Cosmic Disclosure: Alien Tech at the Vatican

I was guided to take a look at Corey Goodes blog a few days ago and the article that caught my eye wasCosmic Disclosure: Alien Tech at the Vatican’ The article is simply the transcript of a discussion that David Wilcock had with his whistle-blower friend Emery Smith who has suffered many attacks of various kinds from the cabal due to his speaking out. Emery Smith claims to have autopsied about 3,000 different types of ET humanoids. The day after we announced his coming forward, he was hit with an attack that landed him in the emergency room.”

Emery and David were travelling somewhere by car when this discussion was recorded. They were discussing the autopsies Emery made but the conversation ended up being about a visit he made to the Vatican library to get more information on a particular type of ufo…!! “So, a private organization went to the DoD [US Department of Defense] and the mil [military] labs I was working at, and they needed some technicians and some scientists to go to the Vatican to look at their archives, because they know that they had some information on a craft that was taken in New Mexico.”

After nearly 8 years of learning new things from the places that I trust for information, I thought I heard it all. However, this discussion between David and Emery reveals things that were new to me. An example,

Emery; “And, of course, the Vatican has always been a huge database. It has a huge archive of many things: artifacts and things they have found from space and have collected over many, many, many, many years.

And they have an underground base under the Vatican.

So two scientists and myself were deployed to that area to the Vatican to an undisclosed location in the Vatican. And we took an elevator down about seven or eight floors.”

You will not be disappointed when you read this article and what it reveals. My reaction to it is something like this. My GOD WE ARE LIVING IN THE DARK AGES ON THIS PLANET WITHOUT HAVING A CLUE ABOUT IT. I released after reading this that if we were not in quarantine here on this planet that we would have reached the level of technological knowhow that we have to day already about 200 years ago.

I’m guessing that if that were the case then at this point in time we would be in a position of where we could be nearly 300 years ahead in time from where we are now! I’m hoping that you will understand where I’m coming from when you read the info from Emery.

Just to whet your appetite for reading on I will give a short quote from further down this article and then the link to the entire post.

“Emery: It’ll be cities will be put up everywhere. I know even our government has contacted me to orchestrate and architect a special city here that’s self-sustainable, that’s off-grid, has its own communications, its own electric, and all this stuff, because they’re preparing to do this model everywhere.” ….

Then this quote from Emery’s visit ‘inside’ (below) the Vatican

David: But what you’re describing right now is like straight out of a sci-fi movie. It must have been just breathtakingly incredible.

Emery: It was the most amazing thing . . . one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, . . .

David: Wow!

Cosmic Disclosure: Alien Tech at the Vatican

TZ here again: I’m thinking of course directly that I hear Emery say re the special city “, its own electric, and all this stuff, because they’re preparing to do this model everywhere.” …. That ‘their’ plans to create this special city is not for the love of humanity – no – it’s the next stage in their plans to keep the sheeple occupied with something new and fantastic that they have created to keep us happy and still in quarantine and under control etc.…. that’s how they have always done it.

It’s all a game to them our controllers – its all under their control and has been – BUT THEIR GAME IS SOON OVER.

For the reader to understand just a little more about how the Jesuits work I will take some earlier information provided by Cobra as an example.

Cobra told us very early on, on his blog that the Jesuits had been controlling the ‘show on this planet’ for 500 years. We learned that a certain number of archons had incarnated into black nobility families and the archons were in control of the Jesuits. I must point out that so many are going to be shocked really shocked when all the truth comes out. For a couple of years (2013-2014) when posting, writing my website and blog I was still being fooled by Jesuit bloggers so called whistleblowers and helped to spread their information believing them to be true ‘truthers’ when in fact they were working in disguise for the Jesuits. You have to keep in mind that these wily, manipulative Jesuits are following – keeping control over all developments on this planet which means they always have to be ahead of the game and provide ‘good guys’ and ‘saviors,’ etc. for the next part of their quarantine control. Here an excerpt from one Cobra update called

‘The Jesuit Agenda’ from Nov 28th, 2013.

…“The Jesuit plan is to let the Light forces purge the Illuminazi faction (Rockefeller, Bush, Kissinger, Cheney & Co.) and then secretly team up with the Rothschilds to take over the process of creating the new financial system. Their agents are present on endless negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal and they are trying to steer the agreements closer to the Jesuit agenda. This is the source of proposals to make the Pope the new M1 (monetary controller). This is the reason why the new Jesuit Pope is promoting the idea of a central world bank. They are also seriously considering the idea of allowing a worldwide debt jubilee so that they would be portrayed as saviours of humanity under the wings of »benevolent« Catholic church. They would then promote the Catholic cult in a renewed, more publicly appealing way, and gradually absorb other religions into it (starting with Buddhism) until they would reach their goal of a global religious mind programming cult, at the same time keeping all past atrocities of the Catholic church under the carpet.

Through special compartmentalized CIA programs they have infiltrated the truther movement to the point that about 70% of intel in alternative media is disinfo coming directly or indirectly from Jesuit sources. I (Cobra) have a list of people and groups inside the truther / liberation movement that are either under direct Jesuit control or are manipulated by the Jesuits and it may or may not be released in the near future.

The Jesuits are working under the command of the Archons to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth. It is good to know that the Jesuit organization is a 16th century creation of the Farnese family, which is one of the most powerful papal Black Nobility families in Italy.

One of the reasons the Jesuits have created WW2 was to orchestrate a worldwide gold grab to finance their black budget programs to maintain the quarantine status of our planet (secret space program, deep underground military bases). Operation Golden Lily was a Jesuit operation and general Yamashita was a puppet in the hands of the Jesuits:” to read more about this go to links provided below this article.”

I would really like to recommend to everyone who is not familiar with Cobra’s early updates to go to this page on my website where it’s all gathered neatly update after update and you will find information about this planet that no other blogs would have been able to provide.

HERE IS A LIST OF THE ARTICLES ON THIS PAGE – created in November 2014

The Elephant in the Room/Explosion of Information/True Storm of Disclosure Imminent
Cobra’s Three Photos












2] JESUITS ~ Knowledge of the Dangers of Jesuits was Spread in the 1880’s Through the Work of Helena Blavatsky Channeling Master Kuthumi – Founding the Theosophical Movement

3A] The Jesuits the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and their different roles from 13/09/2013 by TZS


1B] CHIMERA ~ JULY 7TH, 2014





The Secret Space Program

Cont. from my website this is how I present the above list of articles;

It has been a widely discussed question on this planet about who the ‘power behind the throne’ really has been. It was not until the 8th April 2014 that we received the final ‘key’ to this truth. Up until that date we have believed that the main archons who created the matrix/veil have been running the show via the core Jesuit group worldwide. We learned earlier about their being archons in physical bodies among the black nobility families. Suddenly we are informed about this other archon group known as the chimera.

In later interviews with Cobra we have learned that these two groups of archons cooperate with one another yet keep to their distinctive groups. You will get all the details about these groups here on this page. My personal belief is that the so called ‘elephant in the room’ that Cobra referred to early in 2014 is none other than the Jesuit archon group. Why I maintain this is very simple. The Jesuits through their evil tentacles spread out across the entire globe through a multitude of schools, universities, and institutions of one kind or another and especially in the Catholic and Islamic world have affected the control of just about every subject of interest there is in existence.

Of course, these groups alone would not have succeeded in this endeavor if not for the fact that they managed to unite forces with others. They have enlisted the support of various Reptilian groups and have been running affairs through the two main groups/families that we know as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. All of the details as to who controls what within these various groups are supplied here on this page in great detail. Most of the information has come through Cobra and the Resistance Movement – RM. I myself compiled the article about the Jesuits and the warnings given about them 120 years ago from the Ascended Master Kuthumi via Helena Blavatsky from a much longer Theosophical article. I have also compiled and written the article The Jesuits, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

To continue reading:


I feel that I have to give a personal ending to this information and why I still feel the anger popping up when I consider the Jesuits and their control. I was born in Dublin Ireland. Many will be aware that this country was one of the most Catholic countries on the planet. Everything about my life was controlled from day 1 by the Archon Jesuit controlled Catholic church. I have always had a need of contact with spirit. When there was nowhere to turn I turned to Mother Mary and Jesus. I can say right now that this use of HIS name (Jesu) for ‘their’ control makes me angry. ALSO, do not believe that I am so stupid as to blame the entire Jesuit group. Probably 2 out of 3 Jesuits are good people. I am speaking about the CORE approx. 10% of them who run the show – probably no more than 14-15% of the Jesuits know that this group controls the entire planet! Aged 13-14 or so I became interested in reading about astrological sun signs. One Sunday sitting in the local Catholic church I found myself looking up at the roof of that right winged part of the church. There were 4 corners to that valve and lo and behold there are the four cardinal signs in astrology!! The Eagle (higher aspect of Scorpio) the water bearer (Aquarius) the Bull and the Lion. That’s when things got a bit confusing. We were warned about dabbling in things like astrology by the priests and nuns. Somewhere between 95-96% of Irish schools were run by various orders of priests or nuns.

Chi Rho symbol + Alpha and Omega
Chi Rho symbol + Alpha and Omega

So why on earth were the 4 cardinal astrology signs on the roof of the church? They have a rule you know to show everything ‘out in the open’ yet concealed. By my bedside I have a memorial card from the funeral of my father who died in 2008. My sister and I chose the texts etc. that we wanted on this card to be given to friends and family. One thing that we did not choose was the emblem that is part of the design on the front and back! of this little card namely, the Chi Rho symbol. This is another symbol that I thought s lot about when seeing it in front of me at Sunday mass on the altar cloth etc. trying to understand its meaning. I was thinking maybe the P is for Peace and the X is like the x in the word Pax – peace. I studied Latin at school. But no not! The Chi Rho is the symbol of the archon Constantine the Great the Archon who created the Christian cult,found on coins of that time etc. X 1000’s of other places. See more evidence of this on the link above this paragraph.

Here another excerpt from The Event info Page 2 on my website – paragraph heading is the

2nd Khazar Invasion

The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great 306-307, converted to Christianity and in 313 issued the Edict of Milan which declared tolerance for the religion. which then led to the Council of Nicaea twelve years later. There, in 325 AD, under the influence of the Archons, Constantine gathered all the bishops, and all of the priests to standardize the religions of the Empire, in what amounted to a hostile takeover of Christianity by the Cult of Sol Invictus. The Cult was the official religion of the Empire and it was thoroughly infiltrated by the worshipers of Baal, who had come to Rome with the Royal families of the Egypt and middle-east when Rome had conquered and annexed them. Using the new Catholic Church, they implemented an empire-wide mind control program based on the idea of Heresy, allowing them to persecute anyone who would not agree their teachings. In the western Roman Empire, by 393 AD people were living in fear of reason and the personal connection to the Source. By this cause, the civil government was without practical direction and became easy prey for waves of Barbarian tribes to destroy the Roman Empire by substituting their armed control of secular law for that of the Empire. The Archon infested church created bishoprics to rule the hearts and minds, while giving the right to extract taxes to the Barbarians.

It was at this time that the Catholic Church destroyed all of the Goddess Temples. The archon and reptilian {Khazar} invaders tore down each temple and built archon temples over these sites – with the intention of stifling the energy. ***

The purpose of the use of Heresy was to destroy rights of people to think for themselves. Mystery schools, Christian gnostic groups and nature worshipping paganism were replaced with Christian cult mind programming. This programming was enhanced with the creation of virtual reality hells on the lower astral plane, which were then used by the Church to strengthen its position.

The Bishop of Milan known as Theodosius the Great {this soul was totally Archon controlled} destroyed all the old mystery schools. He ordered the burning of the Alexandria library and the books were destroyed or put into the Vatican library.

Link to this page here;

The last pic describes the ‘acceptable’ church version of why we have the Chi Rho symbol everywhere.

Here also from ARCHON update nr 9 (list above)

The Farnese family is the main architect of the Cabal as they have created the Jesuits with a little help of the Borja family back in the 1540s. Immediately after that, they have built their first Pentagon in Caprarola near Rome:

In their »map room« inside that building they have shaped the destiny of the world during 16th and 17th centuries:

It is interesting to note that the world map from the 16th century shows Antarctica, which was officially »discovered« in the 1770s. Around that time the Farnese have decided to use Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to create Illuminati, elevate the Rothschilds to power and move the Farnese seat of power to Washington, DC. They have built their second Pentagon there. It is also interesting to see that Larry Farnese, a member of the family, is a senator:

Map Room from 16th Century + Antarctica, which was officially »discovered« in the 1770’s
Map Room from 16th Century + Antarctica, which was officially »discovered« in the 1770’s

I could go on and on about the wiles of these Jesuits but there is so much more info on the website links I’ve provided above for those interested. However, I just remembered one other link to information about the truth behind the WW2 holocaust from my website: This will truly shock anyone who has not heard of it before so be warned. I worked for many hours and weeks to provide an overview of a much longer article about this subject that Cobra provided earlier on in an update;

Synopsis of The Vatican Holocaust Part 1 of 8 “The Great Pentagram of Evil”

The Sacrifice of 18 million non-Catholics to the Devil/Satan

PS – again! Finally if I hear or read any more comments whether on PFC or my blog that are in ANY WAY derogatory of Cobra and his non-stop work for the liberation of this planet I will remove them directly. I have lost all patience whatsoever with ignorance, stupidity and downright evil. I am glad that he finally spoke out himself recently. Despite the loss of his beloved Isis to the dark side people continue to try to attack him. OK they just don’t understand and they neither have the time or the patience or the willingness to do the work and discover the truth, so they are a sorry bunch who will eventually wake up.

Namaste and Love

Therese Zumi

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  1. Love your thorough articles and investigation Theresa! I was at Cobra’s conference in Hungary last weekend and it has been a life changer for me. I now know what my purpose in this earthly life is… and I am so grateful of souls like you and Cobra for standing up for the Light and telling us the real truth. Take care and namasté ?????

  2. God Bless you my dear. Keep up your strength. Take care of yourself. Stay strong. BE ONE. Whole. In LOVE. Victory of the Light

  3. Funny signs. The lightning on the Vatican picture after Ratzinger resigned.
    Yesterday we get chunks of plaster falling on tourists in the Basilica just as Bergoglio declares in a non-Vatican confirmed interview that hell does not exists. !

    Good day

  4. Gratidão a você e ao Cobra por estas informações que nos chegam as mãos através de vocês. Infelizmente a dificuldade de falar com outras pessoas é imensa. Espero que elas aceitem o inevitável sem maiores problemas.

  5. Lets hope MOST “Sheeple” heed to call outlined in the bible: GET OUT OF HER at Revelation 18th Chapter…Get OUT of ALL connections with RELIGION =Mind-Control.
    The MOST detailed info about the VATICAN and its connection to the so-called SSP (SECRET Space Program) can be viewed in the FOUR part series” “The LIE the Vatican Told”…Except for the LAST part of Four.

  6. I know that this is all the truth, that is why nobody is aloud to research the Vatican Library and cellars.That is why Pope Benedict had to go. Wasn’t it Benedict who said to Francis :Don’t you think it is time to tell the truth?” Francis did not want it and out went Benedict.
    The Jesuits have been fooling the world already for a long time and so have Popes, but one has to be very careful with making those things public. And I know Aliens exist .
    And that there ar many very, very bad ones and the Archons and reptilians are on the bad side and with the Alluminati. The Annunaki, I don’t know, I never met one, I know they have a bad name, but I don’t know them. One has to be very careful, never be afraid (but don’t do risky things) and when you come into a difficult situation, ask God or AA Michael for help. But be aware they.. I know,. I know it is true probe your brains, they can tell you anything, trying to frighten you
    I know Cobra and many others are trying to save this planet and are working together with the Galactic Federation and a lot of others. People don’t believe this, they think you are crazy and I really can’t expect them to, soI don’t talk about this anymore, I keep to God. But thank you so much for your article I know it is all true, most of us have suffered
    difficult lives and this all be done by the Illuminaty, Cabal and many others.
    Thank you Therese Zumi, I am looking forward to your next article.

  7. Fabulous article Therese. This resonates with me. Tell me please, what do you know about Rique Seraphico aka Music Man? I wonder about where he is coming from, feel funny about what he posts and wonder why he has ill-feelings towards COBRA. Please illuminate me. Thank you and Namaste!

  8. Wonderful so grateful that we have access to this truth and knowledge. Thank you Therese keep up the tremendous good will and work you provide to all those in service.

  9. Therese Zumi Sumner…VERY well done, this is a great article. Very helpful and informative. Thank you for including the supplemental amalgamation of articles, I can’t wait to dive into them. I appreciate you + am supportive of your efforts. Blessings and much love to you and Cobra.

  10. I too am so glad COBRA spoke out. The “sheeple” do not realise what is happening, or about to happen. I know we must have tolerance and forgive, but even I have trouble trying to convince people what is staring them in the face. I have faith which enables me to continue to hold on.
    Remember, don’t think about the problem, think about the solution.
    Victory of the light…… not long now my friends


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