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(Note: This has no relation in any way whatsoever to September 18th protests planned at the Capitol. The September 18th protests are nothing more than a deep state operation. Trump is controlled opposition, in addition to being a promoter of the experimental drug campaign.)

If the cabal was removed years ago like they should have been, humanity would now be eons ahead in development, living lives superior to Star Trek.

Humanity was meant to go for the stars and beyond. Instead, humanity is being required to get experimental drugs and wear face masks just to be able to work slave-wage jobs, because the cabal was not removed years ago like they should have been.

Humanity’s evolutionary development has been delayed, spat on, and stomped into the ground, because the cabal was not removed years ago like they should have been.

Life has become a total fucking freak show joke, because the cabal was not removed years ago like they should have been.

Humanity, get busy and do what must be done, or be slaves to getting booster shots for the rest of your lives just to be able to go grocery shopping. That’s where it’s all headed – more variants get introduced, with more mandatory booster shots for these variants, in perpetuity. Good luck being human in that scenario.

Get busy.

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  1. Why is Trump said to be controlled opposition when he has created healthy vaccines that do no harm and he has rescued millions of children from underground tunnels and done many things for the patriots?

  2. Is there a library of scenarios or prophecies, that one can speak about where humanity should've been when the cabal was removed years ago? And is it really an effect that "Life has become a total fucking freak show joke, because the cabal was not removed years ago like they should have been" as a result of this cause, the ongoing presence of the cabal? Isn't the sluggish and change-resistant collective human consciousness the cause of this ongoing presence and infestation of the cabal?

    Yes, get busy… but isn't there a twist to that busy-ness? Isn't there's also a beneficial remedy, called… being? and turning within? practicing service to level-headedness, to strength of focus, by making choices that are in sync with our true nature? The work we love to do in sync with it? Loyalty to ourselves? Paying attention to changing where our attention goes from habit? Deep in the groove?

    That's contrary to the habitual response to triggers, to drama scenarios and flashing pop ups on the virtual stage, and in the mainstream media. Just like in my post about feelings and the intensity of what we move through, I'm still in the mode of juggling my busy-doing with going easy on myself and telling myself to apply a form of discipline to get there. Surrender has slipped under the carpet, for the time being…. but I'm now at risk of being the only one who knows what I'm talking about… haha! The windmills of the mind….. ahem 🤔

    Right now, the news floating through a loud virtual grapevine is about President Biden and Nancy Pelosi, both talking incoherent, gibberish… gosh… what will it be that we "busy" ourselves with? Nonsensical irrelevant details? Re-establishing our comfort zones in defence against what's lurking in the dark.. out there… and in the syringes, the swabs and facemasks "made in China"?
    Is there a new kind of "busy" waiting to be practiced?

    Before I opened this post here, I was listening to Chief Oren Lyons. About getting busy 😉🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️
    "It's Time To Get Ready | Chief Oren Lyons (Faithkeeper Of The Wolf Clan)

    • Devon Seamoor, there have been many historical instances when those inventing technologies that would have changed the planet were either bought off or killed, and/or their work was destroyed. Nikola Tesla's work, for example, if allowed to be fully utilized, probably would have drastically accelerated humanity's development. The modern world would be something else entirely if there wasn't so much negative interference. Until this negative interference is removed through drastic action, Earth will continue to be a prison.

      Regarding "getting busy," it involves removing the cabal by any means necessary. I'd rather not be more specific regarding this for various reasons.

      Nice video. I suppose if nature were to remove the cabal right now, it would be a situation where the surface population would go along with them, with mega tsunamis and so forth. If the negative elites' VIP underground bases have been removed, they would be stuck on the planet surface with the rest of the surface population, so would perish with the rest of the surface population. I hope there is a better way.


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