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  1. There are two things I have forgotten to put in my comments above.

    (1) I have seen my own heart flame – a gift from my own Higher Self so that I will know that our heart flames do exist in everyone and not just in our brother/teacher, exampler, not savior (we must save ourselves) Jesus whom wishes us to understand that: ‘I am no different than you, I have simply succeeded in becoming a master of myself before you.’ “I AM the resurrection” (of what was lost long ago,10 DNA helix that connects us to 5th dimensional awareness of who we are.)

    Because our DNA now has 12 strands, not just 2, and the 5th dimension chakra above our thymus gland is connecting to us (a perfect cell matrix for our physical bodies) physical perfection is again possible, if we allow it.

    (2) The Earth is a free-will zone, with one exception. The Ashtar Command and other Lightworker ships have been given the right to destroy, without exploding, bombs, because the damage is too great, affecting the Universe, as well as the Earth and the Spirits (us) grounded to the Earth by physical bodies. Bombs not only destroy our physical bodies, but shatter and scatter our sacred energies and will not longer be allowed to happen.

    We are loved, protected and energetically connected to the God/dess (their creation and children) through our individual sacred Heart Flames. Our fall in consciousness was the turning from that awareness – thanks to the dark forces’ who possess the powers of contamination – IF WE LET THEM!

  2. The Universe of which our Earth is part of runs on the Universal law of the “Law of Attraction”. And it is that law that determines who meets the Greys and what happens to them, which may not have actually happened to them, but their fear may have created the experience in their minds, or it actually happened the way they remember.

    And, I believe Ms. Young understands that The Greys are a timeline of Humanity’s past and/or future where if we refuse to live from Love of Self first and then love of each other, we will become like the Greys who’s bodies reflect the single-energy male energies of hatred and guilt – expressed and perpetuated. Because the God/dess of whom we are thought creations cannot reach those who refuse to let go of guilt and who cannot love but choose to hate, the Greys live in a world of their own making. Let their experience be a warning. We must learn to be balanced male-female Humans so that we can live by the wisdom of our own I AM (God/dess) Selves.

    Regarding their bombs concern:
    I’m very aware that Mars was very much a place of beauty, but was bombed – a terrible war in which they lost – millions of years ago. When bombs are used against our brothers and sisters, their sacred etheric energy bodies (that feed their physical body) – emotional body, psychic body, etheric body, kundalini sacred energies body, chakras are shattered. If you can imagine, a shattering experience even greater than when an individual is sexually raped, which is bad enough (a living hell) and which can take many lifetimes to heal when the individual is ready to forgive. A shattering of sacred energies that requires a scooping up by for reconnection!

    Bodies of energy that feed and connect to our heart flame energies that come from our Higher More Noble Self through the top of our heads, connecting and stimulating our pineal glands (a very important gland that we use to create with – including sex). The small etheric crystals in that gland are stimulated. Next, our I AM Connection connects to our heart flames where the energy is distributed to the rest of the body using the many chakras (12 major) and many, many smaller chakras.

    Because males have been losing their ‘Y’ chromosomes (color/Light) – what was originally 1500 ‘Ys’ to todays 50 ‘Y’ and waning, this has to be a contributing factor to what the Greys also experienced – single male energies, missing the Mother-God connection (‘X’ chromosomes) of Love and left side of everyone’s bodies. There are children being born today totally missing their ‘Y’ chromosomes. (That bit of news was a medical report on the Internet just recently.)

    By the way, when we fell in consciousness our chakra over our thymus gland disconnected and moved away from our body’s energies). It is this eight (chakras, not seven) over the thymus gland that holds the perfect matrix for our body’s design. Without the design held in that chakra, distortions are created. Because Humanity is separating from the manipulation of the dark forces, we are drawing that chakras back into our auras and the 10 helix DNA that was also lost has been replaced by our Father Mother-God/dess.

    Women were blamed for it but were not responsible for the original fall in consciousness. Men had sex with animals creating the half-human, half animal creatures that were later destroyed (by a bomb actually, harming many). God/dess then made DNA transfer from human to animals impossible after that. Unfortunately, according to farmer’s wives (who are used as dumping grounds for what the men pick up – parasites, worms, germs, bad bacteria, etc) and those who admit to such practices, sex with animals continues today, a contributing factor to Anthrax.

    Yes, we are looking at our future bodies if we don’t stop waring with each other, using the Wand of Light (penis) as a weapon of war, eating toxic foods, allowing the medical profession to inject us – directly into the blood stream – with toxic vaccines with formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum and squalene ( and destroying our very environment with chemtrails, insecticides, herbicides (GMOs). Women’s bodies can no longer be used as male dumping grounds, the price paid is too great (cancers and chemistry change of future generations.

    The Greys are angry because they were tricked, as we are being tricked by lies and manipulations. The good news is that God/dess finally said “Enough” and placed a ‘ring of pass not’ around the dark forces who are forcing us to slowly destroy our sacred bodies and around those individuals used as ‘pawns’ to serve the dark forces’ agendas. (They planned to steal the Earth from us.) The end to this insanity is near, but there energy work to be done to clean the mess created. We are being helped in so many wonderful ways, but we must ask, accept and anchor the higher God/dess energies into the Earth. Free-will rules here and it is we who must work with our Higher God/dess consciousness.

  3. There was a grey by the side of my bed one night covered in a brown substance with a flat head and an extremely thin and long neck. I looked at it to my right for about a minute {I wasn’t scared} and then my head hit the pillow and I was asleep again. I have no idea what it did to me. Oh, and my dog was asleep on the bed and never woke up.


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