Situation update from Cobra (25.03.2016)

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The vast majority of plasma strangelet bombs have been removed and now the Light forces are focusing on removal of plasma toplet bombs, successfully using the same approach. This has triggered a strong reaction of the Chimera group and they have ordered the Archons to turn up the volume … Read more

COBRA INTERVIEW February 18 2016

  Rob – Cobra, welcome to the show. Thank you, again, for coming on the show and I appreciate you taking the time every month to work with me here on the Victory of Light radio show. It’s an honor to have you once again. COBRA – It’s a pleasure for me and I enjoy those … Read more

Transformation Has Already Begun – The Shift – The Event Will Speed Up This Process for Humanity

Transformation Has Already Begun – The Shift – The Event Will Speed Up This Process for Humanity How Much Are You Aware that You Are Part of this Shift? Do you realise that by simply reading these words that you are an integral part of this shift? Your desire alone for change is more than … Read more

The Event is a Present Day Approach to the Ancient Global Shift

  The Event is a present day approach to the Shift predicted in ancient texts of all religions. For thousands of years, prophets and sages have connected to the Universal consciousness and learned of the time when all humanity would experience cosmic consciousness. This is the time when the natural energies of our planet and solar system … Read more

Please Help Create a Calm Transition at the Time of The Event

Please Help Create a Calm Transition at the Time of The Event by Taking Part in The Event Meditation Now I feel that it is paramount now that we all of us unite at this time to secure the calmest transition possible at the time of The Event. The absolute most important reason right now … Read more

Short Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Much progress is being made, but not much can be said about that now. I am waiting for the right circumstances to release massive intel that will broaden the horizons of the surface population about many things. Some members of the Cabal are trying to spin Disclosure, hoping to … Read more

Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Kuiper Ring, the network of physical Chimera bases in the outer Solar System, has been almost completely removed. Last remnants of the Chimera fleet are in disarray, scattered throughout the Solar System and hiding near the position of plasmatic nodes with the highest concentration of plasma strangelet and toplet … Read more

Dispelling the myths about Debt “forgiveness”

  I’m not a financial expert and please consider this opinion article as mere entertainment because it’s NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE whatsoever. Don’t take any of this for granted and do, as always, your own research. People have been misled about Debt <<Forgiveness>> propaganda in alternative media I needed to help dismantle this false hope … Read more

Abundance Deprogramming

Abundance is not only physical. Everything in creation first appears at the highest planes of existence (the highest densities of matter), and then trickles down the planes, until it reaches the mental, astral (emotional), etheric, and physical realms. Here is a key point: true Abundance is Unconditional. It is a natural, granted expression of Source. … Read more

The Great Forgetting of 1996

The Great Forgetting of 1996 During the invasion of 1996, the Archons and the Chimera have put a negative barrier at the edge of the Solar System (the heliopause). All beings contained within that barrier inside the Solar System, including all surface humans, all Cabal factions, all subterranean beings (with the exception of a very … Read more