1. We would miss you.
  2. It’s not worth the regret. Either by yourself, if you failed or just simply left scars or the regret everyone else feels by not doing enough to help you.
  3. It does get better. Believe it or not, it will eventually get better. Sometimes you have to go through the storm to get to the rainbow.
  4. There’s so much you would miss out on doing.
  5. There is always a reason to live. It might not be clear right now, but it is always there.
  6. So many people care, and it would hurt them if you hurt yourself.
  7. You ARE worth it. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise.
  8. You are amazing.
  9. A time will come, once you’ve battled the toughest times of your life and are in ease once again, where you will be so glad that you decided to keep on living. You will emerge stronger from this all, and won’t regret your choice to carry on with life. Because things always get better.
  10. What about all the things you’ve always wanted to do? What about the things you’ve planned, but never got around to doing? You can’t do them when you’re dead.
  11. I love you. Even if only one person loves you, that’s still a reason to stay alive.
  12. You won’t be able to listen to music if you die.
  13. Killing yourself is never worth it. You’ll hurt both yourself and all the people you care about.
  14. There are so many people that would miss you, including me.
  15. You’re preventing a future generation, YOUR KIDS, from even being born.
  16. How do you think your family would feel? Would it improve their lives if you died?
  17. You’re gorgeous, amazing, and to someone you are perfect.
  18. Think about your favorite music artist, you’ll never hear their voice again…
  19. You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a warm building on a cold day
  20. Listening to incredibly loud music
  21. Being alive is just really good.
  22. Not being alive is really bad.
  23. Finding your soulmate.
  24. Red pandas
  25. Going to diners at three in the morning.
  26. Really soft pillows.
  27. Eating pizza in New York City.
  28. Proving people wrong with your success.
  29. Watching the jerks that doubted you fail at life.
  30. Seeing someone trip over a garbage can.
  31. Being able to help other people.
  32. Bonfires.
  33. Sitting on rooftops.
  34. Seeing every single country in the world.
  35. Going on road trips.
  36. You might win the lottery someday.
  37. Listening to music on a record player.
  38. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  39. Taking really cool pictures.
  40. Literally meeting thousands of new people.
  41. Hearing crazy stories.
  42. Telling crazy stories.
  43. Eating ice cream on a hot day.
  44. More Harry Potter books could come out, you never know.
  45. Traveling to another planet someday.
  46. Having an underwater house.
  47. Randomly running into your hero on the street.
  48. Having your own room at a fancy hotel.
  49. Trampolines.
  50. Think about your favorite movie, you’ll never watch it again.
  51. Think about the feeling of laughing out loud in a public place because your best friend has just sent you an inside joke,
  52. Your survival will make the world better, even if it’s for just one person or 20 or 100 or more.
  53. People do care.
  54. Treehouses
  55. Hanging out with your soul mate in a treehouse
  56. Snorting when you laugh and not caring who sees
  57. I don’t even know you and I love you.
  58. I don’t even know you and I care about you.
  59. Nobody is going to be like you ever, so embrace your uniqueness!
  60. You won’t be here to experience the first cat world emperor.
  62. Starbucks.
  63. Hugs.
  64. Stargazing.
  65. You have a purpose, and it’s up to you to find out what it is.
  66. You’ve changed somebody’s life.
  67. You could change the world.
  68. You will meet the person that’s perfect for you.
  69. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  70. If you end your life, you’re stopping yourself from achieving great things.
  71. Making snow angels.
  72. Making snowmen.
  73. Snowball fights.
  74. Life is what you make of it.
  75. Everybody has talent.
  76. Laughing until you cry.
  77. Having the ability to be sad means you have the ability to be happy.
  78. The world would not be the same if you didn’t exist.
  79. It’s possible to turn frowns, upside down
  80. Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s shit, and never let them take you alive.
  81. Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. Be your own hero.
  82. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
  83. One day your smile will be real.
  84. Having a really hot, relaxing bath after a stressful day.
  85. Lying on the grass and laughing at the clouds.
  86. Getting completely smashed with your best friends.
  87. Eating crazy food.
  88. Staying up all night watching your favorite films with a loved one.
  89. Sleeping in all day.
  90. Creating something you’re proud of.
  91. You can look back on yourself 70 years later and be proud you didn’t commit suicide.
  92. Being able to meet your Internet friends.
  93. Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate
  94. The new season of Sherlock
  95. Cuddling under the stars.
  96. Being stupid in public because you just can.
  97. If you are reading this then you are alive! Is there any more reason to smile?
  98. Being able to hug that one person you haven’t seen in years
  99. People care enough about you and your future to come up with 100 reasons for you not to do this.
  100. But, the final and most important one is, just, being able to experience life. Because even if your life doesn’t seem so great right now, anything could happen.

I know life is hard, but just hang on there. All bad things that happened to you shall pass.


Source: https://www.investmentwatchblog.com

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  1. This list doesn’t apply to someone suffering from mental illness and who experiences manic episodes, such as my mother. During an episode, no one could convince her of anything.

    She ended her life on January 29, 2015. I don’t blame her. I don’t resent her for it. It’s all she knew to do. And now that she’s gone, it’s impossible for her to have regret.

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart. I hope that many will read this and all said. Yes, we must all hang on. It will get better. Life is beautiful! We are all connected. Love you!

  3. Suicide doesn’t kill you, it just relieves you of a physical body. Nobody can ever die, as in stop existing, because we are eternally conscious beings. Life, as you know it, is tied to a physical body. The bodies change, you live on, forever. If you kill your body, you have to be a ghost for the time period representing the rest of that body’s natural life. Being a ghost is an extreme form of suffering, you still have desires but you have no way to fulfill them. Being a ghost, from suicide, is like being forced to take a time out to figure out what you did wrong. Stay in the body and solve the problems. Cowards learn the hard way that running solves nothing.

  4. Those are some reasons but consider that humans are forced to be here and forced to incarnate against their will. We the people are born on their planet to get beat up and not spiritually evolve. Which is why suicide is a strong option for me since after the event I will have my life review.

  5. Having attempted suicide myself, on numerous occasions (overdose drinking, overdose by pills, putting out the stove pilot light and filling my apartment with gas, and even, bailing from car at 75-80mph) for numerous reasons (grief, depression, divorce, business failure, religion, & more), thus, I think, I may be uniquely qualified to add this…
    In my last suicide attempt (last listed above) in 1994, had I succeeded in killing myself, I never would have met my 2nd wife, which was a far worse decision than the first time marrying because as a result (after being already depressed and suicidal), I lost everything in life, including my freedom and went through the worst time of my life, a nightmare from which there seemed,, at the time, no return, and lasting a decade of my life…
    Though I considered it many many times, I did not, attempt suicide again and there were many times I came close but, by then, I had a baby girl, I had to survive for, despite the divorce hearings (#2), guardianship hearing taking away my 2yrs old, giving her to liars and abusive people that only wanted the money for doing so, and my ex wife running off with a carnival worker to go frak her summer away disregarding our daughter or legalities. If that was not enough, there were added legalities piled on legalities, that made my life, a living hell…no one knows the depth of legal harassment I endured. I had to find some reason, not to eat a bullet…
    One must find something greater than yourself. Much as AA and other such organizations teach, a higher reason (power) outside one’s self…
    I could not then foresee, that my daughter would survive her ordeals in fostered care, or grow up and have children of her own, two wonderful amazing grandkids, and that I, would be there to take great joy in seeing them grow up… no I only saw darkness…
    Had I succeeded,, with all my emotional, financial issues ($145K in Debt with less than 10K annual income and zero assets remaining), and psychological issues involved in deprogramming this world’s religious teachings I had immersed myself during my young adult life, which led in 1994, to me, bailing from a car at 75-80mph (I cannot recommend doing this, it REALLY hurts, take my word for it, and the noncompismentis -mentally not in control hearings- requiring state circuit court intervention and possible, court ordered, in-patient, mental treatment. These hearings are no fun, even if like me, you beat the court case the state brings against you for attempted suicide / mental incompetence, by, showing you were not, insane at the time), and had succeeded and killed myself, I never would have seen my daughter born two years later, nor grandchildren born 2016 and 2019. Nor, would I have gone through a lot more difficult times in life (which actually makes you more emotionally able to cope), leading, like links in a chain, to where I am today…
    Today, I live in my own, free and clear owned home, I also own free and clear my two (in bad need of repairs) vehicles (my financial issues resolved, some by me, some by karma), have a nice family (no after divorce #2 never married again, gone MGTOW), and had, I succeeded, in suicide, none of it would be a reality. I would have known nothing much of the awakening process, which now, I am experiencing life in very unique and interesting ways today. I would have further, never have seen a ufo a5 class she range and never could have photographed thousands of times ufo’s I have now, nor realized there was far far more to this life than my own, little problems.
    Life is amazing, it really can be, if your patient as willing to create a better life….
    How did I get here? It really doesn’t matter how I did it, nor my personal story, it’s just that the point here is, YOU CANNOT PREDICT what life may have in store for you. Life is like when a store calls you up saying you’ve got this great free store credit, it’s up to you, what you do with it. You can choose, any one, of a number of paths, in life, but, you never know where that path might lead. It might be hard, it was for me, even after choosing not to commit suicide but, life has a way of balancing out. If you are facing extreme circumstance, I can’t tell you that the situation you find yourself in, if and when it will be any better but, I can tell you life is about ‘change’, nothing remains the same, it’s forever changing, and the smallest change you make, can create a snowball rolling down hill momentum of change,, in your own personal life. You control events, events do not control you (though at times it might seem so, it’s not).
    The very best thing you can do, if you are feeling depression and suicidal, is get out of your own head. Worry about someone else’s issues, find a way to become service to others oriented. This has two effects, the aforementioned ‘getting out of your own head’ a while (a good thing if considering suicide certainly) and whether you believe in karma or a life reward for good deeds, you are building that future, creating “good karma” in life, and things will change for the better, you just don’t know how,, as yet, it’s not yet manifest but, KNOW it is coming, expect,, better in your life, begin to visualize a better future… you deserve better, and you will see it happen…
    The mind is the most powerful thing. It can be focused inward on self destruction, depression, misery, and that,, is exactly what you have in life, or,, it can be focused outwardly in a positive manner and, the best way to do that, is helping others. If we focus on something, doing so from a place of service to others orientation, rest assured, over time,, you will manifest a better life for yourself.
    No, it will not be easy, nothing worthwhile, ever is, and yet, I have found it is the experience of manifestation, that makes life interesting, one might could say, worth living… at least that’s what I found, and watching life in anticipation of the change you yourself are manifesting, is quite comical a times… ie; worth living for, and you might find, as I did, life can hold some amazing joys, that might be just around the corner in life, and you just cannot (temporarily) see it manifest in your present. Give it time….

      • Your welcome. I don’t know if it will help anyone, I hope so.
        I wanted to add; Alcohol usage increases depression dramatically, as does seemingly, psychotropic medications prescribed exactly for such depression (I have been prescribed many types, I definitely have a very low view of said meds but, consult a physician of course before using or stopping using). I use neither psychotropics nor alcohol anymore (never!!! use in combination. FYI, there is a direct link between depression and alcohol use, if depressed the best thing you can do is stop drinking for at least 6 months to dry out, a year, or two,,, is better and after which (1 year in my case), I saw a distinct lowering of depression, near zero by elimination of all alcohol use), and after my 1990’s experiences, I can not recommend using either one, individually,, either anymore, because they did not work for me (but again consult your doctor). I can however say, without psychotropics, without alcohol, and instead, using very small amounts of let’s just say recently decriminalized “recreational” alternative in many states including my own, which stabilized my mood and controlled my reactive emotional nature, stabilizing my life, as a whole.

        Victory to the Light, Truth & Love


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