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On September 27, 2018, continued our interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

UPDATE:  The transcript is now posted in this article, below the links to the previous 2018 interviews.

By the time this interview is available, Brett Kavanaugh will be either confirmed or his appointment to the US Supreme Court will be delayed (or something else will have occurred).   Ben discusses how the fight in Congress is really because Kavanaugh’s appointment opens the door to military tribunals for many wrongdoers.   Benjamin says the big social media companies such as Facebook and Google will likely be broken up, as they are the “new media,” but still controlled by the old families. And we all talk about Japan, the UK and other things too.

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about 45 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

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TRANSCRIPT: September 27, 2018 Interview – Prepare for Change-Benjamin Fulford: “Kavanaugh = Military Tribunals”

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(Meg) Hello everyone from Prepare for
I am Meg, coming to you from the USA and here is my interview partner.

(Richard) Hi there! I’m Richard. I’m talking to you from the UK.

Who is Benjamin Fulford?

(Meg) Today at, we are interviewing Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin’s website is
We would like to introduce Benjamin to our listening audience.

Benjamin is a reporter and investigative journalist. He has been a correspondent for several news organizations in Asia and notably he was the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine. He left Forbes in 2005, in disgust over their editorial direction and censorship.

Benjamin’s weekly reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including, among others, the Japanese Yakuza crime family; The British intelligence service MI6; the Freemasons; the CIA, the KGB, and the Mossad. Benjamin is actively fighting to rid the earth of the psychopaths currently in charge.

Benjamin’s weekly geo-political news reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the ongoing secret war for control of planet Earth.

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Okay, so let’s get started.

(Meg) Hi Benjamin, hi Richard. It’s September 27, 2018. Welcome back and it’s nice to see you again.
(Benjamin) It’s nice to be back.

(Meg) Thank you. We do have some questions. I will start. We actually have still, going on, Hurricane Florence here in the US. How quickly we forget, given all the other political stuff. We have southeastern states that are still flooded. Are these hurricanes being augmented by weather weapons, or do you know anything about that?

Treaty Regarding Weather and Earthquake Weapons

(Benjamin) If you do a newspaper search from June 18 – 20, between 1976 and 1978, you’ll find all the world’s newspapers and headlines and big stories about a treaty between the Soviet Union and the US not to attack each other with weather and earthquake weapons. There is just tons of publicly released information that the ability to enhance hurricanes, move hurricanes, create them… It’s old technology. So something has happened. If you remember until about last year, for about a decade, no hurricanes hit the US. This had never happened in all these weather events. And suddently, last year we had a bunch that hit Texas and now we have Florence. It is very clearly connected to some kind of a political agenda. My best guess is that is retailiation to the downing of the satellites that were controlled by the Nazi – CIA faction, that run the bases in Antarctica. That’s my best guess. It does not seem natural, no. It’s probably due to an effort to prevent planned mass arrests and miliitary tribunals.

(Richard) Also, look at HAARP. That’s one of the older technologies used for weather manipulation.

(Benjamin) You can do an experiment in weather manipulation if you have a microwave oven. Put a glass of water into a microwave oven and nuke it for about five minutes and see what happens. It’s the same thing only at a bigger scale with the HAARP.

(Richard) Okay, so talking about the retaliations. The Taiwan arms deal. It starts off with sanctions being placed on certain parts of the Chinese military to buy weapons from Russia. This is ridiculous, because how can they even dictate who they can buy weapons from? Then the US negotiates a $300 million deal with Taiwan for military spending and what appears to be a protest from China. They then run military drills toward Taiwan, otherwise simulating an invasion sort of simulation. Is this a conflict between China cooked up that benefits the Khazarian mafia?

(Benjamin) I think it’s just posturing, linked to the trade dispute. I don’t think it’s a very serious thing. You see the P2 Freemasons, that’s the people in Italy, the descendants of the Caesers, who control The Vatican and the Mafia. Well, The Vatican just reached an agreement with China over the selection of Bishops. And Italy is just now the first G7 country to join the One Belt One Road Initiative. Clearly, these are the people who are probably behind 9/11 and Fukushima and it now looks like they are trying to seek protection from China. That’s my best reading of the situation.

The Kavanaugh Confirmation

(Meg) We have of course this week, a circus going on the US with the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings coming up and the women who have been coming forward about him. So we won’t go into the weeds in this. And by the time this interview this is out and available, he will either be confirmed or it will all be delayed, somehow. Well…

(Benjamin) Here is the thing. If you look at the confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh has said, and I think it was in response to Lindsay Graham, that the United States has been under Marshal Law since September 14, 2001. Under Marshal Law, military tribunals can try civilians and sentence them to death. He is on the record as saying that. And clearly the US military government that supports Donald Trump wants to have the majority on the Supreme Court so they can have a legal framework to start doing this. Behind the scenes I guarantee you there are threats of nuclear terror, there are threats of weather weapons and threats of assassination and of course, character assassination. They are doing everything they can to prevent this from happening. Because it really is a life and death matter for some of these people.

(Richard) I suppose it’s a question of by getting Kavanaugh in, it’s going to expedite the process for these military trials.

(Benjamin) They want it to be legal and they want it to be carried out in such a manner that the public accepts and it can’t be used as an excuse to riot against the government. They want it all to be legal and proper and done through the appropriate channels.

(Richard) I just meant that these whole delay tactics, if they continue it, it will delay their plans for the military trials.

(Benjamin) I don’t think they’ll be able to delay it. We’ll see. We’ll all know by the time this interview is out.

(Meg) That’s what it seems like. No ability to turn around this train moving forward.

(Benjamin) They tried to revise Bill Gates, threatening Pandemic X. There was an article put out in the corporate media, which claimed to be an interview of Bill Gates, threatening–saying that pandemic X could kill a bunch of people. It’s a veiled threat. The photographs used are all old file photographs. I guaranteee you that if you are a journalist and you do an interview you bring your own cameraman and you take your own pictures. You don’t use file photos because they are expensive. So they are using him as a cover for a threat of bioterror.

Ebola Fizzled Out

(Benjamin) That’s an empty threat, because they have been trying for years and everything has been stopped. Ebola sizzled out. SARS fizzled out. Something is stopping their biowarfare. And then, we saw theYellowstone caldera heat up a bit. And I think they are saying, ‘All right, we will blow up Yellowstone and destroy America and the world.’ It’s a bluff. These guys love themselves too much to take the Samson Option.’ That’s just…ignore it, okay?

(Benjamin) Then of course, they are doing this incredible character assassination on Brett Kavanaugh. It is really backfiring on them, because they are doing stuff that…. Regardless of whether or not it happened, the accusations are the sort of thing that probably about 50% of males are guilty of, at some point in their lives. Like, maybe, making a move, going a little bit past the line and being rejected and then stopping. Maybe you should not have grabbed her…wherever… but she said stop and so you stopped. They are clinging at straws. This is not the thing that will derail a real candidate. It’s a smear job and it’s not going to work.

(Richard) Especially with the FBI investigations into his records.

(Meg) Well, right and a lot of it too, I think it is making him less legitimate as a Supreme Court guy, so they can sort of pick at him and pick at him as we go know–protest. I think we all know and our listeners know…

(Benjamin) In a way, we should have done this interview next week, because then we’ll know for sure. But I’m assuming the military tribunals will go ahead and it will be very historic. It will be the biggest thing, probably even bigger than the end of WW2. There is still a lot that is going to have to be done. The battle is far from over. The center of the Resistance is now the EU and their fascist control of the system. That is just the social engineers, the P2 and those guys. They are circling the wagons. Angela Merkel is in trouble. The Swiss are being told very clearly that they are not going to rule the world using stolen gold any more. And I think they are taking those warnings seriously.

Switzerland and Stolen Gold

And they better be taking them seriously, because Switzerland cannot secretly rule the world through finance using stolen gold any more. We are not going to let it happen.

(Richard) We still have plenty of issues over in Britain. But I have a question. It has more to do with the FISA declassification. The British Intelligence and of course the British government would have been highly complicit in this. Once that declas happens, what do you think the collateral damage will be for the UK and the other allies of the Five Eyes, like Canada and Australia?

(Benjamin) What the Americans are telling me is it was the Australians and the UK who were helping to stop the election of Trump by using the… We all know the loophole, but I’ll explain it again for those who don’t. American law says you can’t spy on your own citizens, but you can spy on foreigners. And the British and the Canadians have similar protections. So the British can spy on Americans because they are foreigners. And so then they give this to the Americans. And then the Americans spy on the British and then they give it to the British because they are foreigners. So this is the loophole they have been using. But, the problem is that the British and the Australians, and this would be like…Turnbull, and I forget who it is for the British. [Richard: It’s May still ] May, okay. Well, these are people working for the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and these families, who are trying to get Hillary Rockfeller Clinton to keep family bloodline control of the United States.

(Benjamin) So the American military are saying, behind the door to the British, ‘Get rid of the scum in your system who were responsible for trying to interfere in our elections. This is not what allies do to other allies. We are a democracy and you don’t use dirty tricks to interfere in your allies’ elections.’ So, anybody in your system who is responsible for that needs to be fired or removed. That is what they are telling them through the back channels, as they should be.

Allies Need to be Allies

(Richard) Also in Trump’s statements, he says this. He says ‘Our allies need to be actual allies.’ So it is there in public. One thing that gets me, though. Although the loophole is there and it’s used and abused quite often, one thing I have found very fascinating about it is that none of this intelligence actually went through official channels, because Nunes came out and said none of it has gone through official channels. Because he has looked. And that makes the whole thing more seated in corruption.

(Benjamin) Yes, absolutely. The public infrastructure in government has been subverted for so long. We have a group of oligarchs who have secretly destroyed democracy in the Anglo-Saxon world. The process started with the assassination of Kennedy, but it really reached its final fascist form with the Patriot Act in the United States, which is exactly the same as the Nazi German laws. So we had a Nazi coup d’etat [inaudible]. To me the Nazis and the Zionists are the same people. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand anything. I say that because a lot of my Jewish family was murdered by these Nazi Zionists. So don’t call me an anti-Semite.

Hillary Rockefeller ?

(Meg) Let me pick up on part of what you were just talking about. Because you have mentioned in the past Hillary being a Rockfeller. We are curious as to what played out, that she is a descendant of a Rockefeller. Who’s her daddy, you know, is kind of the question.

(Benjamin) Okay, my understanding as told to me by NSA and other types, Japanese intelligence, who follow these things is that Hillary is the secret child of David Rockefeller. Bill Clinton is the son of a different Rockefeller.

(Megan) A different Rockefeller?

(Benjamin) Yeah, I’m trying to remember which one–not Nelson. The one in Arkansas. It will come to me later. It was cousins marrying. The Bushes were not the same family, but they were close. and the Rothschilds. They kind of circled the wagons because they wanted to keep it within the same overall mafia. I call it Khazarian Mafiaint….Winthrop Rockefeller. [Meg: Winthrop, okay]. Winthrop Rockefeller.

(Richard) Would this come because the Bushes are German in origin. So they are at the top end. But the Rockefellers are more…

(Benjamin) If you look at the Bushes, it’s Scherf and then it’s Pierce and then it’s Pinchett. [Pinchot?]. It’s actually Italian old black aristocracy.

(Meg) The Black Nobility families. [Richard: Runs deep, runs old]. And then we have Mark Zuckerberg who is the grandson of one of the Rockefellers. He must be something like a nephew or something, right?

Moonves: Relative of Ben Gurion

(Benjamin) If you look at the Fortune 500 companies and you look at the control grid of the foundations, the forensic trail will lead you to these families and it leads you to people in Switzerland and Zug, the Rothschild family headquarters. It’s the the families that control the megacorporations versus the rest of us. So they are fighting to keep their corporate control. Right now they are losing the traditional media. They got rid of the guy Moonves at CBS, who is related to David Ben Gurion.

(Benjamin) And they’re getting the guy out of NBC. And then Disney is probably going to be nationalized and that will get ABC. They are losing their corporate media. So they are circling their wagons around the internet media, Facebook, Google, Twitter, all this stuff, which if you follow it, the web of control leads to the same people. They are probably going to be broken up or nationalized, too. Because the thing is, these people they made a huge mistake.

(Benjamin) They assumed the men with guns are stupid people who would follow orders. They don’t have men with guns. They have propagandists, they have bribers, they have assassins. But they don’t have large amounts of men ready to fight for them. That was their fatal mistake and that’s why they have lost. It’s just a quesiton about how it’s going to be rolled out. Mathematically, they are up the creek without a paddle.

(Richard) So they didn’t have a private army and that’s their downfall.

(Benjamin) They did try to do that with Blackwater, but those guys have turned and they are not following their programs.

(Meg) Have they? Because Erik Prince, the head of Blackwater and I guess his subsequent firm, had a different name but Erik Prince, an advisor of Trump, has he turned over to the good side, then?

(Benjamin) I believe so. I advised the Chinese that it is cheaper to feed a dog than it is to fight a hungry wolf. And it’s Eric Prince who is in charge of security for the One Belt One Road project. So they are saying, they are following the money. I am not saying they should only work for China, but the point is that they are not going to work for the Zionists any more. Some of them do. There are still groups that still do, like the so-called IS people. They are running out of mercenaries. I think the mercenaries realize they are working for people who are trying to kill them and their families. And that’s not going to happen.

(Richard) I heard that Blackwater looked after some of the security at the Singapore summit as well. So that shows they are on the right side.

Pay Them So  They Don’t Cause Mayhem

(Benjamin) You’ve gotta give these guys work and pay so they don’t cause mayhem. Otherwise they are going to be out there causing trouble, so it’s better to keep them on the payroll.

(Richard) One more question to finish and then I’ll move to something different. The large corporations and the families that run these corporations. [Benjamin: Mm-hmm.] We’ve come across a political term The Committee of 300. There’s 300 people that run the major companies. 90 percent of all business transactions are them. Within that committee of 300, is it just a select few families? Is it even smaller than we believe?

(Benjamin) Yeah I think it is, but I’m not sure if the Committee of 300 is the only thing out there. My own initial research showed that there was a group of people who were members of Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. The people who were members of all three were the keys, and they were headed by David Rockefeller. It’s created a lot of chaos within that group. I think the Committee of 300 is an alternative power structure, centered around the Queen and the British aristocracy. I’m not sure it’s that simple, but years of research have…

(Benjamin) Ultimately the trail keeps pointing to Switzerland. When I met with the members of the Rothschild family, they told me it was the people in Italy, who worshiped the sun or the Black Sun. I went to Italy and met those people, and they said that their bosses were in Switzerland. The Japanese also showed me a chart and they also had [inaudible] Switzerland. The BIS and the people in Zug Switzerland. That’s why we’re putting the target on them now. We’re saying, “You guys, if necessary we’re gonna nuke you out of existence, but you’re gonna have to realize the gig is up.”

(Richard) Yeah, absolutely. And the BIS is the bank of central banks so it’s the top of that whole structure, isn’t it?

(Benjamin) Yeah. The whole idea of creating money out of nothing and using that to control society. It doesn’t work if they lose their secrecy, and they’ve lost their secrecy.

(Meg) What about Nathaniel Rothschild? You were saying that it’s Evelyn Rothschild who’s more the head of the Rothschild clan, I think that was one of your recent…

(Benjamin) Well here’s the thing. Yeah. I was told by CIA types in Asia that Nat ran the show and that he was a good guy who [inaudible] the right thing. But then the NSA [inaudible]. Anything secret from the NSA is completely analog. They don’t trust anything digital. They said actually it was Evelyn (referring to pronunciation of his name). But either way I think it’s also, you have David the Rothschild and those people in Switzerland too, to deal with. I keep hearing that Nat is trying to do the right thing and he’s a good guy, but I’ve never actually heard directly from him, you know? It’s always through someone else. So I don’t know.

Nat Rothschild, Son of Serena Dunn Rothschild

(Meg) He is an interesting case, because his mother is Serena Dunn Rothschild and she belongs to the Grail St. Clair bloodline from the Rosslyn Chapel, which is evidently a bloodline down from the Merovinian line. Descendants of Jesus. We were thinking maybe Nathaniel has a little bit of goodness in him from his mother’s side.

(Benjamin) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, his grandfather (mother’s father) is Jimmy Sinclair from that same family, Lord Sinclair. Apparently Lord Sinclair proposed marriage to my grandma, at least that’s what my grandmother told me. And she said no which is fortunate for me, otherwise I wouldn’t exist. [inaudible] Justin. But I do hear about White Nobility as well as Black Nobility. I’m not saying all bloodline rule is bad. I’m just saying, when the Americans took over Japan at the end of World War II, they’d been spending all these years painting them as evil devils and suddenly they wanted to turn them into allies, they started putting out the line, ‘There are no bad people. There is just mistaken thought.’

(Benjamin) So if we correct the thinking of the Japanese, they won’t be these evil people anymore, they’ll be our friendly allies. It’s partly true. Okay, we are destroying the planet, we’re destroying the atmosphere, we’re killing life on Earth and there’s all these people burning down forests, so we’ve gotta, you know, kill these people in order to save the planet, right? They’re thinking that killing 90% of the world’s population is a good thing. They’re not thinking that they’re evil, at least some of them maybe do, I don’t know. The point being that if we can actually save the rainforests and double the population at the same time, then it’s “Oh, really? How?” and then they’ll change to that policy, you know?

(Richard) Well, we have the Secret Space Program as well. We don’t have to be confined to this one rock, you know? We can finally spread out, which may sweep up plenty of materials and wealth and resources.

(Benjamin) Well yeah, I certainly hope that’s true. There’s an increasing body of evidence that it is, but we’re still stuck here and we can’t get a rocket to another planet, so we’ve gotta deal with what we’ve got in front of us.

(Richard) I have definitely seen, up in lower orbit, certain things that are definitely not satellites. [inaudible]. Stars don’t dogfight.

Moving Plasma Balls

(Benjamin) I have taken pictures of what appear to be moving plasma balls that were communicating with me. I know there is stuff out there. Like I have said many times, we are like these Indians on the shores of the Amazon and they see the boats going by but the boats are under instruction not to interfere with us.

(Richard) Plus, the quarantine status, as well. That seems to be something that — .

(Benjamin) All the signs are that if we can form some sort of world federation, and come up with world peace, the quarantine will be lifted. That is my best guess.

(Richard) Okay, I am going to swing this in a slightly different way. Russia and the downing of that plane in Syria and the poor souls on that plane. I’ve heard a piece of information that could be heresay or gossip, but it sounds like it wasn’t necessarily an S-200 missile that took out that plane because of some jets from Israel. There was a French destroyer and apparently it apparently launched a missile. So for me, the S-200 is going to have a friend and foe system and it’s Russian design. So the chance of it taking out an intelligence operated plane seems very unlikely to me. Have you heard any intelligence around the French destroyer?

(Benjamin) I’ve only, like you, read stuff about it. In 2016, we had this Barnoness de Rothschild tweeting about a bunch of stuff. She was saying there is going to be a world war and they will have to accept the European-based world government under our control. It’s these same idiots trying to promote World War 3 and that would be the French Rothschilds and the slave Macron who probably tried this latest stunt to try to get the Americans and Russians to fight each other and it didn’t work.

(Richard) That sounds about right. What is interesting is, ‘hats off to Putin and resolve to Russians.’ And what they are doing now is bringing in more of the S-400 system, which looks like they will lock down the Golan Heights area of Syria, which effectively is going to stop Israel.

(Benjamin) There are Russian troops right on the Golan border. You can confirm this through past news reports about demining the area. Israel is going to have to… the Rothschilds are going to realize they are not going to rule the world. They are not going to make Jerusalem the world capital. The people of Israel are going to have to be friendly and have good relations with their neighbors. And then they will be just fine. But if they are going to try to create a Greater Middle East controlled by them, they won’t be fine. They have to follow basic social rules. You don’t go around stealing people’s land and killing people. It is just not acceptable behavior.

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And now back to the show!

(Meg) I thought I would ask about the solar observatories that were down. We had a solar observatory shut-down September 6, ostensibly for child pornography found on the computers there. But anyway, Ben, you had posted in your article some really interesting images of ships traversing the sun, revealing a lot of activity out there. So is that what you think the shut-down was?

(Benjamin) This information was given to me by people connected to the Antarctic bases and they say so. Certainly The official explanation is absolute nonsense no matter how you look at it for sure. But again, letís wait until you see the mother ships landing on the White House lawn, then weíll know it is done. But until then, I put this information in a kind of limbo. I said okay, itís out there but still not relevant to my daily life. There is something however I will add: I phoned a Japanese Solar Observatory. They say they see nothing, so it could be a big disinformation thing. Iím leaving the jury out on this one, but I was sent interesting pictures, and they did shut this one down. Somethingís going on, it could lead to a fake invasion of aliens like theyíre talking about, like Henry Kissingerís talking about. I just donít know. We are going to have to wait for more developments on that one, absolutely.

(Richard) Absolutely. Yeah, black hole Apache helicopter turning up and do that for over a week job on a computer.

(Benjamin) Oh, and someone leaving an X-files video game case in there. Some kind of spy operation by the Chinese and Russians.

(Richard) But it does sort of look like White Sands which is an interesting point about that observatory and of course something could be happening there.

(Benjamin) Okay it is possible that there was some kind of spy operation by the Chinese, the Russians that was shut down and then they put out this fake UFO cover story to you know, confuse, who knows? Weíll see.

(Richard) Yeah, just not the original narrative that they are pushing.

(Benjamin) Whatever they are telling us is obviously nonsense, but I think then they may be putting out the other fake stories even though they put out clouds of disinformation to cover over whatís really going on.

Everyone Believes It and Our Job is Done

(Richard) That is sort of the modus operandi of the CIA really isn’t it? Everyone believes it and our job is done.

(Benjamin) Right. We’ll find out over time. Another thing I do want to talk about: I was warned again by the NSA that the Japanese imperial succession next April could be some kind of Trojan Horse thing. You see, according to sources in the Japanese royal family, the Rothchilds, etc., the Royal Families have traditionally controlled the creation and distribution of money. And the system was that the oldest royal family had the sort of the final chop, or the final say, which would be the Japanese. Although the Rothschilds claim that they go back 6000 years to Nimrod so theyíre older than the 3000- year-old Japanese royal family, but whatever, so the point being that the current emperor is not the son of Emperor Hirohito. And so his grandson, the next emperor wouldnít be a member, not from the royal family either. I am having people contact me saying that they want the succession to the throne to be returned to actual members of the Royal Family. Thereís a lot happening under the scenes, behind the scenes on this issue, because apparently The Rothschild-Swiss people offered Japan to China in exchange for help to protect them from the US military. So this is a big issue thatís happening under the surface thatís important but weíll see what happens.

(Richard) The rats are running and scrambling and theyíll try anything

(Benjamin) Yeah and theyíre freaking out over this friendliness between the North Koreans and the US because that would undermine the whole scheme. It was interesting how Prime Minister Abe was advertising how heís going to be real friendly with Trump and he goes to the UN and he meets Trump and then suddenly thereís a complete code of silence over what happened there Iím pretty sure he heard stuff he didn’t want to hear and scrambled back with his tail between his legs and a media blackout. But I donít think he was a happy camper.

(Richard) Yeah, that sounds about right. Okay, speaking of Japan for a second, I was listening to some of your previous columns talking about cryptocurrencies and it made me do a little bit of research; I take a small interest. The NEM. I haven’t even heard of that and what you reported on that. That was some good history and people should listen to it.

(Benjamin) First of all, it wasn’t me, all right? The guy who helped me rebuild my website is an expert on all this. He has been writing all the cryptocurrency stuff and maybe Iíll get you in touch with him. But He prefers to remain in the shadows and background and doesnít want his face out there. But He thinks there are two major cryptocurrency factions fighting. Heís with one group against the other and heís met some VC or Japanese crypto people and apparently heard also from other sources that Bitcoin actually operates from a server inside a Tokyo government office building, based on the original, who knows? I’m not too qualified to talk about this but anything about cryptocurrencies on my site is not written by me. But I can direct questions to this person.

The NEM Cryptocurrency

(Richard) Well my question is actually an observation and since you live in Japan you might still be qualified to be able to answer it for me. The NEM seems to be the second most popular cryptocurrency, although it has got a very small market share. Is there like a propaganda campaign for that particular currency thatís used in mass marketing all over Japan? I was just wondering why such a small currency would be so popular in Japan. Have you noticed anything like that?

(Benjamin) To be honest, it is not that big here among the average people. The overall thing about cryptocurrencies is that there is a battle between the people who control the gold and the rights to the historical gold and the people who control the digital financial infrastructure and the digital people want to use digital currencies because they donít want to hand over control to the gold people. The other faction is of course the oil people who run the petrodollar and theyíre fighting with oil trading, so itís kind of like still a chaotic scene at the top of the financial system with many different groups vying and no one clearly winning at this point.

(Richard) Mm-hmm, okay. Thank you very much.

(Meg) Interesting. Now I wanted to ask you about the UFO YouTube video you posted on your column September 3rd. Itís a link to a video of a UFO floating in the sky, remember that? It was taken by a Japanese airline passenger. Some of us think it was fake and some of us think it was real, so what do you know about it?

(Benjamin) Okay let me tell you it was a relative of Admiral Byrd who had the particle thing. Someone who is Senior in the CIA and this group of people are the people who send me all this UFO stuff. But theyíve also sent me disinformation like the stuff about frozen cities in Antarctica which they are trying to feed me and I said all right, ‘I’m going to Antarctica and find out for myself,’ and they say, ‘Oh, no, no, no; wait, wait.’

(Benjamin) So I put this stuff out there because these people are senior and they are connected but they also have been caught a few times sending me bogus stuff. So I’m just telling you that is a source and I’m not an expert on videos or to know if that is a fake or not. I went and met these people and they really are….Picture this guy meeting every president since Johnson. Clearly they are connected, but they have also sent me disinformation as well as real information. Which is typical. They send you real information so they can slip in a little disinformation. So I’m not 100% with that source, but they are definitely connected, so I keep contact open. That’s where it came from, so as far as I’m concerned the jury is out on that video.

(Richard) That source sounds quite interesting, especially going back to Admiral Byrd because that is quite telling in its own right, isn’t it?

The Nazi Antarctic Base: Neuschwabenland

(Benjamin) Yes, and apparently the Nazis did set up an Antarctic base, with a whole bunch of genius scientists, [inaudible ] a young woman. But Antarctica is cold and inhospitable, so they all moved to Australia or South America in the 1950s. And now that the first generation has moved on, I think they are willing to say that.

(Richard) There are documents from the 1930s and it’s called Neuschwabenland.

(Benjamin) Yes, and now it’s the Norwegian Antarctic base. And I would love to go visit and apparnetly they have hot springs under the ice and volcanic, giant holes under the ice, which they use to establish this big base.
(Richard) I’d like to go.

(Benjamin) Me too. Because the Nazis were really good scientists. Sure, okay, they did the genocide. But they were really good scientists and they invented a lot of stuff. And their best scientists were evacuated and moved there. A lot of that secret UFO stuff is actually Nazi science and not extraterrestrial.

(Meg) Right. And that is coming out in all kinds of disclosure efforts, going on, especially coming out over in the US. We will wrap up here. What would you like to leave us with, Benjamin?

(Benjamin) All right. What I was saying was, we have a real chance over the next few months to overthrow these people once and for all and liberate humanity. Each of us needs to do what we can. I am certainly doing stuff. I am trying to get the foreign correspondents club in Japan to do their job and start disclosure and talk about the fake emperor and things like this. I am pushing everything I can to make this happen. I want everyone else to do the same. Hopefully there will be a final breakthrough in the coming months. We all got to… we can’t just sit passively. We all have to do what we can.

(Richard) Research, search and share

Let’s Make it Happen

(Benjamin) And also, pick up the phone, call politicians, call the newspaper companies. Use the analog real human networks you have. Don’t just do stuff on the internet. People phoning politicians can actually make thiings happen. Anybody can do that. You can pick up the phone and call your local MP and say, ‘Why aren’t you talking about the secret space program?’ Whatever it is that you are particularly interested in. Let’s make it happen. We can free humanity.

(Benjamin) I am pushing for a jubilee, cancellation of all debt, public and private, and a redistribution of all the ill-gotten assets, as a way to set off an explosive new era of progress and prosperity in harmony with nature.
We really do need to fundamentally change how we run this planet and we need to do it in a way that doesn’t destroy the good parts, the existing institutions.

(Meg) Good. We have listeners in 50 states who are listening to these interviews with Benjamin Fulford. So let’s pick up the phone and call our representatives.

(Richard) I think I shall petition on the government website and asking for disclosure on the Secret Space Program: ‘What does the UK government know about ?’

(Benjamin) Absolutely do so. Thank you.

(Richard) Thanks very much.

(Meg) Until next time, thank you.

(Meg) We hope you enjoyed today’s interview.
So why not check out for our daily releases? Until next time!


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