Last week Prepare for Change had a fascinating interview with Raymond Keller and Rob Potter. Raymond Keller is known as Cosmic Ray and has chronicled life on Venus from time he’s spent there about a 10-week period in the mid-1990s. Not only being among the Venusians but also traveling with the queen, Lady Orda to earth and back. It’s a crazy story that inspired many tales from their arrival in 1954 at Giant Rock in the Californian desert. Before returning to earth, they took a detour back to the first Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention.

We begin our conversation with a lively recollection about the events on the night of April 3, 1954. This was when at 11:40 PM, the craft operated by Ray and Lady Orda crash land at the campsite where the Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention was being held.

In addition to Ray’s fascinating story we also cover many topics about our ascension. We learn that the Event is called the Beginning by the Venusians. We hear a warning from Ray about our young becoming too reliant on technology that we won’t be able to adapt to change.

Ray and Rob describe the meaning of Archon – and they get to what really matters. We learn about the conditions needed before full contact.

Ray tells us that the Venusians are disappointed that we haven’t developed our powers more. We learn of the power of thought as in, “Let there be …” It all begins with a thought form and the physical manifestation. Living the dream is what Ray terms manifesting.

We talk about ways to ascend that we haven’t heard of before. And we also learn a bit more on how solar activity in our solar system is causing ascension for us and others.

It is a completely enjoyable jaunt and you’ll enjoy the little gems sprinkled throughout.

About Rob and Ray

Both are life-long contactees who have been meeting Venusian visitors to Earth and are Ambassadors between their people and humanity.

Rob Potter is an original founding member of Prepare for Change. Rob Potter is also a Venusian contactee and has picked up communications with his contacts Commander Aura Rhanes of moonbase Clarion, Lady Orda, and Al-An who provide him answers and meet him in person. He has been experiencing UFO contacts since 1975. Rob was ordained into the Royal Order of Melchizedek through the Venusian Commander Valiant Thor.

Rob has authored much of the information and important work that can be found on the Prepare for Change. He has also been researching healing and consciousness for over 40 years, haven given seminars all over the world including Egypt, Japan, Australia, Bolivia, Peru, Canada, Europe, and the USA. Rob has also authored My Friends from Venus  with information about his first Contact with Lady Aura Rhanes. Rhanes is the 6th dimensional Venusian Commander of The Moon Base called Clarion on the dark side of our natural satellite. He has shared recorded messages from Lady Orda, the Queen of Venus. Rob has as a website called The Promise Revealed.

Dr. Raymond Keller is a retired history professor and an author. He has been writing about UFOs and paranormal activity since 1967. Dr. Keller has a series of books about Venusian contact but, his latest work, The Gospels of Judas Thomas and Mary Magdalene is a fresh look at the noncanonical gospels which were removed from most bibles.  Dr. Keller’s work on these gospels were obtained through a supernatural component: He was granted the use of something similar to the Seer Stone and Interpreter (Urimm and Thummin) that were used to divine the meaning of the golden tablets located by the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith.  Smith was guided to a box that contained these devices by an Angel name Moroni.

Due to Dr. Keller’s pure heart and impeccable character, he was entrusted with similar devices so he could witness and accurately record events of the past.  Once armed with these special devices that were loaned by the primary guardians of Earth, he was able to write the Gospel of Thomas and Mary Magdalene from a first-hand perspective as a witness.

Dr. Keller has written a series of books with illustrations based on his contact with Venusians. His writing explores the many facets and conditions of life on Venus in many dimensions from a perspective of conspiracies, history, theosophy, ufology and current events, especially space research.

Plenty is shared in our conversation with Rob Potter and Dr. Raymond Keller that makes this interview a fascinating watch.

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  1. Have you ever considered the name of Lady Orda's base on the dark side of the moon? The meaning of CLARION is a medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones. The other meaning is Loud and Clear…

    One wonders if we have been receiving information that's only loud and clear to those who have paid attention, and those willing to learn!


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