By Paul Baxter, Prepare For Change guest writer.


“The greatest gift you can offer the World is your own Self-realization”  Ramana Maharshi


Self realization or in more cultural terminology, Awakening or Enlightenment, are concepts used by the spiritual community describing a process of transformation from bondage (unconsciousness) to liberation (consciousness).these inspired souls have created the “New Earth movement”, armies of peaceful warriors with the intention of  creating, possibly the most influential, social catalyst for change in human history. Certainly since the rise of modern man, some 12-13,000 years ago has there been such a tsunami of knowledge and wisdom been available to the World population, the way it has with the rise of the internet. Going back thousands of years, we have seldom had access to information the way we have today and through this accessibility this blossoming of social maturity and positivity is sweeping our planet.


i would like to share my perspectives, on what shifted my experience from the continuation of the conditioned life i found myself in or you can say, i had created, living in a small rural town an hour South of London, to the one who writes these words to you now. Empowering myself through a desire to change the way i was living by Quitting my job as a barber of 12 years, my home for 10 years, and the life i led in England with everything i knew, to follow my Heart to Mexico where i trained in meditation and yoga. Myself and my family set up a conscious community center in Tepoztlan Morelos and conceived 2 beautiful baby girls. Through this sharing i wish to present many ideas and concepts that came up for me as i began to expand my Worldview, make the changes i needed to reach for my highest dreams.

So, I became aware at a certain point of the dire straits this planet and our brothers and sisters were in and i felt very disheartened at the lack of progress we had made as a society to turn around the destruction of our planet and persecution of the people. To this day, there are human beings alive who do not have access to clean drinking water, the most basic need of survival! With the unfathomable wealth the top 1% control we could re-distribute throughout the World abundance and prosperity yet, our Western business social model there has been little room for favors and consideration for anything that is living quite frankly let alone the truly needing people of this planet. Throughout the World we can find injustice and manipulation and it was through this perspective i felt a huge force within me to ”wake up”


Do you?


I felt all was not right with the way we live, the un-natural chemicals put in food, the monopoly of companies that control the banks. pharmaceuticals and main media outlets, the wars and continued perceived threat of terrorist attacks. All this, which i will choose another time to discuss, was the fuel for my desire to change, with the quote ringing in my ears..


“Be the change you want to see in the World”  Mahatma Gandhi


I wanted change, yet i was totally conditioned to believe that the World was a bad place, that you can not trust people and ultimately, that people did not want to change. This negative programming i received from my years in the social system of family, friends, education, employment, and tv/media, created a negative belief system based on fear and lack. The way materialism works, for example, is they bombard you with beliefs that when you acquire the new car, the new house, the new ipad that you will be happy and they provide a system for you to work day and night to maybe one day, purchase those material items, and if you dont have them or cant afford them then you are somehow lacking.. believing self worth comes from how much we have or the status symbol of having it.


Everything is fine, they want you to believe. Status quo.


I was submerged in fear and completely dis empowered. In this state, i was afraid of the World my concern was to get by, to protect myself from anything else bad happening and finding what i thought was happiness, in spending a lot of money on material objects.. i saw the World through a negative lens and my well being was based off the back of a superfical belief in contentment and success. The reality i became suffocated by, ended up being the fuel to recognize a need to ‘wake up’, to live differently, that all this conditioning i was waking up to, i realized, had been purposely enforced by the system.. Why?? Why would they do that?


Imagine a human race that was fully empowered, fully conscious. There would be no way to control us, to manipulate us or diseive us .. a global society working together as one consciousness embodying peace & unity, untouched by fear! This was the spark that lit the fuse.. For me there was no turning back once i saw why they keep us in fear and what we is possible when we turn to love.


Lets define this concept awakening, a little more.

awaken verb [ I/T ]

US /əˈweɪ·kən/

to stop sleeping, or to cause someone to stop sleeping

In this context we can refer to the idea that the people of the World are waking up from a sleep, from unconscious to conscious. To be unconscious is to be unaware of what is going on around us. Often we use the definition to be unconscious to describe when we have an operation we are induced into a state of unconscious, right? What if our state of waking consciousness were to be recognized as it is, to be unconscious and that we possibly are not aware of a vast spectrum of life, energy, light as fundamental examples. It is scientifically proven that we see 0.1%, no, tell a lie 0.0035% of the complete electromagnetic spectrum.. is it possible we are unaware of the rest of the 99.9965% and what is living in those bands of existence?  Totally!

Does this have a tone of resonance with you when it is described this way?

Maybe, as a society, we are unconscious of what is really going on, maybe we are lost in a dream not realizing we are asleep. Many of the sages of the Indian tradition of yoga state that this reality feels more like the dream, once you have tasted even a glimpse of Self Realization..  Self Realization is the recognition that you are the very experience you are experiencing, that you are ultimately consciousness itself, experiencing itself. To clarify, to be conscious is to ”be aware” to be aware, is simply to exist, without thought or action. This is the essence of being awake, the World and all of us individually are experiencing and waking up to this truth. So if any more clarity is needed, this entire experience and reality is created through consciousness, by consciousness.. YOUR consciousness!


Consciousness is, it/you can not die. Death is a transition like birth, It/you simply has another experience. This for me was a huge revelation as i had a big fear of death, imagine ever-lasting non-experience, it’s a scary thought, yet this is not possible in consciousness. The opposite of death is birth (states of transition), consciousness is forever, as are you!

That feels good doesn’t it?! Liberation.

This is the knowledge and wisdom now available to the World as a way to liberate ourselves from the belief there was ever something to free ourselves from.. We are conscious beings if we choose to be so, or we can stay unconscious beings. Lets shift our perspective to an ”enlightened” conscious, state of being. Beings full of love and light. A wayshower, a leader by example. Remember light is clear, therefore is is by definition clarity. Light is transparent, bright and beautiful. Are we not awake in the daylight and asleep in the darkness, there are so many symbols for this relationship between light/dark, awake/asleep, conscious/unconscious, heart/mind, sun and moon. We resonate with light because it is the very structure of consciousness.. as is sound. so to twist your minds to breaking point (hopefully), in the quantum field there is no difference between a particle (of light) and a wave (of sound), yet they are seemingly 2 different energies and when either are observed it becomes defined by the consciousness that experiences it.. this scientific fact proves your consciousness affects the definition of the quantum field or you can say, your reality. We are absolutely 100% affecting the physical World with our consciousness. Do you get it?

There is also a very famous experiment by Dr Masaru Emoto where he discovered by putting his conscious intention into water and then freezing them, the different positive intentions, like love, joy and peace created different geometric patterns.  When Emoto intended negative intentions into the water, the frozen water seemed to lose all structure. This experiment can be done at home with 3 jars of rice with water filled to the top and covered. One jar you send a positive intention every day (the same intention), one jar you send a negative intention every day and a third you ignore. Try this at home to see the power of your conscious intent.. these two sweet souls did. i dare ya!


I am not offering these concepts to convince you, i simply wish to share what feels true for me to share. Maybe you resonate with what i am suggesting, maybe not. it does not matter. As long as you are aware that you are reading these words, i am happy to have bought some presence to your experience. I write these words with the intention of love and service to reach whoever is ready and for those who are not, some beautiful seeds have been planted for another season. If nothing else can we be better people?


Those of you who are still here reading these words, i hope they have struck a chord, ask questions, don’t take my word for it, validate your own truth.. and if you needed anymore advice on how to wake up….


It is simple as being.


In all fact there is nothing “to do”. The more we can shift into this state of simply being, the more we can recognize ourselves as this conscious awareness, which is peace and love. Feel that emptiness within you that is full of peace and stillness. How can the World stay the same when we recognize this peace and love as who we are? If this sounds way too passive and fluffy for you, you can begin to look at your life and become aware of the ways in which you can change. Little things lead to be things. Like using more positively affirming words for example like in the water experiment. This alone is huge. Volunteering at a local community center or donating to a new conscious crowdfunding project. If we are honest with ourselves we can all admit we have the ability to put more time and energy into selfless service helping others, spending more time educating children and cleaning up our beautiful planet. It is our choice as to what kind of World we truly want to live in. What kind of World we will leave for the future generations.. when that inner spark is lit, awakening the fire of the Heart, the process of waking up from the deep sleep has begun.


You can follow my awakening series on youtube where i discuss in more detail the events that led to me becoming the change i want to see in the World..


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  1. I can really relate to this too. I speak of my spiritual awakening/rebirth experience on my website:

    Let’s awaken the world to elevated consciousness!

  2. I can definitely relate to this person and his article. In 1983 I went to a Guru in India and learned meditation. I volunteer at a hospital working with high school kids, and donate what little I can afford to my favorite websites etc.
    The Ascended Masters say that the most important thing we all can do to change the world is to perfect ourselves. Amen to that!!

  3. a lot of words here to say such a simple good thing about being awake/aware. I was wanting to hear more about the connection between being awakened and conscious living as it relates to our ascension process at this very time on our planet.

  4. Bravo for joining the Club of awakened souls, !! it doesn’t matter when it happened for you, many have come before you, and many will come after you, the important fact is that you have awakened and are sharing it out there for those still to awaken.
    Blessings of joy on your new path.

  5. There has been a flame which has been fanned, now it’s a fire. This fire will spread across the whole earth until everyone can see this fire. Once this happens, the fire will cease to exist and everyone will understand what has happened.


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