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There were some drastic military escalations behind the scenes a few hours ago, and there is now a full scale war going on between the Galactic Confederation and the Draco fleet in sublunar space, and a full scale war between the Resistance Movement and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex in the underground bases. Nothing can be said at this time about the operations on the surface, as all is still classified.

Although the end result of this war is a clear Draco and IBC defeat, the energy of this conflict will precipitate to the surface of the planet as increased violence among members of the surface population, and as violence from the Cabal towards the surface humanity.

There will be two peaks of this conflict, the first one being Mars Saturn square on September 29th at 21:49 UTC and the second one being Mars Pluto square on October 9th at 13:09 UTC. The Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to join the Flower of Life meditation at those two moments, to minimize that violence and bring more peace into the situation:

The Light Forces are also asking everybody who feels so guided, to join daily Flower of Life meditations at their convenience. These meditations are taking place daily every 4 hours at 12 am, 4 am, 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm UTC.

Saturn Chariklo conjunction on September 21st meant peak quarantine status for this planet, both as a planetary quarantine and as covid quarantine, and now the dark forces are daily losing their grip upon the surface of this planet. There is still great possibility for the Cabal to try to impose new covid lockdowns for about a week, and moderate possibility for the Cabal to try to impose them in the next three weeks. Therefore the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to participate in daily meditation at 9:30 pm UTC to counteract covid lockdowns:

Victory of the Light!

This table shows 9.30 PM UTC time for selected time zones:

Instructions as given by welovemassmeditation:

(Suggested duration of the meditation is 20 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to stop the engineered second wave lockdowns.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize second wave lockdowns being canceled, with Cabal midlemen, city majors, health officials and other authorities being inspired to resist lockdown instructions. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, shifting away from all epidemics and away from the lockdowns.

6. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Goddess wants peace and peace it shall be!

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  1. Now 12;27 am CST next date but, Sept 29th in AM was weird, as my Internet,, was “on” with 4 bars signal but, no connections here, utube, etc., so I missed the meditation notice.
    Tonight, (same date), a Loud sky boom, something “taken out” by sound of it, overhead… Followed by the sky, jet like roaring, sound,, for several minutes, twice. The one incident with Web was strange but, this really got my attention, thought that I better look in on PFC, and found this post…Thanks to Cobra again (hardly fails to do so, Cobra has been right on like this, more times, than I can recall now, where UAP Phenomenon events parallel his words). It explains the sky boom (though not meaning the ‘resonant booms’ associated with that particular term, nor like the trumpet like sounds, this was more like something exploding with a crack/bang, and whatever took it out or caused such sound, following it, into earths atmosphere, to do so, with the…well it’s a jet like, “sky tearing open” sound ‘circling’, I’m so familiar with photographing these craft 7 years now, before it, moving off again). I don’t know exactly what it was, or what happened exactly as I am just speculating based on Cobras words and nothing was seen visibly with the cloud cover / rain we’re having but, something,, happened over the MI. UP tonight.

  2. Another plate with food for thought: Salvador, an astrologer I appreciate much, writes:
    “Here in late September, with the eclipse power far from its climax, a new Supreme Court justice is soon to be confirmed. The nation’s highest and most powerful court has suddenly become the dramatic stage for judicial power to swing into the way of the Light for decades to come. Amy Barrett, a legal genius Aquarian who’s sun sign matches the fortune sign of President Trump, is a powerful manifestation of divine feminine energy during a time when it is direly needed. The soon-to-be Justice Barrett is the death blow to the election theft strategy of the treasonous Saturnian Democrats. She is called at a perfect time to a nation in need of divine intervention which it has received in ways far beyond the scope of this article”.

    Here’s a detailed, well written and passionate reading with charts:
    Justice Barrett: Astrological Insights & Psychic Impressions

  3. I’ve decided to leave some spiritual food here, on this page, for those of us who feel the appetite. I believe we’re initiated 21st-century style now. Blessed with knowledge and familiar with what moves us and supports us from inside, in general. I believe that tribes living in the jungle of Africa and South America, hold their own knowledge and wisdom, moving through the present initiation in a different way. Seeing an aeroplane fly over is a tremendous “earthquake” in their minds, for example. Changing their reality.

    The present initiation, which is an individual process for many of us, I believe, isn’t secret or “holy” (read: abuse of power by humbling ceremonies) as in the style of initiation in ancient times, where Initiation Centres/Temples/Pyramids were kept separate and secret from most people who lived in that time.

    With hairy barbarians living off the land and animals, and medicine-men/women, stargazers too. Not all at the same time, or maybe yes, spread over different parts of the globe. Contact as an internet-connection and phone was absent, only travellers brought news from far away, and even that may have been kept secret, at times.

    Nowadays, we’re able to read and express ourselves, about the experiences and bewilderment, in our inner and outer world. There’s a horn of plenty for each of us.
    By choice, we can benefit from it or ignore it, and learn the gentle or the rough way.
    The lecture in the video below is the 1st part (of 3) of a series of lectures by Rudolf
    Steiner, called “Mystery Centres of Ancient Ireland”
    These videos are published by YouTube Channel The Karma Police Bureau, animated with beautiful images throughout, accompanying the reading in an atmosphere that is unique.

  4. Hi
    Does all this space wars have to do with what JoAnn Richards ( wife to Mark Richards) was talking about ??? Jo Ann Richards is yalking at UFO conferences about the information her husband gives her. ( Mark Richards is in prison now: the govt. put him there).
    About the secret space program: our space ships.

  5. One of the most talented British actors, also director, Sir Laurence Olivier, in the theme song of the movie “Time”:

    “Stand before me on the sign of infinity,
    all you of the earth.
    With the granting of the law of provination
    comes the application of change.
    I will give you the key.

    And with this knowledge, please realise,
    comes the responsibility of sharing it.
    I will show you the way. It’s very simple.

    Throughout the universe
    there is order.
    In the movement of the planets, in nature
    and in the functioning of the human mind.
    A mind that is in its natural state of order,
    is in harmony with the universe
    and such a mind is timeless.

    Your life is an expression of your mind.
    You are the creator of your own Universe –
    For as a human being, you are free to will whatever
    state of being you desire through the use of your
    thoughts and words.

    There is great power there.
    It can be a blessing or a curse –
    It’s entirely up to you.
    For the quality of your life is brought about
    by the quality of your thinking –
    think about that.

    Thoughts produce actions –
    look at what you’re thinking.
    See the pettiness and the envy and the greed and the
    fear and all the other attitudes that causes
    you pain and discomfort.

    Realize that the one thing you have absolute
    control over is your attitude.
    See the effect that it has on those around you.
    For each life is linked to all life
    and your words carry with them chain reactions
    like a stone that is thrown into a pond.

    If your thinking is in order,
    your words will flow directly from the heart
    creating ripples of love.
    If you truly want to change your world, my friends,
    you must change your thinking.

    Reason is your greatest tool,
    it creates an atmosphere of understanding,
    which leads to caring which is love.
    Choose your words with care.
    Go forth … with love”.

  6. I’m reminding myself often of this: worrying is a waste of time. I’m not young anymore, my heart and spirit remain forever young. We can walk around and be present as a living prayer for the flowering of human consciousness and the victory that is dawning on the horizon, from the present battlefield, loud and messy at times.

    Invest in being the best version of yourself that you know how to be. With that attitude, you don’t have to make efforts to be better and compare yourself with others. As a human being born on planet Earth, growing up in all the turmoil, changes and systems collapsing, with new systems not yet fully in place, you’ve got a unique gift to offer.

    Find it, but don’t push it, just let it unfold and flower, naturally. While being present and paying attention. Just like nature shows us how a seed sprouts, shows us the growing of a plant, a tree, shows us the unfolding of flowers, the visits of the bees, the magic of pollination, and the appearance of a seed, falling to the ground. Where the seed one’s sprouted that didn’t have the awareness of bringing forth a seed again. And again.

    I’m learning much from Mother Nature, she’s my favourite teacher, school is never out. That sprouting, growing and seeding, can be enjoyed in our own undertakings to make our dreams come true an help others to do the same. Time as a circular or cyclical flow, just like life itself shows up in everlasting cycles.

    Enjoy your own heart and feel the affinity for yourself in it. It happens quickly, to be distracted from that sacred place in the heart and become overwhelmed by the vastness of change on planet Earth, even in our own lives. Alex Collier, one of the human men who was contacted by Andromedans, once was taken on a journey by his guide, and experienced bewilderment, frustration about having to live in two realities, one on planet Earth and one in the Andromedan’s reality.

    There was a moment when he had had enough of this and walked out, leaving his guide, who called after him “The pain that you carry is the love that you withhold”. Alex Collier chewed on that one for a long time. He shares his experiences and lessons on YouTube here: at the Awake and Aware Conference of Project Camelot 2009. Pay attention to the 01:24:49 minute in the video. It’s a powerful moment of teaching and proof of Alex’s insight in human nature.

    To just be the best version of yourself that you know how to be, without pushing, force, and doing battle with our inner world, to me, that’s what it takes to live in joy and to build a reality that is washed, refreshed, based on that foundation. Planet Earth is showing us the best version of herself that she knows how to be, I believe. As her children, let’s follow in her footsteps. There are many wayshowers present on her body, you may be one ?


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