Wandering Thoughts

Our minds get side tracked so easily. One small thought can take us on a journey into the past or into the future. It is hard for the mind to stay in the moment, the now.

The mind elaborates, embellishes, exaggerates, distorts, assumes and can take us away from the truth of a situation.

It can invent all sorts of stories and mischief around quite harmless incidents that on reflection have a perfectly logical explanation.

Add emotions to the mix and chaos ensues.

Our past fears and anxiety’s can distort truth beyond recognition. We use our past feelings and emotions to make sense of new experiences.

If our past feelings are negative we continue in the same way, continually looking at situations from a negative view point.

Similarly if past feelings are positive this will also reflect our current attitudes.

With our mind and emotions involved it is hard for us to stay in a place of love, peace and harmony, but this is what we must try to do.

Calm the mind, calm the emotions and we should then be able to calm our spirit and raise our vibration.

I notice my mind most when I try to meditate; it seems to be constantly chattering away flitting from one subject to the next, from the past into the future.

It is very hard to still the mind to find a place of stillness and silence.

We need to be still, we need to stop and think. Our souls are crying out to be set free, but we are not listening.

Once we can create space in our lives and minds we can make room for the truth to enter.

We are whizzing about so fast we can only see part of reality, there is so much more to the world than what we can see, so much more. The more you look the more you find.

The mind needs to be understood otherwise it is like a wild horse, it is wayward and reckless.

If we can observe our thoughts and feelings we can focus on what is important in our lives and what is not so important. We can prioritize and stop wasting energy on negative thought patterns.

This is easier said than done in today’s world.

Technology Takes Over

Everyone is rushing around with mobile phones stuck to their ears. We are in constant communication with everyone. We never rest.

We are texting friends and family, looking at Facebook constantly, sending tweets, looking at the internet, online shopping it never ends.

We are continually doing things rather than being.

When we sit still and in silence we panic, we are alone with our thoughts and it scares us. We do not seem able to stop, sit and be silent.

We cannot just be.

Each day the world gets crazier and crazier, friends gather and socialize but they do not talk to each other anymore, they are all looking at their mobile phones, talking to someone else rather than the person in front of them.

They walk down the streets with phones stuck to their ears rather than looking around them at what is going on.

In the past we had landlines, we could only talk to someone when we were near a landline. So many young people today have grown up with mobile phones and feel lost without them.

Now every second of our day is controlled by our mobile phones, how would people survive without them, it’s as if it has become part of them, an extension to their brain.

They see technology as vital to their existence; slowly they get further and further away from nature and the earth. Further away from themselves, they are turning into a figment of their own imaginations. They are no longer real.

They are slipping into a technological soup, full of gadgets and social media, swimming around in a sea of chatter and ego, losing themselves completely and losing their souls in the process.

Virtual Reality

We are addicted to drama, to things happening all the time; we can’t cope with silence and peace.

This need for drama and action drives our conversations, distorting our words, adding extra words, extra scenes trying to make our lives more interesting trying to make us more likeable and lovable.

We will use any methods we can to this end, even if it means hurting others and putting others down, as long as we get a response as long as we get acknowledged and we get attention. We are all addicted to getting attention.

Our lives appear on Facebook as perfect, just like in a fairy tale, the truth does not enter into it; we project a perfect world that we live in, when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are all in denial we are all addicted to this social media world, this perfect imaginary world.

It’s a dream world it’s not real, the real world is much more interesting and exciting.
We are so much more than we imagine, we can do so much more, but we are wasting ourselves, each and every day.

We are wasting our time and our energy, wasting it on shallow pursuits that leave us feeling empty and lost, so we try even harder to get attention as we are totally addicted to being noticed and acknowledged.

We carry on living in our virtual reality worlds, pretending that all is well, everything is perfect.


This is how the powers that shouldn’t be want it, they do not want us to stop and think, if we stop and think and look around us, we see all the injustice, all the misery and we see all that is wrong with our world.

It is all part of the process of keeping us asleep and under their control, taking us further and further away from this moment, the now.

In this moment, this now, let’s project love, peace and harmony out to the world, the real world, let’s get away from misery and suffering, madness and chaos, let’s leave our virtual reality worlds behind, let’s switch off our phones and talk to the person in front of us.

Let’s not forget we are all in this together, whatever we do to others only hurts ourselves.

Let’s be aware of every moment and think about what we are doing and saying, are we hurting others, are we spreading distortions to try and make our world more interesting? Have our minds run away with us; have we become disconnected from our true selves, our souls?

The now is all we have, the past has gone and the future doesn’t exist, all we have, all of us, everywhere in the universe, the multiverse, every living being, all we have is the now, this moment, now.

And this moment now, can change everything, use it wisely.

By Julie Alexander, HumansAreFree.com 

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  1. There is away to any easy to meditate and stop the mind chatter and I found it.
    So for those who find it hard to still the mind while meditating sneak through the back door to it and give your mind something to think about.
    Do the Unity Breath meditation that Drunvalo Melchizedek teaches witch aides you in making contact with Mother Earth and Farther Sky you will feel the love vibration come from both Mother Earth and Father Sky and the only way to do this meditation is to think and feel, The Monkey mind cannot interrupt this meditation after your know how do this meditation with the aid of Drunvalo Melchizedek then you will not have to listen to him any more just do it on your own.
    You could also do one of his work shops which is called AWAKING YOUR ILLUMINATED HEART this work shop will teach you how to move into the scared sparse of your heart and then into the tiny space of your heart. this is a very powerful and beautiful workshop you will never ever for get.

  2. Thank you, Edward Morgan, for posting this article. It’s a learning curve to witness negative thoughts and include the neutral observer of it all as well. Exhaustion is vitamin for worries and anxiety I’m experiencing. As I perceive it, there seems to be a digging up of old patterns from deep inside and an influence that insists that I keep focussing on the negative, that seems to come from the outside.

    It’s peculiar how my financial situation is sabotaged by the most hilarious, nonsensical issues, created by the tax-system and my bank, presenting me with rules and statements that are anti-beneficial, nevertheless forcing me to follow and obey. Or else. Not that I’m in trouble, to be clear, I’m a skilled juggler with money.

    Fortunately, the one thing that saves me each time an issue arises, is that my reputation at the bank is positive. I’m told that I’m one of very few who dares to communicate and ask, request and makes efforts in general. That’s what makes bank-employees willing to support me, bringing in the human kind face.
    It makes me wonder how in heaven’s name can human beings work in a system that doesn’t serve life?

    As soon as I begin to communicate and present a request to co-operate with me, bank-employees are willing. It’s such a gap between the system of bankrules and being in touch with a live human being on the phone, a human being who works for that system! Compartmentalisation is present in all non-beneficial systems. It’s amazing how little informed call-center employees are and how this prevents also citizens from being informed. You may imagine how I need to keep my sense of humour on the phone with them.

    This teaches me how far our society has walked away from a lifestyle that is organic and natural, without the enslavement of a money-system and damaging technology. My lodger in Holland has recently allowed the smart meter installers in my home without checking their credentials, ignoring his right to say no to this. “I’m a keen self-sustainable citizen who loves to check my energ-use by means of the mob. phone app offered by the energy-provider” he wrote to me. “Can I make use of your inlog data too?” he asked me.

    I fell from my chair and for the remains of that day I was furious and felt as if my home was invaded by EMF pollution. Even while I’m on the other side of the North Sea I felt this as an intrusion! In my response I haven’t made drama, nor gave him an order to get rid of the smart meter. My lodger is ignorant and naive and needs to have his experience to find out how it works out for him. It’s not my intention to return to that home, but if I MUST, I’ll make sure to turn its function off and use the anologue meter function which is still possible. I’ve found out that a smart meter can be refused and its function turned off and on. And there’s a way to shield the EMF radiation too. At least that’s good to know.

    The slogan in neon-light, in smart meter propaganda is that it offers self-rule and a sense of independence, due to “self-management of one’s energy use”. To me, that’s a nonsensical argument, for it’s easy to manage one’s energy use in the home. It’s where we live and move around, isn’t it? See the deception?
    I’ve responded to my lodger’s remark “As I perceive it, the one thing you can do to save energy is by being aware of your domestic energy use, practically. It’s what you clearly do already, am I right?”

    Sometimes I feel like being closed in by the collective and planetary grid-change affecting my energy system, my senses. I’m forced to simplify and balance minding my “own business” with engagement at large. Isn’t it similar to the amount of food on my plate each day that is proper nutrition for me? I need
    to make a conscious decision about how much I can digest to feed myself properly. Consuming real food as well as spiritual food, in the company of joy and gratitude.

    Forgive my long comment, I needed this to get it off my chest and return to positive thoughts more. I know I can write in ways that makes it plausible to attach a pigtail to a ballroom dress. In other words, I’m able to include a whole world-trip in my musings. That’s also part of the excersize “What do I put on my plate?” lol
    And now I’m off to the moors!

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.


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