The divine plan has never intended to create such a mess we have right now on this planet. 
The divine plan of the ancient representatives of the Source was, to give every single human the chance to step into their Godhood. 
This is the real plan of the lightforces. 
There exist several paths of initiation to reach that goal. 
This refers to the ancient mystery schools of light, all leading to the same goal: enlightenment and ascension with various techniques, teachings and approaches. 
The mystery schools completed each other and included each others mysteries beautifully.
This divine plan has been totally highjacked by dark forces. 
Instead of creating even better initiation pathways, the lightforces had to invest thousands of years to just get rid of the dark influence. 
The divine plan had to be updated. 
The unwanted experience had to be integrated against the original will of the lightforces.
The lightforces have made so many forced sacrifices. 
There is no decription possible how love and light, shared freely and lovingly, has been turned upside down and been used against the divine plan. 
All those sacrifices the Source never intended to ask from the lightforces and those involved. 
Unfortunately it did happen; despite the Source did not plan nor wanted that.
However, there is a great secret, that can be explored by meditating about it: 
How the Source can change negative happenings into positive ones, DESPITE
it was never intendet to occur. 
It means, no matter how hard your sacrifice was, there WILL BE a COMPLETE balance for you
This is not meant to trivialize any tragedy encountered.
The Source is infinitely abundant and infinitely creative. 
This is why the Source will be able to balance EVERY suffering, every blackmailing and every sacrifice you where forced to experience. 
The only thing you need is to have patience and trust until your time has arrived. 

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  1. … “All those sacrifices the Source never intended to ask from the lightforces and those involved. “

    All … we will give you the last breath … To be … The Divine Plan


  2. I do/practice as the Inca Elders of Peru do, and would like to share with you all

    The 3 steps,

    Step 1 Elimination of the 7 deadly sins within us all, our EGO’S
    Anger, Jealousy, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony & Greed

    There are really 7 of each, 7 anger’s etc etc

    When one finds one’s self in one of the negative thoughts of the ego’s, see the problem in your third eye (Father’s Eye) bring it to the Sacred Fire in your Heart (Mother’s Heart/Eternal Flame) thank her for burning it then feel the negative ego’s smoke rising up through your Serpentine Energy/Chakra’s and coming out your Crown Chakra transmuting/transforming from it’s darkness into Beautiful petals of rainbow flowers falling down into Mother Earth.

    Do this Every time you feel/sense your Ego’s acting up, some could go away immediately, other’s could/often come back to test us, keep the faith, do the inner work and continue doing the first step, to which the Inca believe Spiritually cleanses the inner mind & body, and one should do it 24/7 for the rest of one’s physical life here on Mother Earth/Pacha Mamma

    Forgiving one’s self is very hard to do sometimes, yet once we do forgive ourselves, then we are on our way to be able to forgive other’s using nothing but Unconditional Love from and Within Self

    2nd Step Sacred Alchemy

    Arising to the point of erotic explosion and then slowing down/calming down, taking your time, not to boil the pot too quickly, relax and enjoy the miraculous feelings/process’ of being HUMAN 🙂 The Inca Elders believe the god’s lol at us for spilling the most precious liquids, so by practicing the 2nd step we become closer to the Creator/Wieracocha

    3rd Step

    Very Easy, just SHARE THE INFORMATION to help other’s climb out of the Cave of Ego’s, and LIVE IN THE LIGHT !

    LOVE & LIGHT/MUCH PATIENCE & TRUST to you all <3

  3. The original divine plan allowed for contingency …. freedom to choose and explore darkness and separation with free will


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