By Paul Baxter, guest writer.

“The people who trigger us to feel negative emotions are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being”  Teal Swan


The state of being triggered affects the vast majority of beings on this planet. We can all empathize and recognize parts ourselves that feel affected emotionally and mentally by these difficult moments in life. Most of us find ourselves completely lost in these emotions, when they arise and more often than not react in ways we feel unable to control. A trigger is basically a response in the mental/emotional body to a situation that reflects past trauma that is being held onto, usually traced back to moments of perceived lack in some way.

As an example, many children grow up the victims of bullying. Because of this, the children have the experience and therefore believe there is a lack of love and safety in the World and a strong need to protect themselves in later life. These traumas, if not healed, become the lenses and experiences we relate to and see the World through and whenever we find ourselves in a situation that brings back or triggers that emotional memory, we react, our hearts close and we do whatever it is we do to protect ourselves. This is how we have been navigating our adult lives, through the minefield of past traumas and present reflections to show us these feelings have not been felt fully, accepted and let go of.


i wish to share with you some game changing perspectives. Bare with me as we jump off the deep end..


The nature of the reality is consciousness. You are that consciousness. As yourself, as me, as the computer, as the house you are in and the sky over your head. You are all of it. We perceive ourselves separate but we are not. The reason i say this is for you to remember that you created this entire experience to show yourself how it feels to feel that maybe life sucks when we feel these emotions or experience hard times.. With this understanding that you are that one consciousness that IS everything, we must not forget that you therefore create your reality.. So lets start owning it!

Now this maybe difficult to accept when you have been the victim of bullying, there is however a far more magical and powerful force at play that is inviting us to take responsibility for our experience. When we recognize that we are the experience, that we created the experience to learn to truly feel our emotions, we can stop taking life personally like it is happening to us.. This is the only thing you are responsible for. Of course this understanding or “World view” takes some getting used to, yet it is simply a shift in perspective..


Let me explain more how this works…


We came into this life with certain experiences to gain soul growth, Earth you see is a rich, dense and stimulating playground, where souls come to experience separation from The All That Is. Our early childhood likely consisted of events that created the belief that we are alone, unworthy, unloved, lacking in something. From this we have grown into the World, distorted from the truth of who we are, walking in a World made of our own and collective, mental manifestations based on our core beliefs and experiences from when we were young and what was passed down through generations. Now that would explain why so many people believe this is a messed up place, full of bad people and something to be afraid of. We are conditioned to think and feel “negatively” through the media entertainment that mind controls the masses.

With this background of perceived lack and social conditioning, im not surprised we have manifested a distorted social, political and private military systems. When we focus on lack-based “negative” beliefs, we actually create experiences that mirror that energy or state of consciousness. Of course it works the other way around when we focus on joy and contentment.. Our thoughts create our reality!!


With this information, it would be wise to take greater care of what we direct our conscious energy to. What kind of reality do i what to live in?


If you find yourself saying ” I will never have enough money for that new car” for example, do not be surprised if you never manifest that brand new car because you are affirming to the universe that you will NEVER have enough money for it. So as the powerful creator that you are, you manifest exactly what you put your energy into.


Watch your words!


The paradox is that, the Infinite one creator, creating infinite possibilities and realities, as a reflection of itself… the only thing it can not be, is lacking in anything. As it creates everything, is everything and no-thing at the same time!! So it is vital that we start to use this power of positivity.. we can, if we choose, to shift the vibration of our words to either neutral or “positive” abundant, loving, thoughts, imagine what kind of World we will create. This is empowerment!


The age-old question comes to mind – “Is this drink half full or half empty?” This is an obvious example to reflect how we are perceiving the World. We kinda laugh off negativity, especially i feel in England where i grew up. There is almost an addiction to negative thinking and complaining. We have forgotten how powerful we are and that we can and will create whatever we put our conscious or unconscious energy to. When we really become aware of what we are, especially on a, thoughts create our reality perspective, we must look to re-program these patterns and create the World want to live in, through our shifting in perspective..  There will come a time, if you continue to practice awareness, where you stop objectifying anything as outside of you, recognizing the abundant nature of All That Is as your very essence – awareness. Obliterating the idea or the belief of lack that there is something missing from this never starting, never-ending, eternal present moment.

Until that is the living reality, we have to own how caught we are with negative thinking and lack beliefs and from there, cultivate a desire for inner and outer transformation. Transformation can come through the acceptance of this “mental” personality. When we accept ourselves as the inner child that never got heard. We can listen to this voice with love and understanding, we can un-tether the knots of victimhood and perceived separation.

For how long do we hold onto these old self sabotaging personality traits now we know what they are and where they came from?


Until we learn to accept the reflection of the mirror, that this experience provides for us, these triggering events will continue to show up in our lives, as a resistance to the present moment, to remind us there are opportunities for soul growth. There are parts of us that are still unacknowledged, wanting to be heard and felt. So much so, that even though the form of the trigger may be different to the original wound, the feelings still feel the same. We have shut these deep, emotional, trauma-based feelings away to protect ourselves. Maybe at the time it served us to do that. So why then, do we continue to  hold on to and apply these limiting fear based behaviors? When you start to see these patterns, you have the ability to make new heart centered choices from a place of self love and empowerment. This will shift your reality.


“I am not what what happened to me. I am what i choose to become” – Bentinho Massaro


The Holy Grail is to be triggerless, free from the identification to the emotional trauma. You see, we believe we ARE the person and the emotion yet that is only partially true, in reality we must recognize all these “things”, the ideas of who we believe we are, are temporary. We are the eternal and everlasting pure awareness that all these things arise in.


So… can we be ok with this moment as it is? Just ok.


You don’t HAVE to love what’s happening, simply let go of the idea of how you think this moment should be, or how this moment isn’t what you want it to be. The trick is to not actually care on a personal level, this is the part of you attached to the outcome. While the mind attaches and grasps, the Heart accepts and let’s go, for it knows the truth. It is the singularity/neutrality point of all existence. There is nothing the Heart can not accept.

I invite you to not care about the outcome of the present moment, every time your personality doesn’t like something in this moment, drop it, the second you catch yourself going there, step back and become aware, create space, that conscious space within. Become aware of the charge that ignites and let it burn itself out in the light of your consciousness.. When you watch this process with presence the perceived feelings dissolve, and what remains is the unshakable isness of your being.


So, it is OK to have off days, we all do. It’s how we empower ourselves in these moments to recognize these feelings as an inner guidance, letting us know where we are vibrating… When we can feel these emotions completely, we can accept ourselves completely, we will love ourselves completely and in that vibration will be completely and utterly triggerless. Free from the belief there was ever something wrong with The All That Is.


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  2. A very insightful article.
    I am old now and I don’t get triggered by the propagandists of the world as often as today’s young generation. You have a very hard row to hoe indeed. In my youth there was a practical little book by Norman Vincent Peale “The Power of Positive Thinking”. What you offer is an elegant and esoteric description of a great hidden truth that has existed even before the beginning of time as we understand it, a truth, that exists within the infinite mind of God. Thank you.

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