Israel is the only country… The hard truth!!

7 thoughts on “Israel is the only country… The hard truth!!”

  1. A victim in one life reincarnates an executioner in another life. This is how I sadly witness the tragedy of Israel/Palestine – dating thousands of years back to when two brothers fought about who was the rightful son of Abraham; Ismael – the first born – or Yitzhak – later born by Abrahams first wife.
    Untill their decendants understand they are truly brothers and sisters, peace is utopia.

  2. Our strongest intentions as those who work for global freedom should focus on freeing those most oppressed…including the innocent Jewish people in Isreal who themselves are being so greatly deceived by many in their sinister government.

    • Dear Anuschka, to fully understand why Israel do that read the document titled: “THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION”

      • Thank you, Edward Morgan, for your reference and advise to read this document. Recently I’ve started reading it, after being advised to study it, by my ex-bankster-friend in Holland, the spokesman of the Bank of Joy.

        He’s referring to that document as the source of plans to organize the financial system in sync with the European Union agenda and the disturbance of economies, by manipulations in the stock-market (my friend has been active in this once upon a dark time) leading to the mass-arrival of refugees in Europe. Orchestrated to create chaos, fear, negative attitudes, racism and insecurity. I’m not saying that all Jews are involved in this, just the evil ones.
        When this evil is unrooted, a great burden will be lifted from planet Earth’s shoulders.

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