This article addresses some important questions regarding the alien agenda.

It merely skims the surface and should therefore supplement your own research, not replace it.

If you want a more thorough grasp of what’s going on, I recommend analyzing with discernment the following books:

Gods of Eden – William Bramley
The Threat – Dr David Jacobs
Taken – Dr Karla Turner
The Love Bite – Eve Lorgen
Into the Fringe – Dr Karla Turner
God’s Gladiators – Stuart Wilde
Tales from the Time Loop – David Icke
UFOs and the National Security State – Richard Dolan
The Allies of Humanity – Marshall Summers
Bringers of the Dawn – Barbara Marciniak
The Ra Material, Books I,II,III – Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert
Cassiopaean Transcripts – Cassiopaeans, LKJ (read my warningfirst)

Each of these contain valuable pieces to the puzzle. Use your heart to tell you what is right, and use intellect to tell you what is false. The same goes for what you read in this article. Keep what makes sense, and throw out what is blatantly false.

Are we alone in the universe?

Of course not. We’re not even alone on Earth. Even assuming that a finite 3D universe is all there is, calculations show a high probability that intelligent life exists elsewhere in this galaxy and that earth has seen the presence of extraterrestrials.

The Drake Equation doesn’t even take into account panspermia, that if a civilization becomes advanced enough it can seed life on other worlds, hence exponentially multiplying the probability and spread of life throughout the galaxy.

Anyone with common sense acknowledges this possibility, anyone with an open mind will research the subject, and anyone with open eyes who does the research will confirm for themselves that aliens exist, have been active in our past, and continue to be actively involved in human affairs today.

Skeptics tend to be ignorant and refuse to examine all the evidence, closing their eyes and claiming they don’t see any evidence that aliens exist.

The Fermi Paradox, or “if aliens exist then why aren’t they here” is like a blind man asking “if the sun exists, then why don’t I burst into flames when I step outside.”

False assumptions and lack of perception stemming from lack of proper investigation. In truth, ignorance is never proof to the contrary, and seeming nonexistence of evidence isn’t evidence of nonexistence.

Evidence is everywhere – from worldwide religious and mythological accounts commonly describing ancient encounters with advanced beings, anomalous archaeological sites and artifacts indicating past use of superior technology, over a century’s worth of eyewitness sightings of UFOs, hundreds of physical trace samples recovered from UFO landing sites, government documents and whistleblowers acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrials, and thousands of abduction cases that include multiple witnesses, memories recalled without hypnosis, and indisputable physical and medical evidence confirming these accounts.

In a nutshell, what is the alien agenda?

Mankind is being enslaved by non-human forces who are technologically, psychically, and dimensionally superior to us (but not necessarily spiritually, and therein lies our freedom).

They consist of multiple factions, spanning multiple dimensions and locations in spacetime, all here to take a slice of the human pie. Their ultimate goal is to assimilate us into their fascist empire and parasitically exploit us for our biological, etheric, and physical resources.

Through covert manipulation and hyperdimensional tricks that employ time travel, they have secretly manipulated and exploited humanity in every way conceivable since the birth of our race, and even our origins are suspect and bear the signs of genetic engineering.

We are now seeing their plans overtly manifest with the abduction and hybrid breeding program, and their imminent portrayal as saviors to a human race gone mad with world conflict. If the world accepts them as saviors, individual freedom as we know it will become snuffed like a blown candle, leaving only darkness.

Given their technological superiority, why don’t hostile alien forces just take over the planet?

For strategic reasons, their invasion is a drawn out process rather than a single spectacular blitzkrieg as one might expect, though the latter can be used to finalize the invasion once the first phase has spiritually tranquilized the target population.

There are many problems with an overt invasion using physical force. History has shown that visible tyrants are also visible targets who quickly fall if they reveal themselves before total control has been established. Smarter tyrants stay hidden and cleverly manipulate the population into first defeating and enslaving itself.

Cosmic tyrants exist who seek to assimilate entire worlds into their empire. The premature invasion by those who have targeted us could lead to resistance and conflicts threatening the two resources they have come here to exploit: earth and its inhabitants.

They prefer that we willingly hand over ourselves and the planet with the least amount of resistance. This can only happen under the condition that we are unaware of their true nature or agenda.

Preparing such deception requires much groundwork. Thus, they have chosen to covertly and patiently manipulate human society toward that end.

Their preferred method of subversion is to create elite among the population who do the dirty work of enslaving the rest. What we know as the “secret government” is an occult technocracy comprised of these elite humans.

The secret government is using problem-reaction-solution techniques to frame world conflicts as pretexts for the establishment of a “New World Order,” an overt global totalitarian regime that will lockdown any potential for resistance and secure earth for easy assimilation into the alien empire.

Even if they believe they are acting against aliens and securing Earth for themselves, they don’t stand a chance and their totalitarian apparatus could easily be repurposed toward serving the alien agenda.

Why have they not finished their invasion sooner, back when our technology was too primitive to damage their desired resources?

As mentioned, they prefer we willingly hand over our collective freewill. Only recently have we become technologically and politically advanced enough to create and support the infrastructure of the New World Order through which we are intended to enslave ourselves. They make their victims dig their own graves.

On a side note, this policy of brutal efficiency was demonstrated by the Nazis in their execution of captives. The rise and fall of Nazi Germany was orchestrated by the secret government as a test run for what is now becoming manifest, and much of Nazi ideology and methodology was a direct reflection of the hostile alien mindset.

Ironically, the secret government itself is just a global version of the “sonderkommando,” the elite squads of Jews the Nazis selected from among the concentration camp population to control and execute their own people.

Despite promises of power and survival, the sonderkommando were quickly discarded once they finished serving their purpose, and the secret government faces a similar fate once the alien invasion is complete.

Don’t members of the secret government know they’re being deceived?

In a negative hierarchy, all subordinates are in some way duped by their superiors, as that is how superiority is maintained. It is the wishful nature of such individuals to think they share the top of the food chain.

Other members are forced to uphold their allegiance due to blackmail, oath, or mind programming. While these factors keep the hierarchy together, they also serve as its undoing when the control system encounters unpredictable obstacles and becomes unstable.

Pressured members will betray their superiors when given the chance, and ambitious members may take the opportunity to initiate a frenzied power grab that breaks loyalties and dissolves cohesion, thus weakening its structure to the point of implosion.

This is more typical of human hierarchies than alien ones, as the latter are too refined to create such bumbling errors.

Is this why the secret government will eventually be discarded?

Partly. Primary reason is that the secret government is useful as the singular scapegoat upon whom to eventually pin all crimes against humanity of which hostile aliens themselves are the ultimate orchestrators.

By disposing the scapegoat through a global catharsis, alien hands are washed clean, leaving them in safe position to be presented as saviors. Even now this agenda is visible.

Through various personalities in the exopolitics field, the secret government is already being branded as a paranoid Cabal keeping mankind from open contact with alien benefactors, holding us back from our rightful destiny to enter into galactic citizenship.

Like a good cop / bad cop routine, presenting the Cabal as the sole “bad guy” and aliens as the “good guys” is pushing two false choices, and therein lies the deception.

To defeat the agenda, mankind must not choose between peaceful assimilation and ignorant xenophobia, but rather between peaceful assimilation and peaceful liberation, liberation from both the secret government and their alien overlords.

A more sophisticated version of this plan is to include some throwaway alien groups as part of the “bad guys” — for example, the ever convenient Reptilians whose scary appearance makes them suitable bogeymen.

Not to say Reptilians are “good guys”, just that portraying them and perhaps the Grays along with the Cabal as the sole “bad guys” makes the other negative alien factions, such as the hostile types of Nordics, appear like saviors in comparison, which is precisely the plan.

The other reason is that as long as the Control System remains stable, the secret government maintains its cohesion and allegiance to the alien forces.

Due to upcoming Earth changes and other factors, the times ahead introduce elements of unpredictability that threaten to destabilize the control system; the hierarchy thrives on predictability because it is a pre-requisite for control.

Because of human folly, alien forces see the secret government as unreliable during such times and unnecessary in the period that follows.

They will be among the first to be eliminated, because they would otherwise be the first to resist the alien presence by using what technology they have been given, in an effort to perpetuate their own survival and maintain their power.

The final phase of the alien agenda has no room for human elite, and any promises given them now about survival in a post-cataclysmic future are lies used to bargain their allegiance.

While the exploitation of human nature has afforded our alien manipulators easy success in what they have accomplished so far, human nature ultimately threatens to undermine the finalizations of their plan which requires total allegiance on our part to their empire.

As long as we have an innate ability to empathize and tap into spiritual wisdom and as long as we can long for individuality and freedom, our loyalty and their security cannot be permanently guaranteed or enforced.

How do alien forces plan to counter the problem of “human nature”?

Einstein once said that a problem’s solution cannot come from the same level where the problem originated. If human nature is the problem, then only a non-human element can be the solution.

At present, the problem resides in the inevitable failure of both the secret government and future humans to maintain unconditional obedience to their alien masters due to fundamental genetic and metaphysical differences and the fact that we are individualistic and opportunistic by nature.

Once the New World Order is initiated, their solution is to place humanity under the leadership of a genetically engineered “master race” of alien-human hybrids.

These hybrids surpass us in intellectual and psychic abilities, and they do not “suffer” from the “weaknesses” of human nature such as empathy and the longing for individual freedom.

While maintaining control, they will then interbreed with the human population to infuse these genetic characteristics into humanity at large.

Thus, in the end mankind will be biologically predisposed toward subservience to the alien empire, alleviating the empire of having to expend unnecessary resources enforcing their control. At that point, we will be locked into bondage and the alien agenda will have reached its conclusion.

We are seeing evidence of this already. For example, we are being culturally pre-conditioned to eventually accept the policy of interbreeding between humans and hybrids.

Standards of physical beauty embodied in supermodels and actresses increasingly move toward emphasis upon features typical of hybrids: low forehead, small chin, triangular face, large eyes, and slim androgynous bodies.

It wasn’t too long ago that the “hybrid” look would have been considered disturbing and unhealthy, but today the trend has been toward the sexualization of these characteristics.

How will this hybrid race be created?

Alien abductions serve multiple purposes, and this is one of them. Presently, the hybrid breeding program is virtually finished. Hybrids look human, but lack our aforementioned qualities that make us liable to resist an overt alien presence.

Some are already being silently integrated into the population. A few are being unwittingly born into human families, others will be introduced in mass numbers later.

Some hybrids among us are already being passed off as “Indigo Children,” though not all Indigo Children are hybrids.

The hybrids most successfully following their intended programming act like little psychopaths, have contempt for humans, and possess acute intellectual and psychic powers to support their ambitions.

It is these qualities that make them fit for eventually ruling over humanity in obedience to their alien superiors.

What is the process used in the creation of hybrids?

The actual process involved appears to be complicated, but here is a simple description. Both genetic and metaphysical factors must be taken into account, as it is the latter that accounts for the hybrid breeding program taking more time than one might expect.

Our DNA is the interface mechanism between the nonphysical soul and physical body. For this interface to hold both together, genetics must match soul profile.

A slight mismatch in one will cause a mutation in the other, but too much of a mismatch keeps the soul from seating in the body. So to genetically modify or create an entire race, it is not enough to merely engineer the genetic code, but to synchronize its profile and growth with that of the souls intended to occupy the bodies.

This is why people with specific bloodlines especially resonant with the aliens’ own soul nature are heavily targeted for abduction.

Resonance exists because at some point in the ancient past, individuals within that bloodline may have consciously aligned with a negative spiritual existence and thus imprinted their genetic code with this alignment, or they may have been the results of earlier hybridization efforts.

Their descendants carry this imprint, which is considered valuable as stock material for engineering the hybrid race. The physical nature of these genetics matches in critical areas with the intended metaphysical characteristics of the hybrids.

This stock material is crossed with selected alien genetics and tweaked to create a wide variety of hybrids, some more successful than others.

Until a self-sustaining and self-reproducing hybrid race could develop, these fetuses were often implanted into an abductee’s womb for gestation.

The human etheric body is rich in emotional and vital energies, which helps the gestating fetus develop robustly. Those that lack this etheric nourishment either fail to develop or become sickly hybrid children once born.

Successful hybrids are those who can indefinitely survive in a densely physical environment such as our own, who are capable of successfully reproducing with humans and amongst themselves, who look human enough to integrate easily, and who are void of any undesirable human traits.

New Jersey Man Claims He Has Fathered Hundreds of Babies With Aliens

What is the soul nature of these hybrids?

Even with their human physiology, considering that the hybrid genetic profile is extremely resonant with the soul nature of their creators, it is very likely the latter intend to incarnate into these bodies themselves.

Some hybrids may be born with alien souls, others may function as empty containers that work their way into strategic social positions and standby to receive the alien soul at a later time. It is also possible that hybrids have their own unique soul matrix, though the end result would be the same.

And if the human soul matrix were forced to incarnate into hybrid bodies, the genetic influence and consequent personality modifications would leave its scars on the soul and lead to a handicapping in the spiritual areas.

As far as mass incarnation by alien souls into hybrid bodies is concerned, occupying hybrid bodies would afford our alien manipulators the strengths of both alien and human races with none of either’s weaknesses.

Human weakness is the longing for individual freedom and ability to empathize, and alien weakness is the inability to stay in our physical environment for prolonged periods of time. The hybrids are biologically robust like us because they have virtually human bodies, but they will be mentally superior and loyal to the aliens if they have souls identical to them.

Additionally, since offspring are imprinted with the soul energies of both parents, it would quicken the metaphysical modification of mankind for the hybrid parent to have a negatively oriented alien soul.

There are also potential timeline and hyperdimensional factors to consider, namely that if aliens are from another dimension, another timeline, from the future, etc. then creating suitable bodies for themselves here offers them a secure foothold in our reality.

By interbreeding with us, they could karmically entangle themselves with us, thereby latching themselves like barnacles onto the destiny of humanity. Maybe their realm is dying and ours is still in its prime, hence by anchoring themselves into our world they can ensure both their physical and metaphysical relevance and survival.

Why can’t aliens stay in our physical environment for prolonged periods of time?

They require psychic or etheric energy to project themselves into our three dimensional environment and remain stable here. In their natural state, they are four-dimensional (4D) beings who exist in a more quasi-physical quasi-etheric level of reality, but can choose to become physical with an expenditure of energy that allows them to lock phase with our space and time.

Our three-dimensional world is embedded in a four-dimensional universe, meaning 4D beings must focus their essence into a narrow range to become temporarily 3D. Otherwise they appear invisible to us, a situation that can be compared to an aquarium in a room: we are fish who are aware of other fish, but we remain relatively unaware of those outside the aquarium who observe us.

This is true mainly for alien types known as “Reptilians” or “Lizards.” To save energy, they prefer staying in their native 4D environment, while using various interface mechanisms to remotely interact with 3D.

For example, they or their superiors have constructed a cybernetic race of beings we recognize as “Grays,” which serve as 3D “spacesuits” for them.

Grays are genetically engineered organic robots that are autonomous but can function as remote portals or proxies for the Reptilian mind. They are cybernetic probes into our reality that can stay for relatively longer periods of time and are used to carry out abductions and other tasks, perhaps because they are grown using biological materials harvested from our world (cattle mutilations).

This lack of physicality affords aliens many advantages and disadvantages.

As an advantage, etheric technology is four dimensional and beyond the strictures of our linear time, so Reptilians, Nordics, Grays can see and operate within our possible past, present, and future realities simultaneously within limits.

Combined with their calculative strategy, they are thus capable of engineering very complicated and far-ranging manipulations of a hyperdimensional nature.

These hyperdimensional manipulations can include changing the past in small and seemingly trivial ways to significantly affect the choices a targeted individual makes in the present.

Reptilians don’t know which choice we will make, and they cannot change the choices we have already made out of freewill, but they can see and change everything else.

So while they cannot easily violate the freewill of a spiritually resilient person, they can bias his choices by tweaking the circumstances.

Since they exist beyond our space and time, they are free of linear time limits. This means they can individually target and manipulate as many people as they need to.

Grays are a dime a dozen and can be used to automate the monitoring and influencing of entire regions of the planet. Their time travel agility means that while an abductee perceives several years passing between two abductions, aliens move instantly from one to the next.

So despite the grandiose nature of the alien agenda that targets entire planets and civilizations, they also manipulate on an individual basis all whom they perceive as threats.

As a disadvantage, their lack of physicality prevents them from more easily violating freewill through the use of force. Physicality is an environment where causality is prime, where one being can cause an unwanted effect in another because both are subject to the laws of physics.

This is less true in a 4D environment where physicality is variable and where actions work on a synchronistic rather than causal level.

Attempting to violate someone’s freewill using synchronistic actions results in running into more metaphysical roadblocks than doing it directly with force.

For that reason, Reptilians and their masters desire a more physical state, to expand the range of what they can do. The hybrid breeding program is directed toward that end.

What about military abductions?

The secret government’s military factions regularly abduct people for a wide variety of uses, often working under alien factions and using their technology.

These uses are too numerous and complex to mention in detail, but include mind control programs, genetics research projects, and the use of psychically sensitive people for remote viewing and psychic assassination or remote influencing purposes.

Due to their limited but existent hyperdimensional technology, these military factions can covertly abduct people during sleep by beaming them out of their local spacetime through portals and into military bases.

Military abductees are frequently tortured via electroshock to create split personalities and install self-destruct, sleeper assassin, or sexual slave mind programming.

For example, some mind control projects have created thousands of sleeper agents who can be posthypnotically triggered at a future date to commit mass violence, which would serve as a pretext for the totalitarian clampdown on our freedoms.

Military abductees have also reported being raped by Reptilian aliens who feed upon their fear and suffering. Others lead double lives where one personality participates in covert military missions that would seem like science fiction to the other personality. Hyperdimensional technology makes this time sharing possible.

How can one stop being abducted by aliens?

It is difficult to stop abductions permanently without round-the-clock vigilance. Nevertheless, they can be reduced in their severity and frequency of occurrence through some of the following:

1) giving up all karmic and ego-based reasons for wanting them to continue
2) choosing to resist abductions by firmly and frequently intending that they stop
3) choosing emotional stability, positivity, and serenity over hysteria and obsessive fear
4) becoming consciously aware of abductions before, during, or after they happen
5) learning from evidence gained after every abduction how to counter their tactics
6) increasing one’s spiritual resiliency by seeking and applying knowledge and wisdom
7) praying for divine protection and assistance

These methods help deter both soul and physical abductions. In a soul abduction, the body is left asleep but the soul is taken and “worked upon” and then put back.

For purely physical abductions, one could also try detection, shielding, or scrambling methods to annoy aliens and display one’s resistance.

Examples include voice-activated tape recorders, video surveillance, or tying oneself to the bed with a cord and zip tie.

Can anything be done to stop the alien agenda?

The alien agenda depends heavily upon us relinquishing our collective freewill. If the aliens deceptively appear as saviors, and hybrids as a positive step in human evolution, then people will gladly support them.

Their enthusiastic support for the alien “saviors” may be great enough to drive them toward suppressing any resistance movements, seeing them as enemies to the betterment of mankind.

However, if enough people can be informed ahead of time about the alien agenda, then the deception will not be as successful. It may even spark debate and open the floodgates of information that expose them for what they are. When more people are informed, collective freewill won’t be given up so foolishly.

When a contact event occurs and the barrier of disbelief is broken, people will scour available publications for answers on who these aliens are. By seeding truth-oriented information now, its potency and effect will be multiplied when that happens eventually.

In fact, the very existence of such information changes the landscape enough that aliens may become hesitant to instigate certain scenarios, and perhaps the delay leads to enough haste when the deadline approaches that it causes them to reveal their hand and sabotage the whole thing. We can only hope.

What are they doing to counter the possibility of people waking up and resisting?

Before the information age, knowledge was easily suppressed. Today, it is more easily corrupted with disinformation. The alien and secret government factions now work to suppress or corrupt truth wherever they find it.

They seek and destroy those attempting to reveal truth, weaken others’ ability to discern truth for themselves, and program the rest to immediately ridicule or ignore truth when they hear it.

Individuals perceived as threats to the alien agenda receive custom attention. They are abducted and implanted for monitoring purposes.

After being observed for weaknesses, they are repeatedly abducted and mind programmed with posthypnotic suggestions to indulge in self-destructive thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

If they resist these, they are socially ridiculed or publicly discredited. Those with less spiritual resilience receive increasingly violent harassment.

More generally though, the Control System simply pumps out hundreds of disinformation vectors to fill the air waves and drown out the real experiences, real researchers, and real spiritual freedom fighters with fantasy-based half-truths that are so fantastical and entertaining and sensationalist that the truth pales in comparison and thereby goes ignored.

Why don’t negative forces just kill them?

Due to metaphysical reasons, not all who are targeted can simply be killed; they must freely choose to destroy themselves.

However, their spiritual resilience declines if they do not resist self-destruct programming, which then makes them susceptible to more drastic targeting measures.

Of those who succumb, some are given diseases like cancer that quietly eliminates them, some are permanently abducted and consumed, and others die in freak accidents.

It is also possible, and very effective, for susceptible individuals to be inconspicuously killed, reanimated, and replaced as disinformation agents. They then serve to undo all damage done prior to being replaced.

This can happen to vulnerable authors, researchers, politicians, and scientists. While the switchover passes without notice, one can usually observe a drastic and disturbing shift in their research focus and methods.

Others who fail to discern truth for themselves and instead rely upon supposed credible sources to tell them what to think do not notice this shift and go along with it.

As can be seen, there is no substitute for personal discernment and the spiritual resiliency that comes with integrity and knowledge.

Besides influential people being mind programmed or replaced as disinformation agents, how else are negative forces suppressing the spread of knowledge?

Willpower, knowledge, spiritual resiliency, mental clarity, and emotional purity are qualities that reduce one’s level of susceptibility to being influenced by negative forces.

There are billions of humans for whom these qualities are not a priority due to the simplicity of their reason for incarnating.

This makes them very easily manipulated by alien forces and the secret government to serve as buffers against the system-destabilizing effect of “insurgent” individuals.

Their function in the alien agenda is to serve as “hired clappers” in the crowd by using peer pressure, ridicule, and mass consensus to override the influence of the minority who seek truth.

They are also easily directed toward surrounding truth-seekers and engaging them in energy draining relationships or friendships that do nothing but sedate, distract, or sabotage.

Additionally, there exist artificial humans who are manufactured by alien forces to serve as disinformation agents capable of corrupting the knowledge of a truth-seeker via direct interaction.

These are virtually identical in function to reanimated/replaced humans, except they lack a concrete traceable past. Because they are remotely controlled, they can precisely deliver disinformation customized to fit a truth-seekers profile, something the aforementioned “hired clappers” cannot do.

As can be seen, negative alien forces have in place a very effective system for the direct suppression and corruption of knowledge.

To summarize, this system includes the following:

1) the abduction and self-destruct mind programming of truth-seekers to end their quest
2) peer pressure placed upon them by so-called hired clappers
3) direct targeting by artificial humans
4) the disinformation disseminated by programmed or replaced sources of authority

This supplements the various religious, political, economic, and scientific control mechanisms already established by the secret government to control society at large.

Are there any positive aliens?

Yes, but they are not the saccharine caricatures found in New Age channeled material. Those are instead the products of wishful thinking or else negative aliens, demons, mischievous ghosts, and shadow military masquerading as positive aliens in order to deceive.

Real positive aliens are extremely talented, intelligent, wise, lucid, and advanced beings. They say a lot in few words and are highly respectful of our freewill and independence.

They care for our freedom, knowledge, and discernment, in contrast to the impostors who will speak all kinds of platitudes, promise everything under the sun, and throw you a thousand fortune cookie aphorisms but in the end gain more control, seed false knowledge, and reduce discernment. That is the key difference between the real and the fake.

Some positive aliens look like us, or at least could pass for human considering how many weird looking people we pass by in our lives having been taught from a young age not to stare or point.

They are careful about non-intervention and also have their proxies here in our population. They only interfere to the degree required to offset the imbalance caused by the negative aliens.

They do this via a long term, butterfly-effect, tao-like approach that uses knowledge and spiritual empowerment rather than violence or propaganda as the primary weapons.

See my articles Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 6STO, STS, and Densities, and Gnosis Series: Part 6 for a much deeper discussion on positive aliens and how they operate, including why they don’t just declare war, invade this prison planet with guns blazing, and rid our planet of the negative alien factions by force.

If we do wake up as a planet, will desperate alien factions risk using force?

They have invested much energy toward securing earth and its population for their exploitation, so they will not give up easily.

As discussed before, force is usually kept to a minimum while strategy is optimized to ensure efficient use of energy and the preservation of their desired resources. But sometimes force is the only strategy left.

As always, they would use it by getting others to do the work for them.

Due to their aversion to the physicality of our environment, they employ physical and expendable beings as their enforcers. This could include human soldiers, the hybrid elite, and any additional reinforcements they may bring in from outside our solar system.

The latter tend to include soldiers recruited from other worlds they have already conquered. Nevertheless, direct confrontation with 4D forces is inevitable if we were to transcend our 3D states and enter their realm.

Acting alone in our present physical condition, even with a world united under a single technologically advanced government, we would be unable to successfully repel such an overt takeover.

In the best of such cases, we would be like monkeys fighting armed poachers. Such conditions are unlikely anyway since the secret government or hybrid elite will ensure that the world does not act unilaterally against the alien forces and instead works to suppress resistance movements.

Given the scope of their knowledge suppression mechanism — and if that fails, the overwhelming nature of their overt invasion — is there any hope?

Yes, there is hope in the sense that divine plans are in place to balance the equation and give us a fighting chance of transcending alien manipulation and escaping our fragile physical conditions.

The help we receive from higher sources is of a catalytic nature, meaning it merely assists our own efforts. That includes the clandestine support being provided by positive alien groups.

From one perspective, 3D Earth is little more than a prison planet run by tyrannical forces about to implement their “final solution.” We cannot fight as prisoners because we are too weak.

To avoid enslavement and liquidation, we must become empowered by first escaping this prison — thankfully with the help of those who have escaped before us.

This means accepting divine help, transcending our limited physical states, and evolving into 4D beings ourselves. Only then will we be on a level playing field with our alien manipulators.

From a more metaphysical perspective, 3D Earth is a school of hard knocks. The quantum leap in evolution we require to withstand the overt alien takeover is not impossible, it is inevitable — every life lesson we learn brings us closer to graduating from our three dimensional physical existence.

This process is natural and need not be forced; for those of us who have chosen the path of integrity and truth, our individual destinies are intertwined with the divine plan, and we have been synchronistically guided since birth to have the right experiences needed to prepare us for what is to come.

Among us are numerous advanced souls from higher realms who have incarnated into our world to help destabilize the alien control system and catalyze the evolution of those ready to graduate for the first time.

Many don’t remember who they are or where they came from, and from early childhood most are heavily targeted by negative forces for self-destruction due to their threatening roles as system destabilizers.

Those who overcome these obstacles grow strong enough to contribute toward the divine plan by spreading knowledge and assisting the evolution of others.

They are former prisoners who have come back to show others how to leave the prison. Many of these we might call positive aliens. Take note that no one is chosen or special; anyone can take part in the divine plan who chooses to follow his or her heart and seek knowledge.

Knowledge is the key, for it helps us see through deception and fuels our evolution. Because of knowledge, the alien agenda will be exposed.

Because of knowledge, we will evolve new insights and metaphysical abilities that can prepare us to better counter an overt alien takeover.

Divine forces are at work to help us learn — if we actively seek knowledge, the way will be shown. If we actively apply knowledge, the path will be cleared. And if we actively share knowledge, the path will be followed by others.



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  1. hey reading through your tips for stopping alien abductions and want to point out the most effective way to immediately stop an abduction. according to a study of abductees in america simply saying ” in the name of jesus christ let me go” was enough to stop the abduction with 100% of cases. cant remember the name of the study or its investigator but from what i remember it was very intelligently conducted. so remember to use the name JESUS CHRIST. i believe this works because they are not aliens but demons and jesus made a deal with the devil, his life for our souls, so all one needs to do is enact this contract by asking for it in jesus christs name.

  2. I’ve read the first part if this manifesto but, it makes, even as the article states little sense. WHY would these beings, whereever they come from, wait thousands if not tens of thousands of years, or millenia, to infiltrate and take over…nonsense. There is more to this puzzle than this author extrapolated from the books he read.
    1. Not all the visitors have a negative agenda. I have witnessed and caught in photographs and video, one type of Unidentified Areal Phenomenon (UAP) vehicle, giving chase to another type. Obviusly to me anyway, this means that some of these visitors at the very least, do not like the other type. I can only assume,, from thousands of years of human religious conditioning, that some groups of visitors, are of the benevolent type while others, are yes, of what we would call, a negative type. Better put; Some are Service to Self (STS),committed to their own agenda while others are Service to Others (STO), committed to helping and perhaps, even protecting us from the former.
    2. They could have conquered us thousands of years ago. Why would any visitors wait, until there is geopolitical structures that could, provide worldwide (albeit likely ineffective) resistance during such conquest. It wouod have been far easier to just round is up as hunter gatherers and enslave us, or murder us all back then, when the population was far more manageable than wait until the workd pipulation is in multi billions.
    Thus, this theory makes no sense.
    HOWEVER, were the object of creating life here, a goal in itself. The object instead being not conquest but, growing the population beyond the carrying capacity of the planet. This wouod make sense, that they would visit, and even on occasion take some of the ‘farm animals’ in fir medical examination ‘catch and release’ scenarios would be common, as abductions are. Abductees reporting on reproductive and gastrointestinal examinations, even skin scrapings taken, would all be indcators of testing the crop for health and well being.
    The purpose of such a “farm”??
    Good question. The visitors have referred to us as ‘containers’ at times. I do not think this is lightly stated. What do we contain, the bioelectrical ‘soul’. That which exits the body upon death. Thus a farm of such containers would exist, at least in my extrapolation of events, to grow more containers for human experiences. This leaves a few possibilities open as likely scenarios. They are growing the human containers to provide receptivles for human existence because:
    1. They in ‘some way’ benefit from a human soul living this existence. Whether this is to study humsn experience for entertainment or to create emotionsl experiences that they in some way benefit from. That they either entertain themselves thereby, or study our emotionsl experiences here for some benefit or;
    2. Such human experience being a byproduct and they actually harvest souls or the bioelectric essence of humsns upon time of death using it for Food/Energy,
    3. The spiritual experience, is the essence they seek, our free will choosing what we call STS or STO, decides which path our bioelectric ‘soul’ will take, either to exist in this form again, or get a passing grade, to advance to the next level.
    I follow this latter idea, that we are in these ‘containers’ fir the very experience of life, which determines what will happen to us once we complete our existence here. Thus the visitors are more like school nurses, checking on the health and well being of the farm doing this ‘job’ as part of a much greater cosmic machine to “grow souls” here.
    Thus upon leaving this existence, we either proceed to a ‘higher education’ elsewhere or return to again wait our turn for another go round on earth (kindergarten or elementary school). At least that is what appears that they have inculcated our prophets and spiritual teachers with, mesages intended to guide us out of this basic education.
    This could also explain some of the archaeology artifacts that do not fit the paradigm of human evolution (not that I agree entire.y with that theory of evolution) because theese artifacts might not, even be, from this time around but, that earth has been used as a preschool for millenia, each crop coming to a technological state in which, at some point, the ‘experiment’ is halted, the harvest taken, sone afvancing into the greater cosmic school of higher education, while some, are returned to the preschool for another try in theur next container ie: reincarnation and being memory wiped so the essence of soul is tried again and again until it either changes its nature or must go on repeating forever the lessons it is supposed to learn. In that way nothing is ever wasted, every soul goes through life after life until it ‘matures’ enough to proceed.
    I personally think that both ideas may be in play, depending upon which group of visitors one looks at; benevolent or negative. That the negatives are takng what they want/need from those exhibiting a STS lifestyle while the benevolent visitors take the cream of the crop on a STO life path, for advancement to other planets or planes for higher education in this cosmic schoolground.
    I of course, cannot say for absolute certainty but, after photographing these ‘visitor’ craft apoaritions hundreds upon hundreds of times, this indcates some interrst in me, and as I feel these visitors are telepathic by nature, and do monitor if not, implant thought, in humans. It is my opinion after so many interractions with these visitors, that this latter idea may in fact be true.
    You can choose to argue this or not but, I refuse to believe these visitors are ALL negatve, with an agenda to take over. It would be like us, having a desire to take over and run an ant hill, of what possible benefit is there in thar. You would either pouson it to kill all the ants immediately, put the hose on them to flood them out and kill them, or just kick over the ant hill, the end goal being to put what you wanted there. You would not bother with trying to replace the ants to rule them by fiat.
    Which does bring up the final question, why have the negatives not, jst murdered us all and created civilization or whatever they wanted here? The only answer that makes sense to me, the visitors are not, in agreement. This also accounts for the areal chases I have seen and caught on camera. There is ‘war in heaven’ between the STS and STO visitors, and how this all goes, is up to us.
    Some do serve, the negative visitors and their agenda, I have no doubt whatsoever but, there are those of us that do not, wanting ‘container’ contents ie: “soul” to take another path. This is the only meaning to life, I can determine, short of all of this ‘reflection’ of existence being unimportant in the extreme with the only life being genes, these being the important part of this farm, called Earth. Which is another discussion entirely, and no less valid, that genes, which pass from human to human generation without ever dying, be ause they are in constant movement from body to body reincarnating themselves, are the important content that at least some of the visitors are interested in and ‘soul’ or consciousness, is a truly unimportant by product, of of that primordial element they are interested in farming. Like I say howrver, that is a personal insight and possible theory of my own which requires another discussion.

    • Tye, they waited so long for three reasons;
      1) there used to be a balance of good and evil aliens here and so the good kept the bad in check,
      2) what could primitive people offer them? Not much. Now we are advanced enough to be of some use to them such as mining minerals and constructing advanced buildings,
      3) there was previously no way to effectively control millions or billions of people like we have now with mass media and the 5G electronic cage.


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