On September 13, 2018, PrepareForChange.net resumed our 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

Update: The transcript for the September 13 interview is now posted below the audio link and below the links to the earlier 2018 interviews.

Benjamin tells us he thinks the logjam in the United States has broken with the death, (or execution?) of John McCain and the crackdown on the media with the departure of media executives; that honesty is a good thing for all nations; and that So. Korea and Japan will be increasing their immigration as they find their populations shrinking.  Benjamin covers other subjects too.

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about 45 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

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(Meg) Hello everyone from Prepare for Change.net
I am Meg, coming to you from the USA and here is my interview partner.

(Richard) Hi there! I’m Richard. I’m talking to you from the UK.

Who is Benjamin Fulford?

(Meg) Today at Prepareforchange.net, we are interviewing Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin’s website is www.benjaminfulford.net.
We would like to introduce Benjamin to our listening audience.

Benjamin is a reporter and investigative journalist. He has been a correspondent for several news organizations in Asia and notably he was the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine. He left Forbes in 2005, in disgust over their editorial direction and censorship.

Benjamin’s weekly reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including, among others, the Japanese Yakuza crime family; The British intelligence service MI6; the Freemasons; the CIA, the KGB, and the Mossad. Benjamin is actively fighting to rid the earth of the psychopaths currently in charge.

Benjamin’s weekly geo-political news reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the on-going secret war for control of planet Earth.

Benjamin’s website at benjaminfulford.net is completely independent and subscriber supported
We’ll make a few announcements and then we’ll get started.

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Okay, so let’s get started.

Benjamin Returns from his Digital Detox

(Meg) It’s September 13, 2018. Welcome back and it’s nice to see you again.
(Benjamin) It’s nice to be back
(Richard) Did you have a nice time away?
(Benjamin) Yes, I did. I had what I call a digital detox. I had no internet, no clocks, no watches. I wake up when I want to and just completely stay away from the information overload for a while. It really helps clear your mind and puts things in perspective.

One thing that I notice is that we keep getting the same stuff churning around and around. It’s like some kind of big deadlock. I once saw it as a break. But you can miss the news for a month and really not miss very much, most of the time. That is one thing I notice. We are all addicted to this stuff, but it’s like people hurling insults.

(Benjamin) This whole stuff in the United States — with this civil war, throwing insults back and forth at each other, is an example.
I think the logjam will break soon and it has already started with the execution of John McCain. I’m not sure he was executed. They had a closed casket at his funeral and it’s possible that they faked his death so that he could start blabbing, which he apparently is very good at, and squealing and telling on his associates. I’m pretty sure that is the sort of deal he cut, but who knows? Maye he really was executed. Because I know the military absolutely hated him for his treason in Vietnam. We know he was one of the founding fathers of Daesh. I don’t like to call it Isis, because that is an insult to the Goddess, you know?

(Richard) Absolutely. It is a good thing the songbird is now gone.

Judge Kavanaugh at Center Stage in the US

(Benjamin) The other thing is that when Trump was in Canada, he said, ‘If I’m elected he will find out who did 911.’ But there he was, making a completely B.S. speech, repeating the official lies, which can only mean there is some serious blackmail going on. Like I have said before, Trump is compromised. He is trying to let people vent their anger, but he’s still a faction of the Cabal. He is not dismantling the system. If you are allowed to run as a candidate, even though the script was him to lose, nonetheless, you have to be a thoroughly compromised individual, or they wouldn’t even let you run. So they have got stuff on him.

(Benjamin) Veterans Today, the site which is run, I’m pretty sure, by the Rockefeller family, and Hillary Clinton is actually Hillary Rockefeller, okay? But all that said, they have repeated that he is being blackmail over killing a 13-year old girl on Jeff Epstein’s Island. It’s possible. But they’ve got something on him. We know from the public record, when he was a businessman, that every time he was bankrupt, he was bailed out by a Rothschild.

So, it looks like we’re going to have to take things to the next level. I think though, there is still some play left on this Trump thing. They keep repeating, they’ll get Judge Brett Kavanaugh in on the Supreme Court and they’ll have a majority. That is when they will really start the tribunals. Well, let’s see.

(Richard) Yes, it’s quite interesting. His confirmation hearing — and Lindsay Graham. The line of questioning he gave him was very particular. It was to do with military law, not normal judiciary law. And that seems quite telling. Because it was almost setting the stage for later on, military tribunals happening and people being executed for being enemies of The State.

(Benjamin) Yes, I’ve been told this long before Kavanaugh was in these hearings, by the US military, that they have the legal structure set up, so that anybody can be arrested by the military, because it is wartime law, they are saying, since 9/11. So that yes, they can basically round up anyone and put on military tribunals. It is not just members of the military, which it would be during peace time law.

(Richard) Also there is an amendment passed, an Executive Order, that comes in on the first of January, that allows the military to do more tribunals and allows the Justice Department to go into the 3-letter agencies and be more effective apparently. But we shall have to wait and see, I suppose.

(Benjamin) The other thing is, there are factions here. My reading of the situation is that Comey and all those people, who are being removed, the FBI and the Justice Department, and Obama and that whole crew are linked to the P2 Freemasons and the Vatican and the Pope and its that faction versus maybe what we can call the the Anglo-Jewish faction. That’s my best reading of the power struggle going on there. They have been at it since King Henry VIII’s time, you know? I think it’s about time to buy the hatchet.

(Meg) Do you think Brett Kavanaugh has any particular insight into situations like the death of Vince Foster or other crimes that have been committed? Do you think that part of the reason is he is put forward as a candidate?

Benjamin He is tainted goods. He has a bad track record. But at the same time… I was told, at first the military–my sources– they were disappointed. But then they said that the feeling was that he takes orders and selecting him would allow him to get past the vetting. But still, he would be their man. If they had a complete outsider, it would have been harder to get the confirmation hearings past. That is what I’m being told now, anyway.

Crackdown on the Media, Departure of Les Moonves from CBS

(Meg) We have some pretty big stories very recently in the US with Les Moonves of CBS television network and just today, Jeff Fager, the producer of 60 Minutes, are both out, on their ear. Evidently both because of sexual improprieties. But this is huge because CBS owns a lot of companies. They own a lot of media companies.

(Benjamin) Absolutely. Clearly they have started the crackdown on the media. Well, look, if you are a powerful media executive, I’m sure for a large percentage, especially for the males, the casting couch was always part of the culture. And now they are using that as an excuse to take them down. But it’s really about politics and power and getting rid of the anti-Trump chorus.

(Meg) Okay, so these are convenient accusations at the time, which they’re probably guilty of, but it’s only now that they are able to really move them out.

(Benjamin) That’s true, but you have to remember. The United States is an oligarchy and the real top people stayed out of the limelight but for example, they got rid of Claire Bronfman for that NXVIUM sex cult thing. She ran the Bronfman foundation which is a major factor in the media. The point is after she was gone to jail then they got rid of Rahm Emanuel and that kind of means the Chicago mob may no longer be protecting Obama, for example.

(Benjamin) There’s a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes that you then you start seeing the public, So clearly that something happening at the higher levels than Moonves to make it possible for him to be removed. I’ll look into it and find out what the ownership structure is and get back to you on that because I don’t know the details but I’m sure that when you have the public because these are just hired hands, they’re not the actual owners you know so if they’ve fired the top hired hand it means they maybe the ranch is under new management. They always when someone loses they find and excuse so if they can’t find anything else then they’ll put kiddie porn on their computer and then arrest them for that.

(Benjamin) In the old days they’d give you a bag of marijuana and arrest you for drugs. Now they put kiddie porn on your computer so everyone says oh, he’s a sick pervert, a pedophile and his image is smeared. I’m not saying there aren’t people who do watch that stuff, but I’m saying its used as a tool to take down people they want to take down.

(Richard) it’s also easier to that, to plant that remotely on someone’s computer than it is to plant something physical on somebody like marijuana whilst he’s getting arrested. It’s an easier attack, I would say.

Where is the Vision for the Planet? We have Yet to See It

(Benjamin) Yeah. Certainly the pedophilia and murder of prepubescent children are horrific crimes that need to be punished, but we have to be careful not to have it turn into a McCarthy thing, there’s some fine lines that need to be drawn there. We have to get the really bad actors and that’s what the focus should be on. My other problem is that the US military is really good at getting the bad guys. That’s what they do. But I don’t see any vision for the planet from these guys. The Paris accords were an attempt to make the global financial system more inclusive of other countries. And even though global warming caused by carbon is a lie, it was placing the structure to pay poorer countries to protect their forests. We’re not seeing an alternative to that. That’s the problem I see with the whole Trump admin. They’re out there getting the bad guys and then picking [fights? inaudible ] with everybody but I don’t see what they’re trying to accomplish. I don’t see what their vision is for the planet or for the future. It’s not there.
(Richard) That’s a good point actually. That hasn’t been shown. We’re so focused on getting the bad guys isn’t it?

(Megan) He’s criticized for that. He’s criticized by environmental groups at least, as well as others but I keep having this sense, I’m hoping anyway, he’s trying to take off the layers of corruption and then well get the big reveal of something magnificent.

Benjamin) I think also that he’s sort of like the example I keep giving of Boris Yeltzin who presided over the collapse of the old system before he was replaced by Putin who set up a new and healthier system and I’m hoping that’s what Trump’s role is. He’s there to break up the rotten old system but he’s not the man to do something new. And they’re still repeating the lies about the economy. They’re still using funny money to prop up the stock market to make everything look good. They’re putting out complete BS employment numbers. The labor force participation is plunging, but they’re saying they’ve created 200,000 jobs. It’s complete lies. The economy is not good. It’s only good for the billionaires because they’re getting funny money from the Fed, the central bank. It’s not good for the 90% of Americans.

Take Away the Punchbowl and the Party Gets Interesting

(Richard) I think back to when he was a presidential candidate and he was very outspoken about the economy, and basically said that it is bad — it is not doing very good at all. His stance seemed to switch when he became president. (I’m) watching it and also what he is saying regarding the Fed and raising the rates. It’s one of those whereby I feel like, is he just trying to set the Fed up to fail, and control the narrative?

Because if they are pushed to push those rates up, that is just going to rip the economy apart. And he’s being outspoken about saying, ‘well, I wouldn’t do it, but I’m going to trust them. They’re supposed to know what they’re doing. And the chief of the Fed is now saying, ‘Yes, we’re going to put the rates up.’ So, I don’t know if there is a bait and switch going on.

(Benjamin) I think it was Paul Volker, (former Fed chairman), but correct me if I have the wrong guy who said, ‘Our job as central bankers is to take away the punchbowl and the party starts getting interesting.’ The fact is that they have been pumping out astronomical amounts of money since the Lehman shock and they’ve been using the stock market and they have created a bubble.

(Benjamin) But what it does is it creates social inequalities because the system they have for distributing central bank funny money is still through these oligarchs, through these super billionaires and it’s supposed to trickle into the economy that way, but it is not working. And at a certain point, if you keep doing that, like Japan experienced during its bubble years, is that you have asset inflation where things like real estate and stocks go through the roof and cause trouble for the Average Joe. They are trying to do that.

The US Does Need the Rest of the World

(Benjamin) The other thing that happens that by cutting back on dollars the first people to hurt are countries like Argentina and Turkey. But they are also speeding up the move away from the whole dollar system. And you can see this in each of these countries that has been hit. Erdogan and Turkey saying, ‘We have to get away from the dollar system.’
They are moving to the Petroyuan and the gold-backed system.

(Benjamin) It’s like the United States saying ‘If you don’t follow our rules, you can’t play with us.’ And then more and more countries are saying, ‘Okay, well, we won’t play with you.’ They are only 17% of the world’s GDP now. They’re not 50% like they were at the end of World War 2. Actually, they need the world more than the world needs them, especially because they are the most bankrupt state in history.

(Meg) President Trump recently said, ‘Our good relations with Japan will end as soon as I tell them how much they have to pay.’

(Benjamin) And it happened on the exact same day that Japan was hit by what I am pretty sure was an earthquake weapon. That was a stupid move, because this is not a one-way street. They know that people protecting Japan can hit La Palma and cause a 100-meter tsunami on the US East Coast. They shouldn’t do that sort of stupid, brutal extortion. It’s not going to work this time. There will be payback.

(Richard) So who do you think was behind that particular attack? And who were the targeted actors? I remember you saying it was close to a base.

Recent Artificial Earthquakes in Japan

(Benjamin) Here is the thing. Artificial earthquakes, natural ones have a build up and then ‘Grrrr’.. but artificial ones are ‘BANG!’. There was a series of six earthquakes in southern Japan earlier this year or last year, that were all the same. They were artificial earthquakes and they were all centered on military bases. They were very shallow, like 10 kilometers, [big enough to hit?] an underground base, but not 200 kilometers, like a natural earthquake might be.
And the same with the one in Hokkaido. It hit a military base and it was shallow and had the characteristics.

(Benjamin) And then you have Trump saying, ‘We’re going to hit them up for more money.’ That’s going to backfire. They are not going to get away with this bullying any more. That’s the thing they need to understand. It’s a two-way street. They’re going to lose Japan, if they keep this up. I guarantee it.

(Meg) And Japan buys so many US treasuries. I don’t know much they are buying now, but…

(Benjamin) With Trump, in a way, he is right. Right now, they’re basically getting free stuff from the Chinese and Japanese. The Chinese and Japanese send over cars and trinkets and computers and then all the Americans have to do is give them T-bonds. But I think they realize that China has turned around and used these to increase their global influence. They have gone to Africa, and suddenly they are realizing, ‘Oh They are using these dollars to increase their presence around the world.’ I have talked to some Africans who say, ‘When the Westerners come to Africa they bring guns. When the Chinese come, they bring business.’

(Benjamin) So I think there is a realization that the Americans have to start selling stuff and not just T-bonds, or else they are going to keep losing their geopolitical position as time goes on. That is a good thing. It’s good for the Japanese and Chinese to get actual American stuff as opposed to pieces of paper, however fancy printed they may be. That is probably going to happen. In the bubble years, when Japan had their huge trade surplus they forced a lot of Japanese car companies to start manufacturing in the US. I think they got Toyota Motors making tanks for the US government? So I think you are going to see a lot of Chinese factories open up in the US. Or something like that. Because right now, what do they have to sell? Corn and weapons? Maybe I am simplifying too much.

 In Japan, Prices are Falling

(Richard) [I was taking] a quick look at the 10-year yield across many countries. I was gobsmacked at Japan’s. It was 0.111. That is only a 1% return on a 10-year bond. So, what is happening with Japan’s economy?

(Benjamin) Well, it’s the same though. If you had buried a million yen, which is about $10,000 about 20 years ago, you’d probably have about 50% more purchasing power now, because they have prices falling. So, even zero percent is a pretty good deal. Because everything is cheaper. Umbrellas, for example, used to be 3,000 yen. Now you can get them for 100 yen at the Japanese 100 Yen Shop, which is equivalent to the Dollar Shop. And a nice umbrella is 500 yen. So stuff like that… and clothing too, is just so cheap now, it’s almost disposable. Prices are falling.

(Benjamin) Japan has a real problem in that their population is shrinking. There are more than 3 million empty houses now. They are going to start bringing in immigrants, but the current government does not have the ability, the know-how to stop the shrinking population. It is even worse in South Korea. I think the replacement rate is one of the lowest in the world, at 0.9%. This is 0.9 kids per woman. So, the next generation will have half the population Something has to be done about it. The current regime just does not have the ability to do that.

(Richard) Is that part of the culture? Where young men are just not interested any more?

 In Several Asian Countries, Populations are Shrinking

(Benjamin) I think it’s more fundamental. I have always proposed a solution and it’s quite simple and it wouldn’t cost that much money. If you look at the 3rd world countries, where you have a huge increase in population and you ask people why they have lots of kids, they say, ‘so they can be secure in our old age.’

(Benjamin) But then come to a country like Japan and you ask, ‘why don’t you have lots of kids?’ ‘Well, because we’ll be poor when we’re old.’ The difference is, the way the system is now, parents pay for education for their kids, which is really really expensive. And the pensions are paid for by governments or corporations. So the more kids you have, the poorer your old age is. So I’ve always said, ‘All you have to do is link your pension to the amount of taxpaying kids you have. So if you have five kids, you are going to be living a rich old life. And if you none, you’ll be at the minimal survival place.’

(Benjamin) Just that sort of thing would make people change their life plans. The other thing and it is happening in China, Japan and in Hong Kong. There was once a survey about satisfaction with sex lives. Hong Kong came in dead last in the world. The reason is that they have nowhere to do it. They have just small apartments. They can’t do it without kids knowing.

(Meg) Right, so it kills the buzz, there. (joke).

(Benjamin) Right, it’s just like … it’s a real fundamental thing. If you put a bunch of hamsters in a cage that is too small, they will start eating each other and they won’t have kids. Even just designing housing so people feel they have kids rooms and kids play rooms and then they can have adult rooms too. Maybe then they’ll feel comfortable having kids running around again. A lot of big, deep changes that need to be made. Now that China has moved everybody into cities, they are having a population crisis of their own. They have abandoned the 1-child policy and now they are even going to end the 2-child policy. But I don’t think it is going to work.

(Benjamin) Another possible solution is that you could have kid farms out in the countryside. Families with 20 kids and then they’d go to the city and have only 1 or 2 kids each afterwards. They have to do something. Otherwise, they’re going to go extinct.

(Meg) On this idea of ‘kid farms,’ let’s take a brief break, and then we’ll be back.

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And now back to the show!

(Benjamin) Japan is going to have a new emperor, next May. What I have been told is that this is going to lead to a big change. There’s going to be a lot of immigration to Japan, and it’s going to become multi-cultural. That’s the current plan for dealing with the population shrinkage here. But, native Japanese are going to become increasingly rare, as things are.

(Richard) Yeah, and I hope that works out well for Japan. I don’t want to see happen to Japan what has happened here in England. You’ve got communities that are integrating and then you’ve got whole cultures that are taking over swathes of area, and it’s not working, it’s not fair.

Canada Did a Good Job with Immigration

(Benjamin) Canada did a good job. They embedded people very carefully and they make sure they’re from all over the world. There are a few big Chinatowns that aren’t fully integrating but overall something like 86% of Canadians are for immigration because they’ve done it right. They only bring in people that actually bring benefits. It used to be that you’d have to advertise in a newspaper all over the country, and if you couldn’t find a Canadian to do the job you’re looking for, only then would you be allowed to have an immigrant. England should probably look into that too. They’ve got to do some more assimilation, especially if you have certain ethnic groups with high rates of crime, then you’ve got to do something about it.

(Richard) It’s not even just the crime, it’s the fact that they don’t care about our way of life or our language, and you’ve got entire swathes. For instance, Ilford in east London: I went down there once for some work, and I walked down the streets and out of 60 shops only one was English. Everything was sign languaged in I think it was a Pakistani language, something like that. I just couldn’t believe it.

(Benjamin) In Canada, they have to have an English sign. And French, actually.

(Richard) So while we are on England, this Skripal case is still continuing. It’s absolute BS. They’re pushing on Russia further, and now they’re saying that it’s these two guys that they’ve released. Which is amazing because if you look at the footage, how can there be two separate people in the same corridor at the exact same second? It’s bollocks. Sorry, but it is.

(Benjamin) They are losing the script. This is what happened with the corporate media and the US as well. Because of the Internet, people are catching on. Their old bag of tricks just doesn’t work any more, and they don’t know what to do. So yeah, they fake an incident, they say “those bloody Russians.” But I think the picking a fight with Russia has to do with oil in the Middle East because Saudi Arabia and that whole thing was British-American oil concession, and now the Russians are taking a huge chunk of that. I think that’s what it’s really about, it’s about oil income. They make an excuse because they don’t want to say it’s about oil, so they say “Oh, these bloody Russians and their poisonous gas”. But it’s not working anymore. [Inaudible] sarin attacks on Syria, nobody believes them.

(Richard) To be honest, I’ve got to hand it to Russia and Putin, because they’ve got some serious resolve to put up with, quite frankly. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but it’s so unfair. Even in the UN, you’ve now got all these other countries rallying around England saying, “Oh, we support the English evidence” and all of this, but they’re not even given any evidence to Russia under international law, which they should have done within two weeks. They still haven’t. It’s so unfair and completely corrupt.

(Benjamin) It is, and they’re not going to get anywhere with that. They really should stop. It’s foolish to make themselves look stupid. Stuff that used to work just doesn’t work anymore, and they haven’t figured it out, they’re freaking out. It ruins England’s image. I don’t think anybody’s fooled anymore, and it’s stupid for them to do that. You think about oil, they’re saying “Hey, if we lose all our oil to the Russians we’re all going to be poor” and then maybe people will go “Oh, ok, well that’s something I can worry about.” Stop making fake excuses, tell the truth. If you have a problem with the Russians about oil then make sure you tell people it’s about oil, it’s not about some fake gas thing, you know?

(Richard) Yeah.

Re-emergence of the Astro-Hungarian Empire

(Meg) It’s almost like a parallel situation going on with Viktor Orbán in Hungary, becuase the EU is now censuring him, when it looks like he is trying to get out lots of bad actors from his country and manage the place. What’s your sense of it?

(Benjamin) My sense is that one of the most unreported stories of the 21st century is the re-emergence of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Look at the group of countries, Hungary and its neighboring countries have set up a common border, which is exactly identical to the old Austro-Hungarian border, to keep out these immigrants. But it’s a sign its empire is re-emerging, and they are asserting their traditional independence. Which has deep cultural and [inaudible] social roots, and they are fighting against Balkanization and taking orders from further west in Europe. And that’s a good thing. They’re saying “We’ve got certain fundamental values that we’ve always protected.”

(Benjamin) And the other thing you’ve got to remember about Europe starting with Serbia is that they’ve been fighting in Austria and all that, they’ve been fighting the Turkish expansionism for centuries. They have a much deeper, more visceral fear of large influxes of Muslims than the rest of them, and for good reason. They’ve had centuries of very serious warfare to protect their current way of life, and they’re not going to suddenly say “Well, we’re going to give up on centuries of what we fought for and just roll over”, it’s not going to happen. I know that the people in the P2 are saying we’ve got to force the Muslims and the Christians to integrate and create a new one world religion, but that whole sort of social engineering is not working, and who appointed them? Who gave them that right? Nobody. We’ve got to go right to the very root of the problem.

(Benjamin) Social engineers trying to unify Christianity and Islam artificially by forcing them, you know, it’s that Hegelian thing again. Thesis, antithesis, they force them to fight to get to the conclusion they want them to get to. No, no thank you, stop it. You’ve got to go to Rome, you’ve got to go to Basel Switzerland, you’ve got to go to where it’s starting. That’s where you’ve got to start dealing with it.

(Richard) To be honest I’ve got friends that are Muslim, and I’ve had fantastic conversations with them about religion and things like that. It’s not a question of Muslims and Christians, or the West and the East can’t be aligned, it’s the forcing of them to be together.

(Benjamin) One of my best friends from high school, a French-Canadian, married a Malaysian woman and converted to Islam. I said, “What’s it like being a Muslim?” and he said “Well, I’m not allowed to drink, but I sometimes do when my wife’s not looking,” and they fast once a year from dawn till dusk, and he says “That’s a good thing because it teaches the kids that there were times when we didn’t have enough food.” And otherwise, no real difference. He’s still the same guy. That’s how it should be. They deliberately created a radical version of “boogeyman Islam” and financed this fake Islamic terrorism just to engineer this fight. That’s what they do. So they weaponize Islam and try to force this whole thing, and it’s just not working and it’s blowing up in their faces, as well it should.

(Richard) Mhmm.

(Meg) So maybe the world will reject the chaos they’re trying to create. That’s what we’re hoping for.

(Benjamin) Well, they are rejecting.

(Meg) Well, I hope so. Yeah.

Saudi Arabia Rethinking their Policies

(Benjamin) There’s been of course, the fundamental change in Saudi Arabia, which is an Anglo-American colony, and their royals have been given new marching orders, and suddenly they’re liberalizing like crazy. They’ve stopped financing all this extremism. And that’s a good thing. The problem is though that Saudi Arabia is headed for a death cross. My father was a Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the 80s, and I went there a few times. At the time I think the population was 17 million and now it’s like 60 million.

(Benjamin) At the time, Saudis didn’t work, they collected paychecks and all the work was done by Pakistanis or other expats. The Saudis received oil money and had huge families. And now what’s happening is, when I talk about the death cross, you have the oil income going like that, you have the population going like that, and it’s such a big fundamental structural problem that it’s not going to be solved that easily. I think they understand they have to make this whole new magic economy, but you’ve got to start by putting a work ethic in your kids. Anyway, they’ve got serious problems and that’s going to affect a lot of us over time unless something very serious is done. Right now I don’t see that happening.

(Richard) That also sort of parallels with the baby boomer generation, because they are coming to pension age, and subsequent generations underneath them were nowhere near as plentiful, so therefore the basic economics just doesn’t match up. So there’s going to be a massive squeeze on their pension fund.

(Benjamin) Oh yeah. And they haven’t saved up, a lot of them have no savings. The current system of having privately owned central banks print money and then handing out to their corporate buddies, is failing. They don’t have the right model. I keep repeating that the model pioneered by Japan and Singapore, now used by China, is a much better one where you have some very, very clever people who pass very, very difficult exams coming up with an overall plan, not the micromanagement for where they want to be five years from now, and actually doing something about it. That’s why China’s broken all the Western economic rules and they just keep growing. It’s because they have a different system, one that works better. I keep saying the West needs that sort of system. And it’s not central planned Communism or Stalinism, it’s a different thing.

Singapore: Not so Crazy And They Are Quite Rich Asians

(Benjamin) I think a lot of people are starting to realize yes, the Singapore model… I mean, Singapore is like a straitjacket society in many ways. Just the economic planning model, and that system really works. They’re the third richest country on Earth now per capita, and I’m talking about median income, not just… Anyway, the point is that they were as poor as anywhere and now they’re richer and they keep growing, because they have this better system. I think the West has been so used to telling everybody else to imitate us for so long that they forget that they have to learn from others. The whole idea for example of competitive exams for the British bureaucracy was copied from the Chinese, and it worked. There are other things they need to start learning. Ok, they’ve [inaudible] the world and all sorts of stuff. It’s time to start learning again. Too many of the people are just too proud or too ethnocentric to realize this. People in other parts of the world have come up with better solutions, and we should copy them and improve upon them, if we don’t want to lose the race for the future.

(Meg) Well, if for example the US economy crashes, isn’t this just really a setup for a global financial reset? What are you looking at? What do you hear from your sources about this global financial reset?

(Benjamin) Well, there’s several different groups. The problem is as usual, they haven’t decided who’s going to be in charge of the reset and that’s why it hasn’t happened. You have for example, there’s a whole bunch of US military people who bought large amounts of Iraqi dinars and Vietnamese dong and Zimbabwe dollars, and we’re told these are going to shoot up in value. So they want the reset to be based on that. And then you have the Chinese with their gold-backed yuan and their yuan based oil trade, and they want it to be based on them. Then you have the Paris Accord people who wanted to redistribute the power balance, and the Americans said no because they’d be the big losers in that. So the problem is that there’s stil no consensus, and that’s why it’s not happening. It’s probably going to take some sort of collapse, probably centered in the US before this happens.

(Richard) Something significant. Yeah.

US Stock Market Bubble Heading Toward a Burst

(Benjamin) Yeah. And it’s coming with the stock market. I was at the front lines of the Japanese bubble from beginning to end, and what I’m seeing in the US is very similar to to what happened when the bubble first started breaking. The weakest fell first, but people were saying “No, this time it’s different, this time it’s different” but eventually it hit everywhere. That’s going to happen in the US. I just don’t see any way around it. They’ve got to stop lying about their economy and stop lying about their employment and inflation and everything, and actually do something.

(Richard) Yeah. Because it seems like it’s shadow inflation. Products are getting smaller, they’re just hiding it.

(Benjamin) Well you see, they’ve changed the basket of goods they use to measure inflation over 20 times, and each time the result has been to lower the inflation rate. So, I’ve used this example before but I think it’s worth repeating. Steak gets expensive so they replace it with pork. Pork gets expensive so they replace it with chicken. Chicken gets expensive so they replace it with beans. Beans are expensive so they replace it with tree bark, and finally with dirt. When dirt’s so “dirt cheap” that GDP is way up, higher than ever before, because the price of dirt is so low, and everyone’s starving to death. That’s basically what they’re doing. I use an extreme example to illustrate a point, but that’s basically what they’re doing.

(Richard) Yeah, absolutely. Also, they never admit to any form of recession until maybe 2-3 years past the collapse and then they’re like “Oh, well, when we look back, actually the recession was two years before it happened.”

(Meg) You guys are talking about a fine American tradition, talking about the US economy. [Laughs]

An Illustration of The Difference Between Average and Median

(Benjamin) The other big one is they’ve got to stop using per capita income as the yardstick, and they’ve got to go for median income. Median is where half the people are above that level and half the people are below. Per capita is where they just take the total number and divide it by the amount of people. So if Bill Gates walks into a coffee shop where there’s 30 people, suddenly everybody in the coffee shop is a millionaire. Suddenly the other 29 people can’t afford coffee but hey, they’re all millionaires according to the per capita model. If you look at the median income you’ll see the Americans have been getting poorer and poorer ever since around 1967 or 1973, depending how you measure it. The murder of top union bosses is linked to that, by the way, but that’s another story. The point is that the workers have been getting the shaft ever since.

(Meg) You mean the whole Jimmy Hoffa mystery?

(Benjamin) Yeah, yeah. That whole thing where they infiltrated and then destroyed the unions, and the result is the working man has been getting poorer and poorer ever since.

(Meg) Well, those of us who live in the US are very suddenly aware, subtly. It’s subtle, but it creeps up, just rising prices on everything. It’s very much there right under the surface for us. I don’t know if you feel it in Japan, something similar, or… ? Richard, if you feel it in the UK?

(Richard) Yeah, it is. We see it in our products. A bottle of Coke now, you can’t buy a two litre bottle of Coke, it doesn’t exist. It was a 1.75 litre bottle of Coke. Now it’s a 1.5 litre bottle of Coke. And the price is still the same, if not higher. So how does that work? And they’re saying “Oh, sugar tax!” No, sugar tax doesn’t just come in, that’s not it. It’s self inflation.

 Empty Houses in Tokyo

(Benjamin) Yeah, there’s a bit of that going on in Japan. But here the problem is more just they are running out of people. While I was gone this summer, two houses became empty. And now they are becoming derelict. I live in a fairly upper middle class neighborhood of Tokyo. But there are a whole bunch of long-term empty houses because there are no people to live in them. And that is all over the country. So their problem here is that they are going extinct.

(Meg) And so this doesn’t affect real estate in a way of prices dropping particularly, or does it?

(Benjamin) No, they don’t, because they artificially keep them off the market, and they keep the prices of real estate going up, so no. But they’re starting to think about it. I’ve done some research on my own and if you look at real estate law at the very, very beginning, it’s… well, I’ve always been living here so it’s mine. Occupation equals ownership, right? The Japanese rules say the law is the same so, if people just started doing like they do in the US or in the UK where they just move into these empty places and start squatting. The Japanese are too timid and polite to start squatting but boy that would be a great place for squatters right now. I’m thinking about doing it myself. There’s a really big fancy house that’s been empty for 10 years that’s nice and I’m thinking, why don’t I just move in and see what happens, you know?

(Meg) No one will notice. No one will notice that Ben just moved down the street. [Laughs]

(Benjamin) I might just do that. Legally I think it’s okay. Well, what I’ve figured out is, I send myself a letter to that address, then wait two years, then I move in and say “Well, I’ve been living here for two years and nobody told me to move out so now I don’t have the rights” and they say “Well can you prove it?” “Yeah, look at this letter!” Anyway, there’s something very fundamentally wrong with the colonial administration in Japan and it’s got to end. Something’s got to break here.

(Richard) Every way it has got to break in one way or another, hasn’t it?

How about a Debt Jubilee and a Redistribution of Assets

(Benjamin) Yeah, something fundamental’s got to break. Trump hasn’t carried out a jubilee, which is what you really need. You need a one-off redistribution of assets so that you don’t have 0.001% of the population owning 70% of everything, it’s not right. And they can’t spend it. So you have some of these zillionaires with empty mansions in fifty countries, they should just have one, maybe two, and the rest should be re-distributed.

(Richard) Why is a condo not good enough for them, you know?

(Benjamin) Yeah. The point is that they’re so greedy that they want everything but they can’t consume it so it creates a black hole. We need a one-off reset, and the current people running things aren’t able or willing to do something that radical. They’re not ready for a big reset. We’ll let the Trump faction get rid of their enemies and then we’ll move on the Trump faction, I think, once they’ve… Let them kill each other off for a bit and then we’ll make the next move, I think. But it’s probably going to start… Well, I’m hoping the US military will do something. They’ve had a sort of an alliance convenience with Trump and those people because they had a common enemy, but I think that once the common enemy’s gone, I think the next thing they’re going to have to do is turn on Trump and the oligarchs behind him, because he’s the lesser of two evils. That’s all.

(Meg) Right. Well, Benjamin, I think it’s time for us to wrap up and we appreciate your time.

(Benjamin) Okay. Like I say, the autumn has started and a lot of big changes are happening, but you will see the most happening with the arrests in the US. Let’s see if they get Cheney and Bush Jr in jail. That will be one thing to watch out for. There may be a surprise coming of Japan, we’ll see. But yeah it’s going to be a busy fall, a lot of big things are going to happen, and I think most of them will be good. But at the same time, we have a dangerous wounded beast thrashing about.

(Benjamin) It looks like they’ve restarted the weather warfare after ten years of a break, and they’re trying to start a pandemic again. They’re pulling out all their nasty tools, so we’ve got to be careful, but I think we can actually take them down. I personally want to see Benjamin Netanyahu, who’s a war criminal and mass murderer, in jail. I want to see the Bushes frog marched and handcuffed. We’ll see. But things are going to happen. They’ve started and we’re gonna just make it happen. [Inaudible] Let’s get the bastards and free the planet!

(Richard) Absolutely!

(Meg) Thank you!

(All) Bye! Bye!

(Meg) We hope you enjoyed today’s interview. So why not check out PrepareforChange.net for our daily releases? Until next time!


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  1. I think it is wise to always discern and not put our hopes on one person or organization. We are all part of and take part in this ‘human experiment’, we all need to ‘be the event’, i.e. the change we are looking for! We can only resolve the polarities, embodying unity consciousness, love and compassion, and doing what is just according to universal laws. We create our own reality and we are only just waking up to that knowledge as human beings.

  2. Amy, you claim for a lack of evidence about some statements of Ben, but in the same paragraph consider of interesting some prophecies. A kind of incoherence, to say…

  3. I think Trump is less cabal than most and perhaps will pull a Samson. Seems like main movers and shakers are defectors so it’s mixed bag of motives and methods

  4. Divine Goddess Shekina Rose/Love & Compassion Gaia’s Heart Song to Humanity/Light Language/Cathedral Vortex
    Divine Goddess Shekina Rose/Love & Compassion Gaia’s Heart Song to Humanity/Light Language/Cathedral Vortex

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  5. I’m wondering why, and what evidence Benjamin has to say that Trump is part of the cabal. Ben has his own sources while many of us have input from a number of other sources (including Q Anon) that Ben probably does not know of, or consider, that contradicts his view of Trump.
    I’m interested in the spiritual perspective, and of particular interest is that Trump’s presidency was predicted long before Trump even considered standing. Kim Clement’s prophesies are particularly interesting and describe much of what happened and is still happening. It appears that Trump was selected by God to ‘drain the swamp’, and that he is divinely protected. Trump will win a second term in 2020.
    See Kim Clement …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGSixRoWz-E and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ_BJmzb_Sw

    • Hi Amy, Interesting comment! Benjamin has said in the past that he does read Q but that he also has his own sources (including sources inside the Pentagon).


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