The Deep State’s control is fast coming to an end

The centuries-long tyrannical regime is reaching its termination stage

Thousands of centuries of criminal extortion

The Deep State’s control is fast coming to an end. They never expected this, so they are not prepared for it. Their lackeys – the puppets – in governments all over the world will find themselves in deep trouble. They are being believed less and less with every passing day. They are being exposed and must eventually face the wrath of the people whose lives they have maliciously exploited. President Trump, on his short visit to England, was there for only one reason: to confront the Queen of England with her malevolence and to demand the return of all that was stolen, to which the Queen agreed.

He didn’t want pomp and ceremony. He has the respect of all who seek truth. It was a pity that there were those in England who set out to disrespect him. They were either paid for it by Gorge Soros, or displaying their own ignorance about what is going on in our world. President Trump deserves every respect and success in his endeavour to free the world from the criminal mafia that has terrorised and exploited the populace for thousands of centuries.

Politics is a dirty game. President Trump is not a politician, so he is free to follow his conscience. This is why there is such a huge effort to remove him from office. There have been to date over a dozen assassination attempts. The Cabal is petrified of him because they cannot control him. Never in the history of our world has there been such an effort to remove a President from his Office. The Cabal is ruthless and desperate to hold on to their power and control, which again is why numerous assassination attempts have been undertaken. To fulfil this monstrous task, you must really be driven and totally convinced of the ability to improve the world for all of humanity, for it is the most ungrateful job to fulfil. There is no glamour and money involved, commonly belonging to such a position.


People will be shocked to learn the extent of the Cabal’s control over them. Every aspect of our lives is covered. Even in the world of sports, where it is believed that the best man, woman, or team wins. Be assured it is often decided in advance by them, because they are the owners of the game, and have set their huge bets on their designated winner. They never leave anything to chance. They control all; much more than you ever can imagine.


Exposing the Truth

The change cannot occur until all governments cease to use chemtrails, which destroy humanity and the crops people depend on for their survival. No one should be forced to be vaccinated, especially not our lovely children. Drugs that eventually kill patients should be removed immediately. The full extent of the Satanic Ritual Abuse and killings must be fully exposed and outlawed. Respect for men, women and children, should be the norm. These are the goals we should all intend to achieve. Many freelance investigative reporters are fighting the cabal via the internet. ‘It has become an army of digital soldiers’ that are fighting the cabal and all oppressive forces around us, to inform the awoken public about the progress made.

These are citizens like yourselves that cannot withstand the call to expose the truth. There is no option of being helpless and standing by as a spectator, while knowing the extent of the corruption, high treason and lies, all made possible by a judicial system that is bought and controlled by the cabal. This is all made possible as a result of the privately-owned monetary system that they illegally seized. This has become warfare at its best. Meanwhile, it has been made publicly visible that the cleaning up of the swamp is in progress and very soon a great deal will be exposed when the sealed indictments are opened.


Economic Collapse is being planned

The economy has long ago passed its expiration date and will now be purposely collapsed. This economy is a central bank economy and cannot be repaired. The economy will be replaced by a people’s economy, supported by free markets. The ongoing global financial market correction could continue during the coming weeks, as more GESARA-related changes are made around the world.

The Central Bank system works on debt and people have been brainwashed for years to make them believe that debt is a good thing. The stock market and the housing market are going down. The interest on debt will get to a point where it is unsustainable. President Trump and the patriots are using this strategy to push the MSM into blaming the Fed for the coming crash.


The stock markets all over the world have been declining for the last 5 weeks, and have lost over 8 trillion in paper value. This is the beginning of the entire global economic system breaking down. Around the world the real estate market is experiencing a downturn, even worse than the 2008 market downfall.

The Globalist system is collapsing on all fronts, and this is being done intentionally with the intervention of the Alliance. The most important factor for both sides of this information war is the push to control the narrative of the collapse. The central banks that were planning to introduce a cash-free society, are now experiencing the setbacks. They are in great panic.


The centuries-long tyrannical regime is reaching its termination stage

The centuries-long tyrannical regime is steadfastly reaching its end stage, to be destroyed for ever. No more lies and manipulation. All markets will be free, all aspects of our lives will be free from oppression and suppression. People will take responsibility for their own lives and decide for themselves.


Be prepared and be on your guard, as things are going to move fast from now on. Banks are closing and this will leave many people stranded without the necessities of life. The changeover should take about three weeks. The corrupt and their puppet helpers will be removed as they are unable to move forward. They became part of the Cabal because they have all been bribed to do the work for them. It made them feel important, but they will regret it and are paying a very high price for it.


There is plenty of work to be done

Remember; If only 1 percent of the population is knowingly involved, participating and benefiting from the Deep State fraud scheme, that amounts to about seven million criminals that have to be addressed with some level of questioning and prosecution.


So how are about two million law enforcement officers and judges, and other officials in the Army supposed to arrest, incarcerate, and prosecute these seven million criminal cases? Military tribunals and resources alone cannot possibly handle the vast volume of inquiries and prosecutions. Of course, they can take out the puppet ringleaders and dismantle the infrastructure that supports the Deep State, but in order to do the actual housecleaning, we will need the help of the awakened masses.


We, the people have to work together to put our house in order. We have to assemble our regional infrastructure and appoint or elect our governing bodies, to reclaim our assets and resources, restore our lawful court systems, and many issues more. There will be no sitting around in front of the television set, waiting for superman to come along and rescue us, even though there are many heroes doing their best for us.


We are the answer that we are looking for. Remember that these heroes depend on our civil government to direct and finance their operations. – The Cabal has been leeching off of humanity’s wealth for centuries. The amounts of stolen wealth are being recovered, to be allocated to projects for the benefit of humanity.


There are enough funds to build an entire civilisation on another planet. The funds being allocated to the GCR/RV are equivalent to less than 1% of the total amount of stolen wealth.

For now; the war is nearly over. Roll-up your sleeves and think how you can help to clean up this mess. Start organising your community for the new era that lies ahead.

In the famous words of President John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.



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  1. Ştie cineva care a fost deznodămîntul-concluziile ,cu care s-a terminat ieri la Paris !!-!!-2018 (11 ) întîlnirea anunţată dintre Vladimir Putin şi Donald Trump ?

  2. Proud to say this.
    If enlightened. You would actually pay more attention to change in an old perseption that the dark will always win.
    Your thoughts of being a ship wreck will actually manifest in your reality. Or may you truly start seeing your dreams become. Rather than accept we have no chance. And we are all doomed.

  3. This is long, post it or not, I doubt it will asken many but, maybe one enlightened soul will see…
    I have the greatest respect for organizations like PFC but, when certain authors became brainwashed by the ‘Controlled Resistance Movement’ (I watched this brainwashing campaign begin to develop first under the so called TEA Party at the time their founders QUIT to begin Occupy Wall Street) it concerned me, I had hoped fir their enlightenment but, this campaign of brainwashing now run by or on the behalf of mr Trump, and worse now the Q-A-Nonsense brainwashing campaign run by the CIA as I understand it (obvious to anyone not caught up in the nonsense of “this bracketing here means this” type imagined nonsense) has become a danger to the people.
    This kind of Trumpee article, I feel, is nothing but political backlash after badly losing thier candidates party’s election so severely (which certainly shows the people are pissed off by mr Trump, it was a referendum on his policies). On that note, just FYI, I did not vote, I abstained, I do not vote, nor will I vote (declaring my abstensio amd why, at the local polling place unmistakably fyi), nor do I suggest anyone do so, until the US Constitution is restored under an Article V Constitutional Convention of the States post Event and Global Currency Reset which obviously cannot occur until the Federal Reserve Act is terminated and the US Regime acccepts the Global Debt Facility offer on mr Trump’s desk on his inauguration – which he never will because,he without question,, has demonstrated,, repeatedly for 2 years, to any non brainwashed individual, he, is,,, a cabal pawn).
    Anyone looking to mr Trump as a “savior” is nothing but delusional and clearly so caught up in the minutia of their brainwashing, they cannot see it, is my feeling, respectfully..

    I will agree however mr Trimp has done a great deal in his first two years;
    He has done more to dismantle every enviornmental protection he can which causes the people to suffer and wants to do even more to further the interests of his cabal buddies in dirty fossil fuel industry (and lets not forget the bravery of the Native Americans he attacked and injured shooting into crowds of unarmed protestors over the pipeline deal, that was, mr Trump’s personal doing), he has done everything he could to restrict and destroy a free and open internet (which I have been attacked and censored this very week my internet offline most of the week though my device says onlne and connected, I am lucky to get a few hours a day really connected, the rest of the time I a, censored), he has done everything he could to fund the cabal whch is now flush with incalculable imense tax free profits, he has done most of all funding the cabal defense industry with the increasing the by far largest defense budget in the worlds history blosting it to unimaginable limits simultaneously funding the FED bankers rich with new national debt under their corrupt FED system, has done more to destroy the American economy than any president in history by alienating every ally and trading partner isolating the country (US) worldwide (unemployment last real figure I heard 24%), he has done everything he could to kiss Zionist’s butts continuing funding them over a million dollars daily to continue the murder of innocent children amongst others in Gaza, he has funded the Saudi’s with fresh arms to continue murdering innocent Yemeni’s, he has continued full steam the war in Afghanistan and prosecuted personally the war on the Syrian people…none of this, can be argued!!
    These are just a few,, of the thngs he has done. Positives? Not even one,, that stands out, and the list goes on of wrongs he has done to our people this country and the world, and NOT ONE POSITIVE THING CAN BE SEEN OR VERIFIED but the Q-A-Nonsense brainwashing campaign keeps telling us ‘behind the scenes’ mr Trump is the savior, he’s doing this, doing that, but, there never seems to be even one verifiable thing I’ve seen, to back, any of it, up. Thats beyond brainwashing and edging on foundless faith… INDEED FRIGHTENING FOUNDLESS FAITH, and distinctly a sign of brainwashing.
    I could admittedly,, be wrong (and if proven otherwise by his reversal of all these things he has done to us, I will be publicly reversing my stance and send public apology thpught I doubt it will ever come to that) but, ALL EVIDENCE I’ve seen is clearly, to the contrary, of this article regarding mr Trump. Sure it could be true, he is working for the people, and MSM here is controlled admittedly (though I do not watch MSM other than an occasional RT post – about the only “free” MSM in America, I get my news, primarily through Twitter and the enlightened community -outside the brainwashing propaganda) but, the facts, all,, point exactly the opposite, of the baseless claims, to the contrary.
    This artcle said, all governments must stop chemtrails for the Event to occur? This is also nonsense. The benevolent ET forces are up there, they are watching our every move (literally every one of us individually), near every minute of every day, the craft are there. I have verfied this so many times I cannot count thru placing a camera pointed skyward at maximum zoom & infinity focus, they are there, in 25 frames per second video, I have captured many different craft every video, some multiple craft per second (probably several hundred this year alone I’ve caught see @tyea99 click “media”),, flying over, anyone can do this. They are from what I can tell (without direct face to face contact, just my impression) awaiting the people of ths planet, to grow up, wake up, and act collectively. It is my feeling from my interraction with photographing these craft nearby overhead and the ‘impressions’ I get, it is going to take millions of us, marching to DC and stopping this political cabal nonsense. When we do, “Clean House” (which at that point the military will have to act on behalf of the people, take command from their own, corrupt officers (whom themselves are, without question, currently in violation of their oaths as officers) putting an end to constant global warfare worldwide murdering innocents, instigated by the US military and US regime intel agencies. Then, the ET will likely feel comfortable enough to openly contact all humans on global and hopefully, a one on one, level, introducing us to the very advanced technologies currently suppressed by the eliteScum like mr Trump. Make no mistake, mr Trump as President of the US Regime, Corporate Board, (acting outside the US Constitution as non applicable currently) can like any dictator, order,, the US Patent Office today, to declassify these 5000+ US Patents on everything from antigravity to free energy to god knows what else but, for TWO YEARS HE HAS NOT!!!
    No Mr Trump, has done a great deal but, nothing positive I can recall while simultaneously doing everything positive to help the cabal acheive their goals. He is, like the rest of congress whch signs the AIPAC Pledge and annually renews the State of Emergency (martial law) currently in effect since Lincoln’s time, CRIMINAL and MUST BE ARRESTED in the Mass Arrests.
    If indeed any of this Trumpee Q-A-Nonsense is true, the public courts (once the crown bar is terminated in the US and a new justice system is installed as we hope) will decicde his criminal complicity or efforts, on the people’s behalf.
    This is why the Event is necessary, the mass arrests of ALL of the US Regime, from the President, to Supreme Court Justices, and every incumbent member of the US Regime Congress and a similar action in every state. We must arrest those criminals currently in government prosecuting this war against the people (all Earth’s children), before we can start over, not one,, of them, should remain in government but, that is just one opinion of a former ROTC, officer trainee, that holds that oath of office I took, as my touchstone ie: “…Protect and defend the Constitution against all ememies foreign AND DOMESTIC”. Mr Trump certainly has demonstrated he falls into the last category of “enemy” of the people.
    Lastly, as far as chemtrails, he could order the AirForce to shoot down these chemtrail planes at any time or, bomb their air bases, or even secretly supply ground to air missiles to the right people, without being connected to him, to take them out.
    He has not, just as he has dine NOTHING to end the cabal, and all of this, if nothing else, proves where he stands, which again is, a Criminal Cabal Pawn. Saying otherwise, I mean no disrespect to the tru,pees that believe baselessly otherwise but, I feel, at my core, is thinking he is anything but the worst of the worst to date, to be in that office, is just blatantly ridiculous.
    No disrespect meant to the good people at PFC and elsewhere but, this kind of baseless propaganda article must be confronted b the truth. I agree entirely with one thing: We are the change we seek, we just have to act on it. I have for five years sonce returning online (years prior as well) and have put the facts here and elsewhere, for all to read, my one drop of truth in an ocean of fantasy, means little, its time for orhers to awaken and speak out, eventually march on DC amd make the change we all need, mr Trump, has not and no one ‘savior’ will, its up to us all.
    Victory to Love, Truth, and Light

  4. If we are talking about 1% of the global population, would that not be seventy million (70,000,000) rather than a mere seven million (.01%)? Either way, by sheer numbers, an awakened 99 (or 99.9) percent of awakened individuals must surely overwhelm those darkened ones, “awake” and active being the imperative. Shine your light…!

  5. Pamela, I think the chemtrails example is just a reference to the fact that they will not stop until the Deep State is neutered. The destruction of the deep state control system is the goal and we should do our part to support all efforts in that direction. That does not mean that everything the Repubs are doing is appropriate, but support the effort not the party.

  6. Pamela:
    Commenting via phone is quite limited because of the lack of a keyboard, however, Ed Morgan is the anonymous editor of the daily PFC newsletter. You will need to address your question at the source of the article which is found at the very end of the article.
    Forcing the black elements who inject the vile mixtures into the fuel used in commercial jets to stop that practice, along with the covert operations which are dispensing these malicious products into the air over specified territories are another branch of operations going on globally, funded by taxpayers everywhere, which must be ended. Evidence points to CIA and U.S. Air Force activity carrying out these daily excursions into American skies with either depopulation or mind control agendas at stake.

  7. Well meaning article but several incorrect facts. George Soros is dead and has been for some time. The Federal Reserve is bankrupt. The cabal has had access to a “trust” for hundreds of years where they were able to access all of the dollars stolen from the little people who pay taxes (us). The trust is now under the control of the light forces who are being blocked by the Rothschild faction from distributing the funds for the benefit of humanity via the corrupt global banking system (Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America).
    If you would like to know the current state of affairs, Thomas Williams is an insider with Intel on the financial and spiritual progress. You can find his excellent work on You Tube.

  8. The contents of chemtrails already captured and analyzed will tell us what importance chemtrails play in population management. China airlines involved, aluminum dust(memory loss), barium (rodentcide), strontium (several use cases), flu viruses, epidemics, other?

  9. I am confused and concerned by the comment that this change can’t happy until all governments stop using chemtrails. I don’t vsee how this will happen and I anytime soon. Can you explain!?

    • I imagine that a visual indicator that the first level of evil (the Khazarian Mafia / Rotshchilds/ controlled country leaders /warmongering banksters and minions) is removed will be the end of chemtrails.

      You will see this happen sometime soon. My GUESS is mid winter/ early spring, after most of the deep state is removed. We will see a new fair financial system happen ONLY AFTER the deep state is removed.

      Remember, there are over 70 deep underground bases in the USA and 1,400 world wide. Its gonna take a while. This removal of the deep state is of course just the first step. There are other elements involved, which are tied to exotic weapons. Theses elements need a more time to remove.


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