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  1. Only justifications and belittlement is what european cultures have ever offered. There were also peace-loving tribes as well as war-like ones. Europeans are immigrants to europe to so wtf with trying to say the land we lived on for time immemorial is not even our own homeland somehow? I strive for recognition not revenge but I am the uncivilized one to white people, it is truly difficult for caucasians to have any dignity truly. acknowledge, admit then move on but even that is impossible it seems. if posting some simple truths about another culture is devisive are you truly awake?

  2. Why would you put something that you had to know would cause divisiveness among readers on a webpage that promotes the exact opposite? thank you for exposing this……..moving on

    • You are missing the point Shaun Hartman, tolerance is the point here: The blacks say,–“Ah, the white man had done this unto me.”—Surely so, for the black man has assisted. The brown man says, “Ah, the white man has done this undo me.”Surely so, for the brown man has assisted. The red man says, “Ah, the white man has done this unto me.”–Surely so for the red man has assisted and so it is through all the races. And what of the white races? Ah, the white man has done it unto them also—for they all sat and allowed and assisted. The dark brotherhood has DUPED US ALL. THEY SIMPLY DIVIDE THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN INTO SEGMENTS, PITS ONE AGAINST ANOTHER AND THE HOUSE FALLS FROM DIVISION.

  3. The Red Indians are ALSO immigrants. The original inhabitants of what is now called North America were WHITE . They were there BEFORE the Indians. They have been exterminated by the Indians.
    Proof of this is galore. In the basement of American musea the proof is hidden, skeletons.
    But- alas- it is now en vogue, politically correct, to blame Whitey for everything and to adore all non-white beings, who -by the way- were often cannibals and slaveholders.

  4. The map does point out, ALL PEOPLE OF EUROPEAN DESCENT are from families of immigrants. However, it being known the original peoples to inhabit this land were themselves Asian Immigrants is not pointed out…
    I have both lines of heritage, so called native amercan and european, so what dors that make me in this who really owns americac argument. Let me tell you: someone sitting on the fence between cultures and disgusted at both for not recognizing America is part of the Earth. You can no more take the side of one people as ‘owners’ or the other as ‘invaders’ without taking the North Amercan continent off the Earth.
    I will not deny historu must ne rewritten, ‘reset’ like everything else from top to bottom, including ‘land ownership rights’ but, this argument of who got here first giving them more rights over another race, is not only counter productive but, it is ridiculous…
    Now I will not deny “people” have been horrble to “people” worldwide for all history, it is time that ceases, period but, no person has ‘more rights’ to the land, we’re like two groups of fleas arguing who owns the dog they live on. Come on people, this argument is ludicrous.

  5. The horror, the horror, the horror of humanity. When will we (Humanity) ever learn. Billions of lives lost and slaughtered and still we don’t see ourselves as one human race. How easily we polarize ourselves into camps as we have been entrained by the cabal. By all accounts from the comments here, they have done well and are still doing it.

  6. REAL research will reveal that THOSE people ARE the REAL “Americans”…MOST coming from AFRICA almost 10,000 years ago!
    The “Excuse” some one posted here about these nations having problems as ANY civilization does…Does NOT justify European invasion of THIS country….Not to mention HOW they invaded it (Ruthlessly!)
    The concept called” “Making America Great again” is made VERY “Hollow” given the situation here even to THIS Date! (Vatican/Fascist take-over!)
    American will ONLY become great once the TRUTH is told and recompensasions are made to the ORIGINAL “Americans”.
    As of yet NOTHING has even been proposed, even though ASKED for LONG ago!!!

  7. As from Richie’s
    “The indians ‘tolerance’ of the white settlers eventually led to them being killed enmasse and forced off their own lands.And with their inferior weaponry they never really stood a chance.”
    ARE We Tolerating the Deep State Illuminates ? to the same END ?

  8. WOW. Comments all over the map. (LOL)
    Hmmmmm …….. how about just go back and focus upon treaties already signed but never implemented and just ignored, or purposely backtracked after agreements made. But they let them have casinos right? (yeeeessshhhh) Ick. Are you aware many tribes could NOT be bought off? Still, to this day, refusing compromises from the genocidal bully? FULFILL YOUR AGREEMENTS. But, they will not, until forced. Maybe the time is coming? I hope and pray so

  9. Great map! This map shows America before the European invasion. I think it needs to be said that most of these nations were at war with their neighbors and the borders were always in a state of flux. This American History is not taught in the public schools. We really have very little information about early America. Eyewitness accounts from European settlers are so one-sided. The native population density was very low. I guess their cultures had devolved or never evolved to mutual respect & cooperation. This can’t be said enough. It’s easy to be all loving, respectful, and cooperative with your neighbor in times of plenty but when the starving times come, its do or die. This is why the EVENT must lead to the universal elimination of starvation.

  10. Lol so are you saying that we should allow the takeover,because white settlers once wronged Native Americans by stealing their land?
    So turnabout is fair play in other words?
    Yeah I don’t think so….

    It’s sad what happened to the Native Americans.
    I would never approve of killing off the Natives,or moving them forcefully against their will.

    I will NOT however be help accountable for the sins of my ancestors.At the same time you have to admit that for a time,America did become a beacon of freedom and prosperity for settlers the world over.So there was some good to come of the bad.

    However the illegal immigration we see now is helping to turn the tide in the other direction.It will eventually lead to every American being every bit as impoverished as those in the 2nd/3rd world.

    If anything your own argument can be used against you.
    The indians ‘tolerance’ of the white settlers eventually led to them being killed enmasse and forced off their own lands.And with their inferior weaponry they never really stood a chance.

    In the same vein America as it is will be decimated and destroyed,if we continue to allow the illegal invasion from the 2nd/3rd world to continue.So do you approve of the destruction of the West,just so the descendants of some white colonists can finally ‘get whats coming to them?’

    You do realize this entire argument is based on some lame sense of passive aggressive revenge and false entitlement right?


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