Thus far in our Planned Chaos series, we’ve revealed the means or events that have been put in motion to justify the ends, that being control by the rulers over the slaves. In this episode, we’ll explore what one of the primary end goals actually is. This goal is obvious to anyone who’s ever opened a history book, watched a Hollywood movie about war or the mafia, or sat in a basic history class: a) follow the money and b) all roads lead to Rome.

Who are we talking about in this episode? The key players are the controllers of wealth: bankers. There are two major players in this game, and for simplicity sake they are most easily described as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Both have made their wealth by cornering the market of available assets. Think of them as two players in the game of Monopoly. However, it’s key to know that the Rothschilds represent the globalist side, while the Rockefellers represent the nationalist (American) side of the board and are trying to expand out globally – biting the other hand that once fed them. As the game is close to being over, and it is clear neither of them will win, they are upsetting the board and throwing all the game pieces on the floor on their way out. Thus, all the planned chaos in the world.

What they have accomplished is a global control of the majority of assets around the world: including the monetary systems, natural resources, energy, livestock and agriculture, the financial markets, armaments for war, infrastructure, politics, people, and precious metals. The Rothschilds accomplished this by convincing the European royals to allow them to govern men through debt slavery in the form of usury or lending money at interest, and through taxation. This is also known as government.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are both loyal to Satan and derive their powers from their belief in dark energies.  They have sworn to build a synagogue to Satan upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Hence, they are the Zionist’s who created the current state of Israel from land belonging to the Palestinians.

Right now, however, let’s stick to more modern times.

Currently, these two factions are key, because they are at war with each other over control of the “Monopoly board” or the global financial system. The Rothschilds began their dynasty courting and infiltrating European royal bloodlines, while the Rockefellers are the new guys on the block who came to power in banking when they used their oil wealth in the establish the Federal Reserve bank or Central Bank.  This consolidation of Wall Street banks occurred after the Civil War when loans were being offered during this Reconstruction period.

They created a chaotic environment through war and its aftermath, and then stepped in and offered to create order out of the chaos by financing the necessary reconstruction – which they had necessitated in the first place. This is no different than what Americans are experiencing today through their sponsored race and social inequality-based rioting and unrest. But at the time after the Civil War, they needed the help of the European central banking experts, and in 1913, invited them into the deal that established the Federal Reserve – a privately owned, for-profit business.  In an under-handed move, they manipulated the American Congress to establish the Internal Revenue Service, or I.R.S. a year later, to collect money from the public to pay the interest on the “money” that the Federal Reserve loaned to the government.

Because the European Rothschilds believe they’re the top dog in their minds, the long game and what they ultimately want to gain control of is the whole board or world – thus they are Globalists.

They also want a return to the glory of the Babylonian Empire, which included the area now occupied by the State of Israel and its capital of Jerusalem. Egypt is also important to them, as Egypt also sprang out of Babylon. Modern-day Iraqis where Babylon itself was located, and so is also important to them.

Why does Babylon matter so much to them? Aside from the religious aspect which we’ll get to a little later and in the next episode, they give thanks and praise to the system of control which was given to them by their gods, specifically, a unique magic ability of creating wealth out of thin air. This system is called the Babylonian Money Magic System. Currently it is known as Fractional Reserve banking. It amounts to the ability of banks to lend out money up to $10 or more for every $1 they keep in their reserve or what is actually held in the bank. This is why a run on a bank (too many people withdrawing their money) will crash the bank.

Because what they perform is essentially magic, they like to dress up like magicians.

For their part, the Rockefellers exercise control over the military might concentrated in the United States. They are vying to make China the new world power at the expense of the U.S., hence the decades of outsourcing to China of American jobs and manufacturing, and the current Planned Chaos rioting and destruction Americans are undergoing.

The current issue regarding control of the system is two-fold:

First of all, the Fractional Reserve lending Ponzi scheme (Central Banking system) eventually runs its course and needs to be reset. This happens roughly every 75 to 100 years.

To cover up the collapse of the system, these powers usually resort to creating wars, which is why they’ve been seeding the predictive programming of World War III with Russia, China, North Korea or Iran over the recent period. Just like a magic trick, the war creates a distraction and reaps them huge benefits. It drags a country into debt by borrowing money needed to defend itself, and so it takes out debt in the form of futures contracts to build up their war machines. The elite-owned Military Industrial Complex profits, while the average person pays for it in every way.  After everything is destroyed, countries are required to take out loans to rebuild. And as hard as this may be to understand, they consider war – and human sacrifice, an acceptable offering to their god Satan.

Secondly, who is going to control this reset? Will the Zionist globalists control the game and centralize power in Babylon? Or will the Rockefellers move the control system to China and create the U.S. of China as has been promised to them by their Rockefeller puppets, the Bush, Clinton and Obama families? Or will something emerge from the strategy of the Alliance, a collection of positive forces who are trying to gain the surrender of the controllers, that usurps these plans?  What role does President Trump play in this reset? We know that he has always been bailed out financially in the past by the Rothschild’s banks.

Even among those who consider themselves “awakened” and part of the Lightworker community, there is ambivalence regarding whether President Trump is one hundred percent trustworthy. He seems to play all sides of the fence. He certainly is friendly with Satanist Zionist’s. His largest campaign financer in 2016 was Sheldon Adelson a Zionist Billionaire.

January 20, 2017 – Washington, DC, United States of America – President-elect Donald Trump greets American casino magnate Sheldon Adelson as he arrives for the Inaugural Ceremony to become the 45th President on Capitol Hill January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Credit Image: © Richard Ellis/ZUMA Wire)

And yet those same ones will tell you that Donald Trump is unequivocally dismantling the current system of control and enslavement and if he can’t be trusted to turn this around, there is no one else who can. There is also talk that Trump is in reality a figurehead and working for a military group that is working towards the re-establishment of the Republic of The United States of America. And that this group, the Alliance, is in fact working on behalf of God and humanity.

Does the old saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” apply to this situation? Is Donald Trump part of a brilliant strategy, a double agent type situation where everyone truly believes he is working for their side? And no one really knows?

That would require expert gamesmanship on the part of Trump. In any case, he does appear to be taking on some of the long-established globalist plans (The EU, the Paris Climate Accord, The W.H.O., The Federal Reserve, etc.) – which is good for the vast majority of the people of Earth.

But is there another possibility, such as the Great Awakening, where the base of the pyramid – the great majority of people rise up and topple the capstone from the pyramid and take control themselves?

The answers aren’t known right now, but the game in play is clear to see if you have the eyes to see it for what it is. Do we live in scarcity or abundance? Vital questions to ask. But let’s dig deeper into the history of the financial planners of chaos.


Where did these controlling families come from and in what other ways do they use their system of power and control? The answers will surprise and shock many.

Think of anything negative you can imagine; murder, lies, extortion, bribery, fraud, torture, imprisonment, slavery, mind control, invisible electronic warfare, dogma, ideologies, divide and conquer strategy – these are their methods.

And anything else horrific, amoral, or vile not listed.

If they (the banking controllers) were allowed to govern men through the banking system, they played a useful role to their directors at the Crown of England or where all roads lead to…Rome and the Vatican.

The group that is made up of descendants of Cain, Canaan and the Tribe of Dan, mixed with the royal bloodline of Judah, set up a control system based on old Phoenician trading routes – both land and sea, and ruled by the Law of the Sea, or Admiralty Law, and the Law of the Land, or Civil Jurisdiction. The head of the Law of the Sea is the King or Queen of Great Britain and the head of the Law of the Land is the Catholic Pope. These two pillars are at the forefront of the rule of humanity that is carried out by their minions, the Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Freemasons, among many other secret societies. They are not actually at the “head of the snake,” but that is a topic for another discussion.

These hidden rulers based their court systems, taxation systems and governing systems on these two sets of laws and systems of control.

When kingship was handed down “from heaven” or rather by the Anunnaki, as found in the well-documented, self-written version of history “The Twelfth Planet” translated from the Sumerian tablets by their minion Zechariah Sitchen, the role was supposed to be of a loving father figure to his people. One who served his people. This system was put in place by one of the Anunnaki who is benevolent to the human race, named Enki.

A pretty visual story is told in this Mexican rock group video series about the Annunaki from Messageiro Do Vento. They interpret the Sitchin story in great detail, such are devout with something to gain.

This is where these controllers get the concept of the divine right to rule. That is why you will see the British royal family busy doing photo ops of their “charity” endeavors. They try to pretend they live up to this ideal.

Their system of control expanded when they began running the major east-west trading route known as the Silk Road where they accumulated their first pre-requisite for power: wealth.

They made sure the royalty became indebted to them by starting wars that the royals would have to fight and pay for and financed lavish palaces for them that fed their egos. The British film Jew Süss touches on the themes in which Conrad Veidt calculates a position of power in 18th century Germany. The Nazi propaganda version of the film goes for the racist overtones, but clearly paints the picture of greed which is understood in this review of the Joseph Goebbels created version.

A cleverly hidden secret, the path to infiltration isn’t always so nefarious appearing at first blush, but rather to be admired as in this scene from Stanly Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon. In all scenarios, access to power is the objective in which the ends always justify the means.



They bribed the royal’s minions, the politicians, and took over the actual administration of countries. They became Mayors of the Palace or Stewards who ended up taking over the power of the throne. And eventually they married into and infiltrated the royal bloodlines of Judah.

Let’s focus a minute on a particularly noxious people from the Black Sea area known as the Khazars. They were a particularly bad combination of the descendants of the Biblical Cain and the Canaanites combined with Edomites and Danites along with some descendants of Ashkenaz, grandson of Noah’s son Japheth. They were such a belligerent, war-like, child sacrificing people that the kings in the neighboring regions of Russia and Persia (now Iran) gave them an ultimatum to either choose Judaism, Islam, or Christianity as a religion to try to civilize them. Outwardly they chose Judaism, but inwardly they vowed to destroy all three of their choices. They formed Catholicism to destroy Christianity, Wahabbism to destroy Islam, and adopted Talmudic Judaism to destroy Judaism.

Outwardly they chose Talmudic Judaism and became known as AshkeNAZI Jews. The emphasis put here on the NAZI part of the name, was intentional to emphasize the fact that it was these people who later became the part of the Germans who were the Nazi’s. So, the irony of the whole Nazi’s atrocities against Jews during World War II is that the Nazi leadership were in reality Satanist’s who were practicing Talmudic Judaism, who were masquerading as Christians, who were killing Jews. And they were killing Jewish descendants of Judah – actual Jews. These AshkeNAZI Jews later became the Zionists who are behind the State of Israel.

History is written by the victors.

It was these same Cainite/Danite/Edomites who gained control over ten of the Tribes of Israel during their defeat and removal by the Neo-Assyrian Empire circa 722 B.C.  The area they were relocated to, later was called Scythia and it was as Scythians that the majority of the “lost” ten tribes of Israel moved west across Europe – under the control of Satanist’s.  The Talmudic Jews were the descendants of the false High Priests who were in power in the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of Yeshua (Jesus)- previously part of the empire of Babylon. The ones he openly called the Synagogue of Satan, because that is exactly who they were. Talmudic Judaism is the religion of the Synagogue of Satan.

There is a particularly vile sect within this group known as Frankist’s, which is a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement of a man who claimed to be the Messiah. There are still descendants of them running things today. Jeffrey Epstein was a Sabbatean Frankist Ashkenazi Jew.  No doubt Ghislaine Maxwell is too. Remember the small club?

Most people think the Nazi’s were defeated and faded into the sunset. But the truth is the Nazi leadership established bases in Central and South America and Antarctica and fled to those places at the end of World War II. And their top scientists and engineers were brought to America during Operation Paperclip. Since then, they have infiltrated themselves into the highest levels of American government. This has been documented previously in the Protocols of Zion.

Nazi flag being placed on Antarctica during Deutsche Antarktische Expedition, 1939 (Source: Wikileaks)


The Bush family, beginning with George Bush Senior’s father Prescott Bush, were key in bringing the top Nazi scientists to America after WWII. Prescott Bush started the CIA, and the Bush’s have colluded with Nazi’s throughout modern history using their Wall Street banking connections to profit from war, and even were key in negotiating the peace treaties of WWII. The reality is that the Bush’s are Nazi’s and belong to this bloodline of Satan worshipers.

There are lists online of the Dark Nobility families of Venice. Their minions are the Popes and Cardinals. The Popes and Cardinals minions are the Mafia, various secret intelligence agencies such as Mossad, MI-6, the CIA, FBI, etc. and the visible royalty. Their other minions are politicians, bankers, judiciaries, law enforcement, media, publications, celebrities, and sports stars.

Gaining entrance into the club involves compromising your humanity and ethics to join the secret society. Once in, there is a system designed to keep one quiet or blackmailed. And all roads lead back to their original god/demon worship.

Because of this, all are expected to make human and animal sacrifice. All are expected to turn their children over for torture and mind control to ensure the continuation of their system of control.

All are subjected to torture, intimidation, constant surveillance, and mind control. All are made addicted to adrenochrome, alcohol and drugs. All are made to participate in bestiality, incest, torture, murder, necrophilia, and deviant sex. A large number of them are forced to be transgendered. A shocking number seem to have no conscience and see nothing wrong in what they do. This has gone on so long these family lines have literally lost their soul connection with God and have no natural feelings of empathy or compassion.

They keep everything within their family lines. They enrich and reward only themselves. They have bought up and consolidated so much wealth that a very few own the vast majority of companies, lands, jewels, artwork, mansions and wealth of the Earth.

They plan centuries in advance. This is easy to do as their families have been in control for thousands of years. They have exploited every resource they ever found, and they have cared nothing for the people or environment they impacted and stole from.

Of course, the make a literal killing off war. Their belief is they serve higher dimensional evil entities who cannot be seen, but who surround us.  They literally feed their masters through war. They do that because all the pain, anguish, fear, and bloodshed is actual food to a negative energetic being. Demonic entities inhabit battlefields feeding off the misery, and they lurk wherever negative thoughts, emotions and actions provide food to negative beings. Thus, reason for the Planned Chaos in the world. Once begun, it is a downward spiral if one cannot free themselves from the tyranny.

Follow the money should also include, follow the misery. Where it leads to, and emanates from, is where the truth behind it all lays. That is the main reasons for wars.

People pay for wars, not the ones at the top. They just profit from them.

The control of the financial system and the ability to print money or just create a worthless currency such as digital currency that’s attached to social credit scores, is all part of their plans for the end goal of control of their slaves.

Their financial control includes pre-planned boom and bust cycles in which they always end up wealthier while everyone else loses. Sound familiar?

So, to them, control is through fear, financial insecurity, mind control through media and propagandized education, and the falsification of history and suppression of truth.  Add to that fires, the spread of viruses, war, abduction, extreme weather, catastrophes, etc.

And since they worship Satan, the Father of lies, they use lies to control people, because to them, the ends justify the means.

They are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be something they are not.

They say one thing and plot another thing.



So, the irony here is, instead of being guided by the human and positive concept there is plenty for all, we are programmed to believe in scarcity. These maniacal psychopaths have taught us to believe that ancient stories handed down from generation to generation are myths, religions are guiding principles mandated by our righteous and fear-driven Gods, and ancient belief systems of the middle east are barbaric. The truth is that they absolutely have these belief systems among themselves. But their beliefs are rooted in gods of thunder, the god of an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. That their gods are vengeful and rueful. And their gods demand blood and flesh sacrifice, and that to go against their god is an act of war.

When they talk about a thousand years of peace, it is their concept of peace as they define it, because they will have enslaved 99% of humanity.

While they like to say, “It’ not personal, just business” it is a complete fallacy. When taking a life or enslaving a human being, it is absolutely personal. Such is a main lesson of the Great Awakening or revelations or revealing of these times. It is the End Times for these people. We are at a time where a choice between good and evil needs to be made. In some ways, this is a personal choice. In other ways, it is a societal choice. It is a co-creative consciousness choice.

In our next episode, we will go into the beliefs and deeper acts of depravity they need to adhere to in carrying out those beliefs. Hold on to your seats and find time to reflect and balance your energy. These people have been around for thousands of years carefully plotting out their steps and next actions or protocols. But we greatly outnumber them. For those with eyes to see it, it is a rude and difficult awakening. But ultimately the truth will set you free. That is why we need to present this information. That is why we need to see beyond the veil. That is why we need to wake up. To choose the path of service to others and to be on the path of positivity. That’s why we need to create the right solutions to this planned chaos.


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  1. Lets start with the ‘Swastika’ A symbol of Peace & Continuity, a holy & sacred symbol to many cultures. Dates back to at least 11,000 years. Lets move on to Germany expeditions under ‘Vril Society’ in Berlin & Munich, these were expeditions that took place in Tibet annually from 1926-1942. The ‘Thule Society’ was formed in 1928. Now, the Antarctica Base 211, ‘New Schwaben Land” didn’t just pop up in 1938. & What is it that all the fuss is about, So what! Now, The Germans had a Submarine Superior to everyone else, sounds like jealousy to me. The Germans were working on advance Propulsion Technology, based on Free Energy, they called ‘Vril.’ All this could have been revealed in the 1930’s, but instead we were busy attacking them. Won’t it be ironic when all you find out the Truth, they are the one’s behind freeing the world of this corruption, they knew they had to go underground to do so. Quote by German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Donitz (1943) ” The German Submarine Fleet is proud of having built for The Fuhrer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable (that which cannot be taken by assault) Fortress”

  2. Thank you, I don’t doubt or deny the content of this Planned Chaos Part 7. It’s something else I like to address and that’s the text added to the information in images, videos or other forms of display, taken from the PFC archives.
    To give an example, towards the end of this part 7:

    “So, to them, control is through fear, financial insecurity, mind control through media and propagandized education, and the falsification of history and suppression of truth. Add to that fires, the spread of viruses, war, abduction, extreme weather, catastrophes, etc.
    And since they worship Satan, the Father of lies, they use lies to control people, because to them, the ends justify the means. They are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be something they are not. They say one thing and plot another thing”.

    Can’t we come to that conclusion by ourselves, if we haven’t already? Why the repetition? Is it to further imprint our brains using a PFC-style curriculum? Do we still have to learn the A-B-C of the 3D-World Alphabet? Better let us cook our own information-dinner, with our without appetizer or dessert, I suggest.

    My suggestion is, to add a minimal amount of text = comment, added by the PFC team presenting these Planned Chaos series, and present links and other references, factual, so that we, the readers, can choose our own time and efforts, to look into certain subjects further.

    The Wishing Well of Wonders is bottomless with a limitless sky above. Besides, doing our “homework” is a healthy way to exercise our manner of research and the use of discernment. Being spoonfed by pre-fabricated comments on the content here, creates boredom and addiction to confirmation of assumptions, expectations, in short… laziness.

    As far as my view reaches, we’d better grow up by flexing our mental, emotional and spiritual muscles, making good use of researching and finding proof in our own time and space. I believe that’s what we need right now, on the battlefield. Or is it a boxing ring? 🤕😰🥴


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