Interstellar sources are communicating that cosmic shift is accelerating, and the whole universe is going through a phase transition into the new cosmic cycle. So what we are about to experience is not only the Galactic superwave, but a cosmic shift on the scale never experienced since the creation of the universe.
The Galactic Central sun is becoming more active even at subluminal speeds, as the signal of the previous galactic superwave traveling with the speed of Light is perfectly entrained with the new one that is coming extremely soon:
This is already creating big changes in our Solar system. The Cosmic Central race has created a multidimensional flower of life grid throughout the Solar system that extends from lunar obit outwards to the heliopause. This grid will serve as transmission buffer for the coming superwave.
In their last ditch effort to prevent the shift, the Chimera group have filled the Solar system with as much anomaly and darkness as possible from early 2017 to January 21st, 2019.
Since 2012, the Chimera was leading a strong war against the Resistance and actually managed to fool the Resistance a few times by arranging leaks of incorrect intel to them. For example, the Resistance was scanning the Solar system for any remaining Chimera ships and found none, when in fact those ships were hiding in hyperdimensional wormholes and later staged massive surprise attacks.
This disnfo campaign has a few times lead to some inconsistencies that were posted on this blog. Yet I need to say that Resistance was releasing true intel to best of their understanding and ability, and overall most of intel they have released is valid and correct.
Now Resistance is recovering from all those attacks and a new reinforcement of 50 million new members has arrived from Kuiper belt into the underground network, membership now totaling 120 million. More reinforcements are expected to arrive soon as we come closer to the shift.
The Chimera has realized that they have lost the Solar system and are now concentrated on defending planet Earth and sublunar space as their last fortress.
They are still using toplet plasma bombs as their last line of defense. Top quarks can eat ordinary matter even more efficiently than strange quarks and are far more dangerous than strange quarks:
The plan of Chimera is now to spin limited disclosure into a fake Draco alien invasion that would use TR3-B spacecraft attacking the surface of the planet and the Cabal using the US Space Command as defense against the TR3-B fleet:
In the ensuing chaos, the Jesuits would crash the financial system and implement an AI dystopian surface civilization, similar to what was existing throughout the Solar system in many colonies:
Introduction of smartphones was part of the Chimera’s plan to alienate humanity and entrap them in the dark spider web of technological dystopia:
The robots that would control humanity are already being developed:
The Jesuit plan for the global collapse and the new crypto financial system is also proceeding:
In the last few weeks, certain key positive developments have happened that have effectively stopped this Chimera-Jesuit plan and it will NOT be successful.
Many sources are predicting the bankruptcy of a major bank such as Goldman Sachs or Deutsche Bank in October:
Cosmic Central race is claiming that the Light forces can handle the collapse situation and that plans are in place which can not be discussed.
The Resistance has communicated that major volatility is expected in the financial system in October, but not yet the systemic collapse.
The systemic collapse is actually the collapse of the debt-slavery bubble and is planned to coincide with the timing of the Event:
Many countries are already preparing their distribution chains for the Event:
The Light Forces have asked to step up the frequency of Flower of Life meditation to every 4 hours in order to stabilize the planetary situation, for those that feel guided to participate:
Light Forces have also communicated that as much Goddess energy as possible should be anchored in the planetary energy grid to stabilize the situation:
Atargatis is a mermaid Goddess that came from Sirius star system and landed in an egg shaped craft on the bank of Euphrates river many millennia ago:
Her archetype was later distorted by the Cabal, but her original energy is one of the key energies for peaceful transition into the post- Event society.
In current distorted culture, a fresh perspective on sexual energy is needed:
For example foot fetish, judged by many, is actually a past life memory of Goddess worship:
Archeologists have finally released proof of the first Archon invasion:
Soon, a new Cobra interview will be published online. You can send your questions which will be answered in that interview, to [email protected] .
And at the end, a cryptic message for those who understand:

Victory of the Light!


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  1. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey ,salute dear Cobra, thank you , thank so much for all the love you have in your heart for all that is. So do we love you and grown more and more peaceful and the gift of pateince that was lost eons ago had returned ,now as we know we are in the path of Universal u ion and love ,forever. Lots of love . Always. Victory of the light. So be it . So it is. I AM

  2. The Light Forces are weak, but you are not supposed to know that. That is Confidential info so you don’t get negative on the endless waiting game. If people were to know the truth, the despondency would be to great to overcome collectively. So you get what you get here, basically the same old info as the last 10 updates, which is: Nothing new here that I can report (paraphrased). This is just a different form of “disinfo” that is not really info. It is designed to keep you hanging on indefinitely, to teach you to acquiesce (accept something reluctantly but without protest). to “their” info. Their “info” is: “we cant tell you anything new, because that “info” is confidential”. I/we expect more from the Cobra’s “shot-callers”. COBRA gets to hide behind “plausible deniability” because he/she is referring to a controlling “Light” faction that has never been vetted or trusted by humanity. And we have to listen and acquiesce to that? No, you have no credibility. Take this message back to your “shot callers”. “If you want a participating engagement with humanity to help you out, you need to come up with a way to get us involved instead of making endless excuses, creating waiting anxiety” . Oh, and your mass-meditation requests are BS. You would have had us meditating every day, and still 5 years later …. no where. If humanity is to carry your water to help you help us, just admit that. We need to know where we stand, and your articles are purposely ambiguous of the big picture, instead giving us details about historical “foot fetish”. Who cares? Give us some info that is relevant to our situation. We are not here to obstruct. We want action and are tired of your endless deflection of info. On a side note: It seems to me that the warfare tactics of the Light are to wait and see if the “Darkies” do something illegal, so then they can swoop in. Unfortunately, for humans, the torture, sacrifice has already been done (and the dark has been satisfied), now, after the fact, due to “legality”, then the Light forces swoop in and clean up the mess. Maybe they can teach the victim (endless victims) not to be to angry at what has happened to them. I guess the best we can do is ponder on how we are to forgive something that is designed to feed off of you, perpetually. And who the hell is this “Cosmic Central Race” you keep referring to as a shot-calling authority. If they are really involved, you need to expound on all that to create an engagement, instead of you relying on us accepting your premise. To me, I think the “shot-callers” are in their little box only listening to themselves. Maybe they are arrogant. These Light Forces are not 100% light. There are participating factions that want “partial disclosure”. Are we to trust them with our souls? Be careful what they are feeding you here!

    • Cut to the Chade; If you want to believe the way you do, have at it but leave your negative babble off this site. People like you are part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.


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