By Tim Brown,

One can step back from all the MK Ultra mind control through the propaganda of the mainstream media and lying politicians and clearly see that the CON-vid hysteria is the invisible enemy tyrants are using to push forward both the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and advance toward Agenda 2030. Below is ann infographic that provides the 12 step plan of using a virtually unproven “virus” to bring about the New World Order, and it’s right on schedule unless the people stop it.

As World Plunges Into Poverty, Super Rich Top Unprecedented $10 Trillion Net Worth Thanks To Con-Vid-1. While You & I Get Poorer In The US, Super Rich See Exponential Jump of $282 Billion In Just 3 Weeks Due To Scam-demic

Currently, we are on step 8 and moving quickly towards step 9.

After step 9, all bets are off because by that time, most small businesses will be out of business due to unlawful lockdowns, and the only businesses open with be giant online corporations who are making a killing from the lockdown even now.

Already we are told there are “coin shortages” and many stores are demanding payments by card rather than cash unless you have the correct amount.

Seriously, the above roadmap seems to be right on track with what we are seeing advance our way.

It’s time the people awoke from their slumber, turned off the television, quit believing the narrative of the “right/left” paradigm and start shutting down tyrants and defending liberty!



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  1. I’m so happy to read that people are waking up to the truth. The word of Gid says..YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. The bible says in the end times both light and darkness will be amplified simultaneously, stand your ground, do not take the vaccine and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Yes well we all know that information is the plan unless you are in a super coma. This is their plan but as we are awake and a lot of them are being brought down I do not think this is going to be successful. The more people awaken and do not comply, the more it is doomed to failure; I never believed agenda 21 would be overturned 7 years ago but they are losing power and control. The satanic NWO is not the only one with a plan and because they are a bunch of arrogant morons who overestimate themselves and underestimate us they have got sloppy and made the mistake of seeing us as no challenge at all. They have enjoyed power over a catatonic MK Ultra mind controlled socially engineered population programmed by TV maritime matrix reality – it has been a piece of cake for them to get away with their crimes and evil agenda but an awakened humanity now knowing the truth is something else and we are pushing back with the power of truth and the might of God consciousness. Even the police are starting to organise themselves against complying with the illegal dictates and tyranny of the NWO cabal owned politicians who have all rolled over because they are all so corrupt and compromised they are working against us all. And ultimately themselves. You would have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see what is going on. I have no fear of any of this – it is the demons who should fear. Get ready to pay your bill. Hope it hurts!


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