Ascension From Within – Part 1

8 thoughts on “Ascension From Within – Part 1”

  1. It started the night before last and all day yesterday I was barely able to keep my eyes open, I have severe lethargy, I was eating really clean no meat and yesterday I was craving sugary carbs etc.
    Every time I close my eyes I have these waves inside my heart I am not able to meditate.
    Today I am not as tired as yesterday but still not able to concentrate and have severe anxiety.
    I am not sure if it’s ascension or insanity.

  2. I knew it all along and it is so wonderful to hear conformation of ascension
    Victory of the Light!
    Our time is here!

  3. I am honored to be living in this Asscention Time. A beautifully told Truth.

    Ascension is part of our evolution. I welcome and accept it to and into me.

    I am ready and filled with eternal joy.

  4. Oh; so beautiful, wonderful , thank you so much , yes, acceptance of peace and love in the sovereign integrity of I AM and WE ARE with the all heart virtues, in all love and compassion. So be it . Vcitory to the light, always forever. Salaam, namastey , salute dear ones.

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