Sacred Secretion / Christ Oil / True Annointing – HEAVEN ON EARTH

The journey of the sacred secretion thought the body explained in full! How to preserve it and meet God FACE TO FACE AT PENIEL!

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32 thoughts on “Sacred Secretion / Christ Oil / True Annointing – HEAVEN ON EARTH”

  1. The orgasm should always be avoided. Learn to have sex only with a committed partner and seek to transmute the orgasm instead of releasing it. As well the Bible says that we do not know the day or the hr of the coming of Christ but only the season. Therefore each month when the moon is in your sign it is the season of the coming of the Chrism. Once a year or so your sign is in a new moon cycle, usually near the birthday. Some scholars believe that the seeds saved up through the year release the anointing depending on the seeds saved each month. This seems accurate as when compared with the story of Santa coming down the chimney once a year. He gives good gifts (anointing) to good children and coal to bad ones. It’s really simple. Everything stems from transmuting sexual energy as apposed to wasting it and losing the oil. Once this happens, you won’t desire to live the same way as you once did.

  2. I think I am in agreement with so many of these people, there is not enough information on how to make this happen. And how is it that we are just hearing of this now? I would think that there would have been people who would have triggered it on accident around their birthday. My birthday is 4/3/75. So for a day before until two days after I guess I will follow the basic guidelines and see what happens. I hope this works. Someone needs to make clearer instructions.

    • I’m not sure if just doing it on those days is enough to be honest….its just on those days that it is absolutely essential that we abstain from lower frequency activities. If we only observe this ritual once a month I suspect we are basically just weekend Christians and not really serious about cleaning up our temples at all….only once a month which seems a little hippocritical really. I also don’t think anyone can tell us nor teach us how as we all know that enlightenment is a personal journey, between the higher self and the adept. Its a journey only each of us can take and journey alone on the path of liberation.

  3. Assuming my first Part is posted , just a follow up to close my story.

    After Secretion,, I had asked Jesus in 2014 for the following :
    – New job
    – New Location to work
    – Better grade
    – Help to get me an investment i wanted
    – time at home with family , about a year,
    – family and me to escape the ebola crisis in west africa,
    – ebola not to affect the local area i was working in,

    I got dismissed but relocated to an new work place after 9 mopnths . i got family out of ebola area and relocated safely. My local work area never experienced a case of ebola. I spent time with my son and ex girlfriend. i got upgrades on the new job, and i secured the investment i wanted, locked it down , before it slipped away. and today 4 years on its a success, going to retire on it in the near future. health problems I had for years , through knowledge and reading and better clarity and understanding , i have cured my self.

    Last things,
    I did a lot of charity to persons in need, not just friends and relatives, must add that,,
    I am often accused these days of knowing things other people dont know!!
    Having secret knowledge,, having strangely accurate perceptions of others or events,,
    I follow the Taoist meditations for cycling sexual energy, it has enhanced my awareness of energy and even situational vibrations. i can sense when something bad is going to happen before it happens. Ii have learned to cut myself off from others who are constantly negative and hostile as i don’t want that energy.

    Ok thats all for now,
    try to live in Gods Grace.

    • I got to an enlightened state of being in the year 2009. I didn’t even know what it was or how. But know I have learned about the sacred secretion and also other spiritual subjects I must recall on being abstinent in sex. Not drinking or taking drugs. And in meditation. Just consciousness not even trying to. Mindfulness. And looking for God. Trying to find him in my sacred aloneness. I was soul searching and into spiritual books osho. Ecktart tolle ect. And of course Jesus Christ was my example of who I wanted to become like. Loving and compassionate. I realized how ugly I had been inside and consciously day by day. Paid attention to how I was thinking. Meditated on it and worked on transmitting it. Changing it. I woke up one day totally in bliss. And my heart was beating like never before. I felt love like never before. Joy. And even sadness profoundly. There were days. A huge connection with the cosmos and Jesus, God. I would say God I don’t know how to call you but creator of all I love you and appreciate your love. I could feel how much he loved me. I lost weight and looked beautifuller than ever before. Light. And like jumping like a little girl. This lasted months until I became dirty again by sinning. And was struck by the deepest depression ever. All I could see was darkness. It’s been a while till I realized all this. How what and why. And now have restarted the process. If I get back to that I will never lose it. Because it is the most beautiful state of being and nothing can compare. Love and blessing to all.

  4. Hi Guys , saw the Kelly vids on the Sacred Secretion and your inputs above. I want to share. I got the Secretion working 3-4 times in my life, although at the time was not sure what was happening or why it happened,, .Living in Gods Grace , its a journey , not a light switch , you have to achieve an acceptable state of grace in Gods eyes, by the way you are living , changing your life… with true contrition for past sins, and a firm resolve to do better.. My story can be a walk through for others needing guidance on achieving the Sacred secretion.

    No 1. Change of Life routine
    Quit Drinking and junk food, in 2009 and started studying instead,, for about three years
    No. 2 Abstain completely from sex in 2013 , about 1 year , no ejaculations,, no girlfriend,,
    No. 3. Go to Confessions , do a full from earliest memory confession to present day, disclose all,,
    No. 4 Pray the Rosary 3 nights a week, full rosary, 1 hour and a half for about a year
    No. 5 Oaths to God , First evening ,, kneel and pray and remember every wrong ( word thought deed) you ever did to a person from earliest memory, say your sorry , ask for their forgiveness and ask for Gods forgiveness for you.
    No.6 Oaths to God , Second evening kneel and pray and remember every wrong people ever did to you from earliest memory, in the presence of God ( in prayer) tell them you forgive them, ( say to God, I have forgiven them, I ask you God to forgive them too. ) This is great gift you can give God.
    No. 7 . I started the Father Gobbi Super Rosary , 1000 Hail Marys. A full 50 on each decade,, it takes 6 hours a day. I did three days of this with the intention of making the nine days to make a total of 9000 Hail Marys. St Faustina did this regularly.

    After three days in the morning as I was waking up , i got the Secretion. You cannot mistake it,, its a strong spraying of fluid inside the skull from the front of the brain to the inner wall of the skull. It lasted about 20 seconds. like brain is ejaculating fluid.

    No. 8. A deep warm glow of spiritual energy around me for days after. An inner calm and clarity started to form in me.
    No. 9 Sat down and had a chat with Jesus and listed all the things I wanted him to do for me. Was conscious there is no need to limit my request since its Jesus I am dealing with.
    No. 10 . Completed the Devine Mercy devotion on Divine Mercy Sunday , first week in May, just left the church,,
    Immediately some things started happening,, it seemed like bad things, but keeping in mind what Ii had asked Jesus, i let them happen .
    No. 11. One year later all my requests had come true, even the outrageous and impossible,,
    No. 12. A year after that even physical healing i asked for were granted.

    My testimony

  5. Avoid acidic food and drink, no alcohol or caffeine etc. Last lunar cycle,I ate a spoonful or two of honey and a small handful of almost every few hours with no apparent negative consequences. If you’re unable to fast completely then use your discretion and find what works beat for you. avoid processed foods at all costs and everything listed above, I usually cut the tobacco, sex, and all the “finer things in life” 3 or so days before the start of my 2. This next attempt i’ll be taking vacation time, on a much better diet and I am systematically cutting everything out that I personal feel may hinder this. Also sex after the 2 and half seems to be ok as well as a week or two in advance doesn’t seem to cause much of an issue. Im unsure exactly what time to say it starts but I seem to feel immense pressure/pain in my lower back(have no idea if this is “normal”) this is when it begins for me and after a while pain/pressure turns to a pleasant tingling and I seem to feel it slowly rise up my spine this is when I start meditations with my favorite solfeggio/healing frequencies. I used 432 last time. This time will be a combo I found of 528 and 963 to see what happens. This is what works for me personally and might differ for others. Experiment and trust your intuition always. I guess It all depends on the effort one is able/willing to put forth. No pain no gain gentleman lol… Hope this helps at least to get you started. Happy enlightenment!


  6. After the 3 day u meditate on 112 hrz or 432 or crown frequency to light the lamp an conec t to r brain an create new wine ,u also do it w sex w out orgasm ,u know
    wen eyes turn red,

  7. The two and a half days is during each of our sun sign being associated with the lunar cycle each month right? Is it when the moon is in full that this can transpire?

  8. Does one need to take into account astrology when making due the sacred secretion best has a chance rise properly? I heard that one should be aware of when the moon comes into your zodiac date once per month… or something of that nature.

  9. I also want to know approximately how long to abstain from sex, certain foods etc. before the moon passes through my sign of aquarius. Can someone please give a more specific answer? Approximately how long is the journey of the sacred secretion on its way down, and back up? I understand it stops at the Vagas Nerve for a period of 2.5 days. Can anyone be specific, please?

    • Hi Dan, I personally attained this during a Vipassana Meditation, so, answering your question I only abstained from sex for about 10 days (when the process started) and I’m already vegetarian for about 2 years. But I went there with the goal to rise my kundalini, and the sacred secretion happened as well, 2 days after my kundalini rising. Hope that helps

  10. Thank you for sharing what has been hidden from the masses for so long! I feel sincerely blessed to have been exposed to this information! I found this site by searching for what Mouse was asking about. I’d like to know the timing of all this. All the explanations talk about 2.5 days, but when does the secretion start? End? and I am sure there are things happening before [and after] that could be prepared for, and ways to assist this process. The no sex during those 3 days seems straightforward, but what does “overeating” entail? I assume from comments, high alkaline [vegetables etc] so if I eat a (example) ham sandwich, as it may contain processed meat, gluten/bread, etc is the whole thing down the tubes? I feel in my heart that fasting during this time (or abstaining from intercourse) for a prolonged periods may defeat the purpose, and might be going to extreme.

  11. Every article I read or watch about this does not explain the timing of all the secretion, seed, travelling back up. All I keep hearing is the 2.5 days at the Vagus nerve. I have read elsewhere that the seed can be destroyed by glutenous eating, there fore destroying the seed before it even travels up to the vagus nerve. I think the avoidance of all the sins is required well before the 2.5 days (moon in sun sign) to ensure the seed is not destroyed before the travel up. Not just during the 2.5 days.
    Does anyone know when the secretion comes down the spine, how long it takes before meeting the seed? How long does it take to travel back up? How far in advance is this before the 2.5 days?

    • Good questions, which point toward the need to reflect upon how life is lived. Rather than focus on the ‘timing’ of events, instead examine the decision making where one must ‘abstain from sin…’ in order to receive this gift. A healthy, loving-attitude to self ensures that healthy choices are the norm. Once in that state, all one needs to know can come.

  12. Hey Edward,

    Thank you for sharing my video.

    The kindle and paperback versions of this are now available at:

    and there are more videos related to this topic on my YouTube channel:

    • Hello, I am grateful for your videos and work you have done. As soon as I am able I will purchase your book and learn everything I can. In one week the moon will be in my star sign (scorpio), I plan to only eat fruit a few days prior and fast during. My understanding is to meditate and exhale/inhale? while contracting the appropriate muscles to pull the fluid into the brain. I had some success the first time but feel like I can overthink things and cost me the experience as its hard to meditate when I’m analysing my thoughts and what I feel I’m doing right and wrong. Could you please tell me how soon into meditating or how I should be feeling before I begin raising the secretion? Thank you Kelly-Marie

    • The oil will know the path if you stay in tune Spiritually. Stay in a calm environment. Make sure you are alkiline. Pray and just allow the procesd to flow. Focus on unconditional Love. Allow Love to rise in and through you.pray. Meditate. Be as a child. Open your heart and trust. Do not focus on a step by step ritual. It doesnt work like that. This is personal for your journey. While there are some specifics that apply for everyone, you and you alone take this journey, but yes Almighty God is with you. Jesus is in you. Love will lead you❤️

  13. Sounds interesting; but in reality it means there will never be peace on earth. Yes, there is much that needs to take place within us all; but until that translates to actual, physical manifestation, it is virtually useless. The Kingdom of God, if real, must be within and without, filling all dimensions, all realities.

  14. Salaam, namastey dear Edward , thank you so much , the beauty, the peace , the love and the heaven within. So be it . So it is . I AM. Much much love always , forever. Vcitory to the light .


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