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Who Wants To Be Our Hero?

Just hours ago, Commander & Chief of our World, Postmaster General :Russell-Jay:Gould. Released a command for the capture of many of the current and former Presidents, Prime Ministers and leaders of governments worldwide. The Chief has stated, Claim of the Life holders authorization with correct sentence structure parse syntax grammar bounty´s to lawfully apprehend these criminals.

The video announcement made today Wednesday 21st July 2021, is the Chief´s best performance to date, delivering his message to the people. Clear and concise, :Russell-Jay: Gould presents the facts to the people, many of whom many have never heard of this modern day David and the extraordinary journey this man has made to secure correctness in a world of fiction and fraud, in the face of the Goliath that is the deep state and their minions.. The Chief faced months of impisonment and torture to give up the claim of the American 1 to 1.19 title flag, that he captured in 1999 at the end of the 70 year bankrupcy. The full story can be heard on the Last-Flag-Standing documentary or on the War Castles youtube channel.

Not only did The Chief capture the flag he disqualified every past-fraudulent-contract on planet Earth, including the Universal Postal Union’s ability to communicate or authorize postal wars as well as the authorization of presidents and presidential votes. He disqualified the Bureau of Weights and Measures and all previous fraudulent conveyances of facts, he disqualified all five global stock markets and holds the patents for the now-space-grammar-flag as well as the quantumized grammar and global quantium banking system, which was created using this perfect language to free the people from the birth certificate dead debtor system.

The Chief you see has the correctness on paper, where the word is defined, written in prepositional phrases, creating a mathematical algebraic equation in language, where the sentence, containing a minimum of thirteen words, can be read frontwards and backwards and not deviate from its meaning.

If this is all new to you, there is a wealth of material to get yourselves up to speed. This video may  be a drop in the heart of Russell’s work so this may go over many people’s heads, however this man holds a solution to each and everyone of our sovereignty through learning to read and write. When we have the knowledge, we can no longer be or need to be governed. This shift we are currently in the middle of is separating those who can govern themselves and those who need to be governed.

Today more than ever with the threat of forced medical treatment, tests, mask wearing and restriction of travel, we must learn to control our lives, our space and our movement. It seems to do this in correctness, within the rules of the current game we are in (maritime law) we must learn to make our claim, to state our claim. Within this article there is a wealth of breadcrumbs to follow.

For those that are already on board with Russell’s construct, this message will resonate as a call to arms, that the power is now in our hands.. We are talking about a modern day Django Unchained going on here.. Let me spell it out to you,  Commander & Chief Postmaster General of our World :Russell-Jay: Gould. has ordered the capture of many of the World’s leaders, ex-leaders and co-conspirators such as George Bush, Henry Kissenger, Barak Obama, Hilery & Bill Clinton, Boris Johnson, Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, and Joe Binden  We are talking War crimes, genocide, fraud against the people. 

The Chief has issued a bouty that can be executed by anybody with a Claim of the Life… and of course with any bounty there is a reward. Can you imagine being the man or woman that detains George Bush or Tony Blair lawfully, with the protection of the correctness with the grammar. I feel like buying myself some eccentrically coloured attire like Django and unchaining this planet with a few pieces of paper and a damn fine plan.. Anybody know where Boris is hiding out? I reckon Boris would fall to the floor and beg then run or put up a fight.. Hahaha.

These are not conspiracy theories Russell is dealing in, He deals with the facts and it is his job, with the position of the correctness in character and volition to  call out these criminals and hold them accountable for their actions. Anybody wanna be a hero?

To begin your journey by creating your claim you can visit

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  1. If this is helpful or not remains to be seen. Since the "language" used in Russell Jay Gould's work is difficult to grasp, I've looked a bit deeper in his website and found the page with a Q&A list:

    Halfway the list you see this line:
    : Fake-Teachers &: : Fiction-Websites.

    followed by this:

    [Caution for those following fiction Quantum Grammar websites, Facebook & other similar online groups, or paying for products from Fraudulent/Fake actors.]
    [If you don’t have the facts, or substantial knowledge of how the Fiction harvests, you are RIPE for the HARVESTING]

    For the Teachers with the Authorization.
    1. Those selling Judgeships, making Claims of Federal Judge status and/or have never been in courts.
    (Judgeships aren’t sold or for sale. It takes 10 years of study minimum to achieve the title).
    2. Falsely selling syntax lessons, quantum services &: Claim of the Lifes without authorization or joinder. (Chief is the sole shareholder to the technology since Dave Miller surrendered the flag and since passed away).
    3. Using made-up or unregistered flags void of authorization.
    (Chief is the sole shareholder to the technology since Dave Miller surrendered the flag and since passed away).
    2. Fake or Fiction Names: (Notice below: Lady Crown is a made-up name on a “proclamation” (not a legal name.)
    3. Using Quantum Grammar & Now-Space without Joinder or Authorization by the Chief.
    4. Nom de-Guerre Signatures (Deadman fiction cursive signatures indicative still under birth certificate or witchcraft-usury.)]
    5. : David-Wynn: Miller-BOOK:(CAUTION = website selling book that has many traps for your Harvesting.)

    [Notice how Purple Thumb Community uses their signatures on their documents and website pages (signatures = Nom de-Guerre = DEAD MAN’S NAME) & how they use Chief’s videos, Now-Space-verbiage and Title 4 flag on their website videos which is a major Copyright infringement].]
    : Purple-Thumb-Community: Caution: Purple-Thumb-Community-Leaders, Are, Fraud &: Wrong-Leading: Good-People, Don’t-be-fool[ed] by their Wrong-Leading, They’ve-Got: Void-Joinder with the Quantum-Grammar, Flag &: Correct-Quantum-Corporate-Structure, This: IS-NOT: OPEN-SOURCE-MATERIAL, IT’S: COPYRIGHT/PATENT-MATERIAL. : CLAIMANT’S WITH THE CLAIM-LIFE-CONTRACT OF THIS POSTMASTER-GENERAL: Russell-Jay: Gould, Who, Try &: take-Claim-life &: Join-False-Leading-Quantum-Grammar-Theatres, Violate: Copyright on the Footer with the Claim-Life-Contracts of this POSTMASTER-GENERAL: Russell-Jay: Gould, Which, Null &: VOIDS-CLAIM-LIFE-CONTRACTS.

    [Purple Thumb coincidentally created a similar logo as Chief’s which he has since discontiuned.]


    ~0:Mark-Kishon: Christopher.

    [e]MAIL = [email protected]

    Mark Christopher = Name on the YouTube-Channel.


    : 27.9K-subscribers.

    (Mark Kishon Christopher– UK) (Took a few classes from Chief & Dave Miller. Has never fought, won or been to court, is not a judge, no Flag, not associated with Chief’s system, no copyrights to use Quantum Grammar, not a shareholder of the Quantum System- or any system, fraudulently selling Claims of the Life, impersonating Federal Judge. Selling free mortgages, many are getting harvested and money stolen after his techniques fail and he offers no help)

    ~1;Per-Kristian: Brendås.;u=5

    [e]MAIL = [email protected]

    :QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-CHANNEL: = Name on the YouTube-Channel.

    :funneling of the people/harvest is with the YouTube/GOOGLE, Facebook, Skype, PayPal, BITCHUTE: websites &: selling-copyright-contracts within their personnel-websites &: [e]mail-contacts with these platforms.

    : 7.64K-subscribers.


    :[E]VIDENCE =

    ~2-a:Claus-Winther.[IS= JASON-MATTHEW: GLASS] [USA]

    ~2-b:Jason-Matthew: Glass. :SEALANE-NUMBER=RE-393-780-980-US.

    [e]MAIL = [email protected]

    : Jason-Matthew: Glass. = Name on the YouTube-Channel.

    : 3.9K-subscribers.

    : Violation of the false-claims is with the claiming-open-source-salvage of his own-terms with the Quantum-Grammar-words of the void-credit-COPYCLAIM/COPYRIGHT with the Russell-Jay: Gould’s-Quantum-Grammar-COPYRIGHTS by the Jason-Matthew: Glass’s-video-performances.

    :[E]vidence =, selling-DOMICLE-CLAIMS/SEA-PASS.[For the video of the [e]vidence is with a MOCK-SEA-PASS of the Jason’s-own-creation with the void-mentioning of the R.-J.:G..]

    ~3:Mari: Tobler:
    Facebook Group: Quantum Language Parse Syntax Grammar: (Brian Sutton– usury)

    ~4:Jenny-Robins: Sullivan. (AKA)[LADY CROWN] [AUSTRALIA]
    : Lady: Crown. (Department of Defense Australia) Kia Ora, Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III Crown of the Mauri Nation.

    [e]MAIL = [email protected]



    : PLOYEES= :Rhys-T: O’Leary. Chief-Administrator, [email protected]


    :[E]vidence =


    : Aotearoha-Postal-Ployment-Service-Court-Venue/Sea-Treaty: Number/~RR368041275AU.





    ~5: TJ Marrs

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    : TJ = Name on the YouTube-Channel.

    : 33.7-subscribers.


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    : VIMEO = on a self-made-Claim of the Life &: supporting-people-going within the courts!


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    :[E]vidence =,, +44 7340 891010, [email protected].


    ~9:Leon: Edwards.


    “IN THE YouTube-Video=October 2017 with the David-Wynn: Miller gives Book selling permission he did not have!”

    ~10: Ramola-D Reports [interviews with Lady Crown]


    [e]MAIL = [email protected]

    : YOUTUBE-CHANNEL-LINK =, :[E]vidence=

    ~12: Vincent-B: Galindo. (Vincent Galindo – US)

  2. The work of Russell Jay goes largely over my head, and therefore I've presented it to the team of the Bank of Joy ("De Blije Bank" in Dutch) a bank under construction in The Netherlands, founded by Ronald Bernard. I'm interested to hear what they think of it. I do know that this team is following Benjamin Fulford's reports that Ronald himself is familiar with many, if not all, levels within the financial system worldwide.

    Since claiming one's birth-right-contract is involved, I do remember conversations with Ronald Bernard, where he talked about our birth-certificates used as assets on the stock market.
    How deep is the rabbit hole that ends at evidence of the Grand Wizards' magic to make profit from almost everything?

    The more this practice comes to light, the more we'll grasp the beauty and value of our sovereignty.

  3. Look, I have been involved in State Citizen and Sovereignty issues, Constitution, birth certs, etc etc…all the issues, chocked on Anna von Reitz, and read the Gould story. I know treaties and back room deals run the world,…BUT
    Show me a court ruling or any recognition that "Postmaster General :Russell-Jay:Gould" can wield any of this power he purportedly holds,…even if this is all correct on paper? The Rule of Law is for thee but not Me. Activist judges and blackmailed Supremes in their Knights of Malta regalia just laugh. "Go ahead Postmaster General :Russell-Jay:Gould, make me do anything." Since when is justice found in courts unless you have the army or bank behind you?
    "Quantum" grammar? This sinks it. Quantum woo. The great physicist Richard Feynman: "anyone who says they understand Quantum 'physics' doesn't understand Quantum 'physics."
    What can " Postmaster General :Russell-Jay:Gould " show us he has ever made happen in the real world, not his Narnia on paper?

    • He does have the army behind him. I saw an army lecture on this very subject last year and I can assure you they do not want to be a dead person or a vessel lost at sea to be raped and pillaged under maritime law in the Lucifarian slave system. This is what we are overturning with the quantum financial system to bring in common law for live women and men to get justice and freedom back on the planet . The evil reset of the Satanist supremacists has been overturned and dismantled by 80% they planned on bringing it in on 21/7/21 we have dogged that bullet thanks to the people you are laughing at. The world is being ruled by evil corrupt Satanist crooks who are trying to kill us all and control the survivors with technology and medical marshal law bringing in the most evil hell on earth one world government . We now have to take physical action to remove these people from power and begin to exchanged corrupt people for decent people to make it real in real time . He has claimed the post office that does make him what he says he is. In your mind when the so called murdering scum "king" claims it that is legal but when Russel-Jay steps in because he and his friend were the only 2 people to even understand what had to be done you think it is laughable his friend was murdered for this so it was very real to the Satanists nothing funny about it he stepped in at the permitted time and place in the correct time frame and changed the grammar that does make him what he says he is . I am not laughing; those people need to be removed they have all signed up to kill us all and this is how we take action to stop them and if courageous people step up and take action on it with the correct spirit following instructions – it will happen in the real world and it is going to happen and thank God for that – be grateful you should be; we should all be very grateful to this man. There are Police in Australia already stepping up and changing over to common law and taking the correct and appropriate action to arrest these corrupt leaders to bring them to military tribunal and many arrest have already been made . That is action in real time creating a better reality. Changing this entire evil system is going to take time.

  4. Sorry guys, this is very dangerous stuff, and Russel should know better. He was given the chance to work with the real Crown but choose differently. He still doesn't understand who he is and is bound by the fiction, which is the name, which is the person and the straw man, regardless of using quantum syntax or not. As for the flag he uses, it is an empty vessel as all the financial instruments were captured in the great reset through the Declaration of Independence of New Zealand 1835. Its all about time jurisdiction brothers and sisters and first in time, is first in line, and first in law.

    • I would agree that using this technology is potentially dangerous without full knowledge of the construct as well as the legal/lawful system. I also agree that in and of itself he doesnt seem to have any wielding power against such vermin that are pulling the strings.. i do however feel very strongly, at the heart of this technology, that the language is a huge master key im this reality. I do not claim to know the mechanics of the system so as of this time i am researching more on the Parse Syntax Grammar before goong ahead to make a claim. One thing does come to mind is that this technology functions wothin the game of maratime law (water world) which i know will come to an end at some point, what then of maratime law and these inverted laws?

    • I will point out a few things from what you said, its all about time jurisdiction, Russell writes his contracts in a now-space senario which on paper puts him in a different jurisdiction to the legal system using past/future tense. Are you saying that he doesnt detach from the name/burth certificate system? From talking with people that have 10-15years expereince with Russell have used this grammar first hand in court and in paperwork.. Are you saying this grammar doesnt work?

  5. Russell-Jay: Gould and his friend David are 2 great men who have done something spectacular here. I saw a video about this on James red pills America it was fascinating . There is so much that we Know nothing of but thank God that Russel-Jay stepped in and took over the post office in that short time line available wow! and knew all this complex stuff. This is a good and decent man. On behalf of all the people on planet earth I want to say a very big thank you in gratitude for your truth your courage and your action which is HUGE! These people need to be rounded up and arrested and I hope it is soon! I do not think I will understand why they had such evil intent and spirit. They have tried to destroy Gods intelligent creation. Well done Russel-Jay and God bless you

  6. Extremely Urgent Breaking News 27th July , 2021- United Network News Special Report

    Game Over ! Depopulation Agenda DESTROYED !

    Which was to be activated Via MICROSOFT Azure BAD Ai Elements !


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