August Eclipses “Love Signal” Meditations

The Moon is a vehicle for transmission of the divine feminine.

The southern portion of the full moon will dip into the Earth’s dark umbral shadow for nearly two hours, from 17:23 to 19:18 UTC on August 7, 2017.

Here is a link to the Facebook Event for the Partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017.

A total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21, 2017. It will be visible in totality only within a band across the entire contiguous United States. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth.

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August 21st – Total Eclipse of the Sun – Join Forces to Align Our Future with the Planetary Liberation Program!

It is time to prepare for the next big Prepare For Change mass meditation Event!

….and this time we will be gathering together physically…it is finally time to meet the rest of the 144,000….

….this promises to be a BIG one!

On Monday, AUGUST 21st, 2017 … a mere 5 weeks from now…there will be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE over the USA.


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Powering Up The Planet with Enlightened Support – Special Activation with Quan Yin on Ground Crew Command Radio!

Quan Yin will facilitate a powerful group enlightenment experience for serious lightworkers, gridworkers, and lightwarriors to power them up to support each other and the Earth!  Laura Lizak of Sedona, Arizona will bring in Quan Yin’s energy live, in full embodiment.

Enormous power is shifting into everyone’s bodies these days.

There are transformations occurring in everyone’s experience. We are all experiencing enlightened support in every experience. No one is outside of this.

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New Cobra Interview by Essayenya Mosteenya ~ 07.06.2017

Transcript of Essayenya Mosteenya’s interview with COBRA – JULY 6, 2017


EM: We were told that for the Earth to be liberated, the critical mass needs to be reached; however, in the recent conference, you say from now on, we no longer need so many as long as there is ONE single person who is fully connected with their I AM presence. What has happened for the Light Forces to have this message delivered to us?

C: Okay. These are two aspects of the same situation. One thing is the global critical mass which assists a lot in the planetary liberation and the other thing which is also true is that with just one person with a perfect connection to their I AM presence and with a complete understanding of the situation can liberate the planet so usually it’s a combination of both factors that can assist in transformation.

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ElectroMagnetic Vortex ‘Machine’ – Clears Your Magnetic (Chi) Field – Plus Planetary Liberation News Analysis

We’ve had this genius physicist & Qi Gong master on the show back in April, and we’re bringing him on again because testimonials for the breakthrough ‘Chi Machine’ continue to roll in.

 A critical fundamental to re-activating your pineal gland … DNA … and other such ‘mechanisms of power’ lying dormant within you, is the actualized clearing of all that ‘is not you’.

 Since so much of what our lower-bodies are composed of is electro-magnetic, or runs on electro-magnetic energy … and our nerves which are the physical conduit for spirit & energy – and which also depend on electricity running smoothly through them – are often ‘shot’ from so many lifetimes of traumas  … you better believe this will be an important show.

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Recharge your cells & electro-magnetic system with ‘Structured Water’ + Weekly News Analysis

 This week’s special guest is David Schneider from Quantum Age Water … who’ll tell us all about the amazing results … both with personal use & agricultural use … of ‘Structured Water’.

He’ll explain:

  • How structured water increases the crucial Bio-Photons in our cells, and why this is so important for energy & detoxification… (hint: pineal gland detoxification).

    The real inside story about water molecule size, and claims made about them in the industry.

    How to avoid ‘dead’ water … that the best water you can buy actually is. This includes distilled.

    Discover the startling truth about the damage done to water molecules from the water we drink … whether it’s distilled … spring … reverse osmosis ‘acidic’ water … or city water… and how this prevents us from getting the true benefits of water that we are NOT getting right now.

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Sisterhood of the Rose June 10, 2017 Physical Gathering in Taiwan – Goddess Dance!

Dear Ones,

It was my great pleasure to be with many light workers to experience the Goddess energy.

One participant said he saw the true Goddess’s presence and tenderness  – in the eyes of lovers, in the dawn of the endless blue sky, in the birds’ whispers, and in the arms of caring mothers…

Another said he saw the promise in the eyes of his soul family, bringing encouragement to him, and he felt the presence of many magnificent Goddesses…

I would say I finally found the lost remote control – I see some interesting and silly things. By that time, I only hope for silly laughter together with my inner Goddess ~~

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Mainland China visualizes the final dissolution of Yaldabaoth!

Tachyon Healing Powers, Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project & CRITICAL Mass Meditation announcement.

Tonight’s guest for healing … empowerment … & RE-ACTIVATION, Dr Joseph McNamara of Tachyon Counseling,  will go over important details about the crucial role tachyon particles play for healing, clearing & re-activation of our powers, building upon what he explained previously on Ground Crew Command Radio.

You’ll find out about:  

  • What tachyon particles do for your plasma, etheric, mental, emotional & physical bodies to bring you far closer to experiencing your real power.

  • Why the Global Leylines Tachyon Chamber Project is so important to win the war for Gaia’s grids

  • How a visit to a tachyon chamber can activate you to live your soul purpose.

  • Testimonials of people who have healed their physical bodies after a visit to a tachyon chamber.

  • … and much more

And then in the 2nd hour news analysis segment:

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LIGHTWORKER UNITY NOW ! Join the Summer Solstice Meditation – June 21st at 4:24 AM GMT!

The time has come for all Lightworkers on our planet to take unified action!

Lightworker Unity is the one thing that we can all do – together – which will bring the positive changes we all want to our Earth at lightning speed.

One of the best ways we can achieve Lightworker Unity – is by meditating together to strengthen our intention to heal our planet and bring peace to her people.

When we synchronize our meditations, there is a much stronger effect as our unified intention is sent out into the field where we create our reality together.

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