Spiritual awakenings can be transformative and life-changing experiences. They often lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe. However, like any profound transformation, spiritual awakenings can also have challenging side effects. Here are seven dark side-effects of spiritual awakening that are not commonly discussed.

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  1. Fantastic if not totally beautiful description of "Growing" this post I had to listen thru to end.

    I did nor could not find to hear 7 bad things about growing gaining spiritually. What I heard within is a teething collections of response and feature of finding and learning of, that within that has been there all the time from the very moment on, as one opens ones eye's 1st time, thru to the very point where clarity is presented and one closes ones eye's of this time around.

    This is really just Life of itself and one feature topic one may devote a choice thru too in personal decision to learn more and seeing the living Clarity of its all Full Spectrum Bouquet of true feature Whilst my Eye's.n.sense are Able.
    (an not yet at that moment end.o.life clarity of my self welling up as I notice "oh wow feelings tad odd guess I am dead" 'moment of clarity'.

    Ah the last 4 seconds one reals a whole life time reversing back to that 1st eye open and then .. ) I know what comes next. Just able to share such in a possible phrase in learning to share. [ this was my own accidental experience in being Tuned In let alone cast into its reverence of beauty and bliss ]. Spirituality that is. ! yes a death accident yet able given a 2nd chance an still doing day by day now without fear.

    Is this not really the description as to 7 Awakening features one wiggle and wobbles thru opening and closing doors to rabbit holes. Enabling one to seek this path in reaching thru into Spirituality. Like Teaching an Eagle Chick in the nest how to flap wings and gain strength. The Mother encourages "all the Right things" in guiding this chick to become another Eagle.
    Change the Eagle to Human and is anything really the differ!. Get over it! it will and shall pass. Growing pains in another form to learning something "Anew" is it not! Try and keep trying it will grow more on you to seeking the truth by its common reveal. jus like riding a bicycle, fall, dust the knees of an get back up and try again until mastered.

    Now of this world and constructs that play into doubt by its statement only. Doubt is only a conditional "response" Always 3 or more, more flow points logically where options are always there to change and flow thru by. and even some you are unaware by. This is the beauty of Spirituality the Universe opens right up to your Soul Heart and mind.

    Its hard to SOAR like an Eagle, when you fly with Turkeys. Let them circle upon their own if that is all they wish to habit life by such. Of this and all Other Kingdoms. There is much more in the air that one might and do not see with eye's in this frequency limitations.

    The new Topic Me wants to flex and stretch these fine wings in Spiritual Growth I may experience and more yet to learn. I'd rather feel like a sponge soaking up more Spiritual feed with a nice feel to hope other's may also share to join with the flight itinerary.
    as an old saying " Time to Flock Together an Soar the mighty vast universe for its riches in energy and feature unknown. "All those Of Spiritual Interest, Boarding is fully open, freely acceptable, far vast in promising and seek new to vivid by its journey".
    Oh and as George Carlin might pop.. "And Its FREE" and yes He All of Source "Loves You". Actually in truth the everything around each one of us, is, in, of that state to Loving you even the air we breath. We just never have been told, You Can Ask. Try it. Don't blame GOD don't blame anything in of the Spiritual Kingdom "Ask the Universe" Ask and ye shall find, the kingdoms knowledge is beyond grasp to understanding at this time. Patience is this need to center on and behold its short break in mental arithmetic to choice. This provides comfort options.

    I love this Posters Mind HEART and Soul for his wonderful gift to such a great sense of work he shares. A true Leader to seek more by.

    yes it is time to break the cocoon of this matrix construct for its common drag of hands in pocket and its repeat of true Boring same ol same ol drags, the everything about it "Fabricated" faked out to make you believe in their thought of how things should be, and under their control ownership slavery, odd they can not even control their own. Puppet and 'puppet state' of chaos.
    We all do and think our own for ourselves and by ourselves. Not anyone to tell how you have to… !@#@#$ Sorry I'm fully capable and can manage my all own in grace by, thank you very much. No Thank you easier to quickly turn your back an move on. " don't look back and turn to their salt ! ".
    Smile and the world Smiles with You an the WE! US! together united in of spirit can achieve even greater!
    Open the world to full Throttle ahead.


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