By Hikariwillwin,

I have interestingly discovered that there are traces of the Goddess and the spiritual Light even in some video games. Who would have thought? Once Cobra said that the Light forces are infiltrated everywhere. I think that even some completely not spiritually interested or asleep video game developers might have been given inner inspirations or suggestions by Higher Beings or Muses to convey some aspects of the actual reality outside this planet.

Here I would like to share with you what I found until now, so let’s take it by games:

Prince Of Persia (2008)

Prince Of Persia

In Prince Of Persia the protagonists are kind of nice representations of the positive male and female archetypes. The male protagonist, the Prince is very active, logical and always ready for action, taking initiatives immediately when it’s needed. The female protagonist, Elika is kind, gentle, accepting, receptive, has deep devotion and inner connection with the Divine which in return blesses her with magical powers.

Throughout the story they also try to balance each other, which is needed as they are both tend to swing into one extreme: Elika tries to show the Prince the importance of inner values and morality, because he cares almost only about materialistic gains. On the other hand, the Prince tries to convince Elika to be more pragmatic, to live more adventurously, spontaneously and to travel and discover more of the world instead of devoting all her life to a religious cause and knowing life only from books.

In the beginning of the story the Tree of Life which is basically a vibrating Light Tree is maintaining order and well-being, but it gets chopped in half (which is parallel to the original fall/ Primary Anomaly), and thus darkness is released.


They both find themselves in the middle of a battle between the God of Darkness and the God of Light. This is where it all starts to resemble the case of planet Earth. Elika is a priestess of the Light and uses her magical powers of the Light to fight against the darkness that wants to conquer and corrupt everything. There is a nice symbolism here about the male-female unity as the tool to overcome darkness because they both need each other. None of them is capable of defeating the darkness alone. Only together can it happen.


Finally the biggest similarity I think between the game and the planetary situation are the fertile grounds. These sacred geometry resembling special spots are taken over by the darkness and Elika (the Goddess archetype) keeps healing and liberating them one by one (by rotating in the middle which is super similar to the Goddess Vortex technique Cobra shared with us) and thus they become vortex points of Light, healing and protecting the surroundings.


This is exactly what’s going on now on this planet, the Light and the Dark forces are fighting for the vortex points and ley lines in Syria and other places. This is so so so interesting. Those who control the vortex points, have the upper hand in the battle between Light and darkness. Such a nice game ?



World Of Warcraft

The Night Elves

So World of Warcraft is a fantasy game with many interesting content and there is a race called Night Elves. This race calls itself children of the stars (Starseed resemblance) and is deeply connected with nature, living in deep, flush forests.

They are preserving and nurturing their natural environment to an extremely high degree by having even their houses on trees for example and consciously integrating nature into every aspect of their society. In consequence they have obtained the healing magical powers of the nature, are able to become invisible to others by blending in with the wilds and can shapeshift into various animals when it’s needed.


The Night Elves possessed also immortality thanks to their deeply adored World Tree, which is a monumentally big tree playing a central role in their civilization.


World Tree.jpg


The most interesting part about the Night Elves is their feminine or matriarchal societal structure and their revered moon Goddess, Elune. The Night Elf society is primarily lead by women, females possessing the most important societal roles.


Originally even the warrior class consisted of mainly various types of female warriors while most males originally became druids, healers or natural magic wielders. This type of gender setup created no imbalance or dissatisfaction, the Night Elf race lived for millenia in harmony and peace.


They are even led by a High Priestess and everyone is deeply devoted to the aforementioned Moon Goddess, Elune. Here is the description of this Goddess:


It’s difficult to make the goddess out through the luminescence that surrounds her, only catching glimpses of alabaster skin and long, pale hair, graceful gossamer robes and a platinum circlet upon her brow. Her eyes are brilliant orbs of pure moonlight, and she smiles peacefully upon her worshipers.

Even those who worship other powers respect Elune for the unconditional love she gives to all creatures regardless of their beliefs or actions


Though she has never shown herself in physical form on the Material Plane, all the creatures of Azeroth know that were she to do so, it would herald the arrival of a long awaited era of peace.

Elune never engages in combat of any kind, nor does she allow it to occur in her presence. Though she never physically manifests in the world of mortals, when she involves herself in a violent situation, she arrives invisibly and undetected using her song of peace to calm the combatants until sunrise.


Elune’s aspect known as the Mother Moon emphasizes tranquillity, harmony and eternal peace in the midst of the nurturing Nature.


The Draenei


The Draenei race is another very interesting content in World Of Warcraft for innumerate reasons. From the first glance they already look like aliens, with blue skin, glowing eyes and they body is sort of resembles a combination between a human and a goat, as they got horns and hooves.



They are very intelligent and benevolent and use crystal technology (!) for various ways in their society which is quite advanced.


They even constructed a crystal space ship which is the first appearance of any space traveling vehicle in the game and they transported in that from a different planet. Now they use this huge crystal facility as their capitol city.




The most fascinating thing is that they are literally using the power called Light, a healing positive force to heal and to make justice in the world.

According to history the Draenei race came in contact first with this holy energy, the Light (that seems equal to our real world’s spiritual Light, the primary substance of all) when some Beings Of Light began to interact with them and teach them.


These Lightbeings are called tha Naaru and here’s a description of them:

The Naaru  are a race of living, sentient energy beings made up of shards of fractured Light. They are perhaps the purest expression of the Holy Light that exists in the spiritual realms beyond and have vowed to bring peace and hope to all mortal civilizations and waylay the forces of the Void.


This is amazing! These beings of Light, the Naaru resemble exactly the Ascended Light Beings who guide and teach the races to the use of the Light and their goal is bring back everything into harmony and oneness again.


So ever since, the Draenei became active users of the Light, accepting it and becoming deeply devoted to it. They utilize the Light as a powerful healing force, protection against harm or even sometimes as a weapon to achieve justice.


I think this is an exact description of a Lightworker on our planet.

In their society females are 100%-ly equal in every way, they can be the boldest fighters or the most powerful healers, equality and balance reigns. Also it’s quite interesting that common Draeneis in the game always use the encouraging phrases like: May the Light be with you! and Victory of the Light! ? Just like Cobra and the Resistance Movement. Fabulous!


Draeneis are really fascinating as even though they are extremely righteous, honest and fair, they take instant action becoming Warriors of Truth if injustice or cruelty appears somewhere. I think they are awesome, something about them always mesmerized me and I guess they might have been inspired from an actual advanced extraterrestrial race in our Universe. ?


Beyond Good And Evil

Lastly Beyond Good And Evil is not a game about the Goddess or the Light, but more about a hidden planetary occupation and then its liberation.


The game story line takes place in the year 2435 on the mining planet of Hillys, located in a remote section of the galaxy.


The world itself combines modern elements, such as email and credit cards, with those of science fiction such as spaceships and anthropomorphic animals coexisting with humans. This means that basically all kinds of animal or half-animal looking races make up the planet’s population. Already an interesting concept.


As the game begins, Hillys is under siege by aliens called the DomZ, who abduct beings from the planet. The main protagonist is Jade, a young photojournalist who resides in an island lighthouse that doubles as a home for children orphaned by DomZ attacks.




Prior to the opening of the game, a military force called the Alpha Sections has come to power on Hillys, promising to defend the populace. However, the Alpha Sections seem unable to stop the DomZ despite its public assurances. The people generally believe that the Alpha Section is here to protect them, they believe the propaganda on the radio and the TV. Familiar?


However, after a recent DomZ attack Jade is contacted by an underground resistance movement group (!), the IRIS Network that fights the Alpha Sections, believing it to be in league with the DomZ. The Alpha Section and the DomZ are actually the same extraterrestrial group, trying to take over the planet completely.


This is also very identical to Earth’s situation when one faction for example the Jesuits show themselves as the saviors and defenders of society while in secret they are the cruelest threat to it.


The Iris network finds out that the DomZ, after abducting members of the population, drain their life force for power or implant them with spores to convert them into slaves. Also sounds very similar to what the Archons are doing on Earth: life energy draining and implantation processes in order to create slaves.


One of the most interesting thing in this game is the means of achieving the main goal, which is to liberate the planet from the alien occupation. Throughout the story, Jade, aided by the Iris network fights the DomZ and the Alpha Section also physically but most importantly by finding evidence about their evil operations and then spreading this proof by photos and reports to the population in order that they realize the truth.


The only reason why the DomZ can maintain their occupation and rule on Hillys is the propaganda, so the main objective is to reveal the truth to the population. After gaining infallible evidence and transmitting her final report, Jade sparks a revolution on Hillys and the people kick out the DomZ and the Alpha section in no time.



Information is power just as in the case of Quarantine Earth. This game is really clever at showing important truths in a very simple way. Thank you Cobra by the way for spreading intel that awakened and helped millions.


At the end of the game we also get a spiritually related message, when Jade uses the inner spiritual power of her soul to defeat the leader of the invasion. This game is just amazing.


So this was a little resume about interesting correlations I could find in nice video games. I hope you enjoyed and I hope more and more games will be like these, providing food for thought. And a lot of fun and Beauty.


Victory Of The Light!



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  1. Have noticed the cabal being exposed in games as well.
    Good examples are:
    Steins;Gate & Steins;Gate 0

  2. I have also tried a game called Red Faction: Guerrilla. Its on Mars where there are prison camps, trucks, vehicles, aliens, even indigenous martians, people operating on the planet almosy like they would on earth. You escaped from the mines and trying to help the earth forces free the miners from the aliens.


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