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When I’m trying to figure out ‘what’s really going on,’ I often combine my intuition and logic. However, when I am inaccurate, the reason is because my own biases, hopes, and desires distort my perception.

My previous post about Russia intervening and removing the negative elites and their minions from the US was completely incorrect because my perception was distorted by what I wanted to be true.

I’ve long thought Russia to be a liberated country. The Soviet Union was dissolved long ago, and Putin was said to be working with the Light Forces. I kept glossing over in my mind all the news about Russia doing so much business with China. I kept having such high hopes for Russia that I was blind to any evidence to the contrary.

I felt that the situation in the US was completely hopeless. I felt that people were not standing up to the negative elites and their minions in the US nearly enough, and that it would be impossible for the US to be liberated without outside help. I looked to Russia as the only country who could really ‘take out the trash.’ I was hoping Russia’s military was the proxy army of the Light Forces, and that Russia wouldn’t nuke the US, but instead do surgical strikes against the US to remove the negative elites and their minions from the US. Russia had become a savior to my mind. I was in a state of despair and desperation, and I looked at going to war with Russia as a positive event that would finally remove the negative elites and their minions from power in the US, and ultimately, the world.

(The situation in the US is not as negative now because the Supreme Court rejected Biden’s tyrannical mandate. However, Biden is telling companies to ignore the Supreme Court and mandate the experimental drugs anyway. My own place of work required me to tell them whether or not I had received the experimental drugs yesterday, and I refused to tell them. I and countless others may be out of a job soon. Companies in the US that go ahead with the mandates will of course be committing suicide. Canada’s mandates are also unfortunately back in effect.)

Now that I recognize that my biases, hopes, and desires are infiltrating my perception, and now that I know that Russia is not nearly as noble and heroic as I thought and will not be saving the world as a proxy nation of the Light Forces (at least not in its current state), I can make an important statement I hope Vladimir Putin strongly considers:

After Joe Biden became president of the United States, the United States lost its soul. The United States had already been corrupted before Joe Biden, but when Joe Biden was not removed, this is when the United States really lost its way. It’s a near certainty that Joe Biden works for the Chinese Communist Party. This doesn’t mean that the United States is doomed. There is still a chance for the United States to get its soul back, but when a given country works with the CCP, it loses its soul. By working with the CCP (either directly or indirectly), Russia is losing its soul. Vladimir Putin, please stop relations with China if you want to save your country.

Thank you.

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  1. Hold onto hope. Though we are all frustrated at not hearing the EBS or having ships come down and save us, I do see the same old tactics being used to blame other countries for our problems. I should not have to defend my support of Trump but I feel I need to remind people that in his time, there were no threats of war. What was the first thing that happened after he entered office and again as he left? To blame Russia on collusion. I think it's all smoke and mirrors to hide from the more obvious crimes from the Biden family and there interactions abroad. When these people are trapped, they become bullies and name, blame, yell and obfuscate so people are looking at the wrong thing, the loudest thing. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!). At least now, enough of the world is beginning to see the bigger picture and fake news outlets are losing face faster than a plastic surgeon can create one. It may only be a matter of all of us standing our ground and saying no to the tyrants. There are, after all, more of us than them! This animated movie clip explains it best –

  2. Wow! This author will be very disappointed if any of the prevailing prophecies come true, and the Native American ones have all come true thus far so I have no reason to believe that this one won't.
    China invades and takes over America but how they do it, depends on which direction/approach they take. I believe its a soft takeover through finance rather than physical war. See here "Hopi elders left detail prophecies for future generations to safely guide them through what the elders saw as a time of “destruction” and “great Judgment”. which aligns with early 19th century German prophecy. The Chinese are said to give justice to the American Indians who are their relatives and this effectively ends White dominance.

  3. They're all gangsters. The U.K. monarchy & oligarchy, Russian government, CCP, Israel's leadership, Canada, U.S. deep state and mainstream politics, it's all gangsters running the echelons, or people with interchangeable morals. When you reach a certain level of power you do everything to win, even so called good guys, and everyone below takes the money no questions asked and we're all forced to play copycat over china's tech. That's where demoralization works so well, anyone in any useful position will take the money, they always do. Never turn your back on a man like Putin. Russians are just used to it. I don't like him but he's not stupid. Frankly, I trust nobody, lived my life this way, then swore off it because it's not a way to live, and then this whole scam happened and the one person I thought I might have some faith in showed me I was right all along. It sucks but at least we have amazing comedians like Joe, he's clearly there to make Putin look good, even Donald looked like a clown in comparison, so there's a pattern and it's really funny.

  4. Don't look at China either. Look at your name, Star Light. Look up at the Heavens, the Sky, the Stars do not lie. They are in unison with each other and are bound with the movement of the Moon & the Sun.

    • He who measures the shade on the north side of your home will see funny. Regarding moon and sun. Facts.
      …..intuition is what we've got, regarding our situation. Sociopaths who think they are in charge act out, are being dealt with. But by celestial forces. I've tended to impatience. But my opinion. The raging hot sun, is not my opinion.


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