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For thousands of years, monotheism has predicted some sort of earth-changing event.  Some call it the end times, others a rapture, and others the return (or arrival) of the Messiah.  These days there are New Age versions talking about things like motherships from the galaxy coming to introduce us to a whole new universe.

As a reality-based reporter gathering information from the real world, religious beliefs (be they ancient or New Age) fall out of my purview.  Nonetheless, over three decades of reporting from the highest levels of world power have left me with enough hard evidence to be convinced that we, at the very least, are entering a new age.

Let me start with some of the weirder stuff I have encountered, before getting down to here-and-now confirmable evidence for this.  There’s a shelf I keep in my brain where I store information that does not fit into my worldview and I’m not sure what to do with.

For example, there is a Japanese gentleman who sometimes comes to my public speaking engagements who claims he has been working on Mars, terraforming.  Apart from making these claims, he seems to be a very sane Japanese government official.  He says that recently all access to Mars has been cut off.

There are also people who claim they have come from the Pleiades and have detailed memories of their homes there.  They say they are now marooned on this planet and cannot return home.  Other than this, they are functional, apparently sane people.

The famous arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi once sent a honey trap my way (she got naked in front of me, tried to tempt me into sex, and then said no at the last minute in the apparent hope I would cross the line into rape and get entrapped).  After she failed in this mission, she told me that giant humanoid beings, similar in description to the Anunnaki, had experimented with her womb.

Japanese gangsters and professional assassins have also told me they have memories of being experimented with.  One professional North Korean assassin once told me he had killed his “Jewish handler,” only to have the same person re-appear a few months later.

These are people I have personally met.  I don’t know what to make of their testimony other than to say they didn’t have other, let’s say, mental health issues, and believe me, I’ve been approached by a lot of people with such issues.

That’s some of the first-hand testimony I’ve received.  There is also a lot of testimony by multiple public figures talking about aliens and a “secret space program.”  There are over a dozen former U.S. astronauts, for example, who have gone on the record to say they have seen aliens and that our planet is under their observation.

The most notable alien disclosure public figure is probably Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian defense minister who says aliens have been visiting our planet for thousands of years.


This is exactly what I was told when I visited the P2 Freemasons in the Vatican.  They told me they had been in contact with these aliens for millennia and knew them as “angels, devils, djin, sprites, etc.”  The P2 told me the aliens were going to fire Pope Benedict (maledict) XVI and they did demonstrate this by forcing him to resign, thus proving they truly are powerful.

Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights and top P2 agent, showed me pictures of entities they reported as being depicted on the walls of the Cathedral in Milan.  Here is a (blurry) picture of some of the depictions:

What is most interesting from my point of view is that I subsequently met these entities personally.  I wouldn’t mention this if I had not taken photographs of them.  The photographs can be seen below.

These were taken near Shibuya, Tokyo.  These entities were moving slowly up and down and appeared to communicate with me telepathically.  “Alexander Romanov” of the Gnostic Illuminati also claims to have encountered these beings.

Here, for what it is worth, is what I learned from these plasma entities.

I was informed that our reality is the result of extremely complex mathematical equations.  These equations have been redone countless times with minor variations.  That’s why many of us, including this writer, have memories of slightly different versions of the current reality.  In some, humans were allowed to explore and colonize other stars.  In others, they were mostly wiped out by nuclear war.

What is happening now, which I have heard from these and other sources, is that various different scenarios are being morphed into one.  That’s why people with memories of different histories suddenly find themselves “stranded” on this planet and in this particular reality.

Okay, let’s get back to what we can confirm from our own current “official” reality.  One thing we all know, for example, is that in the 1960’s and 70’s we sent astronauts to the moon.  We were supposed to send people to Mars by the 1980’s, but suddenly it all came screeching to a halt.  Yet NASA has also admitted several times that humans cannot get past the electrical barrier or ionosphere that surrounds our planet.

Paul Laine from the Pentagon’s psychic warfare division once even told me that NASA stands for “Not A Space Agency.”  There are countless images (rabbits, lizards, tombstones, etc.) showing that the so-called Mars rovers are probably trundling around Greenland or some U.S. desert, not Mars.  Photographs of the recent Chinese trip to the far side of the moon also showed clear evidence that the whole thing was done in a studio.

Clearly, none of the readers of this report are able to go to a nearby spaceport and get a ticket on a rocket ship to visit another planet.  They also cannot go to the local stargate and travel to another dimension (and if any reader claims they can, I’d like to be taken along to record it).

No matter which way you look at it, we appear to be quarantined on the surface of this planet.  There are several possible explanations for this.  One is that this entire reality is a digital simulation and, like characters in a video game, we cannot get outside of the game.

Another is, as Paul Hellyer claims, we are warlike and destructive, which is why we are not allowed off-planet.  Just as we don’t let lions and tigers roam around downtown New York, aliens do not let military-industrial war-practicing humans off-planet.

The aliens I encountered told me a very different story, though.  They said an intergalactic war had been going on for millennia and that the leaders of a group known to us as Satan and his fallen angels had been chased down to this planet.  The planet Earth is under quarantine so they could be finally captured and thus the ancient war would end.  When this happened, the quarantine would be lifted and humanity would be let out into the universe.

No matter which of these alternatives you favor, or even if you think none of the above is true, there is a practical, here-and-now way to start a New Age or end times event through our own actions in the here-and-now reality we all share.

The first thing we need to do is achieve world peace.  This is something we humans should be able to do without any “divine” intervention.  There should be no justification for military-industrial mass murder on this planet.  Already, the most powerful military forces on the planet—those of the United States, Russia, and China—have agreed to this and world peace is finally being negotiated in the Middle East, the Ukraine, parts of Africa, and other hotspots.

The second thing we need to do is stop environmental destruction.  Again, this is very easy to accomplish if we make a collective decision to do so.  It will mean sending special forces to places like Brazil and Indonesia to stop further burning of the rainforests.  It will also mean deploying these forces to protect endangered species in protected zones.  This is already happening to a large extent.

The other thing we need to do is end world poverty.  Poverty stunts human potential.  Also, starving peasants burning down forests to feed their families is one of the biggest causes of environmental destruction.  India has lifted 271 million people out of poverty in the past decade.  The world now needs to concentrate on Africa and a few other places to finally end poverty.

Once the emergency planetary housekeeping is done, we can start creating paradise here on Earth.  There is no reason why we cannot attain immortality and super-powers with our newly found control of the human genome, for example.

Notice to readers:  This report is pre-written, as I am taking my annual sabbatical.  We will only report breaking news if some game-changing event takes place.  The next report with breaking news will appear on August 19th.  Your understanding is appreciated.


Source: https://benjaminfulford.net

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  1. Thank you Ben your explanation is what I have experienced the closest to
    I was visited by the supersonics & my experienced was good & almost sacred but the ones here in the US not so..mostly the opposite..??

  2. There are several things happening that are not yet on your list op possibilities:
    1. Lazar’s experiences at Area S-4 are an expensive military hoax. Lazar believes everything he says, because it was SUCH a good hoax. Hence, you can discount everything built on this.
    2. There is a neurological condition known as sensory petit mal where incredible experiences are manufactured. I worked with a supposed abductee having an alien implant, only to find he had this condition instead.
    With these two and more things mucking the situation up, it is hard to figure out just WHAT is happening. It appears that UFOs and aliens are real, but (almost) everything else is NOT real, but rather is hoax, extrapolation, symptom, paranoia, etc., etc.


  3. Some people shouldn’t transcribe their unnatural thoughts. Some should. Think normal mainstream thoughts and you won’t have to worry about the boogeyman. If you get in the habit of normal thought you don’t even have to worry about the chaotic supernatural.

    • mat is correct. keep your thoghts and imagination in check. become involved in a hobby or work which require all your conscience and unconscious faculties to work in unison and harmony towards a productive outcome. For example; plant a garden and take care of it. Simple enough it seems but concentrate on that small seed when placed in soil grows to a beautiful plant.
      Or as I do carpenters work .
      Its very rewarding to experience a thought pattern and motion to form something useful.

  4. Qanon, Arthouse, Corey Goode, Secret Space Program is CLEARLY A JEWISH CONTROLLED OPERATION.

    Benjamin bisexual Canadian dude that nobody knew 3 years ago has now stepped in to phase 3.

    Send you all over and confuse you from who and what the enemy truly is. If he was over the target, or revealing truth he would be dead….. ask Anthony Bourdain, Epstein, or the Google Whistle blower that was surrounded by swat and bomb squad yesterday.

    This is most likely a CIA larp led by Robert David Steele. Understand they are not dangerous nor true revealers. They are here to confuse you as they have done it for 6000 years under various names.

    The planned collapse of America has begun. And you have done nothing to stop it.

  5. I got this article from the Era ofLight 8-14-2019.The council via One Head.
    The Council : The New Beginning.

    The New is beginning. Allow us to use yet another METAPHORE. We will use as our own illustration, the building of a structure.
    There are certain steps that always are, in fact, must be taken, taken if succes is to be expected. Do not rush into a vacant piece of land and begin throwing materials together, if you want something strong and lasting to be the result.

    Detailed plans are first drawn up. Qualified people design a structure that will serve the purposes for which it is constructed.
    Necessary materials are purchased and scheduled.
    Correct procedures are followed in order to eliminate conflicts and the need that something be undone and then rebuilt. Solid foundations are laid.

    Then and only then, something begins to arise that can be seen when one looks at the site of the new constructer.

    However, there is one very important step that must be accomplished before any of these things can happen. When a side is occupied by a prior structure, that structure must be razed to the ground.
    That is the point at which you find yourselves today. The machines ARE RUNNING AND THE TEARDOWN HAS BEGUN, IN YOUR VERNACULAR, IT AIN’T GONNA BE PRETTY.
    We have repeatedly told you that you might be well served to be patient and allow the necessary proportions to be made.
    Reconstruction is a complicated process. We said that there was much that you would actually not want to see as the exposure occurred.
    The response we always heard was: “Bring it on, we are ready” And yet even now we tell you that you are not.
    Some of you will be able to tolerate more of the vileness that will be exposed than others. And much, though not all, will be exposed. Even so, we say say, be prepared to turn away if you must in order to maintain your equanimity.
    Yes these things must be brought forward in order for humanity to FORGIVE ITSELF.
    Without forgiveness, the way forward will not be open. But it is not necessary for any of you to view all of it. It IS NECESSARY FOR EACH OF YOU TO REMAIN STEADFAST IN YOUR LIGHT.

    You may cry. You may be in shock, you may get angry, you may rage. Still, you must continue to hold your light high and participate in the building of the New.

    Now, it is an old story. And we tell it over and over again. But you knew this would happen in your lifetimes. Some of you will choose to come back when the turmoil is over. As always, some will rush into the fray to save what can be saved. Some will rage, some will be unable to take it in.
    But it must be gone through and a way must be found for humanity to forgive itself for WHAT IT HAS DONE TO IT SELF.

    Now, the bad boys had their thumbs in the dike for a long time, But the dike has now been breached and nothing can or will be done that will stop the flood that is beginning.

    What can you do? What must you do?
    You need to make the base of your convictions rock solid. You need to fortify your intentions to carry yourself and others through to the the new world that you have yearned for.

    It is on your horizon. The new world is actually beginning to rise. You will not allow a vacuum. The new is standing in the wings awaiting its cue. To save time and effort, much can be re-purposed to serve all and not a few.

    It is time now for you to begin to understand who you truly are and why you are here at this precise time. We have told you, yes, but it was treated like a fairy tale.

    TIME TO RE-ASSESS. time to know.

    This article was and is very much to the truth, I think it will go like that and it will be something and not pretty. I I remember well Ron Head got many readings from AA Michael.
    I am sure there have been aliens from the beginning of time, some good and some not so. I have only met good ones, and I am absolutely sure that the pleiadians are helping us and that we when we come to the next point in the cyclus, we will help the new ones with their struggle to move into a higher dimension , and so the cyclus of life will happen over and over, no beginning, no end.
    Stay aware what is happening and keep your light up at all times, very important.
    Bless yourselves and others. The next dimensions are mind-blowing., in all directions and you will know who and what God is.

    Benjamin Fullford’s article I found very interesting, especially the part where he meets different people and what they have to tell, and there are always stories you hear that you know can’t be possible, but in the end, almost everything IS POSSIBLE. You get to know that. Not out of books, but the experience yourself is mind-blowing, to me it was anyway and I am sure to you to.
    In times to come we have to keep the light on for others and ourselves, do not fear at all.
    We all did it ourselves, so let’s be happy that there will be a new beginning.

  6. More of this information desperately needs to get out. Thank you Benjamin. I follow your reports. We have been kept so dumbed down by the negative that control much of this earth. Positive energy will win. You can feel. Every one needs to think way outside the box!

    • mat is correct. keep your thoghts and imagination in check. become involved in a hobby or work which require all your conscience and unconscious faculties to work in unison and harmony towards a productive outcome. For example; plant a garden and take care of it. Simple enough it seems but concentrate on that small seed when placed in soil grows to a beautiful plant.
      Or as I do carpenters work .
      Its very rewarding to experience a thought pattern and motion to form something useful.


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