The Time Is Now 432Hz

2 thoughts on “The Time Is Now 432Hz”

  1. Its good that you guys try to empower people through these videos, and get people to recognize their inner light, personal power and potential. However, I just need to say the aesthetics of the video seem too movie-esque and battle like. Not that there isnt an actual “battle” going on between light and dark, I just feel like these types of videos could be less movie trailer dramatic.. If it had more positive and psychedelic imagery it would bring the imagination to life, I feel like. Im not trying to be out of control with my judging, just add some style in there. Like sunlight in the evening in small towns and magic permeating the air. Violet blue skies. Sunsets. While still keeping the warrior feel. Love and unifying eye candy yknow? (dont wanna sound too harsh when I communicate lol) Let it flow c:

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