Prepare for Change Shirts Available Now – Limited Edition

Limited Edition – Prepare for Change Shirts Available Now

For the very first time Prepare for Change now has shirts for sale. They are pre-shrunk and available in men’s crew neck and women’s French Tee. The Ladies French Tee has slightly shorter sleeves and is more form fitting with less length. The ink is actually imbedded into the fabric by a laser printer. It does not go through to the inside and will not come off after multiple washings. It is as if they are an original print design in the fabric. Sizes available for men’s shirts are small to 3X. (3X is limited). Sizes available for women’s French Tee are small to 2X. (2X is limited).

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Malawi Update 02-07-17

Keyason’s New Mission

Keyason Monjolo has moved to a new region to set up an orphanage.

For quite a while this will make Keyason’s life much harder  because the use of money will mean that he will have to use the uncertain public transportation system to get it and spend it.

The new area where Keyason has been donated land to build an orphanage is located in the back areas of Chikwawa District Southwest of Blantyre.

Sending him money by Western Union requires this travel back and forth to the WU store. but we are organizing to wire directly to his bank account. After we can wire money directly to the Church checking account, the use of money will become more convenient.

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Malawi Update 1-16-16

rainatorphanageDear Prepare for Change,

Greetings again in this new year, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord for more rains coming and that most of crops are promising around Maoni orphanage and some places.

rainophanagelongPictures taken at Maoni orphanage when it was raining.

Now this is the second week of the children in their schools, the grace period will end this week, we really need to pay the fees of all students under Maoni in different schools across the country. If we will fail some of the students will not be allowed to enter classes next week.

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Malawi Update 12-14-16

 familybig2My wife Clara, mother Eluby and some children at the orphanage lunch time (after helping planting at the orphanage farm), because we didn’t have food (Maize as our staple food) at the orphanage, we just bought bread and sugar and make some tea to pass the day.

blessingalfredAfternoon after classes we do ask all elder children to help with some work at the orphanage and below you can see in black Blessings and in white Alfred helping the cook with chopping fire wood.

Blessings is in class 8 and lost his father and mother because of Malaria, he stopped schooling long time but after coming to the orphanage has started again same with Alfred he lost both parents because of Malaria as well now is happy t be at the orphanage.

Patrick one of the staff children wants to kick a ball to Lloyd Zanero (a Goal keeper)

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Malawi Update 01-09-17

Dear Dane, Lynn and the PFC Members

girlinredblouseGreetings once again in the name of our Lord King Jesus Christ.

We failed to go to Ntambalare village as our last village to visit last year because of the financial problem.

We thank the Lord for giving remaining 19 mattresses at the Orphanage, now all the children are sleeping on the mattress.

I just want to share with you that all schools has been opened now and up to now we didn’t pay the school fees of any child under Maoni Orphanage.  We really need urgent support so that we can pay their school fees before they are chased from their classes.

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A Meditation for Malawi and Maoni Orphanage

girl675To All Readers

We can all reflect on what is important in life, and this meditation for the Orphans in Malawi will aid and strengthen the energies being focused to help them.

The Malawi Orphanage in Africa is in trouble, and you are in a perfect position to help, beginning even as read this webpage with a feeling of hope and possibility, free of any fear or lack.

You are invited to join with a larger worldwide group of those connected with the Sisterhood of the Rose (part of Prepare for Change) in a powerful collective meditation to bring much needed assistance to these children and their heartful, hard-working care-givers, teachers, and benefactors, as soon as possible.

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Malawi Update 9-26-16


Note: Prepare for Change is creating a section for the Orphanages in Malawi, and all of the correspondence sent by the young men doing this service will be shared. since this summer will be added as posts, this being the first to be published. More will follow soon, and they will be listed on the Orphanages in Malawi page under our Projects menu button.

Dear Sister Lynn,

Thank you very much for your e-mail, yes the money you have been helping us in buying the food has helped us allot. Now it got finished as now we are using two bags a day at the orphanage, we are having three meals a day

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