Murders have been a covert operation by CIA

The Hippie movement was seen as an economical and sociological threat to both the government and its Vietnam war effort.

On the 9th August 1969, at the age of 26, 8-month pregnant Sharon Tate along with 4 of her high society friends was brutally murdered at the Hollywood home she shared with Film Director Roman Polanski.

It is widely believed that these were ritualistic killings ordered by the notorious Charles Manson and carried out by his followers the Manson Family. However, government whistleblower Charles August Schlund III (better known as Chuck Schlund), suggests that these murders may have, in fact, been a covert operation carried out by the CIA …

Schlund, (now deceased) came across the  ‘Don Bolles Papers’ during the ’70’s which, amongst other things, gave information on the CIA’s involvement in the Manson family Murders.  Schlund actually filed a lawsuit against George W. Bush, for unlawful attempts, upon his person, to suppress this information, though this never went to trial.

(American Journalist Don Bolles)

Schlund claims that the CIA’s prime objective, at the time, was to to debunk the ‘hippie’ movement which was proving to be an economical and sociological threat to both the government and its Vietnam war effort.

“The war was going badly and the American people were protesting in ever-greater numbers with pictures of pretty flower girls on TV nightly, protesting. The CIA needed a way of showing the American people that these pretty little flower girls were really Satanists and evil and that the government was right and just in the war. To do this the government needed to conduct a massive covert operation to convince the American people that these little flower girls were evil, and the free love and peace they talked of was really to cover-up evil.”

Schlund suggests that Charles Manson was, in fact, a social experiment and that the CIA had not only been supplying drugs to the Manson family but also funding their living.

It’s no secret that the CIA regularly experimented with Drugs in an attempt at mass mind control. MKULTRA is one of their most famous projects and Manson was in prison at the time they were known to be using inmates at Vacaville prison in the MKULTRA experiments.

© press Claims the CIA’s objective, at the time, was to to debunk the ‘hippie’ movement.

Tex Watson (family member and one of the convicted Tate-LaBianca Murderer)  claimed that in the months leading up to the murders the Manson family had all been taking a drug called ‘Orange Sunshine’ which was manufactured and distributed exclusively by a group known as “The Brotherhood of Eternal Love” where one of the dealers Ronald Stark  had known connections to the CIA.

John Lennon’s Anti-War stance most certainly made him a CIA prime target, which most probably the result of his untimely death.

There is no doubt the Manson family were under some sort of mind control; In the book, Helter Skelter, Manson’s prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi  talks, in-depth, of  Manson’s mind control abilities, and claims they are comparable with those used by the US military…Again suggesting that he may have been a product of the CIA.
Journalist Gary Webb has also exposed the CIA for their drug dealings. If Schlunds claims were true that the CIA objective was to debunk the hippie movement the aftermath of the Tate-LaBianca Murderer certainly suggested they had reached their objective.

As Vincent Bugliosi told the Observer newspaper in 2009

“The Manson murders sounded the death knell for hippies and all they symbolically represented… They closed an era. The 60s, the decade of love, ended on that night, on 9 August 1969.”

Even though there is no physical evidence of  the ‘Don Bolles Papers’  there is physical evidence for  ‘Operation Northwood’   This document shows the  CIA proposal to the Kennedy administration to commit acts of terror on US citizens in an attempt to blame Cuba thus justify a war; Neon Nettle also recently reported on the confession of a 78-year-old CIA agent claiming to have carried out 37 associations included  Marilyn Monroe. With all this evidence we need to keep an open mind on what Schlund claimed.

(It appears Schund wasn’t the only one who believed the CIA were responsible for these deaths. See also Mae Brussell Documentary; Charles Manson was a Patsy )

Charles Manson – The man who killed the 60’ies (Documentary) 

Mae Brussell – Charles Manson Was a Patsy – October 13,1971

MK ULTRA, LSD and the Hippie Movement [Neil Sanders]




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  1. Hello Edward Morgan.
    This is a fascinating article considering what Tom O’Neill has uncoverd in his book CHAOS.
    Can you tell me what your source material was for this article about Charles Schlund, the Don Bolles Papers and Charles Manson’s connection to the CIA?
    Your help would be very appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Just curious.
    Where did the story about Charles August Schlund uncovering links between the CIA and Charles Manson originate?
    I find the information very interesting, and I’d like to find the original roots of this story.
    Thank you.

  3. Lennon was a tool of the CIA. HE WASNT KILLED. He played a role in the CIA produced film of 2009 called Let Him Be which backfired. His new identity is Mark Staycer. His character in the film was Noel Snow. Lennon may have died since 2009

  4. The Hippie, counterculture, psychedelic movements were also a project of the CIA! In no way did they want to enlighten and embolden the youth of the 60s and early 70s. Even the anti war movement was controlled by the US state apparatus in order to create a controlled “opposition” to war

  5. The forensic photos published at the Tate murder scene are fake. Investigative research has discovered the photos depicted are the rooms with cuttings of old carpet on the floor. The taste of renting a shabby house by a Hollywood Director is suspect and It is suggested the bodies of the deceased were murdered prior and then moved to an unknown studio/house thereafter. At this same time Roman Polanski was living in Europe and directing a movie and some think could have been involved due to his recent Satanic film Rosemary Baby. One of those murdered was involved in a illicit affair with Tate. Polanski was separated from his wife and the marital dispute led her to obscone back to America with her new lover.

  6. they say john lennon still lives and his death was a set up too, he was part of the cabal too you know. so how can we all know what ever the so called good people said, isn’t a set up either, all created to lure us into satanism and lower frequencies. it is hard to tell if people are NOT living by example for real. it would be nice if all would reveil, so we really know who are the true-ones.. half good is still not good, that is only a white faction which is part of the whole yinyang-separation game here in the old matrix.
    I would like to hear all that has been hidden first before i celebrate anything or anyone, which is a guru-thing of the matrix in itself too.. 🙂

  7. Thank you, Edward, what an horrific scene that must have been for all witnesses involved.
    I remember how it felt, in my core, when a woman told me that she had killed two people in her life,
    during such rituals. She was born in a Satanic family with her father in a leading role.

    This meeting with her has touched me deeply, our hearts were as much connected as our gut feelings,
    for I’ve witnessed how a human being suffered under circumstances that are a denial to life and how that same person had managed to turn her face to love and forgive herself. How humbling and beautiful it was!

    We both had tears in our eyes and she will be always connected to me, in a way, although we went our separate ways. I’ve seldom seen such strength in the company of love.

  8. Regarding the hippie movement, in the sixties in Holland I was a true hippie and lived in squatted homes, meeting people from all over the world. I looked like Twiggy and walked around in purple skirts with batik patterns selfmade, neon green shirts with wide sleeves and red henna hair, with others in the same rainbowy vibes mixed with sweet smelling smoke clouds and Ziggy Stardust songs.

    I was approached by an American hippie, a dark long haired wizard type of a man, who asked me to travel to America and smuggle drugs. “You’re cool, you can make it, you’ll be succesfull and rich” he told me. Ha! He was of course a sharp observer, seasoned in the world of smuggle and a user as well, that was obvious to me. How clever these people are! My intuition told me that he was an interesting guy but totally not trustworthy.

    One side of me felt flattered, by his attention, for he had this charismatic charm, winning women’s interest.
    Imagine if I’d fallen for this persuasion, without the clarity of my intuition. I could’ve ended up as a junkie, roaming the streets at night. I’ve met such women, oh so sweet when on a high, but utterly cold and cruel when on a low. The hippie time taught me a lot about human behaviour and human motives.

    At the time I looked at these pictures in the papers, of Charles Manson and for his energy, showing me that he was psychic or involved in psychic activities, with a strange expression in his eyes, I concluded that he went too far and lost control, killing these people. At that time, nobody suggested that this was a strategy to end the hippie movement. At least, not in Holland where I grew up.

    By the way, I wonder if Charles Manson actually killed these people. Nowadays, with many false flag events, it’s often staged with fake victims played by actors.

    • Charles Manson did kill those people, he was a former member of the Church Of Satan, he just made a fatal mistake, he attacked another illuminati family and he was caught during the act red handed performing human sacrifices on them, therefore he had to be convicted along with some of his Satanic Coven members:

      “When the Devil was hot: how Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey seduced Hollywood”

      -For a brief period in the late Sixties LaVey was rubbing shoulders with movie stars and Satanism took on a glamorous edge. But the brutal Manson murders changed everything-


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