false flags.

“It’s getting to the point where the average person is saying, ‘this sounds crazy! What are these people doing?’”

The government people are playing the role of concerned citizens trying to get out of the government information, but, again, they are actually the government. So it’s all for show. Especially the congress people who should have little expertise or experience with the UFO arena.

There’s a weird dynamic that the public is swallowing. They are accepting that CIA operatives like Elizondo, Corbell, and Grusch are attacking the government saying we gotta find out what the government knows, when they are agents of the government. It’s insidious and plays on the people’s over eagerness to have any bit of disclosure.

It’s weird he summarizes. What are they planning, should be the question.

After the presentation, he took questions and was able to elaborate on another point.

What if this is the card to play when the election seems lost?

So, if the Biden show is so hopeless – and it’s important to note that the hearing was given as Hunter Biden’s “plea deal” was thrown out of court – then could the UFO card be getting readied for action? I observed more of this line of reasoning though some other commentators, who agree that this was likely the litmus test of this story line, and knowing as I’m often reporting that there’s a money crisis with the global rulers and controllers going on right now, the rush to advance the UFO card and the climate crisis are coming into focus. Each of these will be pushed behind the right prevailing narrative to be the reasons for a war-time economy as Covid was, and also totalitarian restrictions. If they had their way.

Another big reveal that Dark Journalist added was, that Trump is leading Biden significantly in the polls he says, so, the intelligence agencies may not even want to go there this next year? Meaning, even chance running Biden. They would have it in their backup plans, the use of the fake invasion? In their minds, I can see this as being a Plan B, C, or D. The fake invasion would create emergency use authorization like we’ve never seen before, and plays nicely into the global population reduction program. You don’t need a president when you need a military leader.

Continue on with watching the whole discussion as later he gets into more exotic technologies and travel capabilities. “When they separate it down, ‘Oh we have scary aliens, we have crash retrieval bodies and things like that,’ it’s most base level (way) of looking at the nature of the problem.”


Whichever way this story plays out, knowledge is key. The key to stopping all this madness is to take responsibility for whatever you think is the truth.

Stop giving credibility and depending on what the government says as the truth. The government of earth, because there is only one, the rest are only fractals of the same thing, has no interest in ever giving any useful truth to the people.

You are your savior – WE can create the outcome

The state of the hearings reinforces that they are losing control. Go on with your life and be the best version of yourself you can be. Let’s not manifest any of the negative path by staying proactive and knowledgeable. By being aware of their plans, it also lets you know what you don’t want.


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