This morning on the Swedish TV morning news show they interviewed a journalist from a mainstream Swedish newspaper who has been reporting from Syria and the war there. She basically said that this war has nothing to do with the Syrian people but is a war between the nations with the most power in the East and West. She mentioned on the one side the alignment of Iran, Iraq, and Russia and on the other hand USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

I must admit that in 2010-2011 my opinion of President Assad was such that I said to Source “if I knew how to, I would willingly go there and put a bullet in his head”. Then Cobra came along and eventually a much clearer and broader view of reality evolved.

This Swedish journalist has won many prizes. She has lived with the people in Raqqa, along with them she has experienced starvation, lice all over her body, sleepless nights not knowing what’s ahead at any moment. When you listen to her you know she knows what she’s talking about. In case anyone still has any doubts about this the war in Syria is most definitely a major part of NWO WW3 being played out. Without the Light Forces ~ the Alliance on the surface ~ the RM below surface and not in least the Galactic Confederation this third world war would have been multiple times worse. Why I’m telling you this is that I have never heard someone speaking in such plain language about the truth of reality and clearly being invited and allowed to do so on mainstream media. To me this is a wonderful sign that things are changing fast now. There are signs to be seen daily in our state owned TV that a more truthful reality is emerging.

I believe that we are ‘there’ already now!! We are day by day gliding over to this new reality. It’s taking place before our very eyes if we have ‘eyes to see’. Have you heard that we are the creators of our reality? That our experience of reality is a mirror of what we focus on from within? The more that we decide to focus on the change taking place like many have done worldwide in meditation these past 4 days or so the quicker it will manifest. We have focused when possible, every four hours, that the Pink Feminine Warm Loving Goddess energy descends like a blanket over every man woman and child and we visualize / see a healing taking place and celebrations of peace on Earth. So, if (merely an example) your focus is worry about chemtrails still happening then that’s what you will manifest. Most likely they will go on as long as the weather control is still in ‘their’ hands so why bother worry – their power is about to end soon.

Let’s focus upon what we want! Let’s focus upon what we want! Focus on Love. Send out loving vibes to everyone you meet whether or not they meet your eyes, and if they do meet your eyes say ‘Hi’.

One place on the planet {there are sadly way too many} that could do with a little extra healing energy at present is the Rohingya people who have crossed the border to Bangladesh from northern Burma. This is such a disgrace. Ethnic rinsing because the powers that be in that country want to develop oil, marble etc. industries in the area these people have resided. They have burnt their houses, committed so many other atrocities to drive them away, and now slave traders without any conscience whatsoever are stealing orphaned children age 5-6-7 years as they cross the border selling them to trafficking into slave sexual industry for 150$ each! The refugee camp in Bangladesh is now holding 1 million people with more arriving daily. It is in the jungle and has many tents on the edge of ravines that could collapse when the rainy season comes. Lets us decree, declare and command that this situation is given priority and changed NOW. An example of decreeing found here:

or here;

or a simple reminder; We could decree something like this:

I {your name here} declare and decree and command in the presence of the Council of Love or my Family of Light {name if you wish any or all Guides – Light Beings}

That – {your desire here}

This is the will of Source {– your name –} and so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

Finally, we know that success is a given? Do you know that? You should know that? Our unity as Lightworkers has brought us to a place where so so many of us have a similar view of the new Gaian reality, so many of us focus on a beautiful bright new reality so that there is no possibility that ‘their’ NWO sad controlling vision could ever manifest now. None! Cobra taught us that from December 2012 there was only one possible timeline future and that it would be positive. The more of us that join forces seeing that new future as brightly and vibrant as you possibly can the quicker it will manifest. So, let’s spend our time focusing on that and being prepared for the coming change in every way that we can.

Therese Zumi

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  1. Russia was invited by Assad and helping with destroying ISIS. That is helping Europe not to get another wave of immigrants and also some of the immigrants can go home where it is safe. That is a positive mission.

  2. People need to focus on the solution of a problem and not worry about it.
    But since “their power is about to end soon” why bother taking action?
    Sit back people, you’re about to be liberated! How many years have passed already? How many things could have been achieved if we asked lightworkers for physical action? And as for those who are more eager to do something, let’s give them some useless “energy tools” to keep them occupied. Perfect! We should continue this way….

  3. Thank you! I just had a realization yesterday as I ‘red pilled’ someone for over 2 hours that I’m kind of done even with the path of light struggling to ‘win’ control of the planet from the dark. If I really want to go beyond duality when the solar flash comes, then I need to watch and take action with a little more distance and resting in a place of pure balance. Victory to the light is still down deep in the trees without the clarity of vision vantage point of the forest

    • Is winning control with the path of light a struggle, Shri? That sounds strange to me, I can’t seem to bring the words “struggle” and “light” together in one sentence. At times, I feel that the desperation in those who serve and live the light, waiting for relief and within these pages here, waiting for the Event to finally end all struggle, covers up the ability to be present in the NOW, each following NOW and find the truth and joy of being alive, as a work in progress and not in that stance of “life before the Event and life after the Event” That’s the reason why I choose not to go with that scenario. Besides, I envision a gradual process where each human being grows up with consciousness in all the steps that are taken.

      Who knows, parts of humanity may choose different destinies, in resonance with soul-purpose and the individual melody of “home sweet home”. Be it a star, a planet, the Sun or Agartha.The way I understand “the shift to ascension in a physical body” means, in a practical sense, that I am growing into my own, all soul-aspects included, while alive in my physical body. And in that process, as I perceive it, I’m capable to follow the changes within, also those related to and present in the outside world, with occasional resistance and surrender both present, sometimes in 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

      To me, the great value of following the changes, I see us move through much change right now, while having prepared ourselves in earlier lifetimes so that we tuned in, in order to take part in “the shift to ascension” while conscious in a physical body on the physical body of Gaia, is that this will allow me to embody the experience, own it, live it.

      And while every human being moves in his/her own pace through that process, just like each flower opens her petals at the right time of day, I am free to choose that experience of embodiment so that I’m able to support those who feel confused, bewildered and in need of understanding.

      Imagine, how could I expect to support others in awakening, the shift of ascension, when I can’t, discern and explain that process in words to myself? Therefore, as I see it, or choose to see it rather, in the transition process with many of us living on planet Earth, asleep or rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, the value of being in a physical body is that I can serve others in waking up when they’re ready.

      Even without words, by living fully awake to my soul’s delight and radiating it out, present in my physical body. That’s a down to earth approach, on its surface, an alternative to using light chambers inside the body of planet Earth. Somehow, I feel that planet Earth benefits from us human beings accepting full consciousness that way, for we can bring change in the world of form = restoration and regeneration,
      in that new state of being, which seems to be welcome and much needed.

      I’d love to have a chance to manifest in form while being able to use all of my creativity, imaginative and hands on, in a physical body. A body that may grow through change as well, toward health. All these forms of expression bring change. I feel that the time for “prepare for change” is over now. Why not change the name of this website, still the same capitals PFC: “practice the change”?

  4. I thought that COBRA had stated that the timelines were “two” and only until recently did the benevolent one push forth. Trying to understand the whole 2012 better in regards to the timelines. Thank you!

    • Ronnie can’t say exactly but if he did say that – the two timelines would be positive – 21st Dec 2012 was an end option for all negative timelines. How positive the future timeline is depends on all of us and uniting and working for Light and Love TZ

    • Me too. I’m convinced something happened at CERN when it went online in 2012. That’s when my Mandela Effects started happening. It seems like they tried to push the can down the road and get a little extra time in charge with a parallel universe or something. If I knew I would be talking like this 20 years ago……O my goodness how things change.


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