By Xekleidoma,

Basically there are three phases in the plans of the light forces for planet Earth and its inhabitants:

  1. Loosening the grip of the dark forces by weakening and eliminating their power structures and technological controls, increasing awareness among the general population and preparing for the Event
  2. Taking over from the dark forces, kicking off with fundamental changes in governance, finance, media, healthcare and science and bringing Cabal members to justice
  3. Cleaning up and healing the planet and human beings, revealing the hidden history of Earth, disclosing the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and bringing people back to full consciousness

We are nearing the end of phase 1 and are getting ready to commence phase 2, which will start at the time of the Event. The Event will be heralded by the Event flash, which is a very powerful energy pulse that will be sent by the Pleroma through the Galactic Central Sun and that everyone will feel to some degree depending on each person’s sensitivity. Upon arrival of this flash on Earth the current financial system will be shut down immediately and mass arrests of all Cabal members worldwide will commence. This will be broadcast live on television for everyone to witness. After the dust of phase 2 has settled and people have come to understand what is going on and why it is happening we will move into phase 3, which is intended to clean up the mess that has been created by the irresponsible and dark rule of the Cabal and to reveal the whole untainted truth to all of humanity. After this phase is completed no intensive assistance from the light forces will be needed anymore and everyone will have the options at their disposal that best fit their individual needs and desires.

What has been accomplished so far.

A lot has been accomplished in the years following the Treaty of Anchara that was concluded in 1994. Although things on Earth got worse initially due to the remaining dark forces withdrawing from Orion and concentrating their forces in the solar system and around Earth, from the turn of the century onwards the light forces were able to mount a counteroffensive and gradually conquer and clear deep underground and undersea military bases. This was partly done by Earth’s own government officers and soldiers that are aligned with the light forces, partly by the Resistance Movement and partly by humanoids from other star systems. As a result some 500 million physical reptilians were removed from the planet, many human hostages were liberated and taken to Galactic Confederation spheres for recovery and healing and the shelters where the Cabal was planning to hide after fomenting a third world war have been rendered inoperable. Also many smaller bases of the dark forces on moons and asteroids in the solar system have been taken over by the light forces, their technologies that strengthened the veil and pulled in anomalous energy from the surrounding cosmos have been cleared and more human hostages have been liberated.

In 2010 most physical implants that were administered through vaccination programs and that reinforced programming have been removed by the Resistance Movement from the human population by use of a special technology that could be operated from a distance. Plasma implants that suppress higher knowledge have not been fully removed yet, but have been made less effective in their functioning. In subsequent years billions of non-physical reptilians and other negative entities have been removed from the plasma and etheric planes. Mass meditation portal activations done in 2012 have completely erased all negative future timelines so that any plans of the Cabal for global cataclysms stand no chance to come to fruition. Many black operations programs and human cloning laboratories that were operated by the Cabal have been cleared and shut down. Most sensational is that the great majority of gold held in central bank and Cabal vaults has been removed by the Resistance Movement and the Cabal is left with a fiat currency system based on thin air. What is lying in the central bank vaults now are tungsten bars coated with gold. In order to get their hands on some gold the Cabal has set up gold buying shops in every city and town throughout Western countries and intensified gold mining operations.

The inner Earth civilizations have expanded their contacts between themselves, with the Resistance Movement and with benevolent extraterrestrials and have invigorated the Agartha network. On the surface of the planet Event support groups have been formed that will assist in leading developments in the right direction during and immediately after the Event and in calling to life the many humanitarian, environmental, social and cultural projects that will be set up. In early 2015 all physical strangelet and toplet bombs of the Chimera group have been cleared. In 2016 the clearing of all plasma strangelet bombs was completed. Since the solar system outside the area directly surrounding our planet has been cleared of the presence of negative beings the disintegration process of Yaldabaoth has started. The first step was the creation of a tachyon membrane inside the moon orbit by the Pleiadians that effectively cut the head of Yaldabaoth from its tentacles. As a result of the February 26, 2017 mass meditation the tentacles of Yaldabaoth have been fully dissolved and no plasma anomaly could be found anymore outside the area directly above the surface of the planet. Now the head of Yaldabaoth that contains the remaining plasma toplet bombs is being disintegrated. In February 2018 we have entered the termination phase of the planetary liberation; shallow underground military bases are being cleared of Cabal presence and dosed surface operations have also commenced. In the summer of 2018 the funneling of anomalous plasma by the dark forces from the outskirts of the Milky Way through plasma filaments (higher dimensional threads or tunnels) into the implants of beings inside the Solar system has been terminated, effectively closing the tap while the water is being mopped up.

Approaching and reaching the Event.

As the Event is getting closer and closer, the top Cabal members are getting more and more nervous as they are unwilling to surrender to the Light and be held accountable for the horrendous crimes and attrocities they have perpetrated. They are unsuccessfully seeking ways to avoid the inevitable, trying to turn the tide, create chaos, global conflict and destruction, but the large scale actions they plan are stopped every time by the light forces. Only small scale actions that kill or injure a few people here and there come to pass, so expect such unpleasant incidents to keep occurring frequently until the Event. I would advise the Cabal to come to terms with their fate and prepare for it mentally and emotionally instead of wasting more time on delaying further what must and will surely happen.

Once the Event is initiated many people will be shocked and confused with what is happening seemingly out of the blue. At that point the people like us who are in the know need to inform relatives, friends, acquaintances, the general public and people in leadership positions of what is going on, what is the intention and background of the Event and what is the end goal of it. This will limit the amount of chaos and avoid people freaking out and turning violent. The Event should take place as smoothly as is humanly possible for such a radical happening.

This is what will happen during the Event:

  • The immediate termination of the corrupt, debt based financial system (all digital transactions will be blocked, only cash transactions will continue)
  • All financial instruments and derivatives worth dozens of times the real economy will be zeroed out
  • Mass arrests of all Cabal members worldwide (corrupt bankers, politicians, presidents, officials, negative secret society members, black nobility, Jesuits etcetera)
  • The mass arrests will be reported and broadcast live on television and general information about the Cabal and their institutionalized crimes will be distributed

This is what will happen shortly after the Event:

  • All off the books shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out
  • Illegal and fraudulent business agreements with the Cabal will be cancelled
  • The billion dollar gold bonds that the Asian royal families received in the 1930s in exchange for their physical gold will be submitted to the Federal Reserve Board for the long overdue repayment in physical gold plus interest; as the Federal Reserve and their shareholders will be unable to repay them, it will cause a cascade of bankruptcies of all Cabal controlled banks and financial institutions
  • All financial debts public and private will be cancelled in a one time worldwide debt reset
  • A new fair and balanced, equity based financial system will be put into operation
  • Documentaries, testimonies and evidence will be shown to the public detailing the diverse criminal and evil activities of the Cabal

This is what will happen some time after the Event:

  • All armed conflicts will cease as the instigators and financiers have been removed and rebels learn how they have been manipulated
  • Multinational corporations will be split up and nationalized
  • Cabal members who refuse to accept the Light will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun and have their soul reset, the others will be put on trial in courts of justice and answer for the crimes they committed in a truth and reconciliation process
  • New worthy and conscientious leaders will take over the positions of power that used to be filled by Cabal members
  • Prosperity funds will be released to all of humanity and assets illegally obtained by the Cabal will be redistributed
  • Large scale projects will start to end poverty, stop destruction of nature and the environment, clean up the oceans and improve infrastructure
  • Suppressed advanced technologies will be released and made available to be put into mass production, among which free energy devices are the most important
  • Suppressed information about the presence of and past contacts with extraterrestrial beings will be disclosed

This is what will happen somewhat longer after the Event:

  • Extraterrestrial beings of light will meet face to face with human beings from Earth, first on an individual basis and later on a large scale in public
  • Inner Earth humans will contact the surface population and establish official ties
  • We will be reunited with our soul family and those of us whose soul doesn’t originate from Earth will be able to return to their home planet
  • The ascension plan for planet Earth will be announced and the ascension process will start
  • Humans will be brought to their light chambers on the spheres of the Galactic Confederation to be brought to full consciousness
  • Individuals and groups will be healed from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage they have suffered and everyone will be held accountable for their individual role
  • The negative people that are not affiliated with the Cabal will be re-educated and trained to live constructive lives
  • Earth will be offered the opportunity to join the Galactic Confederation

The world after the Event.

Only by living for some time in real liberty, free from debt, misery, exploitation, manipulation, wars, crime, lies, deceit and high treason, will people realize what a huge difference it makes to have overcome the dark forces. This is the normal way of living, to help and support each and every living being in their pursuit of happiness. The fucked up way of living (if you can call it living at all) that people have experienced before the Event will be gladly forgotten once the truth and reconciliation process has been rounded off. Many wonderful things will happen and everyone will get ample chance to develop their talents and deploy their abilities precisely in line with their deepest desires. As many of us have already acquired very remarkable and unique skills to surmount the setbacks, cope with the perils and bypass the obstacles that were put in our way, our services will be in high demand throughout the entire universe. And space travel will become a normal phenomenon in the near future.

Working weeks will be much less strenuous and will comprise about half of today’s working hours due to introduction of more advanced technologies. The benefits of further automation and robotization will go to the general population and not to any elite. Private life will be easier as well because of the introduction of replicators (a much more advanced version of 3D printers). Costs of products will be significantly lower as a result of free energy and lower taxes. Technologies that pollute the environment will be phased out quite swiftly and replaced by clean production methods and transportation systems. There will be much stronger attention for spiritual development and everything that comes with it, it will become a matter of course to spend time on your spiritual nature. People will become psychic, clairvoyant and sensitive to other people’s feelings; they will also learn to communicate telepathically.

Healthcare will undergo a revolutionary transformation as well, it will be based on energetic healing complemented with natural substances that have healing properties instead of operating by use of incisions and putting people on synthetic pharmaceuticals that only combat symptoms. Wholistic traditions that have fallen into oblivion or that have been abandoned in favor of “modern” hobbies and leisure activities will be revived as their true value and beauty is recollected. Architecture will change from a chiefly masculine style of design that emphasizes functionality, clarity and efficiency to a balanced style of design that incorporates feminine aspects like mystique, softness and beauty. Natural architecture takes its shapes from nature, while intuitive architecture uses intuition to combine masculine and feminine qualities in a perfectly balanced way. Industrial design, garden and landscape designs will show a similar development. Handicrafts that produce distinctive products both practical and beautiful at the same time will see a recovery once people don’t need to turn every penny over twice.

Living your wildest dreams.

The road is wide open for everyone to make their dreams come true once the environment has changed from being obstructive to being supportive. Even your wildest dreams will come in reach as light assumes its rule over the planet. Given the fact that love and sex are the strongest forces in nature and are two sides of the same coin, many people will desire to live out their untamed fantasies. I foresee this taking a wide variety of shapes and applications, and it should be intimately connected to intuition. Sex is the second or sacral chakra force, love the fourth or heart chakra force and intuition the sixth or third eye chakra force. All these are feminine forces and intuition will provide the clear perception of what a partner needs and desires beyond what is plainly observable.

A second core instinct of mankind is creativity, any person stripped of life’s burdens and obligations will want to create. Again this is a sacral chakra feminine force, and it drives us to invent, design and build anything tiny to ultra large that we can come up with. Add the love to create things of beauty and add the intuition to create things of practical use and new creations will turn out splendidly.

A third core instinct of humans is self improvement, becoming more skillful (basal chakra), stronger (solar plexus chakra), more communicative (throat chakra) and wiser (crown chakra). These are masculine forces at work that ultimately make gods and goddesses out of ordinary men and women. So it doesn’t matter which part of yourself you want to develop and explore more deeply and it doesn’t matter if you are better than another or not, just follow your inspiration and grow into what you venture into.

The meaning of life is to love and be loved physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to create marvelous wonders and to be the best you can be in any field of your preference.


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    • Oh, Julianne T Hayes, I know that your comment is from over a year ago, but aren’t you a teacher for the new system when you’re alive now, moving through this time of change?
      We all are. In that new system no one is in authority over others, see what I mean?

      • Yes it’s not always formal ‘teaching ‘ Thars programming it’s usually just being & expressing who we are. What we know & experience. E.g. I’m very empathic. & feel oneness. Especially after experiencing a lot of the scale. From deep pain separation suffering trauma loss. Loneliness. to the other end sheer bliss with spiritual experiences. & oneness. So Thars part of my. main way of.communicating. Emotionally. Deep soul connection. Knowing. As well as sharing knowledge & support to help us through these challenging times ! Some have a knowing it will be ok. But i live alone. Tho I do have small family. Not far. It’s not the same very hsrd being actually physically alone. Coping with everything Let alone this. Lockdown. Dark. Light battle! & temp takeover ! ! We WILL be free !!! Wish I had an enlightened partner& live in a eco vegan enlightened community !! I’m really sensitive not from this harsh world. It’s been hell a lot of my life I do try be positive listen to other lightworkers & updates. Pray meditate. Intentions fill The world with light etc. Help everyone I can But get upset scared when alone & traumatised by the horrors. & uncertainty! Not virus hype ; the dark agenda ; which we are told will end !God make it soon ! Too many have suffered! Tho I can be very calm strong. Reassuring supportive to others. Sometimes I also need the very things I give too !! Love peace freedom for all beings except universe please deal with any dark that are not good !!)

  1. Thank you so very much for all your help! To all the brothers and sisters from Prepare for Change my deepest gratitude ?!
    Please help us with the chem trails that have been sprayed in ours skies (Virginia),poisoning the air,food,water,people,animals…just how long more do we have to SCREAM FOR HELP! STOP ? THOSE PLANES PLEASE!
    Thank you! Much L❤️VE

  2. Who are the three that sacrificed their lives. I would like to offer my condolences to their family and people and offer my humble gratitude.

  3. Help to speed up this process by pulling the rug of dark forces out from underneath the cabal, and manifest the Christ within!

  4. The Khajuraho wall art is a good representation of pornography, nothing to do with love. It should not have been used for the post.

  5. I really love this stuff! I know that technology mentioned will come through and that is because my soul has come from another universe! This life here on Earth have been quite difficult because of ignorant people everywhere! haven’t had anybody to talk to about my understanding of life! Technology like cars, airplanes, trains, ships, technology used in the kitchen and so forth will disappear because of the replicator whiich the galactic’s will give the human race among else! We will also get Medbed to heal human structure. You can dream about anything and it will manifest! My life has been like that! My thoughts create my life. We are pure consciousness living within a holographic reality!

  6. It is extremely disappointing that healing illnesses and injuries is LAST on the Event list. If that takes 15-20 years, most people reading this will not have survived to benefit from it. So we are STILL talking about a massive die-off during this time.

    • Hello Patrick Hair, I’m amazed about how you give away your power, expecting others to deal with healing illnesses and injuries. When it’s your intention to see that come to an end, it’s you who need to jump into action and make a difference.
      It’s possible that you’ve done just that, in the time between your comment and mine.

  7. Sorry, but I could only read as far as the octopus and just couldn’t take anymore. Where in the hell do people get these ideas and this information from??? It’s so bizarre, I don’t know if you are all so inconceivably paranoid or I am so inconceivably ill informed on this stuff. The only info I have on Cabal is that Madonna joined several years ago; I’ve never heard anything about the group otherwise. I guess I’ll have to do more research, but still wonder where the specific data came from for this lengthy post.

    • I would suggest following the link at the bottom of the page to the Authors website and read what is there (follow the index links in order): this will take two or three hours to digest but you will have a basic overview of the what, why and when of this issue. Basically you are finding out and waking up……. these are hard truths to swallow but necessary for all to understand either now or later on. Peace

  8. While all of this sounds rather wonderful, how about those of us who live in California who are being incinerated alive with energy weapons and are being chemically sprayed to such a degree that it has become almost impossible to breath. And as we are being driven into the cities, the Cabal is now placing thousands of mini cell towers on almost every 4th lamppost which is destroying the very structure of our DNA and causing headaches and mental confusion at an alarming extent. If the Cabal is on the run as I’ve been hearing for years, how come the intensity of attacks has actually increased not decreased. When is this shit going to stop. Thousands of planes cris cross our skies daily spreading their poison on all of us, while you continue to tell us this happy horse shit of how wonderful everything is going to be. I’m a little tired of it all. Let’s get these bases destroyed, let’s take out these killer cell towers. Let see some action instead of all this talk. There will be no event for the people of Paradise they are vaporized. Meanwhile Trump has just signed the CISA bio immunity act into law as the psychos are now getting ready to poison our water supply to create some new pandemic to ensure we will all have to be vaccinated by some other major poison. If anything all I see is more and more us being taken out. Let’s fight back, if our intel is so good give us precise locations of these bases, give us the locations of where these toxins are being manufactured and by whom. Let us know the names of these pilots and where they live and let’s get together and take them out. I’m sick of waiting.

      • Hello Rashida Jones, I understand your comment, naming the conditions we’re living in now. Who could’ve imagined this at that time? February 2019? If possible, try to see the bigger picture in that this timeline, this scenario we’re in right now, is quite mild compared to the former scenarios when harvest – time arrived on planet Earth and civilizations came to a much more violent ending. Atlantis’s fate is known to us. With a large part of the population leaving planet Earth’s surface. In death or by other means.

        It may help you to come to grasps more with the present evolutionary step, in both drama and bliss, by reading the Law of One documents. These are free downloads online, 5 Volumes. They’re a helpful explanation of (our) planetary evolution, the nature of dimensions, and how creation is expressed in a variety of forms and levels of consciousness, all unfolding like the petals of a flower.

  9. The event has already taken place. This is the sacrifice made by the three martyrs as they have given their lives for all of us. I could never express in words how much I love them. They are loved just as much as the Son and they have given us all eternal life.

    • This Khajuraho wall art is pornography inspired. When one looks at it, it brings bestiality sensations, not love as one would conceive it. Nothing spiritual at all.

  10. I am in contact with our galactic brothers and sisters of light and I look forward to assisting the new shift in any way possible. I am already helping the shift by sharing the knowledge I have received and hope to awaken many more people. Love and light.x

  11. Money won’t be required as there will nothing to accumulate. Wealth will be spread out amoung the people and people who are able and want to will work for free.
    If you go to the store and want 20 heaters, someone’s going to query you. “How many do you really need?” And it will simply look like an odd thing to do as no one will buy anything from you as its already free. Accumulation will become a burden as there will be no benefit to having more than one house other than the one you’re living in. Capitalism and all its issues will also disappear. It won’t be Marxism or Communism as there will be no ‘rulers’, leaders ‘Yes’, but no more rulers, no large military etc. it will become a Meritocracy. No more divide-and-conquer.. and we will all thank God/the creator for getting rid of the Dark One’s.

  12. Good news overall. Thank you to those helping. However a few comments are warranted:
    1) Depending on the date of this report, the California slaughter by fire goes on, and can hardly be characterized as “small scale…unpleasant incidents”;
    2)In line w. this point, it has been noted that the fires are\were a sacrificial ritual to create a negative vortex in order to attract more anomaly from the Taurus Dark Cloud;
    3)The emphasis on non-procreative sexual activity can be seen as risky, especially since it is known, for example, that anal sex is a way to access the Tunnels of Set;
    4)Finally, the agenda being outlined, while laudable, does seem to center solely on 3/4D activity; ascending to non-physical freedom, our human sovereignty, is not addressed.

    (Remember that Paradise is a garden. Gardens, by definition, usually have fences.)

    • Hello Elizabeth Roberts, I understand you were right in the lion’s den with these Californian fires. The person or authority you address in your comment are not the police, nor a judge speaking a verdict. It may sound incomprehensible, but we’re all creating our reality, how we perceive our world. The fruit of our lives is the work of our own hands.

      Also, and I recommend reading about the nature of planetary ascension and how our collective consciousness is tied in with it, our human sovereignty is equal to non-physical freedom, present in 5D or higher levels.

      That freedom is always present with an open door, but our hijacked sovereignty, living on planet Earth with a veil over our eyes, prevents us from walking through that door. For that, we don’t need to leave our planet. Your choice is what causes your reality to show up in a certain way, therefore, better make it a conscious choice, so that you’ve got a say in it.

      I do realize that you may be in a different place with yourself now, 14 months after you wrote your comment. Please, receive my comment in that light, okay?

  13. HI

    Are decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies a part of this process of freeing humanity from the dark cabal?

    Thank you

  14. Wow….in my dream I saw it happen I know it will in my life time.I am not happy about how majority is suffering here on earth,please let it happen tonight.please keep me posted.

  15. What if we don’t watch television?
    BC, Canada just did a practice text from the emergency broadcast system.
    It’s okay as I know enough change maker people and I know people who watch TV.
    Let’s get on with it


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