Take a look at what is going on around you. Does it look or feel familiar? The Universe has been preparing those who have already awakened for a large-scale event…and this is it!

Take a bit of time to remember your own personal awakening process before you really understood what was happening. Now multiply it. This is the time to take all you have practiced and put it to good use. Ask The Universe to show you the truth of the situation and adjust accordingly. You know how to bring Unconditional Love and Light to any situation. Is it time to begin!!!

“Greetings. Everything is going to be alright. The future is a beautiful place. But you will need some training in order to get there…”

“The lab-created Coronavirus was a cover-up of a planetary coup through the mass mandatory vaccination dark agenda. Now it has become the biggest covert U.S. Intelligence operation that the world has ever seen. This mass 158,000-arrests operation will remove and capture the biggest evil and corrupted politicians, celebrities, and CEOs, including global elites and bankers such as George Soros, U.N. officials, and the founders of GRETA, inc.”

“WE SHALL SEE: This morning at 4:30 a.m., Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was served a criminal indictment by the U.S. for corporate and financial crimes. Media owners were instructed to brainwash everyone that Trudeau and his wife have the Coronavirus and that they won’t be leaving their house for a while

Tom Hanks was arrested 48 hours ago for pedophilia and he is currently being kept in a hotel room in Australia, refusing to fly back to the USA. The next celebrity arrests will be Celine Dion, Madonna, Charles Barkley, and Kevin Spacey. All will claim Coronavirus infections

Italy’s airports have been completely shut down, as over 80 Vatican and financial officials have been served the same criminal indictments for financial crime, pedophilia, child trafficking, and sex abuse

The United Emirates have completed mass arrests of their own Royal Family and affiliates

Convicted Hollywood rapist Harvey Weinstein agreed to a deal in exchange for his testimony against hundreds of top Hollywood celebrities and their involvement in the drug business, pedophilia, and child trafficking. Instead of a 55-year sentence, he only received a 23-year sentence. In exchange, he provided testimonies against some of the biggest and most powerful names, including Prince Andrew of the U.K., former president Bill Clinton, former vice president Joe Biden, Tom Hanks, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Quentin Tarantino, Charlie Sheen, Bob Saget, Kevin Spacey, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, Podesta, NXIVM and PIZZAGATE sex trafficking clubs, and hundreds more who all were directly involved with Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was similarly allowed to make a deal and have his suicide in prison faked in exchange for his testimony

CEOs of some major world corporations have been indicted/arrested, and some have been forced to resign — all in the last 30-60 days — such as the CEOs of the NBA, IBM, Lockheed Martin, T-Mobile, Tinder, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Hinge, OKcupid, Match, Hulu, MedMen, L brands like Victoria Secret bath and body works , Harley Davidson,  Bill Gates from Microsoft/Foundation, Intel, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Cesar Awards, Disney, the Vatican Chief of Police; etc. Approximately 700-800 more resignations are coming in the next 3 months.

President Trump will win the 2020 elections, and arrests of former U.S. presidents will occur in early 2021. All major arrests will be portrayed by the media as accidental or as conspiracy theories. All arrested individuals will be given “Rommel Death”, meaning that they will have a choice between their death being portrayed to the public as a suicide or an accidental death in return for assurances that his or her reputation will remain intact, (think John McCain ed.) or, alternatively, they can choose to face a criminal trial that would result in public disgrace

Some top religious leaders will be arrested or forced to resign, and some will suddenly get “sick.” (Just the JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon) The Vatican will be the first, and the Pope will be removed in 2020. Production of human extracted Adrenochrome will be revealed, and Hollywood and the Vatican will be exposed as being directly responsible for that

Coming up there will be a 2-month complete shutdown of the world’s most common operations, such as schools, the stock exchange, some banks, airports, shipping, travel, events, galas, expos, sport games, sport championships, music award ceremonies, NBA/NHL/Baseball games, and ship cruises. There will be food shortages and staged electricity power loss. Gas prices will go down, food costs will go up, insurance will go up, gold and silver stocks will fall, and many corporations will either go bankrupt or take a significant financial loss, such as in the case of what’s about to happen to Air Canada, Disney, and Coca-Cola.

Welcome to the Great Awakening. What’s about to happen this summer and fall will change the world’s history.”

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  1. That’s the reaction you’re supposed to have! ? Dismissive, reactive and kinda lacking in any substance or evidence of truth. Well done ?

  2. it’s amazing how things are falling into place, let’s hope all this comes true. It’s time these evil creatures we’re found out.

  3. So are you really trying to say Trump is now better and the chosen one to pursue all these changes? For the Love of God stop spreading insane things! This are fantasies from use of not one hard drug but a bunch of them combined together! Well use them, it is your choice but stop making people crazy with these fantasies!!! Trump is as corrupted and moraly valueless as he can be! STOP making him the good guy!

    • If you follow Qanon you will see the truth but watch this if you haven’t- watch it in the order given so you see the connections perfectly https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/02/fall-cabal-video-series-parts-1-10-with.html

    • I used to hate trump, but if you watch him instead of someone else’s interpretation, he is in alignment. Trump 2020

    • He is the good guy Selma. You loopy leftwards are about to go into meltdown, but no matter what bs they throw at trump will not stop what’s happening now. No fantasies about it. The only fantasy is the one you’re living in

  4. Trump was a friend of Epstein. He is from that circle too. He is a hypocrite who worships money. How is this going to happen? Unless he is not taken over by an alien entity? Good wishes though.

    • Yes, he is from that circle too. The photographic evidence shows him posing with the Clintons on the occasion of their daughter’s wedding. Later evidence shows him to be a changed man. He has turned on the cabal. That is why they hate him so. Understand that some of our most valuable assets against the powers of darkness and tyranny are former high-up mukitymucks from the dark side who have gotten so disgusted with it that they flipped. It is really the only course for them that makes any sense.

      • Don’t be simple minded try to see the bigger picture.. use your imagination. At one point he was “OK”with them. But he was chosen for a bigger purpose later on.

        The Army did not want to work for illuminati/Cabal anymore so they made a plan..together with someone else that always wanted to get back at them JFK jr. JFK Jr is not dead, he planned all of this (Q) he was very close friends with Trump. But their were like 7 Billionaires in race for taking down all the Dark forces and Trump was chosen from all of them, best suited.

        Trump loves America and it’s people. 90% of the media has been feeding you lies about Trump and about everything you can think of. They are payed big money to get in the way of them taken down.

    • Not a friend, an acquaintance. There’s a difference! Let’s have some proof on the fact DJT worships money. When a man is successful and enjoys beautiful surroundings and material bling bling does not mean he worships money. He had more than most, yet decided to rescue his country and assist his fellow Americans who were being hijacked by their own government. Are you unable to feel the love he has for this Nation? If so, you have been indoctrinated with the same teachings most non-thinkers have been. Perhaps you are bitter because your choice did not win. Whatever your sour reasons are, remember who you truly are: a spirit in a skin suit on a journey. Rise to the occasion and give thanks for every adventure put before you. How you choose your path will minimize every struggle that befalls you. Choose well! WWG1WGA ❤️????

      • Yes they met but because they were both Billionaires, you can’t say they were friends. Trump was never for what was going on Epsteins Island. Trump is exposing it! There are other former presidents that did visit the island.

        • Don’t be foolish he was asked to take on this task, because others knew as he did, he was chosen and is the perfect Choice, how many Pedophiles were arrested before Trump? Now it is every week. Sadly in Hollyweird this was common knowledge as it always has been. Cindy McCain said as much, then added but what could we do? Well how about trying to stop the child sex trade, she made no effort although she was certainly in a position to try. Why do you think all the freaks hate Trump, he is not a perfect man but he is the right man to stand up to them. Now they just want to legalize pedophilia as a disorder. It is a crime an a 45 to the head would be the only cure.

    • Yes they met but because they were both Billionaires, you can’t say they were friends. Trump was never for what was going on Epsteins Island. Trump is exposing it! There are other former presidents that did visit the island.

      • Don’t be foolish he was asked to take on this task, because others knew as he did, he was chosen and is the perfect Choice, how many Pedophiles were arrested before Trump? Now it is every week. Sadly in Hollyweird this was common knowledge as it always has been. Cindy McCain said as much, then added but what could we do? Well how about trying to stop the child sex trade, she made no effort although she was certainly in a position to try. Why do you think all the freaks hate Trump, he is not a perfect man but he is the right man to stand up to them. Now they just want to legalize pedophilia as a disorder. It is a crime an a 45 to the head would be the only cure.
        These people are sick

    • Actually trump was his friend until epstein started his sex trafficking with minors at his key largo club Trump kicked him out.

    • They’re only associated because they’re both from NY and eventually Florida. Trump and Epstein both had private clubs but slightly different circles of “friends”. Epstein would show up to Trump’s private club with young “adults” claiming to be his nieces. Then over time he finally offered a “niece” to Trump! Donald Trump literally beat the brakes off Epstein and banned him from his private clubs among other establishments. Plus during the investigation of this whole case, the lead detective has already ruled out Donald Trump of ANY wrongdoing. They’re just putting his name out there so Biden doesn’t have to debate this man in front of the country. This is the stuff you’re not being told about. If people would just detox from mainstream news and really research these people, they’d be better off.

    • He’s never been a friend of Epstein, only met him in business circles. Why do you think they’ve tried every trick in the book to get rid of him if he was one of them. I really cannot understand why so many people have him after everything he’s done for your country. He’s the best president you guys have ever had

  5. People can always have hope that this is true. Of course I do, but in my heart I hear that it too is a plan against us. The Bible says that there will be world peace for 3.5 years when the new system takes over. My Christian brothers and sisters need to remember this. The whole world is shut down at this moment. It’s going to a global currency, NWO, all part of the “Plan” that we are supposed to trust according to Q. I hope that justice is served by the dark players in this world. But I feel it’s a dog and pony show to fool us all. Don’t put your faith into anything or anyone but our Lord God! Not one, not even President Trump, is faultless, except for Yeshua!

  6. Hi,
    Just wanted to say that this stupid virus is disrupting people’s lives & jobs in Denver, Colorado & all of tbe state of Colorado. Its disrupting College student’s lives ( people who have the opportunities to get a College degree. Its disrupting tbe ordinary people who have jobs to go to: so tbey can survive month by month to pay the monthly bills on time. For what ??? Why make ordinary people suffer ??? There are alot good kind hearted people who are very hard workers: trying their best to survive & take care of their children & family members. Why make poor people suffer ??? The poor people don’t have alot money. Thank You for taking the time to read this.

    • Hard times = expansion
      This is a time to let all that isn’t working for our highest good to fall away. We need to take care of each other and let our light get so bright that the dark forces have nowhere to hide. Money can’t be our society’s god any longer. Love ,respect, and faith in source will come out of all this. As we all suffer through these losses we can unite and create the world we want to live in.

    • Have you really thought over what you’ve written? Of course there are poor people who are starving. People without homes, cars, food and money are in this condition because their GOVERNMENT has been stealing and spending all your money. Wake up and quit being whiners and know who the corrupt are as opposed to the benefactors. Our duly elected President decided to rescue America and surround himself with many Patriots who are assisting him. Forget your political affiliation. Research what both party of thieves have done to our government and you will Know why DJT is exposing their crimes in increments. It’s a slow process and this phase is crucial. Americans are being asked to sacrifice for the greater good. One or two months is very little compared to the decades our ancestors endured wars and poverty. See your future brighter and more comfortable with all humans having enough clean water and food. These next few months are clearing the way for all of us to finally be free. ?❤️?? WWG1WGA ??

  7. A small point to make. In my heart I would truly love for all of this Q nonsense to be real. However, having been in this Military I can tell you about using psychological warfare to render your enemy an ineffectual fighting force. When you are going to attack you want to strike first. So if you can distract and delay your adversaries you will get in the first strike which is crucial. If you can cause decention in the ranks even better. I feel as if I am standing on a razor blade. We really only have one shot at this. All I am saying is that doing nothing has gotten us to this point in history. When they shut it all down for a month or two you will know you screwed up. An empty stomach has no use for a weapon. Beside Americans will turn on each other before they will turn on the controllers as very part of our Society is completely splintered. We need to get together sooner than later and do for yourself. Don’t trust any Government. The last words you will hear will be “We’re here from the Government and we’re here to help”

    • I agree with your statements. As well as Ezra.
      What little I’ve read concerning Q, it or they talk of following some plan. They gather peoples hopes and anger over an event then write a comment in true horoscope style. Kinda like playing the numbers in a fortune cookie on the lottery, because they are surely the winning numbers.
      I think Q pertains to Regulation Q of the Federal Reserve which was destroyed in 2013.
      So I see “Q” as something leading people to stay docile as the country is destroyed.
      I suggest reading “The creature from Jekyll Island” I know some my have heard of it but think it would be boring. Read it then comment.

  8. Mathew is going on his information, and his intuition..just as we all are. He is allowed to make his opinions known just as anyone else is…the facts are all that matters…We are all angry, I have followed this site since 2013, that’s 7 years of the same old stories. How can anyone like Mathew or myself actually believe that a Billionaire pig of a man like Donald Trump could be a good guy or a white hat..? Not me, I have read and heard many accounts of how he treated his employees at the casinos he owned, multiple women have claimed he raped them, he was good friends with Epstein the pedophile…do you really consider this guy to be a bastion of morality… He is not even a patriot, he got out of Vietnam because of bone spurs, but yet he sends other kids off to die for oil in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.. He is hypocrite, a billionaire who cares more for his brand and corporation than his country… Now I am not saying that the political left is any better, it depends on the individual, but as my history research has shown, the Rothchild cabal has owned just about every government in every major nation since the 1920’s. If any nation goes against the Rothchild cabal, they get hammered. So does anyone really believe that the cabal is going to get locked up… Well you can lock up Hillary, the Bushes, the whole government, but if you don’t stop the real players who own most of the worlds central banks, your not going to change anything at all….They own Trump, the own Macron, they own Merkel, they own Boris Johnson. The cabal, the Jesuits, and the Vatican control everything. So in your wildest dreams how or whom do you think is going to initiate the arrest of the cabal..? It sure as hell ain’t going to be Trump, or any President in the Western World. Do you think it would be the NSA…. Do some research and see what happened to Bill Binny, the man they made the movie “Enemy of the State” about, Bill is and was a whistle blower, and he has been harassed and threatened day in and day out for just trying to help his country, and look what they did to Snowden, Julian Assange, do you really think it is possible to counter these organizations by telling the truth..? There is no one who can go against the US government, it is owned, it is a corporation, and it is owned by the bankers who control the Federal Reserve. Please think about it… is it possible… I wish I was wrong, but the only way you can end such corruption is with an overwhelming force. Unfortunately there is not a single police force capable of doing it….they are all controlled by the same politicians who appoint the judges, the prosecutors,…. The military is sworn to uphold the Constitution but it’s power structure is controlled by the top brass, which is always hand selected by cabalist politicians… It would be the greatest overthrow in all of recorded history, the removal of the most powerful families, and their organizations that date back to the Roman Empire… So what do you really think the odds are of it happening…? Cobra just posted a new intel briefing, he says it is going to happen, I hope it does, but man there is not a single piece of hard information/ evidence out there that points to anyone or anything on this planet starting such an operation… Just keep on praying that a miracle happens because thats what we will need…..

    • Unless you can prove what you’ve said about President Donald J. Trump, then your words have no value. Do not bother praying for a miracle. Miracles come from a self awareness inside of you and what your belief system has nurtured since birth. You are an energy inside a skin suit that walks amongst billions of similar energies. In order to seek change you must first imagine what it is you want. By ridiculing others is a sure way to short circuit your own views. See in others those things you lack, thereby improving your own situation. No human is perfect!!!! Only when we are able to give STO will we be able to bring this planet and other humans on a path to a life of harmony. Have you even noticed the joy and compassion at the Trump Rally’s? This is an energy of love flowing together with the same purpose….to be free to live on earth and express their inner Knowing. WWG1WGA ❤️????

      • When I belonged to 12 step groups I learned a very helpful outlook to embrace. HANG AROUND WITH WINNERS! In other words, look to others that have something special about them that you would like to have and then emulate them. Can’t go wrong with that. I just had a vision the other day of most of the people I have met over my many years who have influenced me and have helped me be a better person. I had tears of joy and gratefulness for having known them. I AM a perpetual work in progress but hope I have influenced a few during my time in this body and my experience here on earth.

    • First Trump was and is NOT perfect- nor are we but if people would understand the media has been owned by the Cabal and most of the news is propaganda. WORLDWIDE lies are used to set narratives for citizens to go to war under false pretense- created for you. Every war since Napoleon has had BOTH sides paid by the same people! Watch videos in its entirety in the order given so you can connect the people and situations and you will be stunned. This has been vigorously researched and I feel true as I have researched for 15 years and was amazed all the info I read was now in a small viewable short series. Pass it along. Fall Cabal 1-10 the 5th video was taken down by youtube but you can still locate it easily. https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/02/fall-cabal-video-series-parts-1-10-with.html

    • I concur …. These fantasies about upending the elites are fun to visualize … But seem impossible … These folks have been in power for a thousand years … Only ETs could threaten them … And who knows maybe the elites ARE ETs themselves

      • Hello AJ, your words “…These folks have been in power for a thousand years…” seem to suggest that you believe this will be the case for the next thousand years also. If that’s what you meant, I think it’s an observation based on the idea that nothing will change, and since life is all about change: destruction, and creation both, plus what you make of it from the inside out, such a prophecy can’t be fulfilled unless we surrender to “those folks” and accept slavery in shackles.

        To many of us, and maybe you’re one of them, the present chaos and pandemic seem to show that the elite is in power as usual. There’s dark humor in this, that many who are alive right now, want more of the things they don’t want in their lives.
        That’s almost like an addiction to a mindset, just like a junk needs heroin to survive

        One of the profits of this pandemic is that it throws us out of our comfortable chair.
        If another thousand years of “those folks in power” would show up in a “business as usual” way, our present time wouldn’t show up with global protests, government puppets stepping down, or arrested, and other puppets showing up, more or less with strings attached. While we’re more or less in quarantine with a virus floating around, starting to store up homegrown food, with time to think for ourselves.

        When you also watch the events that bring change for the better and notice the change in the attitude of people that are working for a world in harmony, showing up in greater freedom of expression, that shift is more contagious than the fear of the Coronavirus.

        The plans and schemes of the Cabal, are like a machine, a locomotive, that, once moving and on full steam ahead, can’t stop quickly. Certainly not after 1000 years of rock-n-roll. The man at the steam-engine is shoveling coal, and amidst steam hissing and clouds of smoke, the machine will roll on its own weight.

        It’s my belief that the more we take our power back, and our responsibility to co-create, pulling the brakes on the abuse of power and money, making waves inside our dungeons, for a springcleaning, and than make bigger waves in society, the quicker the locomotive slows down and comes to a stop. It will run out of coal.
        The man on the steam engine will jump off the train long before it comes to a halt.

        The destination at the end of the train track is much in favor of humanity waking up, and not in favor of those who destroy life and Earth’s resources. I’ve shared it before, but I believe in this, that life doesn’t tolerate those who try to sabotage it.

        The Goddess Kali energy of destruction, not as a deliberate attempt but as an essential part of life’s cyclical nature, will always find a way to expose the lies and delusions, pulling the curtains away and expose the Grand Wizards of Oz.

        As long as the appreciation of being alive is present, when we’re saying “yes” to life, life will begin to support us and bring us opportunities, nudges, and solutions. Soulutions….. soulunions….soul music ?

  9. my 2cents worth..Could be true could ALL be false Trump could be the anti-christ that we all LOVE..but then again could be what hes portraying..Pres USA doing his Q thing ..the point is ..I dont see how we can possibly know it ..until we “know” it so ..Ill put myself in Team Trump coz there dosent seem to be “anyone else” cleaning up..so GOD BLESS TRUMP and AMERICA…STOP HURTING OUR BABIES …

    • The Q is finding the truth thru us, spyies if you might say, but they are looking into our pots and it is cause of us, sticking our necks out riscking our privacy, to tell the truth, so they check it out and finf it to be true, so you can thank us for getting this information out, they thank us and we thank them, so as far as getting it done, should all unfold Oct around there, I will be king I am thinking, or the Caretakers landlord, Lord of the United Church of Canada, 6000 Iona drive, Vancouver British Columbia, http://www.bclaws.ca/EPLibraries/bclaws_new/document/ID/freeside/00_96465_01
      Says the church or Government of the Church, owns the land, to restore my family back into the church to get the land back is part of the plan to be King of Ireland Scotland and England, the Orange, my lineage goes Griffin to Gruffydd king of Wales I know the King Edward VIII his son says in the fall, he has DNA to prove he should be king and he will give it to me, for my merit has the lineage, I am the mix of the bloodlines of the royalty and freemasonic rule I am related to everyone, nobody has this fact and I have gained alot of Knowledge can’t wait till the fall #restorethestuarts #findingtheblondekid

  10. Oopps! Time to step out of my small box of assumptions… again. This is an ongoing endeavor by the way. Willingness to look at , at least abandoning all ONE’s assumptions of the TRUTH they have come to know is wisdom. Even those TRUTHs ONE has clung to ,we have filters for, since childhood. It is difficult and may require many tries but may be necessary if ONE chooses it to advance in themselves. What is called “growth”. I have had such high regard for so many teachers and truth tellers what today is called “Influencers”. Now when we need them most they go silent? is that compassionate?ONE big red flag for me has been the lack of women in guidance and leadership. perhaps that is a function of my male bias, but I doubt it. For years now we have heard of the thousands of “sealed indictments” that would be served and a round up of criminals would happen at a time just like this, a world wide quarantine and shut down of our society. where are David Wilcock? Corey Goode? Jesse Ventura, COBRA? the White Dragon Society Ambassador? Julian Assange is in jail we know that. But where are the others? With so many of them (awakened truth tellers) revealing themselves to be Trump and Q followers that appears to simply be the rebranding of the very damaged and weak Republican party. otherwise known as “more of the Same” We were told of this time coming in order for a currency reset, a debt Jubilee, arrests of corrupt criminals and so on? An Event? It must be considered by any ONE being honest with themselves that these Hopes, these fortellings may just be Bull$hit. Another layer of control. Just like my honest posts being censored by these folk on FB. is the whole internet a control from the getgo? it was created by the DOD afterall. Is ONE ready for such a disappointment? does ONE dare to believe that things can be balanced /righted in this realm, although our experience shows that with all the progress we are told happens, that no actual progress is seen? Are we in a loop? a purgatory as we understand the concept. In Truth, even with the guidance of my Future Higher self. I must say… “I don’t know”. In the collective. for myself, I do know, but for the collective? I don’t know. But I must be prepared to move forward even with dashed hopes that we were moving in a more balanced direction. I have been cautious of buying into what we have been told about higher dimension beings, extra terrestrials which I believe in even now, were going to intervene on our behalf, but I must admit the feeling of getting the run around is an itch in my discernment. So many of these “leaders” or “influencers” have turned to charging high dollars for going to their “events” in exotic places and online workshops. In fact whenever I seek the council of like minded people there are always large hourly fees to overcome, and not once a followup by any of them. Even those in direct contact with Arch Angel Michael. FYI I have never charged for my council or guided meditations. Of course I have noticed myself getting censored emails blocked but even with my heart, my background in law enforcement, No ONE has contacted me in regards to actions being taken on my behalf without my consent or even that represent my values. Such as light workers doing assassinations and forgoing due process putting criminals in Guantanamo Bay. THAT is not what the Light does, because the light knows who IT is and who they are. and I have asked many many times. But crickets. “I KNOW WHO I AM” and I AM not even in the loop? That is not OKAY with me. So like the Zen master, the boy and the horse. I will remain in the state of. “We will See”. But I am awake and watching. and I AM paying attention to who will censors this message (COBRA). I greet all with the greeting of all greetings, Namaste. I state my truth of the only thing I m certain of today at this time in this realm. I restate it as I have been stating it over and over again, and so many have stated for a million years in a million ways by a million messengers. “The answer to every question is LOVE. IF LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer.” I send love and Light to all during these historic trying times. I send it to ALL even the dark controllers.

    • I wonder about all of those things, too. Like why did it take so damn long.
      BTW, loved your ending about LOVE. Last October, the beautiful who had been sharing her life with me for 7 years unexpectedly died. Since that day, the whole focus of my life has become one of love. Is it good for me, is it good for others, and is it good for the world? Because even if you don’t love yourself, I do.

    • Nous sommes en France, nous sommes Français et ils nous cloîtrent chez nous. Presque plus personne ne peux travailler, la police et l’armée se déploient… Les gens on peur du virus… Ils ont peur les uns des autres. Nous n’avons plus le droit de voir ni nos familles, ni nos amis…On ne peut plus se rassembler à plus de 5 pour acheter dans les magasins. Notre président en France est un banquier est un associé des Rothschild… La dictature mondiale est en marche, la 5G et beaucoup d’autres armes de contrôles arrivent… La résistance et le souvenir que nous sommes humain est notre seule fenetre vers la lumière…. [email protected]

    • Beautifully said Greg. There is only one truth, your truth! There is no need to justify your beliefs.
      Creator plants its seeds in unexpected soil, lest we hold it to a rule!
      We’ve all had an entrance and likewise an exit. How our lives are managed in between are our choosing. There is no right or wrong. Everything is merely a perception of our thinking. Whatever we dwell upon becomes our reality. Giving away our power to others can also change our reality. We each have a unique identity/frequency and no two are alike. Yet we perceive others to be of “like mind”. All due to following rather than Being. We are Light, We are Love! Remembering this WILL bring us all together in harmony. ✨??✨

    • I have gone down the rabbit holes of info on both sides many times in last few years … I’m either “totally confused” or “completely informed” … All I know is … It’s more interesting than sports … And really am hoping there are powerful ET’s pulling strings with good intentions … Please just let there be some “good” at the top of the food chain

    • Thank you, Greg, for sharing your thoughts and feelings, above all your outspoken intention in the end. I’m not very far from it, tinkering in the cellar, ha!
      About this: “Trump and Q followers that appear to simply be the rebranding of the very damaged and weak Republican party. otherwise known as “more of the Same” is an example of how complicated and muddled information sharing has become often.

      Since I’ve looked into Qanon and its “drops” and “tweets” which I respect coming from the genuine posters, there’s been attempts to infiltrate and divide this initiative. There are pages with so-called Qanon posts that have no connection with the true core of Qanon.

      These “spin-offs” begin to have a life of their own, and some turn into gruesome virtual parties with yells and screams, where people bite each other’s heads off like ants. I’ve found such a page one day and I fell from my chair.

      In the last 15 years, I’ve witnessed several spiritual fora which came to an end by falling to pieces, by means of infiltration and deliberate attempts to confuse and create animosity.
      At times, the initiator proved to be a servant to his own agenda, unknown to most of the followers. This is the “push and pull” game on the playground floating in the virtual cloud.

      I believe that with the blessing of the internet, there’s an equal amount of challenge, seeing through the smoke and mirrors, and make belief of those keeping up appearances, weaving mirages with a keen understanding of the human nature. Things aren’t always what they seem, as we all know, I’m sure. Anno 2020.

    • The Great Reset is being organized by unelected globalist technocrats. While we’re all in Lock Down, economies crumbling in trillions of dollars of debt (money gone to the globalists for a vaccine), they’re implementing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (A.I. & Automation). Most jobs won’t be back, driverless electric cars will replace fossil-fueled cars, etc.

      https://www.weforum.org/ is managed by https://www.mckinsey.com/ , & they implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals https://sdgs.un.org/ . Be as aware of the Business Plan rhetoric, they’re figuring it out as they go, partnering with government & private money. G a t e s’ vaccine will make us GMOs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRYsN9IL1As

    • Trudeau has not been arrested as far as I can see … he does the briefing at 11am daily … Although his mother had a close call when a space heater on her balcony set her apartment on fire … Could have been a calling card ?

  11. I will join you and say its bullshit if that was the case why are they still chemtrailing the planet ? they can say what you want and try and piss down your leg and say it is raining but they can’t hide chemtrails, which is damaging the planet plus us and is part and parcel of there package how much public money is it costing?

  12. Ive seen this on two other sites. Word for word. No offense but i will believe it when I see it.
    Yes Tom Hanks and his wife said they are infected and Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s wife is said to have impossibly been infected and other situations have been reported on the main stream news. So Im taking this with a grain of salt and truely hoping this is all true. Ive been following this group and the others for a year and more . God be with us all in this time.

  13. They are taking measures to make “their death being portrayed to the public as a suicide or an accidental death in return for assurances that his or her reputation will remain intact” What an awakening!!

  14. What will happen to the ones that are going to be able to stage their deaths, or are they actually going to be killed?

    Is this the real reason for the sudden buyout at the grocery? I don’t understand the reason for the panic and Trump declaring a national emergency. The death toll in the US is 50 and they are all physically weak people.

    • You are right my friend… All this mass panic has nothing to do with jailing criminals or bring them to justice. This is just a bunch of smoke to get us distracted from the real plan they are working on. They jailed Al Capone without declaring national emergency! And I must say that I believe he was much more honest and humanitarian that this satanic pedophiles.

  15. Panic and shortage… if your country relies on export, yes… but if it produces more than enough of its own food, no… and even then…. we should learn to share!! So please include this in your messages as well…. we need to encourage each other and help each other. Not create fear, panic, shortage causing behavior…

  16. Friends, Make up Thieves Oil spray of 10 drops Clove oil, 9 drops Lemon oil, 5 drops Cinnamon, 4 drops Eucalyptus and 3 drops Rosemary and spray all the rooms of the house. With tthis robbers survived the Black Plague so I feel certain we will survive this corona virus which is being panicked by the media spreading disinformation!!!

    Eat food all the colours of the Rainbow and solarise your water as the Sun kills germs. Rainbows of Love, Light and Laughter to us all. Pamela of Down Under

    • Total bullshit. There will we NO mass arrests, this is the Q Anon bullshit. Your Masters know what you want to hear, and they are feeding it to you. Trump is a Chabad stooge. Used executive power to assault 1A with the ban of “anti Semitic” speech on college campuses.
      Did not use executive powers to block the Supreme Court from banning bump stocks, hence the legal precedent has been set for further confiscation of weapons. Direct assault on 2A.
      Our hopeful/divine nature is being preyed on. Wake the FUCK UP.
      The Tree of Liberty’s roots are thirsty.

    • I don’t know a particular site that tells the story of how Thieves Oil was used during the Black Plague but this is a true story. If you aren’t familiar with Essential Oils, Young Living Oils has been making Thieves Oil for many years. You can purchase it already mixed from a YLO dealer or I believe through www.younglivingoils.com Even if it is possible that this formula won’t cure COVID-19 or any virus, you can’t go wrong cleansing your home with the spray. Each oil on it’s own has wonderful properties


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