A Hypnotic Spell Over Consciousness (part of the 9 veils and simultaneously the whole idea)

There is a hypnotic spell to invoke fear or hatred but this is an illusion through which the fear or hatred is expressed within itself. In other words, it’s logistically self-defeating. If there is something to be feared or hated then this is solidified and created by that perception as this is the improper response to such.

The fear that people emit is the literal etheric fuel for the control devices that magnify this energy and send it back to people.

Self-Responsibility; Is Evil Created Within?

Does this mean that the awareness of evil is the creation of evil? This means that the self-responsibility for one’s experiences and the creation of one’s persona is solely within. Ultimately, physical pain and trauma can only influence the body directly. This influences the mind and can damage the psyche leading to a distorted self-image or relationships or connection to reality.

The continual attribution of one’s own self-responsibility towards an outward projection of polarity consciousness is the literal engaging of and agreeing to the manipulation of such projection. Regardless of whether this existed “before” the individual opened themselves up to the situation.

From a higher-dimensional perspective, everything that happens to one physically is agreed to before hand from a soul perspective. This is something people have trouble accepting however this is how the self-awareness of what’s happening on the physical level ascends towards the realization of the creation of these events from the higher spiritual level. Now this is also used as part of that psychological manipulation, but all elements of truth are, per the definition of psychological manipulation.

Cosmically Stepping Out of the Victim Role = Taking Self-Responsibility for One’s Experience = Self-Generating Experience In The Now

So in other words, the pathway towards healing this is to view outside of the victim role because this and this alone is what serves a bio-etheric parasite. Look into the darkness with love in your heart. See from the heart. The heart doesn’t attack because nothing to the heart is physical, it is all based on relationships and the hierarchy of external energy and awareness influencing the internal energy or awareness. Whether one will take over or harmonize with another. That is the only knowledge of the heart. So when we are seeing from the heart we are seeing with the spiritual eyes of the higher body and through this we can avoid trouble. Not by outsmarting evil, but by not giving into the victim mentality that those with evil hearts would benefit from us believing in and thus removing ourself from that etheric circuit of destruction.

This doesn’t mean blind our hearts to the pain of others, this means blind ourselves from the distraction of the version of our self which succumbs to such pain.

Healing evil is being able to remain in the heart and direct the mind and body.



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  1. Thank you, Edward Morgan, for a beautiful article, written with much clarity of mind and heart. This is when I find myself impatient and judgmental, often. It’s when I witness a person in a loop of suffering, holding on to it for life’s sake, in survival, while at the same time there’s a flow of fuel offered to maintain it in place and continue the suffering in much complaints and arguing (the fuel). It’s one of the toughest lessons, as I experience now, to endure the lie that is present in other people’s lives and be aware of it, letting it be.
    That’s a love that can accept another person living a lie. Wow, as the oldest daughter of 9, with a sense of responsibility that was a bit over the top when I was too young, that’s a tough one for me, always working to bring harmony and in favor of justice high on the flagpole 😉

    Working to bring harmony? What am I saying here? Hmmm, HA! Working on it lol.

  2. for me to go throught that – was to spark the ability in others to share love — to lead by example – my role in that is over – for me that is no longer possible and no longer have that role – the rest is all up to the world for that is something i knows – be ok by the end of the year 🙂 <3
    Keep up the good work people 🙂 <3 with love peace and compassion – I am now retired

  3. We are no longer victims
    We no longer dump issues on each other
    Or trading good for bad – this was a thing of the past and no longer the way things are in the new world of each other
    We are all helping each other by sharing the good abilities of each other – particularly on how to get through things and heal each other
    “i am …i am what i need to be… when i need to be .. how i need to be… where i need to be…good reflections and abilities of each other”
    In my case being pulled into bed with another on a spiritual level – i am not a victim i am there to share love
    not the experience of the act itself and i am not a victim of being a dumping ground but to share the feeling
    there after – during the act – i’m not a victim – i am sharing love (has nothing to do with the act of sex or the lust)
    but to think im sharing love which is not me doing it but fueling the ability of the other.
    If i sense anger or negativity – i am not a victim i am sharing love
    The comes judgment if i get that from another i …..

    To heal another is to heal me – to heal me is to heal another as we are all reflections of another
    in this together – not apart from another….

    If something happens i dismiss it as it’s not possible – even that it all happened unexpectedly and was not judging the
    other but the solution is within each other…..

    maybe i got more on this but this should be a good start to fuel each other

    I said i needed to do this on my own – took too much on board ….but in the end we are all in this together…
    so we can fly further… – turning on each other was a thing of the past …now that is not something that lasts

    i thing in the new year i am pursuing a fast… and giving up the smokes as they really don’t give me or anyone a blast…

    lets all convert the rusts…. to work on me is to work on you spiritually and physiologically…
    what possible is now was is irrelevant… forgiven as it’s no longer what it is anymore… it’s all in your head :p – I hope it’s enough said so we can all sleep in a comfy bed //// and never feel bad or mad let alone being sad

    defusing all delousions for and with each other ….flying for ever higher

  4. Thank you so much dear Edward. lots and lots of love to you from the core of my heart. Victory of the light, love and peace forever more. Namastey

  5. as to wether she is a twin flame and this is all part of it is also subject to question as every kiss moves me lips when she is inside but also she is forced out and doesnt sense it when im with another … this is all subject to question but when she kisses the man of heat i find both of them inside – anyways shutsdown my chakra system and everything constantly too but with what i see many now manifesting the future i knows what she can do with mine is minimal but i need to stay away from the community of those people as some how she will drain many at the same time…and had delayed the way – so keeping that thing distracted and isolated is all i can do – stay off social media and think i need to even stay of here and wait for time to pass and the event to occur….

  6. This is something i was thinking exactly about earlier today – i am at a loss as to how to go about this when it is still happening once it stops it’s easy to do….

    How does one get them selves out of the cycle of a girl falling in love with one and being with a narcissist ….i knows once this stops it’s easy ….how does one … when one finds it’s over then out of know where she stalks one and re-posses finding her in love (same spiritual space or tries to perform the trade between one and the narc) – i can only think stay off the internet give up everything sit still – her other half being of pure heat and her being fear based… once it’s over i knows how to prevent the cycle by seeing it as a thing of the past – i knows this will occur instantly for me as it has previously between relationships where i came free… focusing on personal stuff around others is ok but then find they are either pushed out into the person near by and they suffer or stops when that person is asleep – any guidance with this would be greatly appreciated – i am keeping faith and hope for when the world changes and the event ….cutting chords …meditating dispelling hexes and curses seems temporary … knows the perception of thinking this is possible is what causes it but …..knowing that all the pain and so forth is all metaphysical it’s what’s stopped her from killing me has several times stopped hearts – attacking the heart chakra – i assumes this thing that attacks the heart – and says – no you don’t and stops one’s heart when one gets free…. will be taken care of…
    even forcing the perception that it doesn’t exists to un manifest it – so far over the last has been futile – thinks tha gamma wave as it hits ….helps with this and so forth – persistence of meditation and clearing and a matter of time with faith and hope within the intergalactic forces / angels / life and so forth – only over the last year i came across a girl – the only one which does this – also steals others lights at the cost of others / drains them but she didn’t seem to be …. association of the thing with that person also something i had considered and worked on etc etc… as people can be one thing or another depending on who’s reality world / what enters and leaves them / 28 years being single never ever been subject to and only in last 6 years with relationships that i have discovered this … and since this one girl has done or does what ever i am constantly subject to the above where in between relationships and the time before she said no you don’t or put me in patient’s bodies to extend their lives / stated my spirit is strong – also i have learned that to heal from the past is to heal from what i am still being subject to for when it stops i am instantly healed and the past is just a story like those previous relationships….and the things those people manifested were limited to and do not exist in my world their after – their fears / negativity my powersource i came to the conclusion but what will be after the event and when this stops from this particular person and her part of pure heat (not internal – external) none of those things will be relavent …
    already mentioned their name in a previous post – is it that corporal body or what in habbits them or are they just that / is it him not her / etc….for all possibilities and what to believe is irrelavent when it stops for then i can choose what to manifest by choosing what i know – including peace and heaven for all – seems like i have found the ability to do that when single and now keeping that at bay so all others can manifest the vision of the event as i know it takes more then one and have place all this in the hands of the gods / acturians /council / etc – keep thinking just a matter of time …sync keeps me keeping faith and hope / restores it or well i just restore it instantly in those moments in between but this last year i have been constantly hammered and if i didn’t know what is metaphysical i would have had died from cardiac arrest like nate …like leia …etc….(she tried to stop my heart over 20 times in the last year – reiki helps to keep the pain low but also in two minds about self healing as it may encourage that person to place in into peoples bodies to “appear” a miracle healer using some non conventional energy or perception healing ways – but using black magaic or what ever she does
    Cross references too

    • It seems, Anonymous, that there’s one last job for you to do and it may be the hardest, after all you’ve said you’ve done and worked on, for yourself and the world. It may be the core issue that is waiting for you to be addressed and looked into.

      That may be the ending of a contract, relationship and energy-connection that you have with the woman who’s affecting your life. Including shared love and hate, all colours of the rainbow. It’s exactly how you put it in words in one of your comments here. “Healing oneself is healing others”. Well, go for it, I should say.

      It seems to me, based on my experience of a similar nature, that by breaking the energy-connection, which may be held in place by a contract, who knows? a contract made long ago maybe, you won’t necessarily heal the one on the other end, for it’s crucial for you, at this moment, that you severe all connections, cords and ties, priority is that you heal the autonomy within yourself and the quality, experienced and chosen, of this relationship, that may be of a twinflame nature. Maybe not, for illusion is a tool cleverly used, often.

      It looks like you could find help by consulting a person who’s experienced in psychic reading and dealing with energy cords, ending contracts, such as seem to be present in your situation. A double bind connection is the reason why you can be targeted and it’s why the energy can affect your energy-system and health.

      All your attention, love and suffering, related to this woman and her actions, is fuel for remaining in the spell.
      There’s an expression, spoken to Alex Collier, by his Andromedan guide, that goes like this “The pain that you carry is the love that you withold” It’s not only meant as a recommendation to spread and give love to others, but as a suggestion to love oneself and in that way heal the pain within. In this situation you find yourself in, love for yourself is the restoration of your autonomy. It’s pretty tough love, for you show a boundary to someone who’s not used to meet them and has many tricks on her sleeve. She may have help by other entities also. If she’s for real.

      Whatever the story is in your present life, Anonymous, in essence it’s about this, that you deserve sovereignty in the organisation of your own life and energy and once you’ve found understanding and healing, you will experience, at a later time, that this whole dramatic affair will float away from you, disappear from your life and will have dissolved like ice thrown in a vulcanic spring, which you may visualize as your own heart beating in wellbeing. Patience and compassion with yourself are the best companions for you, in this journey.

      I’m sure there are healers and wise people out there, able to support you in this work. Also there’s a healing circle of PFC members, you can find it here in this site. There’s one person I trust, though I’ve never met him, neither have I had a Skype session, who might help you with clearing entities and that’s Simon Parkes. He’s very experienced with this work and absolutely free of New Ageing vibes.
      His website is Simon is a very busy man and sometimes it takes a while before an appointment is made. I wish you safety on your path and support when you find the going gets tough.


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